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Updated : September 14th, 2023

Louisiana Unemployment Benefits

Louisiana Unemployment Benefits

Louisianans who lost their job through no fault of their own can receive temporary financial assistance under the Unemployment Insurance (UI) program. The UI program is administered by the Louisiana Workforce Commission (LWC) and is funded by a tax on the employers. Read through the page to know about eligibility requirements to qualify for Louisiana UI benefits and much more information.

Eligibility To Apply For UI Benefits In Louisiana

You must meet the monetary and job separation requirements to qualify for unemployment benefits in Louisiana.

Monetary Eligibility

To be monetarily eligible for UI benefits, you must have earned at least $1,200 in your base period, and your total earnings in your base period must be at least 1.5 times your wages in the highest quarter of the base period.
Note that if you don’t have sufficient earnings in your base period, the Workforce Commission will consider your wages in the alternate base period.

Find out more about eligibility requirements

Job Separation

You will qualify for Louisiana unemployment benefits only if you lost your job through no fault of your own. You will not be eligible for benefits if you were fired or voluntarily quit your job unless the reason for quit is considered a good cause by the Commission. Some of the reasons considered as good-cause include:

  • You are facing harassment at the workplace
  • You are working in unsafe working conditions
  • The employer made significant changes without your consent
  • You had medical conditions and were unable to work

Eligibility requirements – overview

Maintaining Eligibility

You must maintain your eligibility as long as you want to receive Louisiana unemployment benefits. You can maintain your eligibility in the following ways:

  • Be able to and available for work
  • Actively look for work by contacting at least 3 different employer
  • Accept a suitable job offer
  • Document your work search activities
  • Report to your nearest Business & Career Solutions Center and participate in reemployment assistance activities

Find out on job search requirements

How To Apply For UI Benefits In Louisiana?

You must submit the following documents to apply for UI benefits in Louisiana:

You can file for Louisiana unemployment benefits through any of the following methods:


It is one of the easiest and fastest ways to apply for benefits. You can file for unemployment benefits online at

Visit Job Center

You can also file by visiting the Job Center near you. Representatives at the Job Center will assist you in filing for benefits and may also provide you more information about the program in your state.

How to File Weekly Claims

You must file weekly certifications for each week you wish to receive benefits. You can request payment online through Helping Individuals Reach Employment (HiRE) at or by phone at 866-783-5567.
You must request your first payment the Sunday following the date you filed your initial unemployment claim. If you file your claim on a Friday or Saturday, you must request your first payment the following Tuesday through Friday, thereafter, on each Sunday or Monday. In case you forget to file a weekly certification on Sunday or Monday, you can file any other day of that week.

Note –

  1. The deadline to file weekly certifications is Fridays at 4:00 p.m.
  2. The first 7 days following the date of your new unemployment claim are considered as a week of waiting, and you will not receive payments during this period.
  3. If you fail to file weekly certifications, you will not receive benefits for those weeks.

Learn how to claim weekly benefits

UI Benefits Amount

Your weekly benefit amount is based on your earrings in your covered employment. The weekly UI benefit amount that you could receive will be at least $10 but no more than $247. The Workforce Commission determines your weekly benefit amount by taking the first 1/25th of the average of your total wages in the base period in covered employment and multiplying the number by 1.05. The result is then multiplied by 1.15.
Note that any earnings, holiday pay, accrued vacation, pensions, severance, or dismissal pay in lieu of notice will be deducted from your weekly benefit amount.

Benefits Calculator

Use the benefits calculator to determine the estimated weekly unemployment benefit amount.

Unemployment Benefits Calculator
Select Number of Dependents:
Unemployment Benefits Calculator
State: Louisiana
Number of Dependents: 0

How much did you earn in each of these quarters?

$ 0
$ 25,000
$ 0
$ 25,000
$ 0
$ 25,000
$ 0
$ 25,000
Calculating your Benefits Amount ...
Disclaimer: The estimates are good in faith and accuracy is not guaranteed. We are not liable for any loss and damages caused by using the tools on our website. This calculator is here to assist you in evaluating what you might obtain if you are entitled to receive benefits. We make no promises that the sum you receive will be equal to what the calculator illustrates.

