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Maine Unemployment Phone Numbers

CareerCenter staff cannot answer questions regarding your specific situation, such as how much benefit you will receive and how long you will receive it.

You will need to contact the Unemployment Claims Center toll-free at: 1-800-593-7660 or TTY users call Maine Relay 711. Phone lines are busiest on Mondays. Calling later in the week will get you to a customer representative more quickly than on Monday.

Be prepared for long wait times because lots of people try to call the staffs. Remain patient and you will get through to someone who can help you. Even though it is frustrating to wait so long, you are advised to be courteous to the person you get connected to and you will get a lot more help than if you are terse and rude.

  1. Where can I go in portland area to get help with unemployment benefits? I’ve tried to do it online but it just sends me back to a page I can not add info to. Unbelievably frustrating. I’ve been trying to apply but as every week goes by without answers, I continue to loose out on benefit. I’ve missed three weeks of benefit because I can’t file properly on the website. I’ve logged five(5) hours just sitting on hold over the course of two weeks. Deeper and deeper in the hole…..

    • Patrisha,

      The E.U.C(Emergency Unemployment Compensation) remains expired. There is no extension available. Please inquire further with the labor authorities in your state by calling them.

  2. I need to find out if I qualify for unemployment benefits. I tried calling the toll-free number I got on-line but all I got was a busy signal.

    • Sounds like you need hire more help on unemployment answer the phone on line half hour and still did not get thru !!!!!! That’s crock of bull shit

      • I can understand your frustration.

        Please note, we’re not associated with the labor authorities in your state. This is a private forum.

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