Louisiana Unemployment Job Search Requirements

To be eligible for benefits each week, you MUST be able to go to work each day. If you were offered a job today, you must be able to accept. You must look for work by contacting at least 3 different employers about job openings during EACH week that you claim benefits. You must contact different employers each week. You should keep a list of your work searches, including the employer’s name, address (mailing, web, or email), phone number, date of contact, person contacted, method of contact, and results.

Union members and those on temporary layoff with a definite date of return may not have to follow this rule.

If you are a member in good standing with a recognized craft union and continue to be available to your union for referrals to jobs, you must satisfy the work search requirement by reporting to your union hall at least once each week and securing a union officer’s signed statement. If your home is more than 20 miles roundtrip from your union hall, you should call the union hall at least once each week. You should keep a record of the call, including the name of the person contacted, date and time of the call.

If you are on temporary layoff from your regular employer with a definite return date (within a six-week period), you will have satisfied the work search requirement if you hold yourself available for re-employment at your last place of employment.

    • Melani,

      Please call the Unemployment Office in your state to check eligibility. I am not sure if claimants with temp jobs are eligible.

  1. Lost my job due to lay off. Found a job, but it doens’t start till November. Do you still have to apply for jobs in between?

    • I am guessing you should be able to continue applying for weekly claims until the job starts.

      Please call the Claims Center to get further instructions.

  2. I work in the oil field and it has slowed down so much that my pay has been cut back so much that after taxes and insurance my take home pay is $0.00. Can I file for partial unemployment?

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