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Kentucky Unemployment Weekly Claims

Kentucky Unemployment Weekly Claims

How To File a Weekly Claim in Kentucky

Unemployed Kentuckians who need financial assistance can apply for unemployment benefits. However, unemployment compensation benefits are not automatically deposited into the bank accounts of jobless claimants. Claimants must file a biweekly claim using the Unemployment Insurance Claimant Portal located on the Kentucky Career Center website.

Some claimants can file a weekly claim, but only if their employer filed for unemployment insurance on their behalf (referred to as an E-claim). Most unemployed Kentucky residents will file every two weeks. You must file your bi-weekly claim on time, otherwise, your UI benefits could be delayed or even denied.

Remember that unemployment benefits are there to provide economic security to individuals who lost their job through no fault of their own. This means that they weren’t fired for willful misconduct or negligence.

When To Request Payment – Kentucky Unemployment Benefits

Request your first benefit payment 13 days after filing your initial claim for Kentucky Unemployment. There is something called a Waiting Week in Kentucky, which means that a claimant does not get paid for the first week they meet Kentucky Unemployment eligibility.

This waiting week may be used by the Kentucky Office of Unemployment Insurance to review the information provided on your initial claim and verify it is true. Once you begin filing a biweekly request for benefits, you do not have to do so on a particular day, but may do so any day between Sunday through Friday for the previous two weeks. You cannot file a request on Saturday. The online system is also only available during certain hours: weekdays from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM and Sundays from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

Kentucky Unemployment – Maintaining Eligibility

The first requirement for collecting UI benefits is that you must be able and available to work. Able means you are physically and mentally fit to take a new job. Available means you cannot use excuses like lack of transportation or childcare to avoid taking a new job. However, you do not have to accept jobs outside a reasonable radius of commute, or if you need to attend to sick dependents, or if it compromises your morality.

Another aspect of maintaining eligibility is that you must conduct a job search. Kentucky unemployment work search requirements are actually easier than most places in the United States, in that jobless claimants are only required to make contact once a week with a potential employer. That contact can include applying for a job online, in person, attending an interview, or using the Kentucky Career Center as a resource (in person or online). You must document the nature and details of your work search activity and report them when you file your bi-weekly request for benefits.

You must also report any income you earn while collecting unemployment benefits, and if you don’t, it’s considered unemployment fraud. If you do make money, even part time, 80% of your gross wages will be deducted from your weekly benefit amount. For example, if you do some part time work and earn $50, and your weekly benefit amount is $300, you will have $40 deducted from that and collect $260.

If you feel that you are truly eligible for benefits but have been denied them, you can file an appeal. The process is set forth by the Kentucky Unemployment Insurance Commission, and appeal instructions are included with your monetary determination Letter.

How to File a Weekly Claim in Kentucky

Visit the Kentucky Unemployment Portal to log in using Kentucky has teamed up with to keep your personal information safe and prevent identity theft.

The claim filing process may take up to half an hour. You will be prompted to answer a series of questions about whether or not you looked for a new job, and whether or not you worked. Based on the answers you provide, you may be prompted to input further information like dollar amounts, or details regarding potential job contacts.

Requesting Payment by Phone

You might be able to file a weekly claim over the phone. However, this option is only available for a certain group of claimants, such as claimants who are exempt from work search requirements. Most people are required to file their claims online.

Claimants who are eligible to file over the phone have a definite recall date from their employer within 12 weeks of filing their initial claim (in other words, they were temporarily laid off with a promise to return to work). Or, they might be part of an approved training program or vocational rehabilitation. Alternatively, they might have had their employer file an unemployment claim for them, which is called an E-claim.

If you are qualified to file over the phone, you can call 1-877-3MY-KYUI or 1-877-369-5984 and enter your identification information and PIN code when prompted.

You will then be voice prompted to answer certain questions. Make sure to place this call in a quiet space so as not to disrupt the automatic process and cause frustration. Make sure your claim is submitted and you receive confirmation before hanging up. The days and hours for placing these calls are the same as filing online: Sundays from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM and Weekdays from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM (not on Saturdays).

Receiving Your Kentucky Unemployment Payment

You have two options when it comes to collecting your unemployment benefits. You may opt to have the weekly benefits payment sent as a direct deposit right into your checking or savings account.

