Kentucky Unemployment Weekly Claims

In order to keep receiving an unemployment check every week you must file a weekly claim, also known as a weekly certification or continued claim. You can file either online or by telephone.

By Online:

The KEWES (Kentucky’s Electronic Workplace for Employment Services ) internet claims system is accessible for requesting your bi-weekly check on-line. The system is available Monday through Friday from 7:00 AM until 7:00 PM and Sunday from 10:00 AM until 9:00 PM Eastern Time. You cannot file a claim or request a bi-weekly check on Saturdays.

By Telephone:

To request your bi-weekly benefit check by telephone, you can call at (877) 3MY-KYUI or (877) 369-5984 (toll free).

    1. Johnny,

      Looks like you’ve been approved. Please look out for relevant paperwork and you’ll be required to claim weekly payments.

        1. Sonja,

          It means your documentation is being processed. It might take a week of two to issue a “Letter of Determination”.

    2. I believe it means to request your payment on the stated date in your account summary for next payment request date.

  1. My bye date was 7/4 and I claimed 7/5. My account summary says I have no claim on file. It says my benefit request was recieved though. What do I do?

  2. I have claim my unemployment December 16th and on the 17th they said the amount was processed I check back on my bank account on the 18th and haven’t seen any funds will it be available on the 19th ?

      1. What does “MC 492 Qualified” mean in My Documents. When I try to look at the document on my phone it’s blank. Thanks.

        1. Filed for unemployment in April. Its July 5th and still nothing. When I called to check the status, it says I was credited but no check has been issued.

      2. Showed an error when we filed. Cant get thru on the phone and even requested a call back to our # any suggestions?

        1. Debbie,

          Please check online. You should also be able to claim and check for errors on the department’s website.

        2. Hey Sam you can’t even get to the claims representative so I don’t y were your getting you info but you basically can’t get to no one cuz I believe them folks at work are f.lazy!!!

        3. Rebecca,

          I can understand the reason for frustration. They may be bombarded with loads of calls. Please try calling during off-peak hours or see if you can get an answer online.

        4. My UI claim went from prodded to fact finding. I requested my weeks as I was instructed and it shows in my payment history $0 for the weeks I claimed! I am confused.

      3. Why I can claim weeks?the sistem is running, said please wait,and don’t let me finish, disappear?Ed

        1. Edgar,

          Please let us know the exact nature of the issue or try using the website in a different browser.

    1. I was scheduled to call to request my funds on 6/28. How soon will it be before i get a deposit?

      1. Tracey,

        If it’s electronic, you should receive the payment in 3-5 business days. However, there will be a delay due to the pandemic and the number of pending applications.

  3. Yes I filled out new claim and it told me to call in Sunday 12/15/19 and I did to get claim and I never received any email or paperwork in the mail was wondering why I didn’t get anything yet or nobody contacted me by email

      1. I filled on the 30th and it said i was given credit but no check. I’ve called numerous times and have waited on hold for hours just to be cut off. Ive also left 2 separate emails, but no reply. How can i reach someone?

        1. I waited on hold for 2 hours before I got to talk to someone and I was told they are way behind it took 2 months for my claim to be approved

    1. We should have access to Saturday to login and claim our weeks. I wonder if I can do so on Sunday or maybe too late. I didn’t understand what all the questions they were asking so I had to call every now and then so my answers would be accurate. One of the questions were if we got an odd job for example? What if I just found a job less than 20 hours week job as a cashier/stocker would that be an odd job? And I just found out the place where I went to apply in person had training programs. The people in front aren’t informative as needed.

  4. I filled for unemployment 6-19 -19 i called like i was supposed to july3 so when i checked.its saying i have been credited but no check was issued what dose that mean

    1. Carri,

      It probably means payment is not on its way yet. Please call the Claims Center immediately for assistance.

      1. I have applied for unemployment on March 27. I recieved a letter with a amount. It shows where i have requested all checks and says i have credit for these weeks but no check has been issued. I have been calling for weeks and cannot talk with anyone. I have also emailed several times and havent heard anything back. Can someone help?