Know more about the Benefits Calculator

Things To Know After Filing An Application

You must know several aspects after filing for Unemployment Insurance in Louisiana. They include:


Sometimes, you may receive a benefit amount more than you are entitled to. An overpayment may occur due to reasons like:

  • Failure to report wages
  • Administrative errors
  • Reversal of previous unemployment decision
  • Failure to provide to necessary details to LWC
  • Wilful misinterpretation or false statements

If you receive an overpayment, LWC will send an overpayment notice that includes instructions on repaying overpaid benefits. If you fail to repay the overpaid amount, LWC will recover it by deducting the amount from future UI payments or garnishing any federal and state income tax refunds.

Overpayment Through Fraud

Overpayment through fraud occurs when you intentionally give false statements or hide facts about your wages and employment. The consequences of overpayment through fraud are as follows:

  • Liens will be assessed
  • You will be required to pay a penalty
  • You will be disqualified from receiving unemployment benefits for 52 weeks
  • Your fishing and recreational hunting licenses will be suspended
  • LWC may press legal action

Benefits Extension

Generally, the Louisiana Workforce Commissions provides benefits for up to 26 weeks. But if the state’s unemployment rate is too high, it may provide extended benefits. Visit the Workforce Commission to know more about the extended benefits.

Job Training Assistance

The LWC’s American Job Center system offers several training and services to job seekers. Some of them include:

  • Online local, state, and national job listings
  • Web-based job search assistance
  • Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA)
  • Trade Readjustment Assistance (TRA)
  • Assessments of education, skills, and interests
  • Education and training information
  • Job counseling, job placement assistance, and referrals
  • Community resources information
  • Access to computers, fax, and copy machines
  • Labor market information
  • Job search workshops
  • Veterans’ services

Training opportunities

  • Registered apprenticeship
  • Basic skills upgrades
  • Adult basic education, literacy, math skills, and GED preparation
  • Education and curriculum information
  • Youth employment programs
  • Employer-based training
  • Job readiness skills courses
  • Entrepreneurial training
  • Training scholarships

Know more job training opportunities in LA

Frequently Asked Question

Q. How do I repay an overpayment of unemployment benefits?
You can repay the overpayment by sending a check or money order to the following address: Collections Unit
P. O. Box 44063
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70804
Be sure to include your social security number on your money order or a check. If you have any queries regarding the repayment, contact the Department.
Q. Are Louisiana unemployment benefits taxable?
Yes. Louisiana unemployment benefits are taxable. You will be issued a 1099G Form that shows the amount of benefits paid to you and federal income tax withheld (if any). Note that the amount on the 1099G is not reduced by any unemployment overpayment repayments you may have made. Therefore, you must maintain your record of payment, such as canceled check notices, if you have made any repayments.
Q. My claim has become inactive. What should I do?
A claims representative will contact you by email or phone for additional information required to resolve the issue. Meanwhile, you should continue to file your weekly certifications.

Questions & Answers

  1. I am a seasonal worker and live out of state. I worked a 450 hours in LA and 180 hours in KS. I was lucky enough to speak with a live person when initially filing my claim 13 weeks ago and during that phone call, the representative indicated that I qualified for full benefits and all was good. I have called weekly so to certify for weekly benefits. I have not received any money at this time. My Weekly Benefits Summary table indicates all 12 weekly certifications are “In Progress”. My Payment Summary table indicates 10 of the 12 weekly certifications are “Monetarily Ineligible”. I am confused and frustrated. There is no longer a option to speak with a live person or leave a voice mail message. I left a message via the message center at within my personal Dashboard 2 weeks ago and have not received a reply as yet. I just want to know whether I am going to someday receive benefits or not!!!

    • Jill,

      I can understand your situation. There will be a delay considering the number of applications that are being processed. Please continue chasing the office/check your status online at regular intervals until payments normalize.

      • My name Charles holifield. I’ve spoken to several agents on several different occasions trying to receive three checks that was stolen from me last year in June July and August out of my mailbox I have the check numbers and I also know that these checks have never been cashed and I can’t seem to get their checks reissued to me I would appreciate if you can contact me 337-281-8864 and then maybe you can help me with this situation

      • I have been waiting all.ost a. Year.mor o Dr a year. I am desperate. I have to be out of my hotel in 2 days

        • Yvonne,

          Please consider the option of visiting an office in the vicinity if safe and feasible (you will mostly need an appointment).

