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Updated : September 22nd, 2023

Michigan Unemployment Benefits

Michigan Unemployment Benefits

Unemployment Insurance (UI) in Michigan is handled by the Department of Talent and Economic Development. The department offers monetary benefits to those who have lost jobs through no fault of their own.

The department also offers various other services to make the claimants of the UI benefits more competent and help them get jobs easily. The following information will help you understand the criteria for eligibility, how to apply, how much benefits you may approximately receive and other information that you will need to know throughout the times you receive unemployment benefits.

Michigan UI Benefits Calculator

The Michigan Unemployment Benefits Calculator helps you estimate your UI weekly benefits amount.

UI Benefits Calculator
Calculate Your Michigan Unemployment Benefits

See our Michigan unemployment calculator to estimate your UI benefit payments.

Michigan Unemployment Calculator

Eligibility Requirements for UI Benefits in Michigan

To be eligible for unemployment benefits in Michigan, you are expected to meet monetary, work separation and job search requirements to gain and maintain eligibility for unemployment benefits.

Monetary Eligibility

To gain monetary eligibility for unemployment benefits in Michigan, you must make sure that you have enough wages in your base period. The state of Michigan evaluates your monetary eligibility using one of the two types of base period calculations – Standard Base Period and Alternative Base Period.

The Department of Talent and Economic Development first looks into the wages you have earned in your Standard Base Period. This period consists of four calendar quarters, and the wages earned in the first four of the last five calendar quarters will be considered for eligibility. 

The following criteria must be fulfilled to be considered eligible:

  • You must have received wages in at least two calendar quarters in the Standard Base Period
  • In your quarter you earned your highest wages in the base period, you earned at least $3,598
  • The total base period wages must be at least 1.5 times more than the wages earned in the highest earning quarter

If you fail to meet the criteria through the standard base period calculations, the department will automatically look into the Alternative Base Period. As per the Alternative Base Period, wages earned in the last four calendar quarters will be considered for determining eligibility.

The state of Michigan offers a third option to those who do not have the wages to qualify in the Standard Base Period or in the Alternative Period, called the Alternative Earnings Qualifier. As per this:

  • You must have wages in at least two calendar quarters in the base period
  • The wages earned in the highest earning quarter must be at least 20 times the State Average Weekly Wage

The Weekly Benefit Amount (WBA), or the amount you may receive if you qualify for the unemployment benefits, is determined by the quarterly wages. The maximum WBA that an applicant can earn in Michigan is $362.

The benefit period or the number of weeks you would receive the monetary benefits is also based on the wages earned in the base period. To determine the benefit period, your total base period wages are multiplied by 43 percent and are divided by your WBA. The maximum number of weeks one may be eligible for is 20 weeks and the minimum is for 14 weeks.

Learn more about Michigan unemployment eligibility requirements

Job Separation

The reason for your separation from your previous organization is crucial to determine your eligibility for unemployment benefits. There are certain preconditions that you must satisfy to gain eligibility for unemployment benefits in Michigan. They include:

  • You must have lost the job due to no fault of your own
  • You were asked to leave from your organization or your working hours were shortened in your place of work due to lack of work
  • The reason for your separation should not be your involvement in any criminal activities
  • You were not fired due to reasons such as misconduct or drug abuse

The Department of Talent and Economic Development will conduct a background check on this by consulting your previous employer. If the reason for the separation given by your employer does not match with your reason, you may not gain eligibility for unemployment benefits.

Find out if your job separation reason is valid and if you’re eligible for benefits using the eligibility calculator.

Michigan Eligibility Calculator

Maintaining Eligibility

The responsibility of maintaining eligibility does not end with claiming for benefits. You must maintain eligibility throughout the benefit period. If at any point, you become ineligible during the benefits weeks, the Department will not issue your benefit amount.  

To make sure that you maintain eligibility through the benefit period, you must follow the below mentioned points:

  • You must be able to work throughout the benefit period
  • You must be available to work throughout the benefit period
  • You must be actively pursuing jobs
  • You must report at least two search contacts made every week
  • After collecting 50 percent of the entitled benefits, you must apply for and accept any work that is suitable

You must be reporting for benefits as directed by the agency

Find out on job search requirements

How To Apply For UI Benefits in Michigan?

To apply for Michigan unemployment benefits, you must submit the following documents:

There are a number of options to file for unemployment benefits in Michigan, such as:


You can log in to the Michigan Web Account Manager (MiWAM) to apply for benefits online. The online portal is accessible 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You can register as a new user if you are filing for the first time, or can log in using your ID and password if you’re returning to apply for weekly benefits.


Call the Michigan Unemployment phone number to file unemployed benefits over the phone. Services for the hearing impaired are also available. You can reach the customer line from Monday to Friday, from 8 AM to 4:30 PM. You can also get help in Spanish by selecting Spanish as your preferred language.

The state of Michigan also allows you to file claims through the Michigan Automated Response Voice Interactive Network known as MARVIN.

Learn how to apply for unemployment in Michigan

How To File Weekly Claims

Connect with The Department of Talent and Economic Development through either MARVIN or MiWAM to collect your weekly benefit amount.

You must use the Michigan Identification Number (MIN) for security and privacy reasons every time you try to obtain Unemployment Insurance services. The MIN number can be found on most letters mailed or e-mailed to you by the department, and this will be linked to all your UI documents.

Learn how to claim weekly benefits

Things To Know After Filing An Application

You must be aware of various responsibilities, opportunities, and prohibitions that are applicable even after filing the application for weekly benefits. This will help you to make full use of all the services provided by the state of Michigan, without breaking any rules.

Overpayments And Frauds

An overpayment occurs when you are paid an excessive benefit amount, more than what you are entitled to collect. If it’s found that you have received an overpayment, the concerned department will send you a letter notifying about the overpayment and process of repayment.

