Massachusetts Unemployment Phone Numbers

The Department of Unemployment Assistance (DUA) tries hard to provide prompt and courteous service. They understand that during peak periods, it may be difficult to get through the TeleClaim Centers.

If you are calling to file a new claim or reopen a claim for unemployment benefits, or need other assistance, please assess the Call Schedule below before calling. Adhering to this schedule you will be provided help in a timely manner.

If the last digit of your Social Security Number is:Assigned Day to Call TeleClaim is:
0, 1Monday
2, 3Tuesday
4, 5, 6Wednesday
7, 8, 9Thursday
Any last digitFriday

TeleClaim Services:

You can reopen your claim, be interviewed if there are any issues affecting your eligibility for benefits, obtain up-to-date information on the status of your claim and UI benefit payment check, and resolve problems, all by telephone.

TeleClaim Center Hours:

Regular Hours: Monday to Friday: 8:30am – 4:30pm

Expanded Hours (February 4 – 28):  7:30am to 5:30pm Monday through Thursday only

Call 877-626-6800 from area codes 351, 413, 508, 774, and 978 or 617-626-6800 from any other area code.

Shorter waiting times can be expected later in the week.

  1. I cannot get to a live person to ask a question. Entering 0 to speak to a rep just resets the automated message.

    I just have a question on severance.

  2. I answered two questions incorrectly don’t know how do you contact somebody to correct should I go into the unemployment office in Boston to get this resolved

  3. I was not prompted in the UI system to submit my Jan 5th week. Who do I email/call to get this fixed? My SS # ends in 9 and it keeps telling me I have to wait until Thursday. This is a tech issue. Is there someone who can help me?

    1. Why wait until Thursday? You know you’re supposed to report on Sunday for the previous week. If the computer isn’t working properly, there is a telephone number you can call to call in your unemployment electronically. The key is to call immediately first thing in the morning and not wait until high call volume time later on in the day or evening. If the phone number isn’t working, you should physically go to the nearest UI office and speak with someone.

  4. I’ve been calling DUA for weeks upon weeks, every day during the week, at every conceivable time and I absolutely can not get through to a real person. I’m constantly cut off and hung up on. Can’t even schedule a call beck time! I live on Martha’s Vineyard, there is NO office here and I can not afford to take the ferry off island. I have two problems that can not be resolved online, I need to speak to someone! How on earth to I get in touch with an actual person? This agency is an absolute embarrassment.

      1. Could you please tell me which office I can go to that is able to assist. It’s been going on 7 weeks and I have not receive any compensation. Keep getting hung up on. This is crazy! If our unemployment rate is down why are we still not able to get in touch with a human?
        I live in Seekonk, MA
        Thank you

  5. When I log in as a UI claimant to read my inbox, there is literally no INBOX anywhere! I have information they are requesting that I send or complete but cant get to my inbox to even know what it is that they want. I cant get a phone number to a person to find out what it is they need from me, nor can I get to a person for this tech issue!
    The automated system to “request a call back” is telling ME to be the one to call back on Wednesday BUT I’m supposed to file every week on MONDAY and cant because of these issues.
    Why does the state of MA literally make it impossible for their citizens to get any help?
    Worst state in the entire country!

  6. I have been calling and calling to talk to anyone about my claim that has been pending forever. How am I to get someone on the phone? I am taking care of a sick family member out of state so I can’t stop by an office. How is someone like myself, that can’t go to an office, suppose to get information. How am I to know if there is an issue when nothing is provided online except “pending”and I cannot talk to a single person. I have worked over 30yrs and when I need assistance so I can pay bills, I am not able to get it.

    1. I can understand your situation. If you’re not in a position to visit an office, I suggest you work your way through various phone numbers.

    2. I too have been trying to call for the past three weeks and I get stuck in a never ending loop of automated messaging. I never get an agent. What is happening!?

    3. lCall your local state representative. I had to. They moved quickly after that. They owed me almost 2,000 dollars by the time it was settled.

      1. I’ve gone to my local center and I was told that the only thing they can do is send an email asking them to make my claim a priority. Still nothing! I am on 7 weeks PENDING, I have been successfully evicted as of Nov 30th for non payment of rent, which is caused by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. I am not able to search for an apartment because I cannot put a deposit on anything. I have a medical disability and cannot pick up my meds. I have not purchased groceries in 7 weeks, also cannot go to job interviews because I can’t pay for gas. Can’t continue to go to the local center, because I do not have funds for the parking meters. And soon enough my internet and phone will be shut off for non payment. Then I will become ineligible for future benefits because I’ll have no way to claim my weekly benefits. Vicious frustrating circle!!

        1. I’m so sorry for all you’re going through- it’s awful! I sent in a handwritten letter about the need for the agency to understand we are human beings. No one replied.

          SNAP assistance should help you very quickly to get some food- other than that I’m not sure what options are “out there”. Good luck!

      2. Sherry,
        Thank you for the advice. I reached out to my state rep this morning and received a response within 30 minutes. She has already contacted DUA and I am expecting a call today and my case has been made a priority.

        I reached for myself and of you that are experiencing the same problems. My state rep is appalled by their process.

        Look up who the state representative is for your city or town and send an email sharing your frustrations. Trust me it will get handled.

        Thanks again Sherry!

  7. I filled out a top application a month ago around my 15th week because it says you have to submit before 20 weeks. I called after 4 weeks and they said my top application was submitted on the on the 30th which would make my 20th week and i would have to wait 4 weeks for a decision. This now puts me at 8 weeks even though it says will take up to 4 weeks. Why would my submit date be a month after i sent it in? Also suppose to start school tomorrow not really sure what to do because if im not receiving unemployment than i cant attend school. Im afraid to start and lose it. What do you suggest?