        1. Casey,

          There will an intermittent delay owing to the number of applications. Please be patient and make sure to check the status regularly.

      2. I have applied for unemployment on March 27. I recieved a letter with a amount. It shows where i have requested all checks and says i have credit for these weeks but no check has been issued. I have been calling for weeks and cannot talk with anyone. I have also emailed several times and havent heard anything back. Can someone help?

        1. Casey,

          There will an intermittent delay owing to the number of applications. Please be patient and make sure to check the status regularly.

    2. I called the claim center she told me that when i filed in did not go through i did it online through my phone but phone kept telling there was error.she was suppost to send me a fourm and i haven’t seen it. I don’t have a fax i just have email..

      1. Carri,

        Please chase the claims representative and ask the contact to resend. You may even consider replying to the email.

    3. It just means that your information is being investigated by the state until they approve it. But continue claiming every two weeks. Because the state has to make sure your information you filed is NSYNC with your employer information before they make final decision on releasing your check. But you will be compensated for the time you have requested , just be patient you will receive your payments in one lump sum if you have a direct deposit to your checking account already on file. Are you requested for a debit card payments. A lot of individuals don’t understand you don’t get that first initial payment until like maybe the third week but you will be paid one week plus the two week request once the paperwork is officially approved…

  5. Havent received my unemployment benefits from over a month ago. Filed on Feb 17th. I keep getting bounced back and forth between unemployment office and bank. No one will take accountability.

    1. Megan,

      I can understand your situation. Please consider the option of visiting an office in the vicinity for help. You can also explore the official website for additional contact details.

      1. Hello,I was told to request my check today so I did but after requesting it.The system told me I have to file a new claim so I did.So does this mean I won’t get a check as usual and that I will have to wait to do the claim process all over again?

        1. Tiffany,

          It looks like your claim has not been logged. Please call the Claims Center for immediate assistance.


    1. Teresa,

      It looks like a duplicate claim has been filed for the same period. Please call the Claims Center for more information and the process to fix it.

    1. That is correct. You should get the monies anytime now. Please call the Claims Center for more information.

  7. I called in my bi weekly , it does one week and then the second week , it didn’t do the second week this time and said my claim was excepted , what happen

  8. Good morning. I am need to verify how often benefits are paid in kentucky (i.e. weekly, biweekly, monthly). Thank you.

  9. I’ve received (two) two week UI checks and it was time for me to request my next UI benefit check and did so over a week ago during the proper time frame and during their “open” hours. Haven’t received anything and when I check the status if gives me the info for my last checked? What should I do, and is there something I’m not seeing? I’ve followed all the instructions the same as the past two times and I received them with no issues and within 4-5 days. It’s now been 10 since I requested it

    1. Please call the Claims Center on the phone numbers provided and speak to a representative for further instructions.

  10. Even if when you file your claim for the first time you ask your money to be direct deposited and fill out all the correct information, will the first payment be a check and then after the first payment the next ones will be direct deposit?

  11. I filed my claim on Jan 2. When completed it said to request my first check on Jan 15. I did. I called a couple of days later and it said I had been given credit for both weeks claimed but no payment was processed. I checked it to be auto deposit into my bank. Two weeks go by and no payment then I finally get a second letter telling me after investigating with my employer it was determined I qualified for unemployment. I then request my second payment the following Monday for the next two weeks. I know there is a waiting period of a week for your first check request. I call the next day, this morning, and it says I will be given the status of my last weeks claimed and it finally says a check has been sent. My first question is the amount was only for one week. Plus it said a check had been mailed already. So first why wasn’t it direct deposited like it says on my login page and wouldn’t I be getting one week payment from my first check request and then two weeks from my next two weeks check request? Will I only get a one week payment after all this waiting even though I have now claimed 4 weeks total? I assumed I would get one week plus the next two weeks claimed? I also don’t get why it said a check was mailed when it clearly says on my login page I checked direct deposit. Thank you and sorry for so many questions. Our local claims center no longer does assessment and does not have access to our files. You simply cannot get through on the line to Frankfort that they tell you to call for information.