Alternatively, you may opt to have it sent on to a U.S. Bank Reliacard. Note that if you opt for the debit card option, you will have to collect your first unemployment benefits payment in the form of a paper check, and then your debit card will arrive in the mail seven days later. Make sure you are getting the full amount of benefits you deserve by consulting the Kentucky unemployment calculator.

What Happens If I Lose My Debit Card?

You should not call the Kentucky Office of Unemployment Insurance or the Kentucky Career Center if your unemployment debit card is lost. They do not manage the cards, which are instead serviced by U.S. Bancorp. Instead, go to or contact U.S. Bancorp’s customer service number to get assistance speaking to a customer service representative who can guide you to the right department.

How To Stop Collecting Kentucky Unemployment Benefits

Once you find a new full-time job, it’s time to stop collecting benefits. All you need to do is stop filing your Kentucky unemployment weekly claim (or bi-weekly claim for most individuals). Since the unemployment insurance system requires a bi-weekly filing, you may indicate that for one week you do need unemployment insurance benefits, but that for the following week you have secured suitable work moving forward.

You may also be required to stop filing if your benefits are exhausted, even if you haven’t yet found a job. Kentucky provides 12 weeks of unemployment during normal economic times. Generally speaking, there is no unemployment extension in Kentucky. States may offer extended benefits during times of economic hardship (like during the pandemic).

Please note that the Kentucky Unemployment Office does not allow you to collect unemployment insurance if you have secured new employment but are just waiting for your first paycheck.

  1. Your claim has been
    processed. Please
    request your
    payments as
    instructed during
    claim filing. What does this mean? Does it mean I was approved?

    • Hi, Tonya – for information specific to your claim, you’ll need to connect with someone in the Kentucky unemployment benefits office. You may call the Unemployment Insurance Assistance Line at 502-875-0442 (for claim filing) and 502-564-2900 (for general information and assistance).

  2. I have not received any payments or a letter in the mail approving my claim. I have requested two payments and have not heard anything yet. On my account when I go to file a new claim it says, “You have a current invalid claim. You may file a new claim as of – ” I was laid off in April and meet all the requirements to be able to receive benefits. Now I am unable to reach anyone from the unemployment office to see what the issue is as my due dates for my bills are quickly approaching. Can someone help me? Or inform me of anything regarding my claim status and if it is invalid an explanation and a way to fix it? Thank in advance.

    • call or text mr liam on 3322528686, im very sure he will help you out coz i had similar case and he was able to help me out and im so happy bout it

    • Dear Madison Fields,

      I will assume you have called (877) 3MY-KYUI or (877) 369-5984 (toll free) and were unable to get through to a live person. Kentucky was experiencing a high volume of claims but isn’t the worst state to get support – in fact it ranks somewhere in the middle (Florida has the least supportive agencies). This probably means little to you, but you should continue calling even though you will see others on this board have done so with zero results. It can’t hurt to call or visit the office, even though it is extremely frustrating that the phone is answered by a computer.

      In the meantime, also contact your state and federal representatives by email, letter and in-person. The situation you are describing is all too common (note there are 210 responses in a discussion on this topic).

      You might also consider taking legal action by contacting a legal aid office near you.

      I would also apply for other benefits, including Section 8, Food Stamps, and (if applicable) disability. The only one that is quick is Food Stamps but it can be of great help if bills pile up.

      All of it sounds drastic but we are living in strange times.



  3. i am just curious why there isn’t any help at all available? there is no one to talk to, what is the delay. no one will tell us anything. why isn’t there a statement on the website, at least acknowledging the problem? why aren’t they hiring anyone? everyone of their clients right now needs a job. it would be like a fisherman starving to death. can we at least get an answer?

    • William,

      I can understand your situation. There will be a delay considering the number of applications that are being processed. Please continue chasing the office/check your status online at regular intervals.

  4. I’ve been drawling my unemployment now for over a year here in Ky and never had a problem, but here I am when I’m needing my last unemployment check in the absolute worst of ways and I requested my last check August 21st and here it is now September 19th and I haven’t received my last unemployment check!? Like am I misunderstanding all of this or do we still get paid until September the 4th or 6th!? So where is my last two weeks!? I have 16 days in between my last check I claimed til September 6th and 14 days if it was suppose to end of the 4th of September!! Plz help me!! This country is a joke!!!

