Louisiana Unemployment Eligibility

To be eligible for Louisiana unemployment benefits, you must meet the following requirements:

Non Monetary Eligibility

  • You must be no longer working through no fault of your own OR your work hours MUST have been reduced.
  • You must be registered for work through your local Business & Career Solutions Center
  • You must file a weekly claim to receive benefits
  • You must be able, available and willing to work
  • You should not have employment specifically excluded by the Act
  • You must be disqualified in accordance with provisions of the law, such as misconduct connected with the employment

Monetary Eligibility

To have a monetarily eligible claim, the wages you earned during your base period must be at least $1,200 and total at least 1.5 times your wages in the base period quarter when you earned the most money (also called the high quarter).

The weekly benefit amount of unemployment compensation that you may receive is fixed by law. The amount of money you could receive each week will be at least $10 and no more than $247. The weekly benefit amount is figured based on how much money you earned in covered employment.

Eligibility Questions

Can I draw benefits if I am fired from job?

When an employee is discharged for misconduct related with the employment, he/she may be disqualified for benefits. If the employee is guilty of willful disregard of your interest, a deliberate violation of your rules, disregard of standards of behavior which you have the right to expect of your employee, negligence in such degree (or recurrence) as to manifest culpability, wrongful intent or evil design, or an intentional and substantial disregard for your interest or of his duties and obligations to you, and if the employee is discharged, the discharge would be considered to be for misconduct connected with the work, and a disqualification for benefits will be assessed.

What happens if I am laid off?

When the workload drops to such a degree that your company cannot afford to retain you or if you are laid off at the company’s convenience and not for misconduct, you would be eligible for benefits, if all other qualifications are met.

When you get laid-off, it is not your fault. In almost all cases, this means that if you get laid-off, you are eligible to collect unemployment benefits. After you get laid-off from your job, you should immediately apply for unemployment benefits.

Am I eligible to collect unemployment benefits if I quit voluntarily?

When an individual voluntarily leaves employment with your company, that individual will be disqualified for benefits unless it can be shown that the leaving was for good cause attributable to a substantial change made to the employment by the employer.

If you are disqualified from benefits for voluntarily leaving, the disqualification will continue until you can demonstrate that you have been paid wages for work in covered employment equivalent to at least 10 times your weekly benefit amount following the week in which the disqualifying separation (or act) occurred and you have not left your last work under disqualifying circumstances.

Can I work and still claim UI benefits?

An individual who is jobless for a portion of a week may file for unemployment benefits. All wages must be reported when the week is claimed. Amounts over 50% of the weekly benefit amount, or $50, whichever is lower, will be deducted from the weekly benefit amount. The Agency uses a cross-match system to detect violators by using the Separation Notice Alleging Disqualification, Form 77 (also known as a pink slip), the New Hire Registry, and Quarterly Wage Reports.

What type(s) of documentation is needed by the Agency to make a decision when a person quits or is fired?

Depending upon the circumstances of the separation, the Agency might need and request any or all of the following:

  1. Copy of the hiring agreement
  2. Copy of handbook
  3. Signed statements from any eye witnesses
  4. Copy of written warnings
  5. Copy of documentation of verbal warnings
  6. Copy of payroll records which indicate amounts of severance, vacation, or bonus pay

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  1. If someone is fired from their job, and has been actively looking for another form of employment for a minimal of 2 weeks, but unable to find one, can they apply for unemployment?

    • Hi, Victoria – someone who has lost their job in Louisiana through no fault of their own should apply for unemployment benefits immediately. It may take several weeks for the unemployment office to verify and approve a claim, even if someone meets all eligibility criteria. You ask about someone who has been fired – please note that if the employer shows that they fired an employee with cause, the employee will not be eligible for UI benefits.

  2. My child was diagnosed with HLHS and my wife quit her job in the 9th month of pregnancy due to us knowing our son would be in the hospital for months following birth. She was denied Unemployment because she left voluntarily, however, we thought caring for the ill child would be “good cause”. Anyone else been successful with receiving unemployment in a similar situation?

    • Benjamin,

      Unfortunately, the system does not consider personal reasons. UI benefits are only extended to claimants who lose employment due to involuntary reasons.

  3. I am a substitute teacher with a part time night job. Will I be able to draw UI benefits during the summer months when I am no longer able to substitute teach but still work my part time job? I am not able to pick up extra hours with my part time night job because I am also a full time university student.

    • Elle,

      UI benefits are generally offered to claimants who work full-time and have the required earnings. Please use the “Benefits Calculator” available on this website.

  4. I worked as a Assistant Service Manager. I make commission check for each work order that I write up. Recently I found while that they gave the other writer there my ticket. They took it out of my name and out it in theirs. The manager didn’t do anything about it. I was out for 2 days with a tooth extraction. My job was posted on indeed. If I quit will I be eligible for unemployment since they are stealing my pay. They also make side comments about me and it’s a hostile work environment. They Always taking about getting fired when they make side comments.