    1. Well, I can try and hypothetically try and answer all your questions. The responses may not be accurate. It looks like you’re in a situation and the best way to take this forward is by visiting an Unemployment Office in the vicinity and talk to a claims representative. Let me know if this works.

    1. Please note this is a private forum and we do not have access to your claims file. Please call the Claims Center for application status.

  12. The KY unemployment phone number to claim and check bi-weekly benefit status has not been working for days. It just rings and rings…anyone else have this issue??

        1. Linda,

          The first check takes about 7-10 business days to arrive. I suggest you apply for weekly benefits on the Unemployment Office website for seamless payments.

    1. If it’s the first claim, the credit will happen in about 7-10 working days (after the expiry of the “Waiting Week”). If you don’t see the monies, please chase by calling the Claims Center.

  13. I have tried calling the Frankfort unemployment office 7x in the past two weeks. I have yet to speak with anyone despite sitting on hold for upwards of 3hrs EACH TIME. I have several questions and NEED to speak with someone. Any suggestions?

      1. I filed in April 2020 have not heard nothing but a recording I’m in level 2 can someone tell me what is going on with my claim please

        1. Sherry,

          Please note this is a private forum and we do not have access to your claim. You can check your claim status online or call the Unemployment Office.

  14. I was told to claim my first benefit check July 7th so I did and it said “claim is being processed” I called today to check the status and it said no claim had been filed. So I tried to claim my benefit check again today after answering all the questions it told me I had to refile for unemployment benefits what did I do wrong. I now have to wait for them to approve me for unemployment all over again

    1. I can understand your frustration. I suggest you call the Claims Center to know where you went wrong on a real-time basis. They will have access to your file.

  15. If I need to change my bank account information due to changing banks, how long will it take to process the change?

  16. I just called to try and request and it said that I already claimed for the week of 5/13… a couple of days ago when I tried to claim online it said I couldnt do it and had to refile. Now I’m calling today after getting the qualified letter and it says I already claimed it? Does it mean that I need to wait on the payment to go through or what?

    1. If you’re looking at the documental proof for tax purposes, please ask for a 1099-G. You should be able to download this from the official web portal of the Unemployment Office.

      For further details, please call the Unemployment Office.

  17. please help, i filed for unemployment on March 16th, went into the office the following week to make sure it was all done correctly, the lady told me and wrote it on a paper to file first check April 1st then every 14 days, on the paperwork it says to file first check on April the 2nd. What am i supposed to do PLEASE HELP

    1. Please call the Claims Center immediately for an update on payment status and further instructions. Once approved, you’re required to claim on a weekly basis.

  18. I have been collecting UI since November and last Sunday I logged in and did my weekly claim like always and my check wasn’t deposited Wednesday morning. So I logged back in and noticed that the website let me request a claim for the same weeks that I did Sunday so I thought maybe I didn’t hit submit on Sunday. So I wait until today to see a deposit made and nothing so I log back in and the website still looked like it didn’t take the request. I know I submitted everything and on Wednesday I tried to claim it again to make sure I got the message that a request has already been made and did so does anyone have any idea what’s going on.

  19. I just called to get inquire about check. It said check was mailed today. But it was suppose to be direct deposit. Im visiting family up north and cant get hold of anyone from ui office

    1. Direct deposits do not take much time to credit since they are made electronically.

      Please call the Claims Center for an update if you do not see the credit in 2-3 days.

  20. I have been approved for benefits. I requested two weeks worth of checks. I filed January 4th, and still haven’t seen a check. I call my local unemployment office and I sit on the phone for over two hours and I can never get anyone to answer?

    1. The first week is the “Waiting Period”. You should start receiving the payment in about 7-10 days from the time of the first claim and then it’s a smooth flow.

      Please try calling them during off-peak hours for update.

  21. I was laid off for 2 weeks, then back on the job. I filed and only got one week check because of waiting week. I can’t claim another week because I’m back at work . Will I get the check for the 2nd week I was out of work?

  22. I filed my first claim on friday and it said everything was well and being processed,so i tried to check on my status and cant find anything regarding my claim can anyone tell me why

    1. Not sure how you checked. You may call and speak to a representative from the Claims Center for a status update.

      The first claim takes about 7-10 days to be processed.