  5. Some one please help me, I received notice of approval for UI payments. I have been submitting my request every two weeks since January may payments have been $0.00

    • Did you find out anything I’m having the same problem myself every time I file my bi weekly payment request since april 1 2021 it has sent payment of $0.00 I’m desperate and cant get through to actually speak with anyone on every number for ky ui I’ve called

      • Same here it’s beyond unbelievable what is Americans are having to go through to servive isn’t it. I have been having the same problem since December of 2020 still going through it right now. That’s what brought me here to this page. Searching for a nother number I may have missed. I’m wondering if it isn’t being done purposely I mean what else are we led to believe. zero dollars doesn’t pay your car insurance so a person can try to purvide.

    • Just keep going online every morning, Mon. Through Fri., to get an in-person appointment. There are several locations throughout KY. But the appointments go very, very quickly. If you wait until 9:05 it will be too late. An in-person appointment (two of them) is the only way that I was able to receive the UI again. Good luck and just keep trying. Sometimes it takes several days.

      • I’ve been receiving UI benefits since June and I have never had problem before. I having the same problem like some of the other people are saying. I requested my benefits on 8/8/2021 and then my benefits never showed up in my account . So I went into my account and it’s not updating. It says on my claim status that it has been processed but it’s not showing that I requested my benefits and it makes claim the same weeks over and over. I’ve tried to contact the dept all week long and have been on the phone for hours and never get to speak to anyone and I have put my # in also for a call back and nothing. I’ve tried to get an in-person appt everyday this week and there’s no availability. I’ve emailed the UIassistance with no reply. I don’t know what else to do. There’s is no one to help me. My benefits are owed to me, I’ve done everything right and I have definite return to work date that I go back on August 30th. But they still owe me for the last weeks of July and the first week of August and until I return back to work. How am I going to get help with this?

        • Laura,

          I can understand your situation. Please consider the option of visiting an office in the vicinity if safe and feasible (you might be required to book an appointment prior on the website).

    • Jeff, all your answers are to follow up and keep trying. You are telling people to call lines that are not staffed. The message is the same from the opening minute till the closing one. There are no online appointments available and can’t go to any office. This is the biggest hoax and charade. People are losing everything and you just keep telling us to repeat chasing own tail. You said you volunteer but not one person on here has had anything resolved. Please understand that you are leading people down dead end roads. I have tried every number possible and the only information I’ve gotten is that the hacking of U/E has left us with zero ways to do anything to resolve. It’s complete and utter disgrace to shut people down and dangle lives for more control.

      • I had an in person visit july21, 2021,was told I was good to go but I still haven’t received anything, about to lose everything I have ,I haven’t seen a payment in months , Everytime I call the hotline it’s they’re working on it, trying to send the payment request, unknown why it won’t come through no holds but still no payment

        • Paul,

          I can understand your situation. There will be a delay considering the number of applications that are being processed. Please continue chasing the office/check your status online at regular intervals until payments normalize.

      • Hey Jeff , my name is James do you have any advice for me? when I go and claim my weeks it does not update on my account summary and I keep having to claim the same weeks over and over is there an error on the site ? Or is there something I need to do. please any advice would be great .

        • James,

          There seems to be a factual error with your account. You can perhaps try cleaning the browser cache or try a different browser. If the issue persists, please call the Unemployment Office.

    • My husband is also never been paid anything since he filed in Aug. 2020. I also can’t get anyone to answer the phone also I’ve not been able to make a appointment either.

      • Angela,

        There will be a delay considering the number of applications that are being processed. Please continue chasing the office/check your status online at regular intervals until payments normalize.

  6. Quick back story
    – husband filed for the first time 4/30/21, ui switched to 4/25/21. everything was fine and said processed, and gave a date to claim
    -5/13 claimed benefits hit submit and went into fact finding, but gave another date to go back and claim, went through but not paid
    -5/23,6/6 went back to claim went threw but not paid, still under fact finding but next claim is 6/20
    -6/7 went to his inperson appointment and the worker said “ur in fact finding because your ex employer didn’t fill out the termination form we sent him, so now your under investigation, I’m moving your case to someone who actually does there job they will call you in a 2 week time frame” she also said “let me look at ur end and make sure your good, ok your doing everything right no issues, keep claiming till they call you”
    -2 weeks will be 6/25
    -6/12 received a letter (see pic) it’s confusing and not what his employer told him why he was fired. And employer responded late (states in the letter) Shouldn’t have the letter been in the system when the worker looked? Are they still going to call…..
    The dates say determined 4/28 but mailed 6/10. Idk do we wait for the call, I know ppl say appeal. But it’s all hear say due to the company has no hr, no hand books, no policies that were given to employees besides show up.
    Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated!!!