  5. I had surgery just over two weeks ago and am now getting physical therapy. I will be unable to work for at least three months and maybe longer. Would I be eligible for Unemployment Benefits? If not can I apply elsewhere for benefits?

    • Richard,

      Unfortunately, UI benefits are only provided to claimants who’re able to and available for work.

  6. I am unable to work due to the kids being at home school virtual through public school and even with them having started back and now attending summer school camp through the public school system, now when I tried to return to work, my position in the area which was one of the top delivery dashers, is now gone and I rarely am offered a delivery therefore I’m making like nothing. I have high anxiety and have had major problems on interviews in the past and can’t seem to land a decent job. I’m now looking into working from home somehow and training online to certify in different skills, etc. but NOW we I am about to lose my house. Can I receive unemployment while I’m receiving an education that will help me land a future job that’s perfect for me? (Goal is remote data entry). Thank you.

    • If the course you’re is approved by your state. Please research more on the Unemployment Office’s official website.

  7. I working for an employment law firm in Louisiana and two years later me and my supervisor both evolved into an intense hostile work environment that was not good for the both of us and company to continue. The choose me to terminate or to voluntarily resign with severance and no to contest my unemployment claim. Would I still be eligible for unemployment?

    • This is a tricky situation. If you decide to quit, you might not be eligible. Before making a decision on your employment, please call the Claims Center for help.

  8. I quit my job due to the fact that my dad is getting back surgery and he needs someone to take care of him and to take him to his appointments. Can I claim umployment?

    • Carlos,

      You will not be eligible since unemployment insurance is only extended to those who become unemployed due to involuntary reasons.

  9. I am 64 years old and have worked for the same dentist for 41 years. He retired at the end of April. I am in Stage 4 kidney failure but not yet on dialysis. Would I be eligible for unemployment benefits.

    • Lydia,

      Unemployment Insurance benefits are extended to claimants who’re able and available for work. The claimant should have lost the job due to involuntary reasons.

      Hope you get well soon!

  10. I am employed in the state of Louisiana and my job of 16 years is being eliminated. My employer has tried to move me to a different department in the company however the jobs offered have been significant reduction in my current pay and hours. If I decline this offer will I still be able to draw unemployment?

    • Pam,

      It can be termed “voluntary” separation. Please call the Unemployment Office for clarification before you make a decision.

  11. My husband has had several short-term and part-time jobs over the past two years. He has a permanent job lined up to begin August 3. To tide us over, he left his part time job and hired on for full time work over the summer at a locally owned business. Shortly after beginning his employment at the local business, he became ill and was hospitalized. When he was released from the hospital and told by doctors that he needed to recover for a week before returning to work, the employer was sympathetic but said he thought they could agree to “call it quits” and he hoped things improved for our family. (They are a small business and needed someone to work the shift; they could not wait for him, so they hired someone else.) Since Louisiana is a right-to-work state, the employer had made it clear during training that they could end my husband’s employment for any reason, or for no reason. They chose to exercise that right in the event of illness. Now, a week later, it is becoming clear that he is not able to find an employer who will consider his application due to him having another job starting August 3. Is unemployment an option for him? We don’t want to be accused of trying to take advantage of the system if he is not rightfully eligible for benefits, but we are out of options.

    • Liz,

      This is a tricky situation. UI benefits are offered to those who lose their job due to involuntary reasons such as layoffs. However, there seems to be some chance due to the nature of documentation involved. Please ask your husband to call the Unemployment Office for specific directions.

  12. I was courted away from a stable job with a Louisiana company to a company based in Florida on the promise of comparable pay. They completely lied about the pay, and I discovered safety problems. When I questioned them about both, they said they would “look into it.” Two days later they called me and terminated my employment, stating I “made clients feel uncomfortable, and am not the right fit for the company.” This all happened within the span of two weeks of leaving my stable company, and being terminated from the new one. Am I eligible?

  13. What is the time frame to file unemployment benefits I was let go about a yr ago and went on interviews but still nothing and worked for the company 3 yrs

    • You should have applied immediately after becoming unemployed. To be eligible, one needs to have active employment and sufficient earnings in the last 4-5 calendar quarters.

  14. I am working in the USA on a visa and have been working in Louisiana for nearly 3 years. I am due to be finished from my job very soon would I be entitled to unemployment benefit ?

    • Well, it depends on the type of Visa you hold. Not really sure of your eligibility. Please check with a local Unemployment Office.

  15. If I live in Louisiana the company I worked for was in Oklahoma and my job site was in Texas. Where do I apply for UI Benefits?

    • Please call your employer to check where they pay the relevant taxes (state) and apply accordingly. It’s generally the place where the employment was based.

