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Kentucky Unemployment Phone Numbers

In addition to making an in-person visit, you may find yourself needing to connect with a Kentucky unemployment insurance expert by phone. Below are some of the most commonly used and most helpful phone numbers for a Kentucky unemployment claimant.

KY Unemployment Phone Numbers

  • General information: 1-502-564-2900
  • Specialized services for those with disabilities: 1-800-648-6057
  • File an initial unemployment claim: 1-502-875-0442
  • Request a payment: 1-877-369-5984
  • Office of Employment and Training: 502.564.7456
  • An unemployment claim filed on your behalf by an employer: 502-564-2369.
  • An unemployment claim for a Kentucky employer when you reside in another state: 502-564-2384
  • An unemployment claim that combines wages earned in Kentucky with wages earned in another state: 502-564-3240
  • An unemployment claim separation: 502-564-0020
  • A federal/military unemployment claim: 502-564-3240
  • Overpayment recovery questions: 502-564-2387
  • A lien was filed against you because of an unemployment insurance overpayment: 502-564-2387
  • A potential or pending appeal: 502-564-3925
  • Reporting possible fraudulent unemployment claim, identity theft, or other unemployment benefits fraud: 502-564-2387

Depending on your specific questions and the area of the Kentucky unemployment office you’re trying to contact, you should probably be prepared to wait on hold. If you’re patient and hang in there, you can likely get through to the area you need, and you’ll be able to talk with a customer service representative who can provide assistance.

Information and Documents Needed When You Contact Kentucky Unemployment

Whether you’re talking with a customer service representative in person or over the phone, it’s important to make sure you have all the appropriate information in front of you – this is tremendously helpful in making sure your representative can access information about your claim and help you with your eligibility questions.

First, you’ll need all your relevant claimant information. This includes:

  • Your name
  • Your physical address
  • Your phone number
  • Social Security number
  • Date of birth
  • If you are not a U.S. citizen, you will need to provide your alien registration number

You will also need to provide your reason for losing your job. Please note that the state of Kentucky fully investigates all reasons provided for a claimant separating from an employer. This is an important point to keep in mind – most notably, your reason for losing employment and the reason your employer provides for your separation must be in alignment in order to support your eligibility.

If your reason for losing your job is in conflict with your employer’s reasoning or otherwise disqualifies you from being eligible for UI benefits, you will have the chance to file an appeal. You should also know that your employer will have an opportunity to appeal if they disagree with the eligibility decision regarding your Kentucky unemployment claim.

Additional information and documents:

Employer information

You will need the company/organization name, physical address, and phone number for each place you worked within the last 18 months. In addition, you’ll need to provide your dates of employment and the reason you are no longer with each organization.

If you worked in another state, worked for the federal government, worked for a temporary agency, served in the U.S. military, or worked through a skilled trade union, you’ll need to provide all applicable information about this work as well.

  • Unemployment Insurance claimants who do not have access to the Internet or who speak Spanish can call 502-875-0442 Monday through Friday between 7:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m., Eastern Time, to file their initial claim or reopen claims by telephone. This is not a toll-free number
  • To request your bi-weekly benefit check by telephone, call 1-877-3my-kyui or (877) 369-5984 (toll free). You cannot request an Extended Benefits (EB) check over the telephone
  • You can use Voice Response Unit (VRU) and a touchtone phone to check the status of your weekly claims. This service is available on Monday through Friday from 7 a.m to 7 p.m, and Sunday 10 a.m to 9 p.m ET
  • If you have Unemployment Insurance questions, you can call at 502/564-2900.
  • To contact Office of Employment and Training, you can call 502.564.7456 or fax at 502.564.7459
  • To contact Kentucky Commission on the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, you can call 1-800-648-6057

Be prepared for long wait times because many people try contacting the staff. Remain patient and you will get through to someone who can assist you with your queries.

  1. I need to speak with a person asap regarding paperwork I received. My deadline is May 13th to get this submitted and I cannot get through to a person for assistance on any phone numbers provided. Please, please contact me at the following number: (859) 229-4439

    • I have been waiting since January 2021 for my benefits. After almost a year of not being able to even get someone on the phone or an appointment I finally managed to do so a few months ago. They were of no assistance. So I set up an in person appointment and unbelievably they were of even less assistance. It’s more of the same….hurry up and wait nothing to actually be resolved. And in the meantime it seems like the media has forgotten about us. the government has forgotten about us. It’s sad and almost criminal that there doesn’t some to be any way to resolve this.

    • Phyllis,
      This is an online board for general questions. You will need to keep trying to reach the KY office (which is known to be non-responsive).

      If the KY office does not respond:

      Contact your US Congress Member for help
      Contact your local media to publicize your experience
      Document what happened as best you can in writing
      Keep all correspondence, including texts, from the KY office

      Sorry you are having trouble reaching anyone.



  2. Obviously it’s our problem the state refused to update a 40-year old system. Now it got hacked, and the working man suffers. Great job, Kentucky. You really blew it this time. No wonder we’re planning a move to Michigan. Not much better, but it’s out of Kentucky.

    On a side note, been waiting since January 2021 for my unemployment. It’s always some ridiculous answer as to the wait. The identity process is waste. Luckily I found another job. Maybe I should go public, as I’m sure I’m among the longest that haven’t received it by now.

    • Dear Ronnie Duke,
      Writing about your situation may help others. I am here to help people get answers but as a freelance writer, I encourage you to tell your story. You can use Substack to write for free. The good news is that employment is excellent right now. Some states, like Nebraska, have under 1% unemployment.


  3. So is this an unemployment office website here it looks like I’ve been silent son here too no one wants to publish my statement so no big deal hail to the unemployment office and all his followers!!

  4. Where is the music? Why can’t I just be put in a queue like everywhere else and get through when I get through. This “Sorry but no one is available, Goodbye” message is unacceptable

      • The Governor’s office is working on getting you your unemployment checks?
        Or,you work for unemployment and they are assisting in getting unemployment issues resolved?

    • Hello Amber, my name is Tim, I’m not a Democrat a Republican or conservative, I’m just a hard-working American father son etc. This has nothing to do with Democrat or Republican, the inadequacies of this office are so far out of control they had fraudulent activity coming from the inside of their offices from the employees not all the employees but several employees were engaged in fraudulent activities these are things you don’t see in your news that you have to know people to know, I’ve been from May 2020 trying to get my benefits. Covid-19 didn’t cause these inadequacies, religion race political standpoint, none of that is to blame for what’s going on here. What’s to blame is the inability to properly mandate instructions to properly teach your employees soft skills empathy, and the biggest thing is whatever problems were engaged in right now we’re already there before all of this started. This is what happens with our political offices dust lays on everything and the only thing you see is what they put on show for you to see in the viewing they never show you behind the scenes no one ever gets on the news and says well this is what’s wrong with our office we need to quit complaining we need to file a heavy lawsuit against these people not just for our money, before the things that we lost because not receiving our money for the pride we lost to our children or to our landlords or to our car payment, as for me I lost my home I lost everything I lived on the streets for 8 months last year. And what’s even worse is the cowardly lawyers that we have in the state of Kentucky who don’t have the balls to stand up and fight against these people for us I can’t find one attorney who is man enough to say these people are wrong and we’re going to make this right if that were the case I would have done filed a class action lawsuit against these people. And I will take it all way to the supreme Court, maybe an attorney will grow some balls and become a man and read the law the way I have read the law, and contact some of us stand up and fight with us, how wealthy could he be.

    • Try calling (502) 333-9130. Still hangs up on you gives the everybody busy BS. But also says that they will call you back when your turn. Not sure if it even works yet still waiting on call back but worth a shot.

    • Yeah I hear you this is a complete breakdown of a system a failure just pathetic I’ve been needing to talk to a live person for 9 months every day I’ve sent emails tried to get an appointment at my local office called the 1-800 number call the local number nothing everyday it’s amazing what are we the only state that can’t handle it like this everybody else seem to do fine except in Kentucky is unemployment falls apart it’s just unreal Naomi 12 weeks and I can’t get my payments and I can’t speak to anybody live what do I do?

      • Scott,

        Please consider the option of visiting an office in the vicinity if safe and feasible (you might be required to book an appointment prior to the website).

      • I agree they are impossible to get a hold of to fix a claim that I have never filed, considering I do not live in the state of Kentucky!

      • Yes I filed May of 2020 I’m still fighting and I still can’t get through to the line I had so many days to return an appeal but now it’s been over 3 weeks and I haven’t heard a decision on my appeal this place is unprofessional unethical unsupportive of the public. The inconsistencies and inadequacies of this place is appalling they need a whole new shake up within leadership of this place they hired buddy hoskinson but it seems to have only gotten worse not better.

      • are there any suggestions as to how to obtain an appointment? I have logged on at all hours to schedule an in person visit and ALWAYS received the “appointment unavailable” message. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

  5. MCDONALD’S AND THE BOARDER ARE OPEN…….. YET UNEMPLOYEMNET OFFICES ARE STILL CLOSED ONLY TAKING APPOINTMENTS? WHY ARE THEY NOT HAVING A HUGE CALL CENTER OPEN 24/7 EVERYWHERE AND HAVE OUR LOCAL OFFICES OPEN TO THE PEOPLE? THOSE PLACES SHOULD HAVE NEVER EVER BEEN CLOSED TO BEGIN WITH!!!!!!!!!!!! IF YOU DON’T SMELL FRAUD ALL OVER IT SOMETHING ISN’T RIGHT HERE PEOPLE- THEY ARE ROBBING US BLIND Y’ALL…………… Our government does not care. They will keep your money because they don’t have to back pay you. All that emergency money and it will all go back to them starting Sept. 7th even if you have funds left in your account. —— Let that sink in.

  6. Has anyone else waited out the “UNDER FACT FINDING” Like the rest of you . Cannot talk to a HUMAN and cant get an appointment to a local office “JEFF If you tell me to go to a local office safe an feasible” i will not be happy…… The state UI is a joke. So outdated.. website is a joke and so disorganized.. Good Luck all…

    • I’ve been awaiting benefits I claimed religiously from 2019 STILL!!! I’ve emailed, called, everything I could do I have. Since my newest claim this last April it was accepted but then went into fact finding & it was that way for so long I’m now having to refill for a THIRD time. Like are you guys planning to send my money in one lump sum or???? It’s not just pandemic relief most of it was my own unemployment I WORKED FOR, sad that the ones that put in the man hours has to sit back and watch ppl free load making bank.. struggling to put food on the table. Hey but on the upside I did receive one paper check for .68 cents, thank you guys for that.