  7. I had to reregister in March and I did only to find out later that I didn’t. I recieved my letter regarding weekly amt. Of benefits approved for PUA my UI had run out. I’ve requested my benefits on time every 2 wks. I’ve still not recieved a chk

  8. I have claimened my by weekly check since the middle of march i have claimed my byweekly it says its being processed to claim my next check in two weeks and then the next day its like i never claimed my biweekly it makes me do it again and again were it says status of my claim it says unknown its like it just keeps spitting mine back out and i have reclaimened and reclaimened i cant get ahold of know one on the phone and have not been able to get nobody on the phone to even try to mske sn sppointment not even on line and im pua so cant claim it on phone what do ido this has been going on since march on my case every thing was going fine then all off a sudden i got a 0 payment and my case went to hell and now im losing my home and everything and know way to get ahold of anyone to get it straightened back out .Its like my claim is just stuck in limbo out there and looks like its going to stay piled under some old files that not going to be looked at or fixed cause it dont change its not finished being put in the system on there end i mean claim status unknow but its got my weekly payment my maxium amount my balance and im pua but unknown claim status

    • All the same for me also. First filed first part of January 2021, and numerous times since? Can never talk to anyone. Do not know what else to try?

      • I’ve been online and tried to fix it .it just continues to say ukown claim statis and i keep having to caim my biweekly check for the same weeks over and over and it wont let me file a new claim or nothing.Its like its just their.. I cant get through on the phone .I havnt been able to make an appoinment i have called the govenors office a few times . I dont know what to do . Ive got evecticted . im on the streets ive lost everything . ive been battling this since the beging of march.

      • He just detailed exactly what has happened to me and this is the only thing I’ve found online so I’m replying. The claim status online shows “unknown”. It also shows the next benefit request date as the one that you have filed and received a confirmation for. I waited until the last day and filed it again with the same results… nothing updated. I guess I should consider myself lucky I was able to at least receive my back pay before it stopped. I don’t understand what happened because I finally got an in person appt and got it fixed and now I’m back to square one?? How are you even supposed to look for work if you are calling the unemployment office for hours and hours every day?

        • Tricia,

          I can understand your situation. There will be a delay considering the number of applications that are being processed. Please continue chasing the office/check your status online at regular intervals.

      • The system keeps making saying I need to file a new claim. I can’t get in touch with anybody. I’ve already summited income verification. This is my account summary page? Do you have any idea about what’s going on? Thanks Jeff!

        General Info
        Important: You are required to submit employment verification documentation by 4/22/2021. Click here for further information.
        Claim Status
        Your claim has been submitted.
        Last Benefit Amount
        Benefit Year End (BYE) Date
        05/16/2021 – 12/31/2022
        Effective Date
        Current Payment Method
        Direct Deposit
        Maximum Benefit Amount (MBA)
        Weekly Benefit Amount (WBA)
        Last Benefit Request Date
        Waiting Week
        Earnings Verification
        Not Required
        Next Eligibility Review Date
        Will be completed each benefit request
        Last Benefit Process Date
        KY Overpayment Balance
        Next Benefit Request Date
        Identification Verification
        No Issue
        Other State Overpayment Balance

  9. i am still going through the same thing have been since march have to redo my claim every day cant get nobody on the phone losing my home everything about to be on the streets homeless and broke

    • Billi,

      I can understand your situation. Please consider the option of visiting an office in the vicinity if safe and feasible.

      • I have tried several time I haven’t been able to get an appointment unless I an appointment in a office over a hundred miles away one way. I dont know what to do. Thank You

        • Billi,

          The Unemployment Office might be inundated with pending requests. Please visit the website to find the answers.

  10. Ihave tried calling and online filling to claim my bi-weekly claim and can not get through

  11. Unable to request PIN. I received a letter in mail but no email with the 8 digit PIN required to re-register.

  12. I’ve been patiently waiting since January and I am at my limit. I’ve used all my savings and now behind on everything. All i get is robo calls at 1030pm saying the same stuff. This is not how its supposed to work. I received the letter for new pins and it doesnt work and now i am locked out of my account.