      • Hi Sam, I applied back in May 2020, its now almost March 2021, I have only received 3 payments total. Sever of my weekly claims say payment date January 18,2021 yet I still haven’t recieved.

  2. How will my lump sum pension payment from a non base period employer affect my current unemployment benefits in Louisiana. The pension is from an employer from 18 years ago. I was laid off during the covid shutdown period and I’m still actively looking for employment.

  3. I was supposed to take my class at the LA workforce commission by 10/25. I secured full-time employment on 10/23, 2 days before the deadline. For this reason, I did not take the class. But because I didn’t take the class, I was disqualified from receiving benefits, and at this point, will not be compensated for last week. Can I make up the class even though I am now employed and be compensated for last week? Or can the disqualification be overruled somehow so that I will be able to be compensated for last week?The loss of that week’s compensation is devastating for my 3 children and I…..:(

    • Lindi,

      I can understand your situation. If you think you were disqualified due to involuntary reasons, please file an “Appeal” with supporting paperwork.

  4. My name is keshia and I live in Louisiana I’m still waiting to hear something from the unemployment about my claim I didn’t receive a letter from them all my status is saying is being processed what does that mean I know the first week doesn’t count but it’s two weeks now

    • I have been waiting 5 months for my and have not heard nothing this a shame I have been working for 40 year they lad me off another company all way said family first but that not want you do to family told them to or they will loose the contrack sense I have been lad off November 12 I have notrecive any unemployed

    • Keisha,

      Please call the Claims Center on the phone numbers provided. Make sure to chase at regular intervals until the payment stabilize.

  5. I like to know that I was on a job that did point system but I had some issue that kept me using points and so they let me go. I apply for unemployment and was denied because of the job. Can I do anything about that.

    • John,

      Unemployment Insurance benefits are only extended to claimants who lose their job due to involuntary reasons. If you think it was not your fault, please consider appealing the decision with documentary evidence.

  6. I filed for uneployment and didnt recieve a letter to let me know if i would be able to get them or not i need to check on my case on the telephone is it a number i call to do that ?

  7. My husband was lay off from Texas but lives in Louisiana. He did have Louisiana state taxes taken out of his check. The company he worked for is only out of Texas. He was denied Texas unemployment and was told to file with Louisiana. He was never paid for working in the state of Louisiana. Is this legal for a Texas company to report unemployment to Louisiana and require you to file at Louisiana unemployment rate?

    • Karen,

      I am not really sure about the legality of this situation. Please call the Unemployment Office in Louisiana for clarification.

  8. I had applied for benefits in July of 2017 but never followed up with submitting claims- no benefits were received from state. I had recently moved to another state and found employment and forgot about the account.
    1. How am I able to close out the account with the unemployment office?
    2. Since I did not submit any claims or receive benefits, will I have a 1099 to file this tax season? Or will it not affect anything?

    • Bethany,

      Since you never claimed the money, you don’t have to worry about it further. For clarification, please call the Unemployment Office.

  9. I have lived in Louisiana for just over two years now. I currently transferred locations and have had issues since. My current employers first of all deny my breaks/lunch on a regular basis. But most recently I woke up ill on Monday morning, called in immediately which was one hour prior to my shift. The manager told me I must come in anyway, I went to the Dr. Who verified my sickness and then wrote me out of work for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I was already scheduled off on Wednesday anyway therefore I missed two work days both excused by a doctor. My next scheduled work day was Thursday at 7am. I called the office to confirm my work time. At that time I was informed that the schedule had changed and that I was no longer scheduled. On Friday I called the office again to find out my following schedule and was informed that I was no longer on it. I was already scheduled off until Monday original per an approved request off time. Friday night I called again. And this time was told I was no longer in the schedule. Does this mean I am fired? I am planning on going Monday to speak with management regarding the issue. But if they fire me, even with legit doc excuses… Does this make me eligible for unemployment? I feel intimidated even going to speak with them. I’ve never been fired. Please any advice would be helpful!

    • Whitney,

      I can understand your situation. If you’re fired for involuntary reasons, you can claim UI benefits until you find a job. If you quit due to hostile working conditions, you can still be eligible.