  16. My job sent me home and said they will call if I’m needed. It’s been 3 weeks and no phone call. I went by today and they want me to fill out a form that says I voluntarily quit. I didnt sign yet. Is that against the law and could I still get unemployment?

    • If you sign a document which states it was voluntary, you will not qualify.

      Please speak to the Unemployment Office in your state since this sounds illegal.

  17. I will relocate to New Orleans because my husband move for the new job. But, I can’t do transfer in my job because my company don’t have any location in Lousiana. We have just one car and the only location to work is in Texas is over 5 hours of distance of my new house. If I resign for that reason, Can I apply for unemployment until I get the new job?

    • You will not be eligible since unemployment insurance is only extended to those who become unemployed due to involuntary reasons.

  18. I was laid off in Dec. 2015. I had several job interviews that didn’t pan out and was hesitant to file for unemployment benefits. Is it too late to file now?

  19. if I am off work due to doc orders for a undetermined amount of time can I then file for my unenploment till released to go back to work ?

    • UI benefits are only available to those who’re able and available for work. Since you’re under medical advice, you will not qualify.

  20. If my job terminal is located in Texas but I live in Louisiana which state would I apply for benefits from due to being laid off?

  21. I recently spoke to my supervisor and HR about stepping down from y manager position and just going back to being a regular employee. They agreed to this and then the next day they told me that there was no position and that my stepping down served as my two week notice. I did not want to leave the company, can I receive benefits from this?

  22. I live in Louisiana. Will I be eligible for unemployment benefits if I received approved FMLA from employer to care for mother diagnosed with cancer? But could not return to employer at end of FMLA?

    • Unfortunately, personal reasons are not considered. You may not qualify.

      Please check further with the labor authorities in your state.

  23. I will be receiving a lump sum severance in January for 26 weeks pay. I am receiving it because my position is relocating to a different state and I can not relocate 900 miles. When can I apply for unemployment benefits if I do not find employment ?

  24. I was just severanced from my job due to job eliminations, I will receive funds just like when I was working biweekly, for a short time, when can I collect unemployment?

  25. My job is being outsourced, they have offered us jobs with outsourced company. This will require high speed Internet, office space in my home, which I use for my family and much less Money. I also must work hours and weekends which are not compatible to my lifestyle. I am actively seeking other positions in the local area, would I qualify for UI benefits? I am 62-1/2 years old and do not wish to retire.

    • Unfortunately, unemployment benefits are only extended to those who become unemployed due to involuntary reasons.

      If you quit now, you may not be eligible since it would be considered as voluntary resignation.

      Please speak to your employer and work out an arrangement that appeals to both of you. Be ready to make small sacrifices like upgrading to a high speed internet connection.

  26. I am 60 years old and work and work in a high pace and the most stressful job i have ever had. It is taking its toll I work from 7am -6 pm would i be elgible if I quit

  27. I am being forced to retire from the Department of Justice, mandatory retirement at age 57. Can I collect unemployment from Louisiana.

  28. I turned 66 last year and started drawing my social security. The company that I worked at for the last 13 years went out of business in June of this year. My question is can I draw unemployment and social security at the same time? If not, WHY? I paid in on both all these years. I would love speak to an actual person who could explain this to me, but your cold system does not seem to allow for human enteraction.

    • This question is best answered by the labor dept in your state.Some states provide both whilst some don’t.

      Please contact the customer service of the labor dept in your state.

  29. Hi, I was married and had to relocate as my spouse lives in another state. Am I eligible for unemployment from Louisiana as I relocated to Pennsylvania to live with my spouse.

    • You will be more eligible in the state where you last worked which I assume is Louisiana.You may explore the convenient options of filing by phone or online.

  30. I was laid off from Laredo Offshore Services 110 Horseshoe Road
    Belle Chasse, LA 70037, 504.433.1313 P, 504.433.1337 F. I live in Alabama but was working and paying LA state tax. I tried filling with Alabama but they said I didn’t qualify. I am still unemployed.

    • I’m working in a very hostile environment at work. I have gone to my manager three times for help with a co-worker and with no help from him, my co-worker and I got into a very heated argument. I have Multiple Sclerosis and stress is the biggest trigger to getting sicker and if I stay in the environment at work I am risking my health and not being able to work any longer in the future. If I resign will I be able to collect UI benefits until I can find a hostile free job?

      • Can I draw unemployment and a pension at the same time??? my pension is about $55 less in month than what I would draw on unemployment… also I would get 4 months back pay from the pension….

        • I was hired to be trained as a pharmacy tech, as my name tag said, now they put me working in the front store I no longer work or train in the pharmacy and now I’m off 3 to 4 days a week. Am I eligible for partial unemployment payments or if I was to quit and look for another job would I be eligible for unemployment?

      • Yes, you can do so. However, be ready to provide supporting documents to prove the hostility. Your employer may raise a flag when you apply.

        Please speak to the Unemployment Office for further instructions.

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