      • Yes same thing with me. I checked my status and it just fact finding. I’ve called every day several times a day and it says all operators are busy amd hangs up. This is bs!!!

      • I can understand your situation. There will be a delay considering the number of applications that are being processed. Please continue chasing the office/check your status online at regular intervals until payments normalize.

    • I have been under fact finding for over 10 weeks with no where to turn for help. I call several times a day with no answer at all. l am lost and don’t know where to turn for help.

  7. I filed for unemployment January 7th, I received a letter that told me what I would be collecting, and it is now August, and I still haven’t been able to find out why I haven’t had one payment made to me! I have health issues and was unable to qualify for medical Assistant or food stamps because I was told my unemployment would be to much and I would not be covered . No job no money so I sold everything I had, and now in danger of loading my car! I am so pissed! When we owe state taxes the state has no problem taking our money. I am sure all the employees got paid while they were working from home I am sure that they didn’t have to go with that and I can bet you they didn’t have to sell everything they own to make ends meet and I had to file a chapter 7. How is going to help with that????. Our so-called governor hasn’t done anything to make this a better situation for us he just continually ignores everything I have called Congress I have called the Senate I called the mayors I have called the governors office no help nowhere I’m still in the queue from January I called every week and all I get is this saying our queue is full call back and then other day you can’t make an appointment when I’ve emailed that’s what I get make an appointment to go in but every time I try to do that they say they’re full. so what the hell to do? I’m tired of their stupid excuses I am tired of having to scrounge and struggle I have paid my taxes I’m a law abiding citizen and I feel my state has let me down along with every other American citizen in the Commonwealth of Kentucky!
    God help us all please
    There is anybody in the state department that can help us here in Kentucky it would be greatly appreciated

  8. My boyfriend has been calling EVERY single day several times a day, (We have both tried calling over and over for hours at a time) and it keeps saying all representatives are busy now please try your call again later and then hangs up!!! 3 weeks of this and no way to talk to anyone, no way to leave a message, no way to request a call back, NOTHING!!!! He can not file a claim because he was never sent an 8 digit PIN number so he is just out of luck because after over a year, you all still can’t get your crap together!!! This is absolutely ridiculous!!! Do better!!!!

    • Well calling everyday doesn’t seem to help you out in the long run. I filed my claim in May of 2020 they never responded to me outside of sending me a pay card and a payment schedule two weeks later I was no longer in the system. I called every day for months I filed this claim six times five of the times I filed was with the help of the unemployment insurance office finally in June of this year a year and a half later they accepted my claim put me in fact finding gave me 3 weeks pay, and then sent me a denial letter of back payment of benefits because they said I didn’t put enough effort into getting my claim filed correctly when in fact it was in the hands of the department of Unemployment insurance who filed those claims and the many hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of phone calls I’m waiting on an appeal that they are kicking their legs on they must be sitting on some warm coals and don’t want to move, what’s more even bothersome is the many times I contacted the governor of Kentucky’s office in the many times they said they were going to put referrals in for me and they never did every office of the state of Kentucky who said they would do anything failed at their mission they failed and miserably but yet they answered their phone with pride like they had everything under control I have a 12 GB memory card with all the conversations all the hangups all the phone calls. So this is where I’m at I’m going to get paid here or I’m going to get paid in the supreme Court I will get paid either way I didn’t go through the things I went through to sit here and let somebody kick their heels and tell me because of their inconsistencies and inadequacies that I have to pay the price in the end what we all should do we should go together if I multi lawsuit against the state of Kentucky and each office who said they would put their hands in and do their job and never did bring the inadequacies and injustices to all of us people back to the forefront of the ones who say they’re going to help then and only then what anything get done.

    • Hey, idk if you’re aware of this, but there’s now two different portals. It’s extra & excessive but I get as to why they are being like that do you all the security breaches. You have to go to unemployment ky home page, login there, then hit “send verification code, its then sent to your email you have on file & when you go to log into the portal you use that code. & if I’m not mistaking your 8 digit code should be your social??? I could be wrong but I hope I helped

    • agreed; that’s my issue…new claim, need a PIN; system says invalid PIN when I try to create one; both online and on the phone. Beyond ridiculous!

    • Can’t get ahold on anyone! We never received a 8 digit pin. Where do we reset? Called the number and it always too busy call back later.

    • I’m dealing with the same thing. My is under “fact finding review”. What is that. I had tried so many numbers and all I get is recordings.

      • Carmela,

        Looks like there’s a dispute with your claim file. Please chase regularly and wait for a response. There will be a delay considering the pendency.

    • Ive been waiting over 17 months,they playing us…We must file class action lawsuit…they picking and choosing who get unemployment…Kenyordo Holland Facebook…

      • I have been waiting since March of 2020 & still nothing now I am locked out of the account and can’t even access my information. Its bullshit and I am all for a lawsuit!

        • Amy,

          The Unemployment Office might be inundated with pending requests. Please consider the option of visiting an office in the vicinity if safe and feasible (you might be required to book an appointment prior to the website).

    • I’ve been dealing with this since March. The following recording is played: “All our agents are busy…try your call again later” and the system disconnects. I have spent hours each day and have had the same sad results.

      • Ken,

        Please consider the option of visiting an office in the vicinity if safe and feasible (you might be required to book an appointment prior on the website).

        • It only says you can book an in-person appointment but when you try it does not allow you to it says that they are not accepting in person appointments at this time then it gives you phone numbers to use for career centers that I have called everyone and most of them are disconnected.

        • All it says online is unavailable all day everyday you have no idea you try to call just one time and tell me you get through its ok I will put a list of email for everyone to email over and over again its that easy think its bad now just wait

        • I have been trying to schedule an appointment at offices within 100 miles of my house – no availability and no way to speak with anyone. This is outrageous. My account was suddenly put “under investigation” on 8/29/21 – when I investigated, it said my account was “zero” and a check for “zero” was mailed to my house 8/29/21 – it is 9/15 and I have never received anything. I’m at a loss as to what to do.

        • Stacey,

          I can understand your situation. There will be a delay considering the number of applications that are being processed. Please continue chasing the office/check your status online at regular intervals until payments normalize.

        • Really? Visit an office? You can’t get an in person appointment unless you can go to another county, and then if I can’t drive 350 miles, I can’t get back on the site because all appointments are gone. You can’t reach anyone via the phone that is just a joke… My unemployment finally started now, the site says it’s going on a debit card… I was getting checks mailed to me after the Bank of America fiasco and now I don’t know what card they are talking about, where it’s at, when it was sent….now over 2 months and no income…. I’ve been trying to get a job, it’s really difficult when insurance had lapsed on vehicle, tags due, not to mention gas….idk how people are doing it because I am lost. I’ve lost my house, it’s in foreclosure as of Jan 10. I’m sure sheriff’s will be setting me out any day now…. I am just so frustrated and I just really don’t understand why you can’t reach anyone….hire me to answer calls!

        • I have been able to receive for a year now and have not seen a dime wait they sent 55cents couple weeks ago not sure why
          You never can get threw

        • Chippra,

          Please login to your account online to check the ac statement. You should be able to understand the status.

    • I agree. In the same boat. I have called the number ending in 2900 for the last week and a half. Every time I call it tells me that all agents are assisting other customers to try my call again later. It does not matter how early or how late I call

      • Just saying its a law suit if a company holds you money why would this be any different called on three phones for 3 hour after I get through get put on hold for almost 2 hours then they hang up this has happened 2 to 3 times a week for the past 2 months Noone will ever pick up or call you this is they way the are tell you they don’t have your money that a company pays out that stealing just saying the company I got fired from pays my unemployment

    • I have also been calling 5+ times daily with the same situation, all representatives are busy please try your call again later and hangs up on you. It is completely pointless Kentucky saying they have online scheduling because I’ve been looking for 45 days and has still not seen one available appointment. My claim has been under fact-finding for the past month and a half and I am owed $5000. This is absolutely absurd I do agree whoever is in charge of the Kentucky unemployment needs to be fired. People have families that depend on this to survive and can’t even speak with any one .

      • I wish it were. I need help and have been attempting to call 4 phone numbers I have found online and one here and I get the same message.”All CSR are busy serving others.” I’ve been laid off due to Covid and depend on Filing for unemployment benefits. And of course the message I get also says that on September 6 they funding will be over. I’ve been trying for over two weeks and can’t get any thing accomplished. This is almost as if they are trying to avoid paying any type of benefits out. I will be contacting the governors office.

    • Whoever is in control of this KY unemployment needed to get fired last year. Ive been waiting on assistance for over a year and now im stuck with maxed out credit cards because no assistance. Thanks KY.

      • Its our buddy sitting in the governor’s office. The executive branch oversees the unemployment in Ky. So that right thrre should tell you where the problem starts..

      • I’m still waiting to and its been over a year , now I’m homeless hope these asses are satisfied , I can’t even get anyone on the dam phone , why can’t we get the help we need ???

        • Trina,

          Please consider the option of visiting an office in the vicinity if safe and feasible (you might be required to book an appointment prior on the website).

    • I am dealing with the same exact thing. Idk what to do, did you somehow figure it out? Any help would be so useful.

      • I was receiving benefits then suddenly in April went under fact finding i have uploaded new direct deposit info that has stil never been put in and have called every day several times a day trying to reach someone or get an alpt since April. Not count my first claim that I got approved for but never received a single check
        . Can some contact

        • Brandy,

          If you have the contact number/email of the adjudicator, please contact them directly.

    • Britt,

      The Unemployment Office might be inundated with pending requests. Please visit the website to find the answers.

      • This is unacceptable. Hours 8am-8pm. I called over 500 times on Friday with no answer. Listen to the same spill each time calling just to hear “all agents busy…”. Oh but your call is important to us. Bull crap! Anyone that votes Beshear back into office is an idiot.

        • This is not a problem created by the current governor. The legislators voted to consolidate local offices into regional at the request of the previous administration. Yet the legislators continue to blame current administration so as to not own up to their mistake. Thank Bevin for this and when you go to renew your drivers license next time… thank him and the legislators again because it’s all regional now which is another nightmare. Whoever voted for or votes to continue with current State House and Senate members are to blame for this. I have 18 weeks not paid “under fact finding” and have never received a call back. Bevin number needs to be listed as a call number so he can explain why he pushed for this.

        • We understand your situation. There will be a delay considering the number of applications that are being processed. Please continue chasing the office/check your status online at regular intervals until payments normalize.

