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Louisiana Unemployment Extension

Federal legislation has been approved to extend the eligibility period for Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) claims to Jan.1, 2014. To remain eligible for EUC, immediately resume your three work searches each week, and document them.

Any EUC claim that is still under review or on appeal will continue to be researched and considered. Approved claims will be paid once a final determination is made.

The total number of weeks you can claim EUC changed from Jan. 13, 2013. These changes are determined by federal guidelines based on Louisiana’s unemployment rate. How these changes affect you depend on what EUC tier you are currently in:

Louisiana’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate has averaged below 7 percent for three months, triggering the phase out of Tier 3 of EUC benefits effective Jan. 12, 2013. The program has changed several times since it was implemented, but Tier 3 currently provides 9 weeks of EUC benefits in Louisiana for those who qualified.

According to federal requirements, the phasing out of Tier 3 EUC benefits will proceed as follows:

  • Any individual who has begun receiving EUC Tier 3 benefits, or who exhausts EUC Tier 2 by Jan. 12, will be allowed to receive up to nine weeks of Tier 3 benefits as long as they remain eligible.
  • Anyone who exhausts Tier 1 or Tier 2 EUC benefits after Jan. 12 will not be eligible for Tier 3, even if they are still unemployed.

Job seekers who collect state unemployment or EUC benefits are required to use free services from the LWC, including skills assessments and development, job search and placement services, information on labor markets and training opportunities and, for those who qualify financial assistance for training.

Find the nearest Business & Career Solutions Center, the handy Louisiana Star Jobs tool and other resources at Louisiana’s employment homepage.

Extended Benefits (EB) – Program Ended

Under federal law, as of 2019, EUC benefits are no longer available.

Extensions for collecting UI payments are in effect only during periods of high unemployment and only if the state or federal government take specific action to provide extended benefits.


  1. How do I file and/or refile for the unemployment extension? I know it’s a lot to do, but would anyone be willing to tell me step by step on where to go – what website; and the steps for filing an extension on my unemployment

    • Check the website for Louisiana to see if extensions are available. In states providing extensions, the application is mailed when regular benefits balance goes to zero. There is nothing stopping you from trying to apply for an extension by phone.

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