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Kentucky Unemployment Phone Numbers

Updated : June 19th, 2019

Sometimes you just have to talk to a live person to get answers to your questions.

  • Unemployment Insurance claimants who do not have access to the Internet or who speak Spanish can call 502-875-0442 Monday through Friday between 7:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m., Eastern Time, to file their initial or reopen claims by telephone. This is not a toll-free number
  • To request your bi-weekly benefit check by telephone, call (877) 3MY-KYUI or (877) 369-5984 (toll free). You cannot request an Extended Benefits (EB) check over the telephone
  • If you have Unemployment Insurance questions, you can call at 502/564-2900.
  • To contact Office of Employment and Training, you can call 502.564.7456 or fax at 502.564.7459
  • To contact Kentucky Commission on the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, you can call 1-800-648-6057

Be prepared for long wait times because many people try contacting the staffs. Remain patient and you will get through to someone who can assist you with your queries.

  1. I have been filed since March of last year. I have 6 kids. They finally gave me a payment in dec after jan 1 it made me do a whole new app. It says my app is accepted now claim my weeks. When I claim my week it makes me claim the same weeks over and over it won’t let me claim any other weeks and I have tried reaching out to some one over this.

  2. No Sam you don’t understand.. uncle Joe is feeding you properly while OUR kids are getting hungry.. you’ll understand soon enough tho..

  3. I read someplace that people are just so depressed that they are thinking about suicide, they can’t get through to the unemployment office. People are still waiting since last year to get through. Times are hard tough and it is unacceptable that this unemployment office cant keep up with the claims. Why can’t the department hire outside help give the employees access to off-site access to work from home to keep up with the surge of claims and questions? makes no sense to me. And please don’t hurt yourselves people do care I care. Just hang in their things have to get better they just have to.

  4. This is so frustrating. Can’t talk to no one. Put in que to call back and when they do its a recording after hours. Bill collectors are starting to call. I am giving them my new number which is the unemployment office. It would be great to talk to someone to see why its taking so long.

    1. Good luck dear. We made a mistake on my husbands unemployment claim and it was put “under investigation” we tried to apply for food stamps because we have no money coming in, even tho he is due unemployment. We could not even file for food stamps because they have the wrong birth date down for him. We have called numerous times, written them numerous times, written our Senator and several other elected officials. I am disabled and I’m afraid they are going to cut electric off due to nonpayment and I am on oxygen, run by electric. She is due meds and nobody will help. We are at a dead end. Hope you have better luck than we have.

      1. Everyone needs to get together and file a class action lawsuit against the State of Kentucky. My husband is having the same issues but not for as long as those on this forum. With our age his chances of finding a job will be limited if any. We will not take this lying down. As a group we have better chances of doing something more than talking on a forum that gets us no where nor pays our bills buys our medicines or keeps us from being homeless. This should not happen in the age of technology. It has gone on long enough. Stand with us!

    2. I agree with all of yall. The IRS is now sending me certified letters because i have not paid my taxes, but i dont have the means to do so. and now I HAVE COVID

  5. I’m a single mom of a 10-month-old little boy and I have been trying to get unemployment since July and I have been on the call back list since then and I can never get through to anyone and tells me I can claim but then when I call it tells me I can’t claim and I’m getting sick and tired of not being able to support for my son

      1. And I’ve been waiting since March on unemployment. Had an in-person appointment changed to a phone call. Waited on the them to call all day and still nothing. At least tell the the truth. You all are hoping we just give up.

        1. Darren,

          I can understand your situation. There will be a delay considering the number of applications that are being processed. Please continue chasing the office/check your status online at regular intervals until payments normalize.

      2. Sam, I’m afraid there’s not any information to be found online- I’ve scoured each and every sentence on every related page but if you can point me towards some nugget of understanding I missed I’d be very grateful.
        I realize you can’t access any of the individual claim info here but since it’s been clearly established there’s no means of contacting UI assistance by phone/chat/in person, and you’ve directed folks towards answers that can be found online, could I perhaps tell you about my issue so you could point me in the right direction?