      • Then the unemployment office needs to get it together. The office incompetence is not anyone else’s problem. These issues have been going on for months with no action on the part of the agency or the state to remedy it. If they are overwhelmed, maybe try hiring people to help process the claims? Or I don’t know…FIX THE BUG IN YOUR SYSTEM? Why does it have to take months to figure it out? The IRS is faster than you guys and they deal with a whole lot more people.

        • My claim was processed then I went to claim my benefits for the first time then my claim status changed to under “fact finding”. How do I get help to fix this?

        • Cassandra,

          Hope you were able to get to the bottom of it. If not, it looks like a dispute. If you can find out more about it, it will help you close faster.

      • I have the same problem. I go to , click unemployment services, click file or access claim, the next page it takes me to has all the resources i need but nothing is linked, i can’t click on it.

        • Debbie,

          Have you tried navigating through the panel? Please look out for the user guides/resources on the website.

      • Do you know if they are working on this fact finding issue? It would be nice if They would reach out to everyone to assure the issue is being looked into, and when they expect this issue to be fixed!

  9. “There are difficulties with your claim, please contact UI Assistance at (502) 564-2900 or [email protected] for assistance.”

    Can never get through on the phone number, and it won’t allow “on hold” it just hangs up on you.

    And the [email protected] has automated responses.

    Will there ever be a way to speak to a human about these unspecified “difficulties”?

    • It’s all just to keep us at Bay. That’s why they give us these fake lead ways and NONE of them lead to a real person or answers!

    • I called and emailed the same places you have since March 2021. I am almost out of money and may loose my home because of the wait. I can’t work outside the home because of the risk of bringing Covid back to my disabled husband who has been trying for his disability since 2014. I am the only person that can work, or bring in any money. I have uploaded all the papers they asked me too and still nothing. I have called everyday several times a day and no call back or anything. I got through one time and they told me I had the wrong department and hung up. They don’t truly care about the people that struggle. I think it is because we don’t and can’t contribute to their campaigns. I am so frustrated with this UI system.

      • I’ve been trying everyday since January to get to talk to anyone email I’ve sent hundreds!!!! Called thousands of times I’m in dire straights no money no food no body in KY cares may as well just die.

    • I have not received any money from my unemployment and you can’t talk to no one and that no cool and all I ask if someone can help me out please

      • Gary,

        Please consider the option of visiting an office in the vicinity if safe and feasible (you might be required to book an appointment prior on the website).

        • Hahahaha…..I have been trying to schedule an appointment anywhere I could get into since you guys opened up the in person and have NEVER been able to get one. I have been in the Queue for a Tier 3 call back since June 2020. I applied March 2020 (which apparently didn’t go through or anything), finally began getting payments in June 2020 until Sept 2020 when they stopped and I couldn’t apply/request payment anymore with no reason why, called again and put in queue again, daily/weekly phone calls telling me I was in queue still…took until Jan 2021 to get a letter explaining why I had quit receiving payments and said I had an Overpayment due to “office error”….Finally May 2021 finally had phone call with Appeal Judge who overturned the overpayment and backdated to 2020, I then received letters stating I was eligible for the remainder of EUC and PUA……I filed again, requested my payments, and amazing enough it’s July 22nd 2021…..I have not received anything, acct was under fact finding for 6 weeks now, then when I go to apply this week, it tells me I must file a new claim, but if I call to check payments it says I received a payment for $0 each week… I made a call to Senator Mills office today, who was opening a case up. I’ve emailed any email address for the UI office I could find and usually on get the message can’t be delivered OR no response. I’ve called every number I could find for UI, Ky Labor Cabinet, and more and NOTHING what so ever. So telling people to schedule an appointment, is NOT working obviously or something would be done, it’s absolutely ridiculous, because if WE didn’t pay our part, we’d be fined, in jail, and lose everything we owned. Yet for the state of Ky, it’s perfectly fine to make families suffer for over a year and STILL nothing be done. News today said “more people are hired to help with the call volume and in person visits….—well I hope they hired a few thousand because this is out of control, and out of line. The workers and processors, and everyone else has a job still so why do they honestly care. If you all were so worried about helping the citizens of Ky, offer work from home jobs to the THOUSANDS of us that haven’t received anything on top of us receiving our call backs/back pay, and more. Seems funny the UI office is overwhelmed with calls and emails due to filings, but lets offer NO real solution to it at all, when many probably have the knowledge to do the intake or take over the back log calls from March 2020, and start getting them taken care of so we can get payment.

    • I have been waiting for benefits since March of 2020 , barely has my family still hung in there . And our whole perspective on team kentucky really frustrates us beyond to a point of anger.. just this week I had to verify my identity for the 98th time.. oh and guess what that breach they had last year has led to my identity to be used by someone and running up to 14000.oo in debt on top of not having any money to pay our bills now this .. I am getting an attorney.

    • ive been reaching out to every office, and have tried to make appointments but i live in texas now. ive been out the military for a year and have only gotten one month of beneifts. there is not a single number that isnt automated good luck and hopefully you figure it out

    • Yeah this system is the worst I’ve ever seen I haven’t seen any payments since 12/27/2020 it’s terrible to have to depend on the state or federal government in the first place but when you have to and they fail us it’s that much more than the fact it’s truly a shame to know we’ve paid our hard earned income to this poorly managed system that has repeatedly failed us they ought to be court marshalled for treason

      • Richard,

        This is a private forum and we are not in a position to arrange for a callback. Please try calling during off-peak hours.

    • David,

      That may be a little difficult. Please consider the option of visiting an office in the vicinity if safe and feasible.

      • I can’t visit my local office, and call every single day! Have been fighting unemployment since LAST September! Finally won my appeal over a month ago..and NOTHING! Now its saying the pandemic weekly payments will end Sept, I guess I lose those thsy are due to me since last Sept???

      • They say not to visit the offices without an appointment and there is no way to actually make an appointment. We have tried everything. Our local “office” doesn’t deal with unemployment. They convinced my husband to go back to school with the promise of an income until he was done and it has been a nightmare the entire time.

      • I am in Madison co and would like to know where an unempoyment office is located,,I can never get through the phones

        • You have to make an appointment online. Good luck. Took me 2 months of logging onto KY Works website (at MIDNIGHT) so I could find the link to make an In Person appointment . Then that appointment was 7 weeks from the day I made it. I live in Louisville if u even try to get into that UI Building without an appointment they have and will call security. Then if you are still “trespassing ” Metro cops will come and take care of the problem.

        • Good luck the one in Boyle co says they do not make appointments for any ui claims, I’ve even emailed the district branch in Georgia and still no help. I have waited since may of last year having to work odd jobs here and there just to get by because of transportation issues. I cannot even log into my ui account and have emailed several people and even called 20 different numbers and still no call back or any help with emails.

      • As a god fearing, hard working, tax paying, blue collar citizen of the state of Kentucky, I feel that anyone employed by or in control of the unemployment office – if there even is anyone I control or employed by them- should be fired and have their own benefits denied. This is the most criminal act I’ve ever witnessed AND NO ONE IS DOING ANYTHING ABOUT IT!?!?!? Absolutely NO ONE.

        When is it enough!?
        When is it time to get rid of whoever is in charge and get someone in there who actually knows how to do their job, or atleast tries for Christ’s sake!?

        I pay my taxes. Plenty of taxes. As an unemployed citizen who is owed 16 weeks of back pay dating all the way back to NOVEMBER 2019, I have never in my life felt so belittled and absolutely helpless. This is absolutely, outrageously, insane- and the powers at be are just acting like everything’s normal… meanwhile the very tax paying, honest citizens that they represent are having their own homes foreclosed on, and living homeless in the streets.

        To everyone in Frankfort- thank you, for absolutely nothing, for disrespecting belittling the same citizens whom you are supposed to be representing. You owe yourselves a real pay on the back and I hope you proud of yourselves.

        Ridiculous. If I was this bad at my job, I would be fired. And no one at the capitol is even vaguely acknowledging this issue, or losing their job non the less, but those who have unfortunately suffered tragedy from covid -myself included- now have to suffer more heartache and travesty because NO ONE CAN DO THEIR DAMN JOB.

      • JEFF,

        being patient is out of the question for some of us ,,, myself I waited from april 20 till august 20 for UI assistance. things got better for a few weeks then in OCT 20 i was cutoff for NO REASON,,,,, went until FEB 21 to straighten my benefit out to recieve weekly and in MAR 21 I was cutoff again…. MADE APPT in HAZARD county 3 hours away had a friend take off from work to help me get there,,,,, I was told to come back home and access a link on my computer and my benefits would start back….I have 3 letters of APPROVAL… reason I should be suffering BUT IT REMAINS UNSOLVED. Emailed UI 8 times called over 100 times with NO ONE TO RESPOND. SEEMS convenient to have a computer answer the phone in a NATIONAL EMERGENCY?????? My house in foreclosure now,,,, water is cut off,,,, cell phone cutoff, I have depleted my saving and anything I could pawn ,,,, No car insurance,,,, no way to bath and wash clothes or dishes, brushing my teeth with baking soda in refrigerator,,, standing in FOOD BANK LINES,,,, 35 years of working and saving raised two beautiful children paid my college tuition 60K paid my sons college 88K graduated and have 58K invested in my home!!!! I am going to court again this month and I CANT ASK THEM TO BE PATIENT AND WAIT?????!!!!!!!! It only works for UI of KY state department to not respond or pay me I AM ASKED TO BE PATIENT AND MY WHOLE LIFE IS GOING DOWN THE TUBES!!!!!!!! SO please either help US on this forum or find another JOB instead of pretending you care about KY Citizens that are on the verge of SUICIDE for loosing our livelyhood over this PANDEMIC that WE DID NOT CAUSE…. ONE YEAR OF NO INCOME WILL DESTROY AVERAGE FOLKS like me!!!!! IT HAS DESTROYED MY LIFE,,,, I HAVE NEVER WENT WITHOUT WORKING OR PAYING TAXES to help support this STATE GOVERNMENT FEDERAL GOVERNMENT and I HAVE NEVER ASKED ANYONE TO BE PATIENT WHEN I OWED THEM MONEY…… yes iam am furious and desperate and beside myself because there is no where to turn no one to answer the phone no one to answer my emails in UI i have tried over and over and now i dont know whats left for me in this life I have no family no one to help and YET the state of KY still receives daily UI monies deposited for people like me……. what are they doing with all of our MONEY????? THERES NO ANSWER NO ONE TO ASK NO ASSISTANCE nothing…. JEFF help us or just find a different JOB besides representing this FORUM ,,,,, if you cant help us its frustrating to have this service posted that your helping because there is NO HELP……. I AM LOOSING IT ALL JUST NOT FINANCIALLY,,,, IT HAS BROKEN MY SPIRIT!!!!!!! i have no phone so if you want to respond i may have electirc 10 more days to answer emails… [email protected]
        My court date is this month for foreclosure too so its all gonna come to an end for me soon and I will become another homeless static for KY to keep track of on the street….. I am hopeless and yes I am in need of real help……. But i will try to hang in there to be evicted while waiting on UI Assistance until I am on the street hungry,,,, I have already went without holidays and birthdays for grandkids all year and cannot even talk to my kids on telephone to even have a little support emotionally…..
        THIS IS NOT HOW I WANTED MY HARD EARNED YEARS of working to end….. Pray that you never face being ignored to the point of bankruptcy…..pray you never spend christmas alone with NO MEAL OR GAS MONEY OR PRESENTS FOR YOUR GRANDKIDS,,,,,, desperate people needing whats OWED to THEM I understand I am not the only one,,,,, ITS RIDICULOUS TO MAKE KY CITIZENS SUFFER TO THE POINT that theres not much more to live for TOOK MY ABILITY TO PROVIDE FOR MY HOME AWAY< NOW TAKE MY HOME and ask me to be patient????? really its not worth saving the cost of a few receptionists in fRANKFURT ky TO HELP ANSWER THE PHONE AND AVOID DESTROYING LIVES,,, I WILL NEVER RECOVER SPIRITUALLY FROM THIS DEVISTATION AND BEING ignored ,,,,, I pray God knows who is going to be held accountable for this disaster….. SUCESSFULLY IU ASSISTANCE OR LACK THERE OF……. has completely destroyed me….. please dont represent this forum and not help us out

