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Maryland Unemployment Job Search Requirements

Active Work Search

If you receive unemployment benefits, you must be keenly looking for work the entire time. The Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulations (DLLR) needs that you do a legal work search for employment that you could perform and that you accept any reasonable offer of work.

Keep accurate records of your job search, including the contact, the date and the job description. The DLLR may ask for your job search information at any time, and you should present it to continue collecting benefits. If you are offered work and turn it down, you must report it when you file your claim for your next payment. The DLLR will validate the information to decide if the offer was reasonable or not. You will have to claim benefits each week you are unemployed. This is called weekly claims.


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  1. john says:

    why does a 72 year old person who has been laid off due too reduction of force during the winter months temporary and will be returning too their position in the spring time. what about health issues?

  2. Daniel J Serafini says:

    I worked in Maryland for 17 years for 3 different Company’s and 1 in Washington DC for 2 and half years and the current company for 6 months, I just received notice of a temporary lay off do I qualify for benefits

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