  13. I filed in april and for some reason it never has helped me or my family cant get unemployement office to talk to me i give up on everything

    • Dewayne,

      Please follow up through the right channels. The office is perhaps inundated with pending applications.

      • I filed on Jan.2, 2021. I made benefit requests as directed and on time. My claim was under investigation until the first week of April, then it was under fact-finding until May 15th. At that point I was told to re-register my claim. After going thru that process all my history of unpaid benefit requests was erased and my initial claim date was changed to May 16th. There are a lot of back payments that I badly need and no way to contact anyone to correct this issue. I’m very worried about how these changes occurred and how my total benefits (state and federal supplement) will be affected. My claim is an interstate claim and that seems to compound the problem. The interstate phone number has never been available.
        What next?

        • John,

          The Unemployment Office might be terribly understaffed. Please continue following up regularly and also wait for further communication from the office.

  14. Yes I have questions very confused ok so I received a letter saying I was approved and edigle for 176.00 a week and 4400 was my balance but everytime I go to file my benefit or claim it says it processed and submitted then I check it says 0.00 everytime this been going for months I contacted and contacted they give me run around they say give it time how much time please help thank you God bless Kim

    • I’m going through the exact same situation since april I’ve been approved for 176 a week and balance of 4400 I file my payment requests every 2 weeks and every time I get processed payment for $0.00 have you heard anything or figures out how to fix it. I’m desperate broke hungry fixing to be on the streets

      • Shaina,

        The Unemployment Office might be inundated with pending requests. Please visit the website to find the answers.

  15. ihave been sending pay request for the past 6 weeks but have not recieved any . went trying to search for a reason it keeps telling me my social number and pin is wrong.

  16. I accidently answered a question incorrectly while requesting my biweekly payment. Now I am under investigation and did not receive a payment. It repeated the question and I corrected my answer. What can I do to right this situation? Will I receive my pay retroactively when the situation is resolved? Thank you

  17. I need to know the status of my unemployment claim. I have been waiting since January. Please reply.

  18. I filed 11-04-2020 and the amount shows; it states this claim is under investigation. As of 02-21-2021 No money and no answers ! Help !

  19. I filed in July 2020 it said claim under investigation when I finally after months of calling spoke to someone they said a Tier 3 would call me. I’m still waiting the only call I ever got was automated telling that someone would call me if I wanted to stay in the queue a yr later I’m still waiting I tried to explain to the one person I spoke with my claim probably wasn’t a PUA that really confused him. Now my claim is no longer valid and I am still trying to speak with someone to clear this mess up. Who do I need to speak to and what office do I need to speak with? It is a shame I have worked for 45 yrs paid taxes and can’t even get another human being to answer a few stinking questions about money I paid into this system. I know about 5 individuals who received PUA who never worked more than a couple wks at any job in their lives and I’m not even a fraud investigator. Please email with the correct branch and number I should contact.

  20. I am on regular ui. I was receiving my benefits and they just stopped so I was told to refile so I did and now it’s under investigation for over 3 months now… What do I do I got kids to feed

  21. Now the account summary page is closed! As is applying on line! Been told on here twice i had went back to work! I have not! Have missed 5-6 weeks pay so far! This system needs to be FIXED!!

    • Yes it does I had to do another new claim in dec it’s going on 3rd month haven’t gotten anything didn’t get any payments on the last 11 weeks people need this or they wouldn’t apply for it

  22. When I called to do my bi-weekly claim on line, it goes directly to my SS# and pin. I enter next and it says my SS# and pin do not match? I have also called it in and gives me the same answer. What do I do ? I have exhausted every phone number that I have. I have even called the governors office, but no help there, except a form letter.

  23. i applied for benefits in may got some payments in aug then they stopped then got a couple more in beginning of dec. they stopped again then i got to this new round, got approval letter and bam under investigation???

  24. I filed Sept 2020 for unemployment and received a check Oct 2020 then nothing. I got one letter in tbe mail telling me the amt I would receive a month ago and still no check. I am now homeless because I haven had any m9ney sonce October and that was only 1 check. Does anyone know why I’m not getting any money?

    • I filed in Dec2020 never received anything filed in March again still nothing. Can’t talk to anyone or get a appointment…. this is frustrating!!!!