        • in pretty much the same boat as the rest of u and I am sorry for everyones suffering it’s unreal what we all have been through I have been signed up since April 2020 I never received a approval letter until Jan 2021 I I finally after almost a year of calling got ahold of a lady and this sweet lady got some of my payments released and after that I never seen another penny none of my documents would upload I cant get into my account now I received 5 payments and I am greatful for those but this shit is rediculous u cant tell me that they can’t put enough people to work at the phones to help more people then what they are

        • This whole unemployment system is ridiculous. Can never get anyone on the phone. Can’t make an appointment bc it always says no availability. How are people supposed to get by when they are owed weeks,/months of unemployment. People are losing everything and no one cares. This should have all been taken care of a while ago. No excuses. Millions were paid to that company to fix it and they got paid and DID NOT do their job. Andy doesn’t give a damn about the people of KY. I get furlough from my job for the last 3 weeks. I’m under fact finding and still no check. Can’t get ahold of anyone. My hr at work says they can’t do anything. How am I under fact finding when my employer files the claim? And who knows when it’ll be fixed and I actually get a check. It’s frustrating. Something needs to be done about all of this asap! Enough is enough already!!!! Pay people!!!

        • I hear that I have actually talked to governor’s office several times , I have talked to unemployment on phone and I have made two appointments and kept them leaving w hope just to get home and sit and loose things I’ve worked 52 years to gain for no checks to ever show up .Never knew it was legal or moral to treat people in such a way. Rich get richer, poor get poorer .

        • I am so sorry, you have suffered way more than I did because of this pandemic. I called the Governor’s office emailed and contacted WLEX. No call back ever from Ui this year and was on the call que from Dec-April! : Finally got my PUA and then suddenly it’s in fact finding ,no payment for a month. Called the Governors office this morning. On top of that I had to apply for eviction relief , I qualify applied in March and apparently they do not have enough workers to process the claims fast enough , the eviction mandate runs out June 30th and they just now are processing applications for the first week of March. My landlord said if I’m not approved by July 1st , I’m evicted. Never had ever been late on my rent until this year. My life was good before the pandemic!! I had 2 great jobs ! Now I’m jobless and can’t get one until my car is fixed can’t do that unless I have my PUA. They owe a months pay.

  10. Best of luck to everyone. If anyone actually finds a solution please let me know. I’ve been waiting since 4/1/2020. over a year. its ridiculous

    • I hope this helps because it helped me when I found out. First of all as difficult as it all has been I have finally been able to get an appointment after also waiting over a year. The key to scheduling an appointment is to not try to schedule it until 9 am Monday through Friday. I just tried on Monday, I started clicking the make an appointment button at 8:59 and kept refreshing until 9 am thats when it showed all of the available appointments in different areas. I was not able to get an appointment in my county but found an office that’s only 45 mins away. However they add new appointment days every morning at 9 am so I truly hope this helps some of you because I didn’t see the info anywhere on this forum.

      • Ive already waited a year and 3 months . ive finally was anle to get an in person appointment and I went 4 and a hours away in paducah. They told me everything was going to be fine after the app. But when I sign into my account it says that I was supposed to claim benefits again 3 days after my app. So I was trying to do that and all the sudden it says it isnt excepting debit card holders to put benifits on a debit card anymore since 1-2021. But I was just in person at the office and she updated all that stuff and neglected to tell me any of this stuff. Personally I think its a way to occupie a person so they dont see what is really happening. Witch would be the state trying to weasel out of giving people their money. I think its all a time sensitive fluke. And if one doesnt do what they need to in time then thats just thier tuff shit.

    • Ok right there with you and I’m so upset with this agency and my family was very patriotic and my husband is a veteran and now we have been left for dead is how we feel

    • I am loosing it all after waiting on and off for over a year now I am loosing my home my water, cell phone car insurance every thing necessary to live I am depleted. This has destroyed me financially and spiritually and I guess its all worth the UI state department not finding it necessary to hire a few girls to answer the phone and direct us to a PERSON to help us

      This has crushed my spirit my soul is aching for an ounce of compassion to make KY pay my benefits I have been legally approved for 3 times.

      over 100 calls 8 emails and one in person appointment….. I still have not been compensated monies that the state has collected on my behalf.

      Pray for all us suffering for no reason while the state government takes there time figuring out their errors ….. this is unecessary and I will never recover now its been too long my creditors wont wait and 35 years of hard work as A TAX PAYER, paying into the system for ???? wheres our money?

      This is not what i wanted for my future to be ignored by the state of KY after putting tax dollars into the system I feel like i have been robbed of my life, home, spirit and not much left to look forward to

    • They keep telling they can’t verify my identity, even I talked to a human about it last year. They cut me off and owe me back payments and now still won’t give it to me.

      • I had to verify my identity through I already had an account for I was a college student during the pandemic but losing bothy jobs I couldn’t afford school no longer .. anyways it scans your face and ID . They gave me 72hrd to do this on 4th.of July weekend . So this looks like I will get lost in a file. Again

      • O love in Christian County ky and I am very interested in knowing how long facts finding is it’s been almost 2 and a half months since I Started claiming benefits and I can’t afford this any longer hell

        • Christopher,

          I can understand your situation. Please follow up with your adjudicator regularly for status.

      • Jeff, No disrespect to you, but your answer to “Please visit an office nearby if safe to do so” isn’t even an option without an appointment. When we try to make an appointment there none available, ever. NONE. EVER. Can’t call. Get hung up on. Cant file online, no response to emails. I called the Boone County legislatures months ago with zero response from anyone. Every single resource available to people trying to contact a person to get our claims situated is a dead end. All of them. People are literally starving and losing their homes. No one cares.

        • No appointments open. No way to file.
          No answers. No warning.
          No posts from KUI to help people understand that they are screwed.
          They could have just everyone know that KUI is going to be cut off completely in 3 weeks. Prepare.
          Instead folks trying to understand the new rules, which dont matter because no appts available and system is rigged for mass cutoff.
          Meanwhile people are dying.

  11. When I try to schedule appointment in person it says UI site says “no appointments available”.
    When I call it says no one available.
    Can you go to Jefferson County office with no appointment????

    • What is going on is a way to save money. If they stop your benefits, there is no way to get in touch. So guess what they got you off the benefits. This is a loophole. They have no intention of calling anyone back

      • Tracy,

        We understand your situation. There will be a delay considering the pendency. Please continue following up regularly.

      • I applied for unemployment on 11/12/2020 and it said I was approved. I have 3 of the COVID-19 reasons listed that allows you to draw unemployment and I am still under fact-finding. I just don’t get it. I have seriously not had a penny going on 7 months now. I am literally at the end of my rope here!!

        • I’ve been calling up to 30 times a day since the middle of June!! Its absolutely ridiculous! I went in to check my account info. And must have hit something wrong cause it said my account was locked! All because of a mistake! We are only human! Can’t get anyone on the phone! Made an appointment but it’s 4 hours away one way!! How am I supposed to drive 8 hours if I don’t have any money? Need help!

        • Rosia,

          I can understand your situation. There will be a delay considering the number of applications that are being processed. Please continue chasing the office/check your status online at regular intervals.

        • Try logging in and in the upload documents section, upload a picture of you holding your ID. That is what they told my niece to do. She was also left in fact finding limbo. We just talked to them on june 8th, so we’ll see if it works.

