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Louisiana Unemployment Weekly Claims

Effective Monday, March 11, 2013, all claims for unemployment benefits made online will be done through new HiRE system. HiRE will replace the Louisiana Virtual One Stop system.


  1. All local telephone numbers for the “Easy Call System” have been deactivated. To file for weekly Unemployment Insurance benefits from a telephone or if you have questions concerning your Unemployment Insurance claim and need to speak with us, please call the “Easy Call System” at the toll free number 1-866-783-5567.
  2. To file your continued claim for unemployment benefits by telephone safely, you must call each week by conventional “corded” telephone. A cordless or cellular telephone may compromise confidentiality or emit signals affected by interference or static. The quality of your telephone connection is important for the proper processing of your weekly claim.

Hire’s Weekly Claim Certification functionality permits you to file and review your unemployment insurance claims from previous weeks and filing online, as well as continuing an active claim. You will no longer use your SSN and PIN to file online for weekly benefits.

You should come prepared with the following to file your weekly certification claim:

  1. Updated Contact Information
  2. Contact Employers (3+)
  3. Amount of severance, vacation, retirement, and other types of pay
  4. Information to complete “Fact Finding Forms” regarding school, retirement and refusal to work

Remember: The jobseeker must also have an active UI claim in order to file a new Weekly Claim Certificate.

  1. I have tried to file a claim since December 31, 2020.. When I get to the place to list my contacts, it won’t let me list my contacts. I haven’t gotten a check yet. I have visited Bill Cassidy’s office and I called back last week. As of yet, I still haven’t received a check.

  2. I haven’t been able to file my weekly benafits in three weeks now. I keep trying but the Easy call system doesn’t seem to be working.I finally got to speak to an agent and was told to keep trying and keep filing. It wont lrt me now because it says I have missed more than a week or more filing. the agent said shr couldn’t help me shr only did new claims. waitef two hours to get through, PLEASE HELP.mY NUMBER IS 9852052495.

    • In case someone else runs across this because they’re having this issue, missing more than one week of filing would mean that your case is closed, I believe. You would need to choose the “new claim or reopen existing claim” option when filing your next certification instead of continuing an open existing claim. It really isn’t much different other than it may have taken me a bit longer to get the subsequent payment if I’m not mistaken.

  3. i have tried to file unemployment it is telling me i already have an account so i tried to retrived my user name and password and it wont let and with high volume of calls i cant get thur so what do i do today is the last day for this week and i also sent them a email

  4. I logged in all my info. for unemployment benefits. I understand it takes 3 week to receive the first check. Is it necessary to call every Sunday before I have received the first check or does it start before the 1st check? How do I know that I am even in the system to receive a check?

  5. Hi my name is Roy spell from Jennings la I am confused at how to file to a weekly claim I haven’t recieved money yet today is Sunday the 2/10/2019 please help me file claim

      • To file the weekly claim they want jobs you have applied for but ,only layed off for covid-19 quarantine there is no job to be applied for what do you say to a machine about a job search.

  6. I think i completed the weekly call just now: Claim # 119829 . I answered all the questions then gave the 3 jobs I applied for and the call ended.

    No response saying completed ,just ended so I am concerned it might not
    be completed or accepted.How do I know?

    • Suzzane,

      Please call back on the same number and lookout for relevant option (s) to confirm claim submission. We suggest you file and manage your claims on the internet.

  7. Could someone please contact at 3185829965, because today is the day that I file my weekly report so I can get my benefits Tuesday, will this delay my payment because the system want let me do it.

  8. I have been receiving my benefits and now for some reason it says no won’t be paid this week because its a waiting week. What does that mean?

    • The waiting week is generally applicable for the fist claim. Not sure why it says so for you.

      Please call the claims center for further update.

  9. I transferred from my home State of Alabama to Shreveport, LA to work on a construction project for Benteler Steel Tube on 11-1-2013. I worked at this job sit until 1-4-2016. I accepted a new project job in Bay City, Texas and started that job on 1-5-2016. I was laid off on 2-12-2016 due to a 30% reduction in the job force at the Tenaris Project. According to Texas eligibility rules, my 6 weeks of work does not qualify me for benefits. So I need to file on my Louisiana Unemployment since my last 2 years plus was in Louisiana. Do I need to call someone to set this up?

    • If you’re referring to the initial hold, it is a period where the first claim is held for a certain time before being disbursed as a payment.

      After the first payment, there will be no waiting period.

  10. I am a head start worker and do not work during the summer. My last day of work was May 22, 2015. I always have a continuation of claim it runs out in July, I always have to open a new claim. I did this on July 13, 2015. I was told I would get something after 14 days, which I should have gotten something on July 28, 2015. I can’t file Sundays it want take my information, have to call in on Mondays. I was told my information is not in the system due to a It problem, I know they are going under hire, they take my info. but says I want get some money until they are able to put it in. Feeling frustrated.

  11. I have filed my weekly claim for 4 weeks now. And haven’t received any payment. Just say what I could receive but no payment. Now states I will have to re file my claim because I didn’t request my payment??? How do you request your payment besides filing weekly?

    • I can understand your frustration. Please note we’re not a government organisation and do not have access to your claim records.

      Please call the claims center for further instructions in this regard.

  12. To whom this may concern, I have been trying to file my weekly claim
    for the past two days .I would deeply appreciate if someone could assist
    me in this matter.

    • Please note that we are not a govt. organisation.
      We can assist with the basics of filing weekly claims.Please provide more details on the issue faced or you can also call the claims center in your state for phone assistance.

  13. I file for my weekly claim and have a conformation number and I can’t get nobody on the phone can some one please call me 337-466-1199

  14. I tried to call the number listed many times with staying on hold for hours I even was asked if I would like a call back which I did opt for and once I was called back I was left on hold for 41min. till i gave up. I have faxed paperwork in for someone to call me with no luck. Can someone please help me with my questions?

  15. I was wondering why I wasn’t paid for the last week
    I filed for my weekly benefits online and everything was
    Confirmed but , online it is not showing where I was paid, this
    Really bothers me when I was depending on my unemployment
    I have never had to draw unemployment, and now that I need to
    It is messes up !! Would someone please follow up with my matter.
    I have tried to call the easy call and the phone service is messed up.
    Thanks for ur time Thanks Shannon smith 3182378873

    • Hi Shannon,

      You can contact the unemployment office to know more about your missing payment. Please note that there is a waiting period of one week during which you need to file your weekly claim but you wont be receiving any pay.

  16. I tried to apply for unemployeement benifits online, after I put in that I have received bennifits from another state. I had to call. I called and answered all the questions on the automatic phone call and it said I would be connected to someone then the phone disconnected. I don’t know what I’m suppose to do now.
    Please call me at 256-509-5262.
    Thank you, Wayne Horton

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