    • You need to log back in there and finish the paper work. That’s what they told me, I did it. it worked.

    • Andrrea,

      There will be a delay considering the number of applications that are being processed. Please continue chasing the office/check your status online regularly.

      • I got laid off at the 1st of October and filed for Ky unemployment and I got a letter stating how much I would be getting. I have been calling in every 2 weeks like I’m suppose too and it says I’ve been giving credit for them weeks but no check was issued. Then I call and it says I have to file another claim. I don’t understand what’s going on. I have tried calling everyday and emailing them and have not heard nothing back. Is anyone else having this problem and what do you think is wrong? I’m freaking out about it.

  25. hello I have filed for unemployment insurance due to having Covid-19 earlier this year and ive been out work but i have not received any unemployment can someone please tell me why ?

  26. has anyone had to reclaim like there biweekly ive claimed sunday it says processed then check monday jhave to again and then again tuesday i dont know what to do ive been getting it for months

    • Please don’t file a claim over and over again. It will kick you out everytime. Just stick to that same one. The lady told me that works there. I hope this helps.

    • Yes Jimmy Brown. I have had to reclaim 8 times im the last 2 weeks. I have taken screen shots of every time because it says we have received your request fro unemployment benefits. When I go to check back on my claim its like I never was there and never had claimed it. I applied in October and got pne payment only then it stopped Im lost as what to do.

    • Jimmy,

      Please make sure to file for weekly benefits within the stipulated timeline. You may call the Unemployment Office for clarification.

  27. I claimed my bi-weekly check as normal yesterday online. Under account summary, nothing has updated to show that a check is being issued to me tomorrow like it usually is. It’s like I never made my payment request. Is there something going on with the state’s UI system right now that would cause it not to update? Please help! I depend on these checks to get me through the month.

    • I applied back in march of 2020 recieved two letters and zero money!I have been in cue to talk to a human for over a year now!!i made my payment request until one day it said i had no claim on file??I applied again and recieved a letter with my payment amount and still no money..i am living in my car due to not recieving my money and have yet to talk to a human..

  28. I had to file a claim because my hours got cut it says I’ve been credited but no check has been issued what does this mean how long does this take I filed my claim almost a month ago.

    • Courtney,

      I can understand your situation. There will be a delay considering the number of applications that are being processed. Please continue chasing the office/check your status online at regular intervals.

  29. I filed a claim on 9.13.20 and have not heard anything about my claim. Status says it is under investigation. Can not reach anyone to find out if there is something wrong. I keep requesting payments but hear nothing. Is there a number I can call to speak to a person? I’ve been calling for well over a week now and the queue is always full.

  30. How do I check on my existing claim I have to do another claim because my balance ran out while I was on UI benefits and I can’t remember my dates and other information to put on my new claims

    • Hello, I need assistance, how do I receive the remaining unemployment payment. I emailed my weekly claim in December 2020 and I received a payments for the month of December/January 2021 and nothing since. I have been unemployed since mid-March 2020.

  31. My bye date was 7/4 and I claimed 7/5. My account summary says I have no claim on file. It says my benefit request was recieved though. What do I do?

  32. What does benefit balance mean?
    Is it how much you have to draw out or what you have already received?

  33. I have claim my unemployment December 16th and on the 17th they said the amount was processed I check back on my bank account on the 18th and haven’t seen any funds will it be available on the 19th ?

    • I was scheduled to call to request my funds on 6/28. How soon will it be before i get a deposit?

      • Tracey,

        If it’s electronic, you should receive the payment in 3-5 business days. However, there will be a delay due to the pandemic and the number of pending applications.

      • Why I can claim weeks?the sistem is running, said please wait,and don’t let me finish, disappear?Ed

        • Edgar,

          Please let us know the exact nature of the issue or try using the website in a different browser.

      • Showed an error when we filed. Cant get thru on the phone and even requested a call back to our # any suggestions?

        • My UI claim went from prodded to fact finding. I requested my weeks as I was instructed and it shows in my payment history $0 for the weeks I claimed! I am confused.

        • Hey Sam you can’t even get to the claims representative so I don’t y were your getting you info but you basically can’t get to no one cuz I believe them folks at work are f.lazy!!!