        • Lisa
          You are not alone I have nothing either and 3 approval letters for UI benefits. I will save the long story of details the bottom line is i am financially ruined, 35 years of working after paying for college 60K out of my pocket and taxes to the state and federal government.
          It seems criminal to me to be ignored to the point of foreclosure and poverty. I did get help this past month with utilities but my water is cutoff, cell phone disconnected, car insurance lapsed, savings depleted.
          Jobs are opening back up and I could have been back to work this past month but i have no gas no car insurance no way to clean my clothes or bathe, I have a couple items of canned food from the community center that helped me with my electric. I know there are more people suffering than me I am lucky my kids are grown and on their own so I dont have little ones to feed or bath.
          I have struggled all my life paid my way raised two kids alone paid 2 college tuitions without loans, I have no credit cards and I dont have any extra bills besides my mortgage monthly utilites and phone…..I have been very careful with my money so I could make it off unemployment if I had received it and probably would have been back to work by now…… I will pray hard your issue gets resolved by the same miracle I am praying for ,,,,, i know by the end of the month I will have to exit my home sell and give my things away,,,, its heartbreaking to think about loosing everything being alone with nothing at 53 years old. This was suppose to be my golden years kids grown, my parents deceased since 2019 and no one but me at home,,,, IF God grants a miracle resolution i hope you and lots of other folks being withheld monies by UI are blessed by His grace…. Believing in Him has been my only thing I can actually depend on is that I have faith that this life cant be all there is to look forward to…..
          Taught me to keep my faith strong because when everything falls apart in this world…. I can still look forward eternity of no suffering and no worries in Heaven sorry to bring up religion Seriously its the only good thing i have left and the most important I have to concentrate on whatever positive I have left in me and I will never loose my faith in God. This past year has been a big test of faith
          Our State UI office has to have a boss??? I have been researching who to contact in higher office that might bring a resolution to KY citizens being ignored benefit payments but Unless a Federal Department wants to get involved with the State department crossing that line to our governor No one i ask in Labor Department or DOJ wants to get involved….. So its the inspector General OIG office that i can contact but unless President Biden wants to help lol lol lol SERIOUSLY its been going on too long thousands of complaints I read and a few people i know have the same problem of being owed weekly benefits…..Seems like out ALL these KY citizens complaining and surely have contacts in our state department or know someone in government office that the higher Federal level should be aware and would have stepped in to help out with critical circumstances but i am told that its up to our UI office in KY to help KY citizens with resolution to payment Makes me curious as to why we are being ignored and if they have the money to pay us in an account???? I am not a big conspiracy theorist but There has to be a Reason this VERY IMPORTANT MATTER is not being resolved in a timely manner.
          I consider it almost criminal to put any citizen in financial jeopardy that is approved monies for benefits and refuse to contacted by phone or walk in office help make sure benefits were being received. UI office auditors already found cases of Fraud by UI employees and started over with the PIN# deal and reregistering claims and since that change I cant access my account at all. The new IS system will not let me register it kicks me off and tells me to call a number that is a GHOST number because no one answers it or will call you back.
          I will email UI assistance again tomorrow, my state representative, governor. I will try to find UI employee directory and start with the new CEO, I feel bad because the CEO in charge last year with onset of pandemic and these UI problems he experienced at work or whatever caused him to commit suicide,,,, i was shocked to read the article about his terrible experience while CEO of our UI office internally the article explained lots of problems of worn out computer system and out dated policy and procedures that could not support a Federal pandemic disaster to support our state with thousands needing daily assistance with approvals and various information being requested. Surely the new CEO will be available by email I can only try. Next Step will be Federal offices and then the LOCAL news to come out and film my eviction while I am having a nervous breakdown. Let me know if you have any other ideas

        • Lisa,

          Please be patient and continue following up. There may be hundreds of pending applicaitons.

  12. A month later and still nobody’s answering. The automated system hangs up on me. All I need to do is access the income form for unemployment so I can file my taxes. This is the only thing preventing me from doing so. I live in Florida now so I can’t go into an office, and have a full time job. This caused me to have to delay filing my taxes because I can’t access my information because this whole unemployment system is broken.

    • You need to login to your unemployment account, then you can access your 1099 from inside there. There is a little link at the top right hand side pf the page that says 1099. If you do not know how to login to your account, let me know and I will try to help you.

  13. Does anyone actually answer the phone??? The recording says try your call again later and it hangs up on you, I have tried calling over 100 times!!

    • I have same problem I’ve tried to speak to someone for almost a year literally and it says they are all busy call back later and hangs up.

    • Shane,

      The best way to get an answer is to visit an office in the vicinity (only if safe and feasible).

  14. I applied for unemployment on 04-04-2021 soon after I receive a letter in the mail telling me what my benefits may be for the next 4 weeks. Then I find out that I should be expecting a 8 digit pin in the mail. I was supposed to make my first request on 04-18-2021 and have not been able to due to not receiving my 8 digit pin in the mail yet. I have tried contacting the office at the (502)564-2900 number and every single time I’m given what sounds like a voicemail saying all members are currently busy. I have called right at 8am and somehow all members of staff are already busy and I have no way to stay on hold or even get a call back! I’m frustrated because I have just had a son and cannot return to work yet an we both need to be able to eat. The fact this is so hard to become in contact with frustrating and upsetting. There are people who need help when they’re told they are going to get it. I just want to talk to a person not another automated system.

    • I’m sorry but if you filed on 4/4 and then commented on a problem less than 4 weeks later, and making calls trying to get through, then your just jamming the phones up for people like myself that’s been 8 MONTHS trying to get claim fixed. I see way to many people posting about calling over and over after 2-3 weeks of waiting. I mean if u just got laid off and filed since, then one would think you have a little money to get you through a couple months. I know everyone wants there money but 4 weeks compared to 8 months of waiting I don’t see a reason to be jamming phone lines up anymore than they are unless nothings happened with your claim for 2 months.

    • My husband has been on the “call back list” (gone since the new system) since MARCH OF 2020! He received benefits from April to July and then suddenly they stopped for some reason they made up. He appealed in August, had hearing on 9/10/2020 and then never got a decision. I blew up the appeals email address and they finally paid 6 weeks, BUT, he went 12 weeks with no benefits received. And we still cant reach anyone to get it figured out. Six weeks of $552 plus the extra $300 they were giving during that time…thousands of dollars we’ve been waiting on since last year. And we have 7 kids, all 18 and under. I hope your issue gets handled better and faster than ours has.

    • It is a complete joke of a system. No check since December no one answers the phone. Embarrassing for Kentucky so backwards. People need to call national news over it. Governor is withholding money to residents and no one is helping. No one answers the phone ever no appointments available complete joke. Where is the unemployment money? Kentucky has it but won’t provide it. Time to find lawyers. We had been receiving the unemployment then poof it stopped for no reason. Wasting time on the phone spoke to representative who assured us someone would call back? Did they? Nope. Heading to a lawyer this week since no one will help and seeing about getting national attention for other states to see what Ky is doing to the actual taxpayers. Over it.

      • Richard,

        Please check the payment status online. You will have to log in with an ID and password.

        • I recieved my approval letter I recieved my 8 digit pin . My account status on website says my claim has been processed to keep filing when its my time to file. Only problem is, I haven’t recieved not 1 payment . I have filed claims every 2 weeks like I’m directed to do. I’m in desperate need of help! I’ve been trying to call for over a month and like someone said before how in the world can they already be full helping people at 8am but it always is and always hangs up on me! Please help!

        • Mary,

          Please continue making weekly claims. There will be a delay due to pendency. You will receive the payment in due course.

      • Jeff the state isn’t helping anyone on unemployment there needs to be a class action lawsuit filed against Kentucky unemployment

        • I agree , I have been doing research and reached out to a couple attorneys come on 13 months and you still can’t help someone who has sent many many faxes and emails
          .they just send me letters of what they are going to pay more like see you in court especially since my identity has been let lot and I’m really be on a team for Kentucky.

      • Jeff I’ve draw pua since March 6th and since the new web sight I’ve not draw a penny wonder y and I’ve claim everyday my answers still thier could u tell me y

        • Beverly,

          The delay is due to the pendency. Continous follow-up will certainly help.

      • Hi Jeff
        Do you work for ky ui office in frankfort, ky?? If not please direct me to a HUMAN that does help KY citizens with benefits that are owed to them and help solve this ridiculous problem!!!!!I I have been approved by KYUI recd benefit letters stating approval. Its been a month without receiving a deposit in my account I received KYUI new instructions to Change Passwords and Pin,,, completed online Registration THE SYSTEM ONLINE ACCESS will NOT let Me Login????? I Need To Request Biweekly Benefits YESTERDAY……. The Servers Have Been Down Past Month or i Get Kicked off online access or simply DENIED ACCESS to Claim MY BENEFITS….. I AM BEYOND UPSET….. I NEED EMERGENCY HELP!!!

        • Jeff,

          Do you not realize you have told everyone on here to visit an office when none are available no appointments are available either no matter what time you check it. As far as them even helping you is out of the question Boyle co told me they don’t help with any type of unemployment claims just finding jobs, “unemployment office” yeah right. So if you wouldn’t mind stop mis leading these people that’s really asking for help. This is far from right and far from being humane. I lost my job last year and was basically homeless and still no help period. But yet the governor’s office and unemployment office wonders why so many Kentuckians are pissed off while they sit in there office getting paid and any type of help they need, instead of the billion dollar infrastructure how about the lazy self centered government helps instead of seeing families going without and sleeping in the streets. I’ll wait

        • Ruth Bourne I haven’t got a check since 12-7-2020 and I have been trying to reach someone since. I’ve lost about every thing I own and now I’m getting ready to lose my home. I can’t get to talk to nobody. I set a letter to the Governor’s office nothing I got nothing. I’m lost I don’t know what to do. My kids pay my lights and water and they have family’s of there own. I don’t know what else to do.

        • Tammy,

          I can understand your situation. Why don’t you consider the option of visiting an office in the vicinity if safe and feasible?

        • Ruth,

          I do not work for govt (just a volunteer here). You don’t have to beg for something that is your right. The best way to find a resolution is by visiting an office if safe and feasible.

  15. I have started my claim March 4, I received the letter of how much I’m suppose to be getting. My I have been filing bi weekly as it has told me to do, but is still under “fact finding”, no one has gotten ahold of me, I have sent emails. I have called the phone number 502 564 2900 and I called right on the dot of 8am, when they open and it just says “all agents are currently busy with other customers, please call try again later, good bye”. It doesn’t even let me stay on hold, like wtf, how unprofessional not to even give us the option to hold or even have a call back. I have lived in Washington and California and they are by far more professional in the unemployment department. Where the hell is my money! If I put something in wrong, call me!

  16. I have not been able to reach a live person in over a month and I received my letter of determination 7 weeks ago approving my unemployment, but my account has been stuck “under fact-finding” since then. If I do not reach someone to help me soon I’m calling my attorney to sort out the issue for me.

    • Christian,

      Your attorney might not be able to help. Please consider the option of visiting an office in the vicinity if feasible.

      • I haven’t received a payment since January. I call all day with no luck of ever hearing a person. Please help

        • Tationia,

          Please consider the option of visiting an office in the vicinity if safe and feasible.

      • You can’t just visit an office you have to schedule an appointment online but all appointments are unavailable.You can’t call can’t email can’t schedule an appointment.

      • Jeff mine has been messed up since April the 4th I have been approved again and I am claiming my checks but not getting paid I need help it now says under fact finding and it just now started saying that I cant get ahold of noone I can’t get app please contact me back I need back pay order forms from the 4th till currant

        • Try logging in and in the upload documents section, upload a picture of you holding your ID. That is what they told my niece to do. She was also left in fact finding limbo. We just talked to them on june 8th, so we’ll see if it works.

        • Judy,

          Please see if you can visit an office in the vicinity (only if safe and feasible).

  17. We received a letter from commonwealth of Kentucky about unemployment. We live in michigan. Lived in Ky moved back about 1.5 years ago We never applied in ky.