        I have to say I log into my account frequently and there’s not been any new information in there since this summer when I saw that my previously approved claim was suddenly under investigation.

        I’ve continued to claim my biweekly payment as instructed, but my payments continue to be “$0” and now I’ve been prompted to file another claim-but the last time i got that message after claiming the biweekly payment, I filed a new claim online and that’s when my troubles began. So now I’m filing again but this time attempting it via phone. Not surprisingly, the claim call line only lets me complete the first half (automated). Once I get that far I’m placed on hold indefinitely to wait for an agent who can verify my claim (AGAIN) and officially file it (AGAIN).
        I’m not sure what other choice I have though… the last time I logged in to claim a biweekly payment and was prompted to file a new claim I did so online, and suddenly these problems began. Before that my claim was approved in early April and I received payments until the 1st week of June. However it shouldn’t be hard for an actual person to look at this and determine it’s all the same “claim” and the amount I was approved to receive (through 1-10-21 I believe) wasn’t paid anywhere close to in full.

        I’ve spent some absurd portion of the last 5 days on hold waiting for an employee to speak to me and re-verify what was approved in March. Which is a small drop in the bucket compared to the hours I’ve logged the last 6 months trying to reach regular customer service by phone, chat, and yes, even in person at 2 local unemployment offices.

        I’ve interviewed for a few new jobs and was offered a new position to substitute teach, but school hasn’t reopened in my town… meaning not only can I not start to sub but as long as they’re closed I’m also the only parent available to stay home to homeschool and handle childcare. Not sure how important that is but I wanted to include everything so if the answer exists online, you can send me to the right reference.

        I know from some of the other comments that I’m hardly alone in my confusion and frustration. As everyone else has already mentioned, calling any of the numbers listed for assistance only results in being placed in the que, then promptly removed from the que due to “high call volume” as the clipped robot woman promises to call me back at the number I provided before I’m rudely disconnected… a promise she faithfully keeps every day AFTER hours when the customer service reps are gone. Knowing I only want to talk to a person won’t deter her! No! That irritating automated assurance is still delivered daily, letting me know that my totally meaningless spot in the que is safe. I can rest easy that someday, someone, will revisit my claim and hopefully solve my issue. Who knows? That day may even come before my bank cancels my account due to rapidly accruing overdraft charges and we default on the mortgage…

    1. Glenn,

      I can understand your situation. There will be a delay considering the number of applications that are being processed. Please continue chasing the office/check your status online at regular intervals.

      1. I dont think you understand any of these messages. If you did, you’d be talking to your superiors, saying that this has to change. Hire more people! Whatever it takes. The state of Kentucky has taken OUR money hostage. WHERE IS IT? It says I have a “balance” of over 8000.00 but now it says my claim is under investigation. And why? I have done nothing wrong. I submitted my claim truthfully. How much confidence in OUR state do you think these people have now? The unemployment system should have prepared for something like this. So don’t say you understand, when you’re not one of us waiting. Cause it seems you have a job, you’re just not good at it.

        1. Charles,

          I can understand your situation. Please note this is a govt. website and I am not employed by the state. This is a privately owned forum.

    1. Mary,

      I can understand your situation. There will be a delay considering the number of applications that are being processed. Please continue chasing the office/check your status online at regular intervals until payments normalize.

    2. I am in the same boat as you, I filed in May of 2020 and haven’t heard anything from them. I called and the recording tell me that I have been credited for weeks but no check has been issued. I’m confused, nobody have reach out nor have I received a letter explaining anything. I moved to Illinois and had to file in Kentucky. I have been off work because I got a positive result for Covid19, I have tried to file in Illinois but I can’t, I have no quarters here, so I have to file with Kentucky. I have called, called, and you get a recording. I don’t know what to do at this point. The good thing about it is I’m waiting to be release from doctor so I can go back to work. I’m a CNA.