  10. I have been laid off due to workforce reduction and meet all criteria for unemployment. I will be receiving severance pay. I cannot find any specific answer regarding how my severance will affect my unemployment benefits. I will receive a lump sum payment. Please explain, in depth, how severance affects unemployment benefits. Kathy

    • Kathy,

      You’re required to declare the severance pay. Since its a lump sum, you can apply for UI benefits right away. It might have a monetary impact on the weekly benefit amount.

  11. I was approved for UI benefits but stop filing bc I got two jobs. Well one job as of today didn’t work out due to them not needing a nurse anymore and the second job was a night job where i was falling asleep on road and almost wrecked twice from being sleepy due to work site Being an hour away from home. Could i file again or those aren’t acceptable reasons??

    • Ro,

      If the hygiene conditions affected day to day work, you should be able to claim UI benefits until you find employment. Please consider applying and make sure to keep supporting documents handy in case of a dispute with your employer.

  12. I work in healthcare the patient i had passed away and it is over 3 weeks now. UI office received response from employer saying I was still employed which yes it is true, but with no patient or hours I’m not getting paid. I even been calling and texting employer 2-3 time per week to find me a new patient, but they have yet to contact me regarding that. Do you think claim will be denied???

    • Lisa,

      If your employer is not responding appropriately, you can be eligible to claim. Please chase the office regularly and make a strong case for yourself.

    • Megan,

      It depends on the problem or the issue. The Unemployment Office would be able to advise you better. Please call the Claims Center.

  13. After an appeal they tell me I have to reopen my claim.The judge ruled in my favor. Why should I have to start over?

    • Darryl,

      If you’ve been filing all this while during the adjudication process, you needn’t file again. If not, you have to start the process again. Please call the Claims Center for further inquiry.

  14. How to handle a four week severance pay. When do I qualify? It has been at least eight weeks since my severance pay was terminated. I tried to apply earlier but was informed that I did not qualify because of the severance period. I was not informed that I could apply at a later date.
    I have searched your web site but severance pay was not included. Thanks
    225-766-3742 and ask for John.

    • If your severance payout is now complete, you can apply for Unemployment Insurance if you still remain unemployed.

      The claimant has to wait until the payout is over.

  15. Over the past two years my employer has steadily reduced my pay. He has announced his intention to cut my pay again after the first of the year. If I quit because of the pay cut … am I eligible for unemployment compensation?

    • Generally, if you quit due to voluntary reasons, you’re not eligible.

      However, there can be exceptional reasons such as yours. Please call the Unemployment Office to confirm eligibility.

  16. when I started my job I was making 38 hours a week my hours have been cut down to 18-22 hours a week it variers. What is UI

  17. I filed 6 weeks ago and have been doing my job searches as required. I found out the employer I worked for ,for years was not paying unemployment ins and or taxes for me or the other employees. What can I do?…the call in line is always down or you get disconnected. I have been trying for a week to get a human. I have sent in check stubs as required…..can I get some help? Will I ever be able to draw?

    • Well, I can understand your frustration. The Unemployment Office in your state can provide an accurate answer.

      Please try the phone during off peak hours or see if you can visit the local office for an update.

  18. I have filled for unemployment and have not received anything yet! How long does it take? I worked for this company for 12 years and it closed! I have been trying to find a job! I have done what was requested. My co-worker has already started receiving hers. Thank you

    • Why don’t you call the claims center for an update on status? Initial claim takes close to 10 working days to be processed and paid out.

  19. I have not received my unemployment card, but I see the balance applied online. It has been a few weeks. How do I get help with this?

    • Please call the claims center on 1-866-783-5567. Follow up regularly until you see that first credit in the bank.

  20. I am unemployed and need full time work. If I find part-time work, how much can I make before it affects the amount of unemployment I am eligible for.

    • With a part time job,you can file for UI for the hours not worked in a week.The amount disbursed depends on a range of factors.