  23. Why can’t I check the status of my claim in kewes? I live & claimed in Ky, & it seems when searching online almost every state has a “check claim status” on their site… I just had an appeal hearing & obviously am anxious to find out the decision!

    1. Well, if they have made a decision, you should be able to find an update online. Please speak to a member of the Claims Center for an update.

  24. I applied for unemployment on the 1st of November. I claimed my first check on the 17th. The instructions say to file a claid each week. Each time week I file it pushes my check request date to a later date. What am I doing wrong?

    1. I suggest that you speak to a representative from the claims center to find out more.

      Please call the office on the phone numbers provided.

    1. It is known as the waiting week. As far as I am aware, compensation is not paid for the first week.

      Please call the Claims Center for specific details.

  25. I lost my job in January and was told by the company HR director that I had to wait for my severance package to expire before I could file for unemployment insurance. I have since found out that is not true. Is there any way to file for the unemployment I have missed since January ?

    1. One must wait for the severance pay period to be over before claiming.

      You can call the Unemployment Office in your state for further clarification.

  26. I went online to get my biweekly first check and when I say no to the question of did I receive any income the next page keeps on asking me for the employer name and what dollar figure.

    1. You may be required to provide mandatory details without which it will not move further.

      Please call the claims center if you’re facing a genuine issue.

  27. I had to go out of the country for a family emergency and was gone for about 7 weeks during which time I did not request my bi weekly checks. I am still unemployed at this time and back home. I have recently applied for SNAP and they are showing a balance owed to me from unemployment insurance. Can I still receive my money that I was approved for and if so what do I need to do to start the process?

    1. We do not have any information in this regard.

      Please contact the Unemployment Office in your state for further information.

  28. When filed for benefits for week of 20 December. When called to check status of check said I had claimed bbefits for week of 20 and 22. Don’t no what to do? This is first check for 2015 we have filed for since feb it March of 2015. Any ideals in what I should do?

    1. I did not understand your question.

      Please elaborate or call the claims center on the phone numbers provided for precise information .

  29. I was supposed to request my first Check on December 25 but was unable to do so. I have a part time job and did not have pay stub copies to enter in the correct gross for those weeks. I have now obtained those pay stubs and need to file. How do I do this since I have missed the date to file it?


    1. You may be allowed to file on a later day during the same week.

      Please call the claims center for further information in this regard and file accordingly.

    1. Please call the claims center for further details pertaining to this situation.

      Some states allow to refile on a later date during the same week.

    1. Please note that we are not a govt. website or do we have any links with the labor dept in your state.

      Feel free to ask us questions if you are having difficulty filing online.

  31. I have changed e-mail address. How do I get that changed in the system. Also I haven’t received anything since I received a letter dated 04/22/2014. The letter stated that severance pay could not be deducted. Thanks

  32. I have waited the time for the previous employer to deny claim but i haven’t hear how much i will receive or if they are fighting it when will i know that information?

    1. If you have filed for UI online,you should be able to check real time status on the website by logging onto your account.If the information provided online is not clear,you can call the claims center on 1-800-648-6057.

  33. I applied for benefits on July 9th, 2013 on line. I have only received a letter telling me what I would be getting. I have not heard anything else from anybody. I was just wondering what I need to do so that I can started getting the benefit. Thank You .

    1. Call the local office. If you have worked at all since you applied, have gross earnings by week Sunday to Saturday, employer name, address and phone number and see if they will file your claim for the weeks you have been unable to.Did you try claimimg for these weeks online? You might try that first.

  34. I filed my bi-weekly claim today and it said it was processed but i havent recieved any kind of acceptance ketter yet does this mean im accepted? when will i recieve my check?

    1. Right after filing your initial claim you would be asked to start your biweekly claims. It might take a week or two to process your documents before a determination letter is posted. Your biweekly claim is accepted but you might have to wait for the determination letter to know if you are accepted.

  35. After I file my claim and request my first payment (direct deposit) how long until I receive payment?

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