      • There are no useful resources on the site its made to make you chase your tail. Why give people #’s to call and email addresses if no one EVER responds from either? Mine says reopen claim, I try and it says you don’t need to reopen claim. Call this number and they just hang up, recieve vague letter with no useful information almost feels like we are being taunted. “Make an appointment in person” no available in person appointments even in the foreseeable future. What exactly are we suppose to do ? I’m sure everyone is ready for 1 straight answer although that seems to be the one thing we can’t get. Why continue to play games with people’s lives and families. It’s inhumane and shameful. I feel disregarded by my local government leaders and frankly we are all tired of it.

      • HI Jeff I am needing to get in contact with someone at unemployment. A person. My fiance has been trying to get unemployment since November of 2020 after being released from a Workmans comp injury. He has not gotten any sort of money coming in since November and is still working with disability to get that approved.

        • Terri,

          There will be an intermittent delay in responses. Please consider the option of visiting an office if safe and feasible.

  18. I’m in same shape. It’s letting me request payment but can’t get paid. Please let me know if you find out how to talk to someone.

      • Tried to file my claim but it tells me I need to contact the 2900 number because there are difficulties with my claim..Can’t do that when I can’t get through when calling! What do I need to do?

        • unemployment is crazy they will not answer your call I been calling since april 19 2021 no answer where is beshere I thought he was suppose to fixed he not working for us sick of this unemployment shit I need my dam money that is what they telling me that my claim are difficulities with my claim what does it mean get it right beshire you having people stress out losing everything I need a office here in bardstown ky

        • Willam,

          Please see if you can find some shortcuts or hacks. The phone lines may be unattended.

  19. i fill my unemployment in January in not received no payment please tell me when can i received a payment they approve me unemployment . what they next step please contact me.

    • Darrett,

      Once the application is processed, you will receive a “Letter of Determination” conveying the decision.

        • Kevin,

          Please consider the option of visiting an office in the vicinity if safe and feasible.

  20. Unemployment Fraud…someone has claimed Unemployment under my name, and I cannot get through to our local Unemployment OR the Ky Unemployment Agency! Our Housing is going to be going up $200.00 + if this isn’t resolved in a few days! You can’t go into the office in person, a real person will not answer the phone, and No one gets back with me….I need help ASAP!
    Thank you!

  21. I have been filed since March of last year. I have 6 kids. They finally gave me a payment in dec after jan 1 it made me do a whole new app. It says my app is accepted now claim my weeks. When I claim my week it makes me claim the same weeks over and over it won’t let me claim any other weeks and I have tried reaching out to some one over this.

  22. No Sam you don’t understand.. uncle Joe is feeding you properly while OUR kids are getting hungry.. you’ll understand soon enough tho..

  23. I read someplace that people are just so depressed that they are thinking about suicide, they can’t get through to the unemployment office. People are still waiting since last year to get through. Times are hard tough and it is unacceptable that this unemployment office cant keep up with the claims. Why can’t the department hire outside help give the employees access to off-site access to work from home to keep up with the surge of claims and questions? makes no sense to me. And please don’t hurt yourselves people do care I care. Just hang in their things have to get better they just have to.

    • I agree as I’m one of those people who has underlying depression and I’ve had this problem ever since I was 17 years old. I need so desparately to talk to someone at unemployment. I’ve been waiting since October 2020 at getting my unemployment. I need money cause I’ve been without my depression medication for over six months now. My health insurance don’t cover it and I just want to take a damn gun and blow my damn brain out right now. Being aggravated with these assholes along with other descriptive words that I can think of trying to get somebody. You call the governors office, all they say is that they will put you on a list and say that that is all that they can do which is total bullshit as the governor can make shit happen if he really wanted to. They just don’t want to help anyone here in Kentucky and lawmakers on the federal level needs to know absolutely about Kentucky’s bullshit of a system they got. Hell, if it doesn’t work out with unemployment then the leaders here in stupid ass Kentucky could do what other states are doing and that is to give out stimulus checks of their own every month by giving everyone below a certain threshold $1000 per month until this pandemic is over with. My car is also broke down, how the fuck can I get another damn job without a damn car. Kentucky use to be a very good place but now look at the sorry ass state. This state doesn’t care about any damn body other than their family. Guarantee that if we were one of those peoples family members, they would bend over backwards. How long do they think that this game of theirs will last before someone goes completely off and does something stupid cause they can’t do anything but to try to survive regardless if that means that they go out and resort to stealing and then they lock people up cause of unemployment negligence. I think that every damn one of them in unemployment should lose their jobs and have the same treatment as we all have had since this shit began. I wish the hell that people would grow some balls and start fighting with the damn law with a lot more others and get this damn pandering shit fixed. I’m all in if we all could go to our capitol and start protesting. The law will have to start answering and putting someone under accountability with unemployment offices accross this damn state. I used to love this state as I was born here as well as lived here my whole life but right now, that is changed. Funny how they want to blame the outdated system instead of buying a new damn system instead of trying to fix the old damn system which in my opinion is completely fucking stupid but look which state we are talking about here, it is the stupidest state with the stupidest leaders who don’t want to do anything but sit on their asses with their fingers in their asses. I am literally fucking tired of this bullshit that they put me through that if I knew for certain I wouldn’t get into lots of trouble, I done started rioting and destroying this fucked up state. I shouldn’t even fucking tried getting back out and try to get another damn job. What happened to me is that back in August, I got another job which I got laid off from that job on October 2nd and been fighting with those motherfuckers since. I don’t know how other states systems are working with unemployment but it must be nice for others getting their fucking shit and not everyone else. This state should approve everyone’s shit but no, you have some fucked up people out there who wants shit and didn’t do shit to earn the fucking money like the many many people who worked their damn asses off. If they didn’t take away the damn jobs cause of people getting scared of a virus which is understandable cause some people has worse conditions that could make the virus more fatal but hell, they need to hurry their slow dumb asses up as I’m very impatient as I’ve been without any damn pay check and my bills probably won’t be able to get back on track cause of these damn assholes. I’ve lost my damn apartment, so I’ve been living pretty much here and there which luckily I have my mother, sister, and brother but I want my own damn place. I really just want to end my fucking existence cause they don’t care and sure beats than starving to motherfucking death but who cares. We have the wrong people as leaders and we should change this coming election. Andy needs to go cause that motherfucker could do something about it regardless whether it is to get a new system to put in place, tell unemployment to either get with the program or go find another damn job and you won’t get no unemployment as you apparently don’t enjoy your job as you can do your job and get the much needed help done and finished, etc. People it starts with piss poor leaders and this is exactly what we got here in this damn commonwealth state and then you have people working for the state who could pitch in and help out. There are other ways to resolve the problems if only they would implement them. I would certainly make them work their asses off cause I would be there and tell them that I want the motherfucking job done within four months. I want it all done within four months with every damn claim finished and the money in our citizens hands in four months, if not, then no one will enjoy no holidays until all the damn shit is done and everyone is talked to. Some peoples claims would be easy to deal with if they would hurry the fuck up and do the fucking shit. They should get into serious trouble as well as get in serious trouble for not even answering the phone nor answering any emails. Like I said, let one of us be one of their family members and they would roll over backwards for their family which is wrong as they should wait just the same as every damn body else but that isn’t what is happening. I can’t even request any checks now cause I must have done something wrong which I don’t know what the hell that I’m fucking doing or what questions I need to answer or anything. I really think that all of us citizens in Kentucky needs to hold all leaders responsible as this is complete bullshit. Regardless you get it approved, you still must wait two to four more damn months before you would receive the damn money cause they definitely don’t give a shit about what is going on with your life. So yes, I’m going to kill myself soon matter in fact, very soon cause I can’t get my bills paid, I’m really frustrated with this bullshit that they are doing and yes, I even feel like they should absolutely get in trouble for ignoring people as this motherfucking shit isn’t no damn body’s fault. They have the damn money and they seem like it is going to kill them for giving it to people who needs the damn help. So I got myself an appointment for May 6th in that I have to travel 200 damn miles just to speak to someone in the unemployment office and this will determine whether I will live or just go ahead and kill myself. This is why I get medication for is so that I won’t kill myself as I think about suicide often without my medication. The people need to take a motherfuckin stand against this bullshit about them and not accept their lame ass excuses as everyone has excuses and for how long it has been for anyone, people should pay for their actions. I would pay for any of my actions if it was done unlawfully and this should be unlawful for unemployment doing this to people and making people wait for months and no body should lose their homes for waiting for their money from unemployment. If a person should lose what they have, then a person should sue the hell out of the entire damn state as I’m looking into seeing what I can do about it. So people, let’s begin filling out petitions to have the governor unseated if he doesn’t grow a damn backbone and do what is right to sue the governor since he won’t do anything with these state workers. Again, these state workers gets paid every damn week unlike we do and they need to hurry the fuck up and get the help that they promised to do or our state needs to take the damn money from unemployment and come out with a new program that would be stimulus for every Kentuckian who lost their jobs. We need to do something people and one person can’t do it as a person needs much more people than just one person cause your not going to get anything done if we don’t. Some people been waiting for an entire year while others been waiting for eight damn months which it shouldn’t take that damn long and they should definitely pay you a big amount for just waiting as long as a person has been.

      • DID they help you on may6? I feel the same way you do, i am hopeless at the end of my rope. I went in person on may 21 300 miles from home got a friend to take me i have no money to get there. All they said was go home and fill out forms on my email and send it back into them. I did…… the email wouldnt let me access the forms of course says web page expired????? so now back looking for another appointment and hope and pray i dont foreclose at end of month i have been in court over my mortgage being behind. I dont have much to look forward to and yes its UI department of KY fault for withholding my monies when I am approved under Pandemic act since this started I have had no help resolving being compensated

    • That sounds about right.. people can’t get the help that they need, and are drowning. I have emailed and called everyday for the past 3 months, and still not been able to get any help. They offer online appts, but all of the time slots are taken from now until however long they offer. I3ts a real bad mess that needs to be focused on immideatley..

      • What can we do as a group to finally be heard? Protest? We need to all get together at the governor’s office and speak our concerns This is ridiculous and has ruined lives!!

  24. This is so frustrating. Can’t talk to no one. Put in que to call back and when they do its a recording after hours. Bill collectors are starting to call. I am giving them my new number which is the unemployment office. It would be great to talk to someone to see why its taking so long.