        1. Hi Sam I have had no luck out of receiving my pua or the extension I was approved in April and have not received anything until 2 weeks ago and only got paid for 7 weeks with no Pua payments or extension after I received this money I requested my check on the 15 or 16 but only paid me for 1 week instead of 2 also I called in to check on the EUI and it said it deposited $ 1.07 to my card . Thats is just not right. Have not been able to get a hold of anyone on the phone nor call back but they owe me from April and then now they owe me for now who do I call pretainting on speaking to someone….Nancyburton745@

        2. Yes IV been cents april 6th trying get unemployent my sister help me with it an tried request payment.many many times never wouod let her do it I’m realy in need of funds tremendous I have a financial situations thank u four your time.

        3. I filed for and was approves.for unemployment in Kentucky. Everything was fine until.the system.was hacked or something. I havent received a payment since may. In trying to fix it I accidentally filed for a new claim june. Ive been on the phone waiting Que for 6 months. I get no responses to emails and cant reach anyone by phone. I have no idea what went wrong. Im owed a lot in backpack. If anyone who can do anythinf reads this. Contact me at

        4. Jacob,

          There will be a delay considering the number of applications that are being processed. Please continue chasing the office/check your status online at regular intervals until payments normalize.

      1. I need help , my payments stopped on Oct 7 2020 . Supposed to
        To until
        Stop on December . I have called many V time and no HELP

        1. George,

          Have you checked the status online? You can also consider the option of visiting an office in the vicinity.

  6. I filed in march, emailed my identification to the unemployment office, and still have not received my benefits. My wife got hers in full and we work the same job at the same restaurant and go to the same school. Ive been put in the que 3 seperate times and never got a call or an email. No one has helped me i need my benefits my bills are backed up

      1. I filed in July and my case is under investigation also. I keep doing money request on time and every amount says 0.00 dollars I’ve called and talked to someone they said the review has to be the one to approve my payments I’m so confused.

    1. I understand completely! I’ve been in the “Q” for better than 4 months! When they call back it’s after 7 and they closed and it’s a recording! I’ve uploaded letters from doctor and employer that I am laid off due pandemic and still can’t get an entitlement for FEMA Lost Wages Assistance! I was even on the news on Monday! Good Luck

    2. T says my case is under investigation I v truned all my thing s in an have not been able to talk to no one or nothing says my id faild I have done what they said an truned them in again an agin an still nothing what else sgould I do

        1. I understand the overwhelming request of payment, as long as you are associated with government you still get paid, that doesn’t have the issues the rest of us has because they still have jobs and or getting paid rather or not they are working.
          What I’ve come to think is everyone is overwhelmed and now are avoiding our calls. If they would just have someone answering the phone maybe answer questions or forward us to someone who can help, may be we would not be so upset.
          Unfortunately at this point most of us are left with the impression no one cares.

  7. I filed in march, emailed my identification to the unemployment office, and still have not received my benefits. My wife got hers in full and we work the same job at the same restaurant and go to the same school. Ive been put in the que 3 seperate times and never got a call or an email. No one has helped me i need my benefits my bills are backed up

    1. I can understand your situation. There will be a delay considering the number of applications that are being processed. Please continue chasing the office/check your status online at regular intervals

  8. Paypal account had a limitation on it and they sent my pua back how do i get it sent to another bank account.

    1. Makayla,

      Please note this is a private forum and we do not have access to your claim file. Please check the claim status online/call the Unemployment Office.

      1. I got letter stating what my benefits would be and was told to request payment online i did so and the next morning it said i had a payment when i looked to see what the payment was it is 0 dollars ??? There is nothing telling me that i need to do anythjng else or that anything is messed up so why a 0 dollar pay ment ??

      2. how come the claim status online doesnt tell u if ur approved or denied im lost trying to find out whats going on all i got was a monentary determination letter but thats not an approval cor3ct

        1. Christopher,

          It looks like the claim is still under process. Please wait and keep checking the status regularly.