    1. Peter,

      UI benefits are offered to claimants who’re able and available for work. If the schooling hampers your prospect of working a full-time job, you might not continue to be eligible.

      1. I was under the impression that a “top” application extended your benefits while you attended a training program to ensure job placement?

  8. Can’t find my accurate job description in the list that is given on the web application. Can’t get through the telephone loop system to get help with job description over the phone. I need to file my claim. Any suggestions, thanks!

  9. I’ve been waiting 3 months now and nothing. I have 9 weeks plus the waiting week, and have since returned to work, but really need the money I’m owed. Can’t get anyone on the phone and it is annoying. Can they help us at the career centers that are listed on the UI website, or do you have to go to the main office in downtown Boston?

      1. I went to one location off their list and they told me that the only place that could help me was the office in downtown Boston. So I’ll be going to Boston later this week.

        Thanks for the tip.

  10. Sam, How long is the process time for unemployment? My claim is 6 weeks old and is still waiting for an adjuster to update my information. Please have this completed asap. I would love to hear from you. CLAIMANT ID:   10578286

    1. Bethany,

      It should not take 6 weeks for sure unless they keep you informed about a possible delay. Please reach out to the Unemployment Office for an update.

      1. I have- they are not available. This is painful- what can you do to expedite this process? They said everything is fine and to wait….CLAIMANT ID: 10578286

        1. Bethany,

          Please note this is a private forum and we do not have access to your claim. Please reach out to the Unemployment Office.

      2. I have applied and I have not heard anything back I am getting kind of sick of it because I’m also raising my grandson was only 6 months old I need somebody to get back to me and every time I call on the line it does not give me an option to leave a message or to speak to anybody

        1. Belinda,

          I can understand your situation. Please try calling the phone during off-peak hours and also consider visiting an office in the vicinity if that’s convenient.

  11. I no longer have the email address from 25 years ago when I applied years ago. And when I try and put the city I was born in, it says I’m wrong. Need to file a new claim how do I get past this pre-recorded loop

      1. Sorry Sam, but your advice about calling the Claims Center for assistance is nonsense. My brother has been trying to do that for two weeks, to no avail. He puts in the 1st 4 letters of the city he was born and the system says it’s wrong. How stupid is that? He can’t get through to ANYONE – claims center or otherwise since he cannot get through this question. Now what?

        1. Gail,

          I can understand your situation. In that case, the best option would be to consider visiting an office in the vicinity.

  12. i am so stressed out i have the same question, applied june27.2019 it’s aug 13 and my case is still pending i’ve been told so many times that they’re 6-8 weeks behind , alas all 8 checks( including 0.00 for the waiting period week are on hold, does anyone know who i can ask for at the teleclaim center to get an adjuster to take my case? i never heard of unemployment adjusters doing one case at a time , seems inefficient at best,

    1. I had the same issue filed my claim in June 2019. I just got everything resolved in August. If there are multiple pending issues you will definetley be waiting. Inform them you would like to have it escalated. You have every right. That’s what I did and an adjuster was assigned right away.

    2. I’m having same issue and now I can’t get a rep on the phone. I keep getting the auto line info only. Applied july2 and nothing yet.

  13. Can I get the list of questions I listen to when I call each week to apply for unemployment? Questions I listen to on the phone. I couldn’t understand one question and was denied completion. I’m 68 years old and it would be easier to read it and listen to it at the same time. Please help.
    Richard Laliberte
    40 Monroe St
    Pawtucket, RI 02861

  14. cant get thru because agent gave me a mispelled password…I need unemployment to call me…can’t move thru website or get thru phone….help!

    1. Felicia,

      You should be able to fix it with a phone call to the Claims Office. Please call them right away and report the issue.

      1. Sam,
        I don’t think you are understanding our comments here. WE CANNOT GET THROUGH TO ANY OF THE DEPARTMENTS VIA PHONE!!!! EVER!!!
        AT the end of the message stating “all reps are busy, if you would like a call back please enter a time to be called back” every time slot is either :00 or :30. NO SLOTS ARE EVER AVAILABLE then they hang up on you. Maybe the State Rep would be interested in hearing from all of us. Maybe we should start a petition to CHANGE this frustrating process. It’s bad enough that we get put in an unexpected position of losing our job / income, worse when we cannot get help from the people who are supposed to help us.

    2. There’s really only
      Only day you can call and have a chance of getting through, depending on your social:
      If the last digit of your Social Security Number is: TeleClaim is:
      0, 1 Monday
      2, 3 Tuesday
      4, 5, 6 Wednesday
      7, 8, 9 Thursday
      Any last digit Friday

      Once you enter your social, if it isn’t your day to call the line will just disconnect. Friday anyone call call- and does. So you won’t through that day. You basically have to start on your day the second they open and often times they are already maxed out. Good luck everyone. It’s the most stressful and infuriating system. Don’t forget your deep breathing!

  15. How can I reset my “Forgot Password” phone number. No longer have that number so unable to receive a text to verify.

  16. Have been unable to get through to the Telecenter or to schedule a callback for three days, says it’s maxed out at 8:30.
    Anyone else?

    1. Nope. Never. I keep getting terminated. And it takes forever to get through to even enter your SSN. Absolutely horrible service.

  17. I started my claim a month ago. The company i worked for shut down. I filled out the questionnaire and misunderstood the question “discharged” when i should i have checked off “laid off”. I called and spoke to someone and they said someone needs to review the case. Even the random lady i got on the phone had heard of the company shutdown said there was alot of claims from there i dont understand why she wasnt able to just change it. All my fellow employees have been getting paid and now im stuck waiting months.How long does it take for someone to review my case?

    1. Tony,

      It’s better if you call the office again to get a sense of the turnaround time. Make sure to chase at regular intervals until a decision is made.

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