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Louisiana Unemployment Benefit Questions

How should I file if I worked in another state or more than one state?

No matter in which state you may have worked, or in which state you may now live, you can file your UI claim in the Job Center closest to your current place of residence. Personnel in that office will assist you in determining against which state you should file. There is a Job Center or a State Employment Office in nearly every large town in the United States. Click here to find an office near you.

When will I receive my first payment?

It may be 3 or 4 days after you file your weekly claim before the benefits are available through the debit card. You may inquire about the balance on the card, without charge, by contacting the customer service center listed on the card. If you have problems with the debit card, contact Chase Bank at 1-866-795-5926.

What happens after the appeal is filed?

When an appeal is filed, you will be mailed a letter acknowledging receipt of your appeal. If you do not receive an acknowledgement letter within 10 days of the date you filed the appeal, contact the U.I. Call Center at 1-866-783-5567 for assistance. When the acknowledgement letter is generated, the appeal is sent to the Appeals Section where an Administrative Law Judge reviews it and then schedules it for a hearing.

How can I get records for proof of the amounts of unemployment benefits that I received or am entitled to receive?

You should send a written request for this information to the Unemployment Insurance Custodian of Records. You must include your social security number, your name and return address.

This request should be mailed to:
Louisiana Workforce Commission
UI Custodian of Records
Room 390
P. O. Box 44094
Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9094

For additional information, call (225) 342-3018.

    • Hi, Tarsha – can you provide a little more context? Where are you seeing this language? Every unemployment claim must undergo eligibility review. Depending on how/where you’re seeing this language, it could mean anything from the date your review is expected to begin to a potential date for releasing a decision.

  1. I’m unemployed due to an operation and can’t work for at least 3 months. Is there somewhere else I can apply for benefits? Does your agency make exceptions for situations like mine?

  2. i recieve social security an work part time as a truck driver, work has slowed down because of covid 19, can i recieved unemployment compensation or not?

  3. My boss fired me but he is telling everyone i quit. What do i do and will this be a problem. i have no problem on any of the other eligibility requirements.

    • Shane,

      If you were fired due to involuntary reasons, you should be able to claim. In case of a dispute, make sure to produce supporting documents.

  4. I work part-time at a local corporation in New Orleans and have been there 5 years in November 2018. I am living with Cancer which is getting worse and down the road might not be able to perform the duties required to keep the job. Would I be
    entitled to unemployment benifits??

    • Jerry,

      Hope you get well soon.

      I suggest you contact the Unemployment Office to find out about your eligibility.

  5. Can you claim unemployment benefits if you were terminated due to a medical leave of absence. I have a 50% disability and the company cannot provide a job to accomodate me.

    • Anna,

      Voluntary reasons such as health conditions are not generally considered. Please call the Unemployment Office for clarification.

    • Deborah,

      If the schooling hampers his ability to work full-time, he will not be able to claim. UI benefits are only paid to those who’re able and available for work.

  6. I am currently working as a remote worker. The company has change and now wants employees within the state to drive into the office. The office is located about 35 miles from my home. If I quit can I collect my unemployment benefits?

    • Dolores,

      I am guessing you should be able to claim UI benefits on the said grounds. Please make sure to confirm with the Unemployment Office before making a decision.

  7. I am receiving Social Security Benefits, but my contract on the job has ended. Am I entitled to unemployment benefit? If, so, when can I start receiving?

  8. I worked for a oilfield service company. I am still on the call out board but I do not receive any money or benefits and have not worked in the last 6 months. In addition they say there is no work. Can I file for unemployment benefits?

    • It depends on the type of employment.

      Please call the Unemployment Office for details or inquire with your employer if you’re eligible.

  9. I have tried filing for unemployment July of last year. I have yet to receive any pay at all. The forms that I tried to fill out would outlet me get past the credit check which I also applied for and got my score which was an average of 750. After I got the scores the form would not let ne complete the application. I tried this about three times or more and with the same results.
    I am now 73 years old and have never received any unemployment compensation. I only have social security coming in. I sure could use the pay I am due. I was laid off. What can I do to get some pay?

    • If you have already filed for Unemployment Compensation, please call the Unemployment Office for an update on the status.

      Alternatively, you can also visit the nearest office.

  10. I resigned from my last job, and have been getting commissions from sales at a local business, I am no longer making commissions as sales have dropped. I am actively looking for a job, but will probably need unemployment assistance very soon. This would be my first time receiving these benefits. How should I proceed?

    • Firstly, call the claims center of the Unemployment Office in your state and check if you’re eligible for a job that provided commission based income.

      If they’re ok, file online or over the phone.

    • If there is a delay beyond the turnaround time, please contact the claims center by calling them on the phone numbers provided.

      We’re not associated with govt. authorities.

  11. When I file a claim, does my most recent employer see where I worked in the past? What information is he provided?

    • I am afraid, we do not have any further details on this.

      Please check with the labor authorities in your state by calling them.

  12. I have been a stay at home mom for 16 years. My husband left me and moved to Tennessee. Am I eligible for any benefits? He is not working that I know of.

    • You may not be eligible as you must have worked for at least an year before applying for UI benefits.

      Please look for jobs that suit your requirement.

    • Not sure what debit card you’re talking about.If it was a card issued by the bank,you must contact bank authorities or customer service.

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