  9. I haven’t received any benefits and I filed in march. I have called and called and sent multiple emails and no one has gotten back with me.

    1. Payton,

      I can understand your situation. Please wait for an update from the office. There will be thousands of applications for the office to be processed. Make sure to check the status at regular intervals.

    2. I am missing payments for the weeks of April 17th and April 25th. My company is now back to work but I am not due to major surgery on June 1st. Could someone please contact me?

      1. Constance,

        Please note this is a private forum and we do not have access to your claim. Kindly reach out to the Unemployment Office directly.

      2. I filed back in may and have still not recieved anything ive tried contacting and am in a waiting cue there is no open in person interviews

        1. Brenda,

          I can understand your situation. There will be a delay considering the number of applications that are being processed. Please continue chasing the office/check your status online at regular intervals until payments normalize.

  10. Where do you get the pin number to register for unemployment

    With the corona virus, are there still days of the week by last name when you can apply

    1. We are sorry to hear about your difficulties. There is a huge shortage of staff across all unemployment offices due to a massive surge in UI applications. We advise against calling or visiting the office, as you may not get a response. We recommend you to apply for UI benefits online. For more information, please visit your state’s official website.

    2. I’ve called no joke probably 300x in the last 2 weeks. I’ve sent 20 emails to every address I can find. I filed almost a month ago and got a letter telling what i can draw for how long it was near the max. However it says my claim is under investigation. I’ve paid in for 20 years and probably drawn not a total of 3 months in those 20 years and cant get help when I absolutely need it. My family is struggling because of this we are falling behind on everything. If I had the choice I’d work like always. I have begged for help, I’ve emailed the governor, I wake every day to be the first call at 730am to get through and it’s not possible. I really really am about to be out on the street. Try feeding a family without any income for over a month.

      1. I also waited on the non existent new chat line for 2 straight days kept the window open and checked every few minutes. My family is going under quickly and I’m sure tons of people are suffering but if I’m told I cant work and have hardly ever drawn unemployment in 20 years working daily then I should be able to draw unemployment like everyone else. I believe there is a flaw or glitch on my claim that could be sorted in 5 minutes if u could actually get ahold of anyone. Meanwhile our supplies are dwindling. Bills keep stacking up. No help in site. I’ve exhausted every possible measure to reach anyone for help. What do u do give up and starve I spend my days making at minimum 100 calls to all the random unemployment numbers trying different options on the line to get anyone on the line. 20 emails later no response, 500 call attempts no answer no call back, waited inside the chat for 2 days, sent an actual letter by mail to the Frankfort address. I know I cant be the only person that has had their claim screwed up but I sure feel alone in this situation. Emails literally headline begging for help. How are we supposed to survive if we cant even get the money we are owed. My letter says I’ll draw the max for ky but a month in I haven’t seen one penny not one penny. I keep reading they will give it all back after its straightened out in one lump sum but will that get me my house back or help me through the times we will be without electric cause that’s where we are headed. My next option and only one I have left is to try to contact some news outlet to let them know of our hardship and maybe that will draw some attention.

      2. Kenny,

        We understand this might be a difficult time for you. We’re anticipating a shortage of staff across unemployment offices due to the massive surge in UI applications considering the pandemic. We advise against calling or visiting the office, as you may not get a response instantly.

        Your state may have activated “Extended Benefits (EB)” authorized by the federal government. We recommend you apply for UI benefits online. For more information, please visit your state’s official Unemployment website.

        1. Notice Every response is an excuse. Stop making excuses and just fix it. I got approved back in April but still have received nothing and it’s absolutely impossible to get in touch w a human. I’ve called well over 1000xs

        2. Jason,

          We understand this might be a difficult time for you. This is a private forum and there’s very little all of us can do.

