Massachusetts Unemployment Benefit Questions

How much am I eligible to draw in weekly benefits?

You may collect about 50% of your average weekly wage, up to a maximum of $674 per week.  There’s an additional dependency allowance of $25 per dependent child if you provide whole or main support for your child/children.  You must have worked in Massachusetts and earned at least $3,500 during the last four quarters and at least 30 times the amount you would be eligible to collect weekly in UI benefits. After you start a claim, you will receive a Benefit Determination Form indicating your weekly benefit rate.

Do Social Security benefits, pensions and other retirement payments affect my Unemployment?

Receipt of a Social Security retirement benefits will have no effect on your eligibility or reduction in weekly benefits.

Your benefits may be affected by any pension benefits you are collecting.  You must report to DUA (Department of Unemployment Assistance) that you are receiving a pension. You will also need to provide documentation to DUA.  The DUA service representative who makes a determination on your claim will explain the law as it applies to you.  You will be asked to provide the amount and source of any type of pension or retirement payments when you file your claim. The DUA service representative who makes a determination on your claim will explain the law as it applies to you.

In all cases, you must be able to work, available for work and looking for work in order to collect unemployment benefits.

If You Have Moved from Massachusetts, When, Where, and How to File an Interstate Claim?

When you move out-of-state, you must contact the nearest unemployment insurance office in your new state of residence to file a claim against Massachusetts.

Some states let you to file your claim by telephone, while others require you to visit an office in person. In order to make sure that you obtain the full benefits to which you are entitled, it is suggested that you file your claim during your first week of total or partial unemployment, just as you would in Massachusetts.

Instead of calling the DUA TeleClaim Center, you will have to contact the DUA Interstate Department with questions about your claim. The telephone number is 617-626-6140.

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  1. If I live in New Hampshire but work in Massachusetts would I be eligible to collect Massachusetts Unemployment?

    1. Rose,

      Ideally, you should be applying from MA (since your employer would have remitted taxes from here).

  2. My job at the high school will not be replaced. I am unemployed effective June 17, 2021. My salary has been calculated over the entire year so that I have money in the summer. I will be receiving part of my salary up until August 13, 2021.
    Will I still qualify for unemployment benefits?

  3. I was collecting a pension before being layed off at my recent job. I somehow remember that when I applied for benefits I answered a question about pension. It asked what date I started collecting it, which was over a year before starting a new job. It indicated that I did not need to claim it. Did I misunderstand it and I should be claiming it? I’m confused.

  4. I’m confused on the Corporate officer/Shareholder questions. I have 45 shares in the company, and there are 419,000,000 shares. So I really have nothing involved in the company in the big picture. the questions on this area are all about the corporate officers, etc. I’ve got nothing to do with any of that. What am I supposed to put into this section?

  5. I work for a non profit agency and am trying to help a man with developmental disabilities get his due unemployment. He is already in the system but the man who used to help him with this (his home share person) is very elderly and doesn’t feel up to it. He has been eligible for a month and I wanted to speak to someone to find the best way to help. I do not want to get involved with his monies. Ideas?

    1. Donna,

      You can either call the Unemployment Office or ask the claimant to visit the nearest Unemployment Office if feasible.

    1. Carol,

      Please login online and look out for the relevant option under your account. If you’re having trouble locating the option, please call the Claims Center for assistance.

  6. I am 67 and collecting a Hampden country pension. I am now working a seasonal full time job and am layoff during the winter months. Can I collect unemployment during those 4 months?
    Note: because I have worked nights and weekends for the last 30 years or so I do get a small social security check.

    1. Roy,

      Please note seasonal employment does not qualify for UI benefits due to the nature of work. Please call the Unemployment Office for more.

    2. How do I know if my pension will disqualify me from collecting unemployment in Massachusetts

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