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Massachusetts Unemployment Job Search Requirements

To remain eligible, you must actively look for work and be ready and able to accept a job. This means that you must let DUA know if you were ill, injured, or were unable to work during any week you are claiming benefits.

To show DUA that you are actively seeking full-time work, you must

  • establish a worksearch plan,
  • maintain records of your worksearch, and
  • report this information to DUA when asked to do so. 

You must meet these job search requirements every week, and provide a weekly certification to let the unemployment office that you are meeting all of the requirements. Be sure to have your job search record up to date, as you may be called into the unemployment office for a periodic eligibility review.

Questions & Answers

  1. Gail A. McNamara says:

    I answered question #9 on the precert questions and would like to correct it; how do i go about doing that, I actually did appy for work last week Nov.27, 2016 – Dec. 3, 2016

    • Martin says:

      Please note this is a private forum.

      You can call the same phone number and speak to a representative for further instructions on having it corrected.

  2. erin alfieri says:

    I have unemployment in WY and they said i have to register in the state i live in MA.. how do i do that? i thought i already was? and can i do it on line? there is something i have to send what is that? thank yo

  3. ellen says:

    Must I apply for Full-time employment if I was laid-off as a Part time employee?

  4. michelle trombley says:

    trying to submit weekly search log pin# accepted no appropriate prompts avail

  5. Mary says:

    Am I still eligible for unemployment if I can find a job that is per diem?

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