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Maryland Unemployment Job Training

Additional Training Benefits (TAB)

If you are presently in a training program or are considering entering a vocational training, you may be eligible for up to 26 weeks of additional training benefits (TAB) which would be paid at your regular weekly benefit amount. These benefits may be paid over a two-year period determined by the effective date of your initial claim for UI benefits.

In order to be considered for TAB eligibility, certain requirements must be met. In general, you may be eligible to these additional training benefits if:

  1. You are unemployed.
  2. You have exhausted all available state and federal unemployment insurance benefits.
  3. You filed your initial UI claim after you lost your job due to a permanent reduction of operations or you were separated from a job in a declining industry.
  4. You are enrolled in a training program authorized under the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) by workforce professionals that you worked with at your local One-Stop Career Center, or must be in full-time training otherwise approved by this Agency.
  5. Your training program will lead to a job in an occupation that is in demand.
  6. You enrolled in the training program prior to the end of the benefit year you established when you separated from your job as described in #3 above.

If you think you meet the requirements for TAB and would like to apply then call the Special Programs Unit at 410-767-2627 or 410-767-3252 Monday – Friday, except for official state holidays, between the hours of 8:00 AM – 3:30 PM.

  1. If i receive unemployment and start a job and get laid off/fired will i be able to reapply for my benifits. If so how long will it take to get started

    • If you have benefit weeks left in your account you were laid off due to involuntary reasons, you can claim.

      Please speak to the Claims Center.

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