      3. Can someone plz help me I have been off work since March 2020 when they shut down my I finally got to get signed up for regular ui but I am not eleigble for the regular but I dont know how to sign up fir the pandemic ui can’t ever reach anyone on phone. Please help someone

        1. Katherine,

          You don’t need to speak to an expert to claim UI benefits. Simply go ahead and apply on the Unemployment Office’s website if you think you’re eligible.

    3. I have filed for unemployment over a month ago. I actually applied in March but it took Ohio unemployment 6 damn weeks to tell me I filled In the wrong state. I immediately filed in ky. The website no longer works. I cant file for my weeks i cant talk to anyone online (as you suggest) and to call is a complete joke. It says you are in a waiting g que and will be called back as soon as an agent is available. Really because I have been waiting 2 and a half weeks. Why have I not been called? What’s the problem? I want to know what is going on and where my benefits are! I have a family and Bill’s that need to be paid. I know you do t give a shit because your sitting on tour ass doing nothing and probably collecting a check. If someone doesn’t call or reply I will take this higher. I am completely fed up.

      1. Brenton,

        We can understand your situation. This is a private forum and we do not have access to your claim file. Please continue following up until the situation normalizes.

    4. Please help me I’m missing payments from 03/2020 I’ve only been paid 7732 in total to date I’ve been to Frankfort twice and was called on 08/18/2020 with payment forms and 08/24/2020 I was called and told I filled them out wrong with no help please help me

  11. I was out of work for 10 weeks and only received benefits for 7 weeks. I realize there is a waiting week, but I believe I should receive benefits for 2 additional weeks. I have sent an email to, with no response, and have waited hours on the phone with no response.

    1. Bryan,

      Please chase during non-peak hours (phone) and consider visiting an office in the vicinity if you still don’t hear from the authorities.

      1. It says my check was received on 12/28/19 and when call to check the status of it, it says no check has been requested

  12. I filed a unemployment claim 12/28/2018, got a confirmation letter stating that I was qualified for $502.00 a week and told to sign up on 1/10/2019 for the weeks claimed which were 12/23 thru 12/29 2018 and 12/30/2018 thru 1/5/2019, my return to work date was 1/7/2019. I signed up as told on 1/11/2019 and got a confirmation, I’m using the debit card and deposit was made 1/15/2019 for $377.00. Was wondering what happened that the money was not right?

  13. The workers at the unemployment office are totally and unnecessarily rude. The money isn’t coming out of their pocket. My taxes pay their wages. They should be thankful to have a job.

  14. I filed my claim 5/5/2018. Had an appeal, employer was not present for the hearing on 7/9/2018. I would like to know how long does it take to receive your benefits. I think two and half months is too long for a person to have to wait for money they are due.

  15. The check has been lost in the mail for over 3 weeks and no one will pick up the phone at Frankfort. Have been calling for 2 weeks. went in to local office and they say they cannot help. I have called over 10 times just today. No one is answering.

      1. I have been filing since February and have yet to receive anything all I get is appeal after appeal .I have a appeal with the commission but considering what I have been through with the Frankfort office I don’t think that I will receive anything , because even though it’s a separate division it’s still the same branch .As for going to the branch I drove down there that’s 200 and something miles just to speak to a live person and still nothing. You spend all day on the phone with them only to be told you have been connected to the wrong department. I have never seen people who are so insensitive to the situation .They act as if they are paying you out of there own pocket. I have spoken to numerous people who have had a much better experience with the unemployment branch when it was located in Covington. To me they should get rid of all them well not all because I did to to a couple who were decent and respectful but the rest need to go .Then they would know how it feels to be left without anything. And to encounter someone just like themselves.

  16. I filed for my first bi-weekly check last week. I just checked the automated system and it does say that I submitted for those weeks but no check was issued. I don’t understand why, I know that one week is a hold week but I should have received a check for the second week. Can’t call the 2900 number because the line is busy, doesn’t even offer the option to hold.