  21. I had bariatric surgery December 5th. On december 9th I called my employer and told them I could not attend work. I was very ill physically and emotionally. This surgery is unpredictable. Some patients recover right away other do not. Well I fell in the do not catagory. After I called them I also called another manager to take my place and she never returned my call. The store manager, texted me and told me that since she was on vacation and our Disrict Manager would not send anyone due to budget cuts, that unfortunately I had no choice but to come to work. I told her there was no way I could. I was on pain killers dehyrated, chest pains, could not stand, and definitely could not drive. I told her that the doctor would not release me until my next check up. I was released the following Monday. She texted again and said that I needed to be there at 3:00p.m. then again by the latest 5:00 P.M. because I needed to close the store there was no one else. I was devastated by this. Not knowing what to do I informed my district manager that I was giving my notice effective immediately. If there were any way possible I would have worked. I would have been a liability to the company if I would have been there. Also I had used up all vacation and benefit time. I was scheduled off for 5 days. I did not have a leave of absence. I also was not offered FMLA.I found out about Fmla after the fact. They have denied my benefits because the company has indicated that I quit for personal reasons. I quit due to medical reasons. I need advice. My appeal is this Friday.

  22. I have an open claim which I was denied on in the State of Louisiana in March. I got laid off in NY State end of November. All this year. I need to know how to cancel my Louisiana claim, They want to reactivate it but the benefit amount is 200 per week lower than what I would receive in NYS and all I keep hearing is I have to exhaust this LA claim first, a claim I never even collected on in the first place and, was denied.

    • I am unemployed and need full time work. If I accept full-time work that is paying significantly less than what I was making could I still be eligible for unemployment?

  23. My father is terminally ill. I quit my job several months ago to become his primary care taker. am I eligible for benefits?

  24. I need to close my open claim with the state of Louisiana.
    I live and work in oregon and now need to open a claim with
    Them. I never received any payments from Louisiana but I
    Still have an open claim.

    • You may decide to continue the claim in Louisiana and collect from Oregon. What prevented you from receiving payments from Louisiana?? Either state can handle the claim and one state can “talk” to the other as far as opening and closing claims. Look at the websites for both states or perhaps you have the handbook from Louisiana to compare basics with Oregon – for example, waiting week, # of weeks of benefits, EUC available? As time passes, the base year on which a claim is based moves also – so you may want to use what you have in Louisiana and save what you have in Oregon in case you need it in the future.

  25. hi, i worked at a daycare from the end of may to the beginning of july. i had to take two weeks off cause my child and i were severely sick. but on july 6 i got in a bad wreck and couldnt work so they let me go. can i get unemployment?

    • You qualify to apply. If you meet minimal eligibility requirements you will receive benefits. Call to apply now, the unemployment representative can explain how and when you are eligible specific to your circumstances.

  26. I was out of work for just over a week returned with dr. note i have disk problem in my neck my employer sent me home saying i looked “stiff ” dont return until im better but my dr. Released me for work am i able to file for an layoff/ unemployment?

    • If your health problem has subsided and you can work regularly, your employer should not have a problem with that. But, if you were prevented from working even after getting a clean chit from the doctor, you may be entitled to receive benefits.

  27. I live in Louisiana but worked in Alaska 04/03/11 thru 06/14/13. In which state do I file for unemployment?

    Tks in adv for your reply.

  28. haven’t worked in LA for almost a year. I need to close my unemployment account so I can open a new account in different state. how do I close my account?

  29. I filed back in 2010 but lost my card. How can I retrieve funds on card? Or far that matter, check if the card was ever loaded…

    • Hi Joseph,

      If you got a debit card from unemployment office because of a prior claim, you will have to use that card. To replace your lost or expired card, contact Chase Bank at (866) 795-5926.
      Your debit card will remain current for three years after it is issued. Please note the expiration date printed on the front of the card. If you have problems with the debit card, again contact Chase Bank at 1-866-795-5926.

  30. The restrant that I have work for two years has lost their liquor liscens and he did not pay us for a month. I AM NO LONGER EMPLOYED DO I GUALAFIE.

    • Hey Mary,

      You may qualify for benefits as you are not receiving what you were promised. Please note that you should have earned wages under covered employment (This is the type of environment where the employer has played employment taxes to the state government). Also note that there are other requirements to qualify for unemployment benefits.

  31. Hi, I’m melonie Davis I been faulty accused in my resistantmadeaint available I been trying to fill out my letter but the computer down were I stay in oak grove been down I been trying to call y’all you can reach me at1318 559 8185thanks.

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