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Updated : December 17th, 2020

State: Maryland (MD)
Phone Number:1-877-293-4125 and the TTY number for the hearing impaired is 1-800-827-4400. The phone number for people living in the Baltimore area or in a state other than Maryland is 410 - 949 - 0033 and the TTY number for the hearing impaired is 410 - 767 - 2699
Major Towns:Baltimore, Columbia, Silver Spring, Dundalk, Wheaton-Glenmont, Ellicott City, Germantown, Bethesda, Frederick, Gaithersburg, Bowie, Towson, Aspen Hill
Current Unemploymnet Rate in Maryland

Maryland Unemployment Questions

What income must I report and when should it be reported? What effect will this income have on my benefits?
Any income must be reported. The Division of Unemployment Insurance (DUI) staff will make a determination based on the Maryland Unemployment Insurance Law regarding whether the monies will have an effect on your weekly benefit amount.

When you file your initial claim or reopen your existing claim, you must report full or part-time wages earned during that week from regular employment, self-employment, odd jobs, etc. regardless of whether you were paid during that week. You must also report pensions, annuities, holiday pay, vacation pay, severance pay, bonuses and special payments that you have received or will receive. Commission payments must be reported during the week in which you receive the commission.

When you file your bi-weekly continued claims for benefits, you must report all wages earned during the week in which the work was performed regardless of whether you were paid during that week. This includes wages earned for permanent and temporary work, part-time and full-time work, self-employment and odd jobs. Commission payments must be reported during the week in which you receive the commission. In addition, DUI must be notified if during the continued claim process you receive a back pay award or if there is a change in your pension amount.

If I have been working part-time but am now unemployed and only looking for part-time work, am I eligible for unemployment insurance benefits?
A part-time worker who has become unemployed and is only looking for part-time work may be eligible if he/she meets the definition and requirements outlined in the Maryland Unemployment Insurance Law. The definition and requirements are provided below.

A part-time worker is defined as an individual whose availability for work is restricted to part-time work, and who worked predominantly on a part-time basis throughout the past year for at least 20 hours per week.

A part-time worker is considered to be able and available for work if he/she:

1. is monetarily eligible based on wages that were predominantly earned from part-time work;
2. is actively seeking part-time work;
3. is available for part-time work for at least the number of hours worked at the part-time worker's previous employment;
4. does not impose any other restrictions on his/her ability to work or availability for work; and
5. is in a labor market in which a reasonable demand exists for part-time work.
A part-time worker is not considered to be unemployed, and, therefore, not entitled to benefits, if the part-time worker is working all hours for which he/she is available regardless of the amount of money earned.

If you have worked outside of Maryland or for the Federal government or served in the Armed Services during your base period, you must report this information when you file your claim. Under certain circumstances, these wages can be combined with your Maryland wages to give you a higher weekly benefit amount. If you have no Maryland wages during the base period, you may be required to file a Federal claim or an interstate claim. DUI staff will help you with this process.

Can I be paid for my dependents?
For Unemployment Insurance purposes, a dependent is defined as a son, daughter, stepson, stepdaughter, or legally adopted child (not grandchild or foster child) under 16 years of age for which you provide support. You may be eligible for dependents' allowance of $8 per dependent for up to 5 dependent children. Dependents' allowance will only be paid for 26 weeks during any one-year period. Only one parent may claim a dependent during any one-year period. The maximum weekly benefit amount, including any dependents' allowance is currently $410 per week.

What if I have worked in more than one state in the last 18 months?
You may have an option to file against any one of the states in which you worked and have monetary eligibility. You may choose to combine the wages of the states in which you worked to establish a combined wage claim, which may result in a higher weekly benefit amount.

To determine in which states you may have an option to file, contact the states in which you worked to explore all options. Your combined wage claim may be filed in any state in which you have employment and wages in the base period of the state and you qualify based on combining your wages. These claims cannot be filed using the Maryland Unemployment Insurance Internet Website

What if am living in another state, but worked in Maryland?
If your base period earnings are in Maryland, but you do not live in Maryland, you would file your claim against Maryland. Your claim would be governed by the Maryland Unemployment Insurance Law
When should I first file? How do I file?