  17. Why do I have to wait on a determination letter to find out if I qualified or I’m not qualified for unemployment I don’t understand why someone cannot simply just tell me over the phone so if they won’t tell me over the phone and I am forced to wait on a letter does that mean my claim was denied

  18. I called the 2900 number to check on my claim and it said credit had been issued for the week ending the 7th and the week ending the 14th of Oct. but no check was issued i am set up on direct deposit but have seen no payment. Why?

  19. I was requesting my benefit check but when doing so the site said I had incomplete information. I completed the requested information again. Now, I have two confirmations – one from the first time (with determination letter) and now from the most recent. Just wanted to make sure I hadn’t created issues with my claim. I have tried the 502-564-2900 number multiple times to talk with someone but I continue to get a busy signal.

    Thank you in advance.

  20. I have tried to file for unemployment
    Benefits but it asks for a PIN number
    I just lost my job on 10-3-2017
    I don’t have a pin
    Please help

    1. Dorothy,

      It looks like a claimed account already exists in your name. Please speak to a claims representative over the phone to have this issue sorted.

  21. I applied for unemployment and before I found out I qualified I went for an interview and I showed up to work the job was nothing like what I was told it would be and I didn’t have the tools for the job. What should I do

    1. You can speak to the Unemployment Office and let them know about your situation. I am guessing you should be able to continue claiming the balance weeks.

  22. I’ve tried to contact my local unemployment offices several times yesterday and today. Each time I was told to call back later. This afternoon I thought I got through. I was on hold for more than an hour. Is there not a way I can email the offices?

  23. I’m 68 yrs. old and still working Drawing SSI since age 66.If I take volunteer layoff will my SSI count against my unemployment here in Ky.

  24. I worked in KY for 2 months and I live in Ohio.I am currently drawing unemployment in Ohio but it is about to end. I still have wages in Ohio that I have not used and was wondering since I worked in KY can I draw unemployment from there with the 2 combined?

    1. We do not have specific information in this regard.

      Please check with the Unemployment Office in your state by calling them.

    1. You must have received the PIN by mail along with other relevant documents.

      Please check or call the claims center for further instructions in this regard.

    1. Please note, we’re not affiliated with the labor authorities or the government. Kindly call the appropriate phone numbers.

  25. I have been waiting for my W2 tax forms from Kentucky’s unemployment, but nothing has showed up in the mail.. is my unemployment being taxed or isn’t it, this is an unknown
    if so then I need my W-2 form from it.. please send me my W-2. and if not
    then let me know what the story is, so I can get my taxes done..

    1. Please no that we are not a govt sponsored organisation and do not have access to specific claims.

      The labor dept issues a 1099-G(equivalent to W 2) for payments made out to unemployed citizens. UI benefits disbursed is taxable.Use the link below to find an appropriate phone number to ask for one.

  26. I live in KY but work in WV. I work for a title company but with this season it has been very slow, they are looking at laying off in our office. How long do I have to work for a company full time to claim an unemployment check? I would not need insurance due to being on my husbands. How would i go about applying?

    1. The state labor departments usually consider 4 out of the last 5 calender quarters for income.You can apply online or via phone in Kentucky.

    2. Have a problem with claim been calling for a week straight and have even called the benefit supervisor and left numerous emails and have had no answer. I’d like a number to file a formal complaint. It’s bad enough to be laid of but when you get screwed out of the benefits you are entitled to that’s pretty crappy. These people have a job to do and they are not performing their job with professionalism.

        1. I was a substitute teacher when the covid shut everything down. I applied for unemployment in March and have received my letter shortly after stating how much I would get if I was approved to get it but when I check online it says it’s under investigation but nothing else. I’ve called everyday to try and talk to a person to figure out what I need to do but I can never get through and it says the call queue is full and to try again later. There’s no way to wait on hold for someone. I put on number on a “callback list” in March and still haven’t heard from anyone. I’ve tried calling when they first opening, all throughout the day and before they close to try and get in touch with someone but nothing.

        2. Jacob,

          There will an intermittent delay owing to the number of applications. Please be patient and make sure to check the status regularly.

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