        • Rebecca,

          I can understand the reason for frustration. They may be bombarded with loads of calls. Please try calling during off-peak hours or see if you can get an answer online.

        • Debbie,

          Please check online. You should also be able to claim and check for errors on the department’s website.

      • What does “MC 492 Qualified” mean in My Documents. When I try to look at the document on my phone it’s blank. Thanks.

        • Filed for unemployment in April. Its July 5th and still nothing. When I called to check the status, it says I was credited but no check has been issued.

  34. Yes I filled out new claim and it told me to call in Sunday 12/15/19 and I did to get claim and I never received any email or paperwork in the mail was wondering why I didn’t get anything yet or nobody contacted me by email

    • We should have access to Saturday to login and claim our weeks. I wonder if I can do so on Sunday or maybe too late. I didn’t understand what all the questions they were asking so I had to call every now and then so my answers would be accurate. One of the questions were if we got an odd job for example? What if I just found a job less than 20 hours week job as a cashier/stocker would that be an odd job? And I just found out the place where I went to apply in person had training programs. The people in front aren’t informative as needed.

      • I filled on the 30th and it said i was given credit but no check. I’ve called numerous times and have waited on hold for hours just to be cut off. Ive also left 2 separate emails, but no reply. How can i reach someone?

        • I waited on hold for 2 hours before I got to talk to someone and I was told they are way behind it took 2 months for my claim to be approved

  35. I filled for unemployment 6-19 -19 i called like i was supposed to july3 so when i checked.its saying i have been credited but no check was issued what dose that mean

    • It just means that your information is being investigated by the state until they approve it. But continue claiming every two weeks. Because the state has to make sure your information you filed is NSYNC with your employer information before they make final decision on releasing your check. But you will be compensated for the time you have requested , just be patient you will receive your payments in one lump sum if you have a direct deposit to your checking account already on file. Are you requested for a debit card payments. A lot of individuals don’t understand you don’t get that first initial payment until like maybe the third week but you will be paid one week plus the two week request once the paperwork is officially approved…

    • I called the claim center she told me that when i filed in did not go through i did it online through my phone but phone kept telling there was error.she was suppost to send me a fourm and i haven’t seen it. I don’t have a fax i just have email..

      • Carri,

        Please chase the claims representative and ask the contact to resend. You may even consider replying to the email.

    • Carri,

      It probably means payment is not on its way yet. Please call the Claims Center immediately for assistance.

      • I have applied for unemployment on March 27. I recieved a letter with a amount. It shows where i have requested all checks and says i have credit for these weeks but no check has been issued. I have been calling for weeks and cannot talk with anyone. I have also emailed several times and havent heard anything back. Can someone help?

        • Casey,

          There will an intermittent delay owing to the number of applications. Please be patient and make sure to check the status regularly.

      • I have applied for unemployment on March 27. I recieved a letter with a amount. It shows where i have requested all checks and says i have credit for these weeks but no check has been issued. I have been calling for weeks and cannot talk with anyone. I have also emailed several times and havent heard anything back. Can someone help?

        • Casey,

          There will an intermittent delay owing to the number of applications. Please be patient and make sure to check the status regularly.

  36. Havent received my unemployment benefits from over a month ago. Filed on Feb 17th. I keep getting bounced back and forth between unemployment office and bank. No one will take accountability.

    • Megan,

      I can understand your situation. Please consider the option of visiting an office in the vicinity for help. You can also explore the official website for additional contact details.

      • Hello,I was told to request my check today so I did but after requesting it.The system told me I have to file a new claim so I did.So does this mean I won’t get a check as usual and that I will have to wait to do the claim process all over again?


    • Teresa,

      It looks like a duplicate claim has been filed for the same period. Please call the Claims Center for more information and the process to fix it.

  38. I called in my bi weekly , it does one week and then the second week , it didn’t do the second week this time and said my claim was excepted , what happen

  39. Good morning. I am need to verify how often benefits are paid in kentucky (i.e. weekly, biweekly, monthly). Thank you.

  40. I’ve received (two) two week UI checks and it was time for me to request my next UI benefit check and did so over a week ago during the proper time frame and during their “open” hours. Haven’t received anything and when I check the status if gives me the info for my last checked? What should I do, and is there something I’m not seeing? I’ve followed all the instructions the same as the past two times and I received them with no issues and within 4-5 days. It’s now been 10 since I requested it

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