Eligibility for unemployment insurance benefits cannot be determined until you actually file an initial claim. If you are unemployed, file your claim as soon as possible, as your eligibility begins the week in which you file your claim. Your claim becomes effective the Sunday of the week during which you apply for benefits.

You can file via the Internet at or by telephone using one of the telephone numbers listed on the Unemployment Insurance Home Page under "Claim Center Telephone Numbers."

In addition, you must be unemployed through no fault of your own, be able to work, available for work, looking for full-time work (unless defined by Unemployment Insurance as a part-time worker), and willing to accept a job for which you are qualified.

What are my responsibilities as a claimant?
  • be able to work, available for work and you must make an active search for full-time work (unless defined by Unemployment Insurance as a part-time worker);
  • report all wages earned each week;
  • report all monies received by you (e.g., vacation pay, severance pay, pension payments, etc.);
  • be available and/or contact the Division of Unemployment Insurance when directed to do so;
  • report to the Maryland Division of Workforce Development when required to do so;
  • accept suitable work as defined by law;
  • file timely bi-weekly continued claims (request for payment).

What is the Maryland Unemployment Insurance Benefit Debit Card?
The Maryland Unemployment Insurance Benefit Prepaid Debit Card is a Visa® debit card issued through Citibank. The card is not a credit card. It carries no credit line and you are not subjected to a credit check or approval process to receive the card. Purchases and withdrawals are limited to the balance on your card. This card is valid for a two-year period.

If I receive a debit card, does that mean that I have met the eligibility criteria for Maryland unemployment insurance benefits?
Yes. If your UI payments are approved, first you will receive a notice entitled "Notice of First Benefit Payment Approval and Mailing of Your Prepaid Citibank Debit Card." Then, within 7 days of the date of that notice, you will receive your debit card. Your card will arrive in a YELLOW envelope with the State of Maryland logo and an Omaha Nebraska return address in the upper left-hand corner. Receipt of the card means that your first payment is available, but it does not mean that you will automatically be eligible to continue to receive UI benefits. However, if you meet all of the eligibility requirements of the Maryland UI Law, you will be eligible and will have a safe and convenient way to receive and access your Maryland UI benefits. To obtain information on UI eligibility requirements and the Citibank debit card, to file a Webcert continued claim, or to obtain a claim center telephone number, refer to other sections of state web site.

When will I not receive a debit card?

If your UI payments are not approved, you will not receive a debit card. Some reasons that could prevent you from being approved for payment are: you are not monetarily eligible; you have been denied UI benefits for a nonmonetary reason (for example, you quit or were discharged from your job, you are not able to work, etc.); or you have not filed a timely continued claim. For a more detailed explanation of these and other reasons, refer to other sections of this web site.

If you were previously issued a debit card, that card is valid for two years. Unless two years has passed since you received your debit card, no new card will be issued. In addition, you will not receive the notice entitled, "Notice of First Benefit Payment Approval and Mailing of Your Prepaid Citibank Debit Card."

What are the advantages of receiving my payments by debit card? Some of the main advantages include:
  • Saves time - Easy and quick access to your payments without waiting in line to cash or deposit a check
  • Convenient - Withdraw cash at ATMs 24 hours a day and make purchases everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted
  • Saves money - Reduce check cashing and money order fees
  • Tracks spending - Free account information and customer service 24 hours a day
  • Reliable - Receive your payments timely - no lost or stolen checks

How can I access my unemployment insurance benefit payments using my debit card? To access your funds with your card, free of charge, you can:
  • Access cash through bank tellers at any bank that accepts Visa
  • Transfer your unemployment insurance payments to your personal bank account (similar to direct deposit)
  • Withdraw cash from an ATM at: Citibank branches, MoneyPass ATM network, STARsf/Allpoint ATM network, and 7-Eleven stores
  • Get cash back at select retail point-of-sale locations
  • Make purchases through signature or pin-based transactions

Can I access the entire cash amount of my unemployment insurance benefit payment on the same day the funds are available?
Yes. The funds are available for withdrawal on the day of payment. There is no set amount that can be withdrawn from an ATM. Each ATM sets its own limit on the amount that can be withdrawn at one time or during one day. However, if you withdraw your money from a teller at a bank that displays the Visa logo, generally, you can withdraw all of the money on your card.