    • I agree with all of yall. The IRS is now sending me certified letters because i have not paid my taxes, but i dont have the means to do so. and now I HAVE COVID

    • Good luck dear. We made a mistake on my husbands unemployment claim and it was put “under investigation” we tried to apply for food stamps because we have no money coming in, even tho he is due unemployment. We could not even file for food stamps because they have the wrong birth date down for him. We have called numerous times, written them numerous times, written our Senator and several other elected officials. I am disabled and I’m afraid they are going to cut electric off due to nonpayment and I am on oxygen, run by electric. She is due meds and nobody will help. We are at a dead end. Hope you have better luck than we have.

      • Everyone needs to get together and file a class action lawsuit against the State of Kentucky. My husband is having the same issues but not for as long as those on this forum. With our age his chances of finding a job will be limited if any. We will not take this lying down. As a group we have better chances of doing something more than talking on a forum that gets us no where nor pays our bills buys our medicines or keeps us from being homeless. This should not happen in the age of technology. It has gone on long enough. Stand with us!

        • I agree , .make our own team kentucky that really cares about the ones left to die or commit suicide after losing everything they worked their whole life for .

        • Kathy Kenney, yes, I do agree with a class action lawsuit against the entire state of Kentucky for their negligence. I with you on that and yes we all should ban together and do so and call out for better leaders than we got too since they can’t do anything. I going to ask a lawyer what I could do within a lawsuit against this state.

        • Yes !! That’s what I have been sreamin’.We are United.Remember this sayin’ United We Stand
          ,Divided We Fall?!!!! I have no body to help me.Can’t eve get to speak to another American..Heck..ya can’t even get to speak to a HUMAN BEING,At Unemployment Office.I’m planning on who could have fixed this.These last several months.And just,DID NOT.So I can make 100% to never vote them back in office.If HUMANLY possible.Sad Kentucky..This is just completely Unacceptable>period

  25. I’m a single mom of a 10-month-old little boy and I have been trying to get unemployment since July and I have been on the call back list since then and I can never get through to anyone and tells me I can claim but then when I call it tells me I can’t claim and I’m getting sick and tired of not being able to support for my son

    • Rebecca,

      The Unemployment Office might be inundated with pending requests. Please visit the website to find the answers.

      • Sam, I’m afraid there’s not any information to be found online- I’ve scoured each and every sentence on every related page but if you can point me towards some nugget of understanding I missed I’d be very grateful.
        I realize you can’t access any of the individual claim info here but since it’s been clearly established there’s no means of contacting UI assistance by phone/chat/in person, and you’ve directed folks towards answers that can be found online, could I perhaps tell you about my issue so you could point me in the right direction?

        I have to say I log into my account frequently and there’s not been any new information in there since this summer when I saw that my previously approved claim was suddenly under investigation.

        I’ve continued to claim my biweekly payment as instructed, but my payments continue to be “$0” and now I’ve been prompted to file another claim-but the last time i got that message after claiming the biweekly payment, I filed a new claim online and that’s when my troubles began. So now I’m filing again but this time attempting it via phone. Not surprisingly, the claim call line only lets me complete the first half (automated). Once I get that far I’m placed on hold indefinitely to wait for an agent who can verify my claim (AGAIN) and officially file it (AGAIN).
        I’m not sure what other choice I have though… the last time I logged in to claim a biweekly payment and was prompted to file a new claim I did so online, and suddenly these problems began. Before that my claim was approved in early April and I received payments until the 1st week of June. However it shouldn’t be hard for an actual person to look at this and determine it’s all the same “claim” and the amount I was approved to receive (through 1-10-21 I believe) wasn’t paid anywhere close to in full.

        I’ve spent some absurd portion of the last 5 days on hold waiting for an employee to speak to me and re-verify what was approved in March. Which is a small drop in the bucket compared to the hours I’ve logged the last 6 months trying to reach regular customer service by phone, chat, and yes, even in person at 2 local unemployment offices.

        I’ve interviewed for a few new jobs and was offered a new position to substitute teach, but school hasn’t reopened in my town… meaning not only can I not start to sub but as long as they’re closed I’m also the only parent available to stay home to homeschool and handle childcare. Not sure how important that is but I wanted to include everything so if the answer exists online, you can send me to the right reference.

        I know from some of the other comments that I’m hardly alone in my confusion and frustration. As everyone else has already mentioned, calling any of the numbers listed for assistance only results in being placed in the que, then promptly removed from the que due to “high call volume” as the clipped robot woman promises to call me back at the number I provided before I’m rudely disconnected… a promise she faithfully keeps every day AFTER hours when the customer service reps are gone. Knowing I only want to talk to a person won’t deter her! No! That irritating automated assurance is still delivered daily, letting me know that my totally meaningless spot in the que is safe. I can rest easy that someday, someone, will revisit my claim and hopefully solve my issue. Who knows? That day may even come before my bank cancels my account due to rapidly accruing overdraft charges and we default on the mortgage…

      • And I’ve been waiting since March on unemployment. Had an in-person appointment changed to a phone call. Waited on the them to call all day and still nothing. At least tell the the truth. You all are hoping we just give up.

        • Darren,

          I can understand your situation. There will be a delay considering the number of applications that are being processed. Please continue chasing the office/check your status online at regular intervals until payments normalize.

  26. I’m starving to death . its been 4 months and I cant even get a hold of anyone from UE . what do i do ?

    • Glenn,

      I can understand your situation. There will be a delay considering the number of applications that are being processed. Please continue chasing the office/check your status online at regular intervals.

      • I dont think you understand any of these messages. If you did, you’d be talking to your superiors, saying that this has to change. Hire more people! Whatever it takes. The state of Kentucky has taken OUR money hostage. WHERE IS IT? It says I have a “balance” of over 8000.00 but now it says my claim is under investigation. And why? I have done nothing wrong. I submitted my claim truthfully. How much confidence in OUR state do you think these people have now? The unemployment system should have prepared for something like this. So don’t say you understand, when you’re not one of us waiting. Cause it seems you have a job, you’re just not good at it.

        • Charles,

          I can understand your situation. Please note this is a govt. website and I am not employed by the state. This is a privately owned forum.

  27. Hi this Mary Hatfield. I still wait unemployment money but I can get nobody on the. Phone I need to pay my bills

      • I need help , my payments stopped on Oct 7 2020 . Supposed to
        To until
        Stop on December . I have called many V time and no HELP

        • George,

          Have you checked the status online? You can also consider the option of visiting an office in the vicinity.

        • I filed for and was approves.for unemployment in Kentucky. Everything was fine until.the system.was hacked or something. I havent received a payment since may. In trying to fix it I accidentally filed for a new claim june. Ive been on the phone waiting Que for 6 months. I get no responses to emails and cant reach anyone by phone. I have no idea what went wrong. Im owed a lot in backpack. If anyone who can do anythinf reads this. Contact me at [email protected]

        • Jacob,

          There will be a delay considering the number of applications that are being processed. Please continue chasing the office/check your status online at regular intervals until payments normalize.

        • Yes IV been cents april 6th trying get unemployent my sister help me with it an tried request payment.many many times never wouod let her do it I’m realy in need of funds tremendous I have a financial situations thank u four your time.

        • Hi Sam I have had no luck out of receiving my pua or the extension I was approved in April and have not received anything until 2 weeks ago and only got paid for 7 weeks with no Pua payments or extension after I received this money I requested my check on the 15 or 16 but only paid me for 1 week instead of 2 also I called in to check on the EUI and it said it deposited $ 1.07 to my card . Thats is just not right. Have not been able to get a hold of anyone on the phone nor call back but they owe me from April and then now they owe me for now who do I call pretainting on speaking to someone…[email protected]

        • Nancy,

          Thank you for the query. Please consider the option of visiting an office in the vicinity if feasible.

    • I am in the same boat as you, I filed in May of 2020 and haven’t heard anything from them. I called and the recording tell me that I have been credited for weeks but no check has been issued. I’m confused, nobody have reach out nor have I received a letter explaining anything. I moved to Illinois and had to file in Kentucky. I have been off work because I got a positive result for Covid19, I have tried to file in Illinois but I can’t, I have no quarters here, so I have to file with Kentucky. I have called, called, and you get a recording. I don’t know what to do at this point. The good thing about it is I’m waiting to be release from doctor so I can go back to work. I’m a CNA.

    • Mary,

      I can understand your situation. There will be a delay considering the number of applications that are being processed. Please continue chasing the office/check your status online at regular intervals until payments normalize.

  28. I filed in march, emailed my identification to the unemployment office, and still have not received my benefits. My wife got hers in full and we work the same job at the same restaurant and go to the same school. Ive been put in the que 3 seperate times and never got a call or an email. No one has helped me i need my benefits my bills are backed up

    • T says my case is under investigation I v truned all my thing s in an have not been able to talk to no one or nothing says my id faild I have done what they said an truned them in again an agin an still nothing what else sgould I do

      • I can understand an intermittent delay but 6 months is unacceptable. As a single father of two boys I have lost everything the past 6 months waiting for unemployment. As a veteran and someone who has been fortunate enough not to have to file ever before in my life I am disgusted. Sam, I don’t think you’re helping anyone by telling them to be patient. I have been more than patient through this process but I have nothing else to lose at this point. Covid or not, Kentucky unemployment needs to get their act together. I will be writing to my senator as well and contacting some attorneys to file a suit against the state.

        Derek Reser
        Extremely disappointed veteran

        • I understand the overwhelming request of payment, as long as you are associated with government you still get paid, that doesn’t have the issues the rest of us has because they still have jobs and or getting paid rather or not they are working.
          What I’ve come to think is everyone is overwhelmed and now are avoiding our calls. If they would just have someone answering the phone maybe answer questions or forward us to someone who can help, may be we would not be so upset.
          Unfortunately at this point most of us are left with the impression no one cares.

    • I understand completely! I’ve been in the “Q” for better than 4 months! When they call back it’s after 7 and they closed and it’s a recording! I’ve uploaded letters from doctor and employer that I am laid off due pandemic and still can’t get an entitlement for FEMA Lost Wages Assistance! I was even on the news on Monday! Good Luck

    • Chrystian,

      The Unemployment Office might be inundated with pending requests. Please visit the website to find the answers.

      • I filed in July and my case is under investigation also. I keep doing money request on time and every amount says 0.00 dollars I’ve called and talked to someone they said the review has to be the one to approve my payments I’m so confused.

  29. I filed in march, emailed my identification to the unemployment office, and still have not received my benefits. My wife got hers in full and we work the same job at the same restaurant and go to the same school. Ive been put in the que 3 seperate times and never got a call or an email. No one has helped me i need my benefits my bills are backed up

    • I can understand your situation. There will be a delay considering the number of applications that are being processed. Please continue chasing the office/check your status online at regular intervals

  30. Paypal account had a limitation on it and they sent my pua back how do i get it sent to another bank account.

    • Makayla,

      Please note this is a private forum and we do not have access to your claim file. Please check the claim status online/call the Unemployment Office.

