Louisiana Unemployment Job Training

HiRE is the Louisiana Workforce Commission’s improved self-service system. HiRE offers employment services that were formerly available in the Louisiana Virtual One Stop as well as unemployment benefit services.

This site is a powerful online job seeker/workforce services system, accessed as a web site on the Internet or an Intranet at a OneStop Center. It was particularly designed for job seekers, students, case managers, employers, training providers, workforce professionals, and others seeking benefits and services. The system provides fast access to a complete set of employment tools in one web site.

Features to help job seekers within the system include:

  1. Use a professional format to create and send resumes and cover letters to employers
  2. Assess your job skills, set goals, and research training providers
  3. Review available jobs and apply online
  4. Set up a Virtual Recruiter search agent to automatically review job postings and notify you of jobs that match your skills
  5. Track your job search efforts and resumes sent in a personal profile folder online
  6. Learn about services and benefits for which you may be eligible
  7. Determine a budget and plan for training
  8. Research regional labor market information, such as salaries
  9. Use the email/message center to contact employers and your case manager

  1. I am waiting to speak with a benefit analysis team member or supervisor it has been nine or ten weeks now that I have not received any funds due to identification verification mishap or identity fraud approved all my innocence and proved my identity still finding every week still searching for work not having resources to do so any longer for the past nine weeks has made it nearly impossible trying to talk with somebody to get the back pay or to get any pay to continue a life into trying to get a job applied to do training for my job transition because obviously I can’t get back on the water or people who are having very scarce ways to do any construction and meet with people to have meetings and whatnot so and then not having funds to be able to set anything up or kid the technology I need to do so is hard I’m trying to speak with a member of the benefit analysis team my name is Stefan Marrero my date of birth is 10 385 the number right I would like to be contacted on this 504-239-4064 this is very important matter when trying to get back into my making sure my family is taken care of and then I’m doing all that I can to provide for them and do this pandemic I’ve had you been living not with my family trying to take care of a sick mother and maintain is nearly impossible so if there’s any way to whom it may concern might be able to help in this matter thank you the last four of my social is 869 for

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