If I stop filing for unemployment insurance benefits and then at a later point re-apply, can I use the same debit card?
Yes. You will need to hold onto your debit card in the event that you might receive future payments from the State of Maryland. The debit card is valid for a two-year period.

What should I do if I change my address?
You must notify the Division of Unemployment Insurance (DUI) at 410-949-0022 or 1-800-827-4839. Even though you will not be receiving checks through the mail, you may be sent notices from DUI and your failure to respond to the information/instructions in these notices could result in a delay or denial of your benefits.

When do I contact the Division of Unemployment Insurance?
Contact the Division of Unemployment Insurance for concerns other than those related to the debit card, e.g., to question the amount of benefits you are paid or to obtain an explanation regarding a denial of benefits, etc. In addition, whenever you move or change your telephone number, you must change your address and/or telephone number with the Division of Unemployment Insurance at 410-949-0022 or 1-800-827-4839.

Can I be paid for my dependents?
For Unemployment Insurance purposes, a dependent is defined as a son, daughter, stepson, stepdaughter, or legally adopted child (not grandchild or foster child) under 16 years of age for which you provide support. You may be eligible for dependents' allowance of $8 per dependent for up to 5 dependent children. Dependents' allowance will only be paid for 26 weeks during any one-year period. Only one parent may claim a dependent during any one-year period. The maximum weekly benefit amount, including any dependents' allowance is currently $430 per week.

Questions & Answers

  1. my name is Salvatore and I have been filing for unemployment
    since I became furloughed on March 13th. and I have filed every
    week for my unemployment benefits and received confirmation
    from the unemployment office for the first seven weeks which was
    fine, until you changed the old system { which worked just fine} to the
    new form of filing { THE BEACON} and since then for the last
    11 week weeks you cannot get through or they won’t take your calls
    and four times an answer came back and “I Quote” I’m sorry that social
    security cannot be found. I am a 84 year old with 35 years in the military
    a disabled vet, and since I became laid off from the part time job that
    helped take of most of my medical bills and are getting calls from
    all of my creditors and charging me all these late payments.N0w what
    are you going to do about getting what I worked for including all of my
    service.NOW!! what would do if you were in my place when you can barley
    survive, now that you have collected all the funds from me and many
    seniors plus these years including some who have small children and
    newborns. I would like to have the unemployment department to settle this
    and get me my funds for all those weeks that I am suffering from.
    thank you. I have already contacted the News Media. something has to be
    done and I intend to do so.

    1. Salvatore,

      We can understand your situation. Unfortunately, everyone’s helpless. Please wait for an update from the office. There will be thousands of applications for the office to be processed. Make sure to check the status at regular intervals.

  2. my son is high risk due to having a bone marrow transplant. I have a doctors note stating my husband should not be working. is that grounds for him to file for umemployment

    1. Nicole,

      Unfortunately, personal reasons are generally not considered. UI benefits are only offered to claimants who lose employment due to involuntary reasons.

  3. My employer want to take us down to part time and said we have to use our vacation and health time to make up the difference. Can we file for unemployment for the 10 or 20 hours biweekly that we are going to lose.

    1. Charlene,

      That is correct. Unemployment Insurance benefits are only extended to claimants who lose their employment due to involuntary reasons.

  4. Can you re-apply for unemployment benefits in Md if you been denied for medical reasons and is now available and able to work five months later ?

    1. Nay,

      UI benefits are only extended to claimants who’re out of employment due to no fault of their own. Please call the Unemployment Office to check your eligibility.