      • how come the claim status online doesnt tell u if ur approved or denied im lost trying to find out whats going on all i got was a monentary determination letter but thats not an approval cor3ct

        • Christopher,

          It looks like the claim is still under process. Please wait and keep checking the status regularly.

      • I got letter stating what my benefits would be and was told to request payment online i did so and the next morning it said i had a payment when i looked to see what the payment was it is 0 dollars ??? There is nothing telling me that i need to do anythjng else or that anything is messed up so why a 0 dollar pay ment ??

  31. I haven’t received any benefits and I filed in march. I have called and called and sent multiple emails and no one has gotten back with me.

    • I am missing payments for the weeks of April 17th and April 25th. My company is now back to work but I am not due to major surgery on June 1st. Could someone please contact me?

      • I filed back in may and have still not recieved anything ive tried contacting and am in a waiting cue there is no open in person interviews

        • Brenda,

          I can understand your situation. There will be a delay considering the number of applications that are being processed. Please continue chasing the office/check your status online at regular intervals until payments normalize.

      • Constance,

        Please note this is a private forum and we do not have access to your claim. Kindly reach out to the Unemployment Office directly.

    • Payton,

      I can understand your situation. Please wait for an update from the office. There will be thousands of applications for the office to be processed. Make sure to check the status at regular intervals.

  32. Where do you get the pin number to register for unemployment

    With the corona virus, are there still days of the week by last name when you can apply

    • Please help me I’m missing payments from 03/2020 I’ve only been paid 7732 in total to date I’ve been to Frankfort twice and was called on 08/18/2020 with payment forms and 08/24/2020 I was called and told I filled them out wrong with no help please help me

    • I have filed for unemployment over a month ago. I actually applied in March but it took Ohio unemployment 6 damn weeks to tell me I filled In the wrong state. I immediately filed in ky. The website no longer works. I cant file for my weeks i cant talk to anyone online (as you suggest) and to call is a complete joke. It says you are in a waiting g que and will be called back as soon as an agent is available. Really because I have been waiting 2 and a half weeks. Why have I not been called? What’s the problem? I want to know what is going on and where my benefits are! I have a family and Bill’s that need to be paid. I know you do t give a shit because your sitting on tour ass doing nothing and probably collecting a check. If someone doesn’t call or reply I will take this higher. I am completely fed up.

      • Brenton,

        We can understand your situation. This is a private forum and we do not have access to your claim file. Please continue following up until the situation normalizes.

    • I’ve called no joke probably 300x in the last 2 weeks. I’ve sent 20 emails to every address I can find. I filed almost a month ago and got a letter telling what i can draw for how long it was near the max. However it says my claim is under investigation. I’ve paid in for 20 years and probably drawn not a total of 3 months in those 20 years and cant get help when I absolutely need it. My family is struggling because of this we are falling behind on everything. If I had the choice I’d work like always. I have begged for help, I’ve emailed the governor, I wake every day to be the first call at 730am to get through and it’s not possible. I really really am about to be out on the street. Try feeding a family without any income for over a month.

      • Can someone plz help me I have been off work since March 2020 when they shut down my I finally got to get signed up for regular ui but I am not eleigble for the regular but I dont know how to sign up fir the pandemic ui can’t ever reach anyone on phone. Please help someone

        • Katherine,

          You don’t need to speak to an expert to claim UI benefits. Simply go ahead and apply on the Unemployment Office’s website if you think you’re eligible.

      • Kenny,

        We understand this might be a difficult time for you. We’re anticipating a shortage of staff across unemployment offices due to the massive surge in UI applications considering the pandemic. We advise against calling or visiting the office, as you may not get a response instantly.

        Your state may have activated “Extended Benefits (EB)” authorized by the federal government. We recommend you apply for UI benefits online. For more information, please visit your state’s official Unemployment website.

        • Notice Every response is an excuse. Stop making excuses and just fix it. I got approved back in April but still have received nothing and it’s absolutely impossible to get in touch w a human. I’ve called well over 1000xs

        • Jason,

          We understand this might be a difficult time for you. This is a private forum and there’s very little all of us can do.

      • I also waited on the non existent new chat line for 2 straight days kept the window open and checked every few minutes. My family is going under quickly and I’m sure tons of people are suffering but if I’m told I cant work and have hardly ever drawn unemployment in 20 years working daily then I should be able to draw unemployment like everyone else. I believe there is a flaw or glitch on my claim that could be sorted in 5 minutes if u could actually get ahold of anyone. Meanwhile our supplies are dwindling. Bills keep stacking up. No help in site. I’ve exhausted every possible measure to reach anyone for help. What do u do give up and starve I spend my days making at minimum 100 calls to all the random unemployment numbers trying different options on the line to get anyone on the line. 20 emails later no response, 500 call attempts no answer no call back, waited inside the chat for 2 days, sent an actual letter by mail to the Frankfort address. I know I cant be the only person that has had their claim screwed up but I sure feel alone in this situation. Emails literally headline begging for help. How are we supposed to survive if we cant even get the money we are owed. My letter says I’ll draw the max for ky but a month in I haven’t seen one penny not one penny. I keep reading they will give it all back after its straightened out in one lump sum but will that get me my house back or help me through the times we will be without electric cause that’s where we are headed. My next option and only one I have left is to try to contact some news outlet to let them know of our hardship and maybe that will draw some attention.

    • We are sorry to hear about your difficulties. There is a huge shortage of staff across all unemployment offices due to a massive surge in UI applications. We advise against calling or visiting the office, as you may not get a response. We recommend you to apply for UI benefits online. For more information, please visit your state’s official website.

  33. I was out of work for 10 weeks and only received benefits for 7 weeks. I realize there is a waiting week, but I believe I should receive benefits for 2 additional weeks. I have sent an email to [email protected], with no response, and have waited hours on the phone with no response.

    • Bryan,

      Please chase during non-peak hours (phone) and consider visiting an office in the vicinity if you still don’t hear from the authorities.

      • It says my check was received on 12/28/19 and when call to check the status of it, it says no check has been requested

  34. I filed a unemployment claim 12/28/2018, got a confirmation letter stating that I was qualified for $502.00 a week and told to sign up on 1/10/2019 for the weeks claimed which were 12/23 thru 12/29 2018 and 12/30/2018 thru 1/5/2019, my return to work date was 1/7/2019. I signed up as told on 1/11/2019 and got a confirmation, I’m using the debit card and deposit was made 1/15/2019 for $377.00. Was wondering what happened that the money was not right?

  35. The workers at the unemployment office are totally and unnecessarily rude. The money isn’t coming out of their pocket. My taxes pay their wages. They should be thankful to have a job.

  36. I filed my claim 5/5/2018. Had an appeal, employer was not present for the hearing on 7/9/2018. I would like to know how long does it take to receive your benefits. I think two and half months is too long for a person to have to wait for money they are due.

    • Brenda,

      I suggest you call the adjudicator to find our relevant information. This has taken a lot of time now.

  37. The check has been lost in the mail for over 3 weeks and no one will pick up the phone at Frankfort. Have been calling for 2 weeks. went in to local office and they say they cannot help. I have called over 10 times just today. No one is answering.

    • Jennifer,

      I can understand your situation. Please consider the option of visiting an office in the vicinity for an update.

      • I have been filing since February and have yet to receive anything all I get is appeal after appeal .I have a appeal with the commission but considering what I have been through with the Frankfort office I don’t think that I will receive anything , because even though it’s a separate division it’s still the same branch .As for going to the branch I drove down there that’s 200 and something miles just to speak to a live person and still nothing. You spend all day on the phone with them only to be told you have been connected to the wrong department. I have never seen people who are so insensitive to the situation .They act as if they are paying you out of there own pocket. I have spoken to numerous people who have had a much better experience with the unemployment branch when it was located in Covington. To me they should get rid of all them well not all because I did to to a couple who were decent and respectful but the rest need to go .Then they would know how it feels to be left without anything. And to encounter someone just like themselves.

  38. I filed for my first bi-weekly check last week. I just checked the automated system and it does say that I submitted for those weeks but no check was issued. I don’t understand why, I know that one week is a hold week but I should have received a check for the second week. Can’t call the 2900 number because the line is busy, doesn’t even offer the option to hold.

  39. Why do I have to wait on a determination letter to find out if I qualified or I’m not qualified for unemployment I don’t understand why someone cannot simply just tell me over the phone so if they won’t tell me over the phone and I am forced to wait on a letter does that mean my claim was denied

  40. I called the 2900 number to check on my claim and it said credit had been issued for the week ending the 7th and the week ending the 14th of Oct. but no check was issued i am set up on direct deposit but have seen no payment. Why?

  41. I was requesting my benefit check but when doing so the site said I had incomplete information. I completed the requested information again. Now, I have two confirmations – one from the first time (with determination letter) and now from the most recent. Just wanted to make sure I hadn’t created issues with my claim. I have tried the 502-564-2900 number multiple times to talk with someone but I continue to get a busy signal.

    Thank you in advance.

  42. I have tried to file for unemployment
    Benefits but it asks for a PIN number
    I just lost my job on 10-3-2017
    I don’t have a pin
    Please help

    • Dorothy,

      It looks like a claimed account already exists in your name. Please speak to a claims representative over the phone to have this issue sorted.

  43. I applied for unemployment and before I found out I qualified I went for an interview and I showed up to work the job was nothing like what I was told it would be and I didn’t have the tools for the job. What should I do

    • You can speak to the Unemployment Office and let them know about your situation. I am guessing you should be able to continue claiming the balance weeks.

  44. I’ve tried to contact my local unemployment offices several times yesterday and today. Each time I was told to call back later. This afternoon I thought I got through. I was on hold for more than an hour. Is there not a way I can email the offices?

  45. I’m 68 yrs. old and still working Drawing SSI since age 66.If I take volunteer layoff will my SSI count against my unemployment here in Ky.

  46. I worked in KY for 2 months and I live in Ohio.I am currently drawing unemployment in Ohio but it is about to end. I still have wages in Ohio that I have not used and was wondering since I worked in KY can I draw unemployment from there with the 2 combined?

    • We do not have specific information in this regard.

      Please check with the Unemployment Office in your state by calling them.

    • You must have received the PIN by mail along with other relevant documents.

      Please check or call the claims center for further instructions in this regard.

    • Please note, we’re not affiliated with the labor authorities or the government. Kindly call the appropriate phone numbers.

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