  5. My husband’s company was bought out. We couldn’t afford our home. We put our house on the market and we were going to move to our second home 150 miles away. I was honest with my boss of 9 years and told her everything that was going on. She knew if we didn’t sell our home we wouldn’t move and my husband would have to get another job. She told me when my last day was before we sold our home. She said she was going to hire someone and couldn’t afford my salary and this other person’s salary. Am I eligible for unemployment?

  6. I work on ships, I was overseas and there was an incident ashore in a foreign country. We were instructed to return to the ship. Since we had been drinking, we had no choice but to return intoxicated. Due to company policy, we were fired for being on the ship intoxicated. The captain of the ship understands that it was not our intention to return in an intoxicated state and if we were not told to leave the area and return to the ship, nothing would have happened. He was only following protocol. Since the situation forced us to return under the influence in turn causing us to lose our jobs. Are we eligible for unemployment

    1. Josh,

      This is a tricky situation. You can or cannot qualify, both. Please call the Unemployment Office or contact a lawyer for instructions.

  7. I am an LPN in Maryland in a 12. Person office. I was recently forced to reduce my hours at work from 5 days to 4 days, my daughter is seriously ill, and I have had to take time off to bring her to doctors and a recent operation and hospital stay, I have been told that I am only giving 100% [no lie] not the 150% i used to and my supervisors have denied me time off, without pay mind you, to see to my child’s needs. If I leave to find employment closer to home, my curren employer is almost an hour away, can I receive unemployment while I look for a more suitable job. Thank you for your time.

    1. Gina,

      Please tread carefully. UI benefits are extended to claimants who lose their job due to involuntary reasons.

  8. I am working for a transcription company who has lost many contracts. I have not been assigned a regular account and for the last two weeks there is almost no work. They refuse to put me on a regular account but instead put me on a performance plan because my line count is below their standard. How can I met the standard if there is no work. If i quit to find another job, can I collect unemployment benefits. This week I have worked only 9 hours.

  9. I have recently found and job and started Jan 2 – I filed Jan 1 for my last week before employment. do I have to do anything to advise I am now working? Please advise

  10. I work for a company 25 years. I left voluntary because i had not received a raise in 8 years and at one time was doing 2 positions still for the same pay. I collected unemployment for maybe 2 month when the CEO of the same company wanted me back, I explained I was not going back unless i received the correct pay for the new duties assigned. they offered me the same salary I was making when I left and I refused so they hired me as a sub contractor for 4 month with many new duties at the same salary but that they would renegotiate my salary. I completed the contract and even work 2 weeks after the contract ended and I did 85% of all the new work I was assigned and they came to me with the exact same salary offer after I had worked so hard to demonstrate I deserved the raise. they were hiring new director starting at the same salary it took me 25 years to get to. There was even an employee who made more than me but wa but I was his boss and trained him as well as ever director that started with the company. I asked them to make another offer and gave them 2 days they never did another offer so I quit. I as denied unemployment because I voluntary quit but I was not an employee but a subcontractor. I am waiting on the appeals decision.I whole heartily believe after 25 years i was going to be treated better and believe I quit with good cause.

  11. Will I be eligible for unemployment benefits in MD if I quit my 8-5 job because I’ve been transferred to a 2-11pm job without my consent/consideration doing something completely unrelated to my current job where I won’t be using my skills/education? Primarily I cannot accept this position due to the fact that I have 2 young children for whom i need to be there for in the evenings.

    1. If you quit voluntarily, you will not be eligible.

      Please speak to the Unemployment Office before making a decision on your employment.

  12. I work for the federal government(FEMA) I worked in Texas June 2015-sept 2015 Missouri November 2015-January 2016 Mississippi April 2016-July 2016 and Maryland aug 21-August 27 2016. Do I file my unemployment in Maryland or the state where I made the most wages, or the state in which I reside in?

    1. Please consider filing for UI benefits from the state where your immediate previous assignment was based.

      You may want to confirm with the HR department before deciding to file.

  13. I worked in Baltimore at the casino and bought a home and moved to SC with the idea that I would be working on a casino boat – I was unable to work on boat due to severe seasickness. Can I apply to MD Unemployment until I find a position here in SC. It has been 2 months without income.

    1. Unemployment Insurance is only provided to those who lose their job due to involuntary reasons. You may not qualify.

      Please inquire further with the Unemployment Office in your state.

  14. I worked for the postal service for over 16 years. I have been on workers comp for 3 years now because of an accident while working. I was told the postal service can terminate your emplotment for no reason after 3 years. would i be eligible for workers comp since my only income was coming from the dept. of labor ?

    1. Well, not sure if you will be eligible since UI benefits are only extended to those who have active employment in the preceding one year.

  15. I’ve worked all my life but I’m now unemployed and have been for over a year. I have been actively looking, interviewing but frustratingly have not received any final offers. I filed and started receiving unemployment benefits in late Jan. 2015, and the benefits ran out the first of Aug 2015. During that time, I found an entry level 3-month contract job and humbly worked it in Apr 2015. But the contract abruptly ended 3-weeks later for all the contract employees (no fault of mine). I notified unemployment during this time and the benefits were halted for the short time that I was working. However, I was able to restart the benefits when my 3-week contract job ended. I never stopped actively looking cause I’m trying to find a job in my profession. As much as I hate to receive unemployment benefits (I’d rather work) can I re-apply for unemployment benefits?

    1. Please check with the Unemployment Office in your state to see if there are any are any benefits remaining in your account.

      Otherwise, Unemployment Insurance is only a one time deal.

  16. Hello, I paid my car insurance with my unemployment debit card, the Insurance company cancel my policy for non-payment.
    How can i get a statement a bank statement to prove my payment to the car insurance? who should i contact? the bank or MUI? Thanks

  17. I was laid off in March, but I just filed for unemployment checks now so will I get “back paid” from March until June? Thanks

    1. Hi,

      You may receive payments for the weeks where you file a claim. Which means, in order to receive an unemployment pay check, you should have filed weekly claims and satisfied various requirements for that week.

  18. Hello,
    I need to ask a question? If a person is working in a workplace harrassmet and they have taken every step to try to fix it including going up the chain of command and nonthing is being done. Can that person give a two week notice and be able to collect unemployment?

    1. Hi AJ,

      If the person is unable to work due to workplace harassment, then he can quit the job to receive benefits. But, here is the catch! This person needs to have notified and tried to request a better treatment (which in the case you mentioned, seems to be done). These efforts need to be recorded as it will have to be furnished later in case of unemployment compensation.
      Please note that the burden of proof is on this person to show that he quit the job for a good cause. Also the employer has the authority to fight to not let this person have the unemployment benefits if they can prove him wrong.

  19. I am relocating to take care of my elderly father. It will mean a move of more than 150 miles. Am I eligible for unemployment benefits while I look for a new job in my new locaiton?

  20. I am out of work becuase of a car accident. My employer is noy paying me, and I have exhauseted all of my leave.

  21. I worked in Wash DC but live in the state of Maryland. Where do I file for umemployment benefits? Also, can I receive unemployment benefits if I received a severance package?

  22. If I am furloughed from my jobs for 10-12 days (unpaid) from the federal government. Am I eligible for unemployment?

  23. Can i collect if I quit under distress after 4 years of employment and provide witnesses who also were employed by the same company.

    1. Mostly you can. You have to be able to work in order to receive unemployment so if you left due to stress, you will have to show you will be able to work under less stressful conditions.

  24. I am laid off from my work recently but I am eligible to receive some money (< $1000) from my company's pension plan. My estimated unemployment benefit is $1520/month. My question is: Am I qualified to recieve some unemployment benefit ($1520 – my pension payment) before I find my next job?

    1. Yes, you can use the Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits while you are collecting unemployment benefits. However, you will need to be aware of how unemployment benefits work in Maryland to make sure you remain eligible to continue receiving unemployment benefits.

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