The state of Michigan takes cases of unemployment fraud very seriously. Detecting and prosecuting cases of fraud is seen as a priority by the state’s UI program. A regular audit is conducted to ensure that the benefits are given out in accordance with state and federal laws.

Benefits Extension

The state of Michigan will issue temporary extended unemployment benefits during periods of high unemployment and natural disasters. Learn more about Michigan unemployment extensions.

Job Training Assistance

The state of Michigan runs a program called ‘No Worker Left Behind’ (NWLB), which aims to help workers acquire the skills necessary to succeed in the present global scenario. The state defines the vision of the program as the following:

  • Accelerate worker transitions through learning
  • Support the employers and economic development of the state of Michigan
  • Make use of existing training resources

The NWLB offers some important services to help you in finding new avenues for your careers, such as:

  • Under this program, you can claim free tuition at any Michigan community college, university, or any other approved training programs
  • Skill assessment given by the Michigan Works! Agencies (MWA)
  • The MWAs will assist the applicants who pass out of the colleges to find placements
  • The MWAs will help the participants identify high demand occupation in the region

Learn more job training opportunities in MI


If you disagree with the decision regarding your initial Michigan unemployment benefits claim, you have the right to file an appeal. In Michigan, this is known formally as a protest, and it must be submitted within 30 days of the date on your determination letter.

There are several reasons a claimant may choose to protest a decision. For example, you may protest if your claim is denied outright, or you may also want to protest the specific amount of benefits you are awarded if you believe there has been an error in calculating your weekly benefit amount. Regardless of your reason, it’s important to submit your protest on time and to continue filing weekly claims while you wait for an updated decision.

Michigan unemployment contact information

If you have questions about your claim for Michigan UI benefits, or require assistance with filing, you call the unemployment claims center.

For help with finding a new job, including resume writing help and training programs, visit your local American Jobs Center.

More Michigan Benefits

Besides traditional unemployment insurance benefits, the state of Michigan administers several additional programs, from food assistance programs to emergency support, designed to temporarily help residents who are facing financial difficulty.

Cash Assistance

The state of Michigan makes available temporary cash assistance for pregnant women and low income families with small children. Those who apply for cash assistance are enrolled in Michigan’s Partnership, Accountability, Training, Hope (PATH) program, which features a 21-day assessment timeframe during which individuals’ employment barriers are identified.

Caseworkers work personally with each client to connect them with the best resources to help them address these barriers.

Food Assistance

Michigan participates in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, which originates at the federal level, but is administered independently by each state that participates. You may know this program by its former name: the food stamps program. SNAP helps low-income families access safe and nutritious food. Families receive benefits via an Electronic Benefits Transfer card that can be used just like a debit card to purchase eligible food items from participating grocery stores, farmers markets and other food vendors.

Housing Assistance

Michigan’s Housing and Homeless Services Division provides grants to local organizations so that they can assist individuals and families experiencing homelessness. The goal of this assistance is to help transition these individuals and families into stable housing as quickly as possible. The grants provided by the state make sure that as many people as possible have access to the support they need to gain permanent housing stability.

Health Care Coverage

For low income residents of Michigan, healthcare coverage is available through a variety of programs, including Medicaid, the Healthy Michigan Plan, and MIChild.

  • Michigan’s Medicaid program represents its participation in the federal Medicaid initiative, designed to provide essential health care services for low-income individuals
  • The Healthy Michigan Plan offers additional options for covering medically necessary services including hospitalization, maternity care, emergency services, pediatric care, and more.
  • MIChild provides health and dental insurance coverage for Michigan children under age 19 who have no other health insurance coverage.

Emergency Assistance

In cases of emergencies and extreme hardship, the state of Michigan helps residents through two key programs: State Emergency Relief and the Weatherization Assistance Program. These efforts combine financial assistance and contracts with a network of nonprofit organizations that help low-income households during temporary crises that threaten their immediate health and safety. It’s important to note that these programs are not intended as solutions to ongoing or chronic financial difficulties.

Frequently Asked Question

Q. Can a pregnant woman placed on a leave of absence collect unemployment benefits?
If you are placed on a mandatory maternity leave of absence, you will not be denied unemployment benefits while on the leave as long as you remain able to work during the leave. However, if you requested to be placed on a maternity leave of absence, you will not be considered "unemployed" during the leave and therefore will not be entitled to unemployment benefits during the leave.
Q. Will I be eligible to receive unemployment benefits if I am a temporary or probationary employee?
Wages paid to a temporary or probationary employee will be considered as the same as wages paid to a permanent employee for unemployment benefits purposes. They can be used to establish a claim if:
  • the temporary employee files a claim for benefits,
  • the wages from the temporary or short-term employment fall in the base period,
  • the claimant has enough total base period wages to establish a claim, and
  • The claimant worked in covered employment under the law.
If these conditions are met, the employer will be charged a percentage of the benefits proportional to the claimant's earnings with that employer during the base period.
Q. Where can I get help if I still have questions?
If you have a question or problem with your claim, you can call on the filed-claims number using a touch-tone telephone and inquire about your claim at 1-866-500-0017. The inquiry option is available weekdays between 7:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Eastern Time.

You can also visit the Problem Resolution Offices for answers to your questions or help to resolve problems with your claim. The office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.
Q. I don't remember my username or password. What should I do?
If you don’t have your User Name, please visit the MIWAM home page, select “Forgot your Username?” to receive your username in your email. Enter your email address, Employer Account Number, and answer to your secret question. Click the ‘Email my Username” button and your username will be emailed to you.

If you don’t have your Password access the MiWAM Login screen. Click on “Forgot your Password?” and follow the prompts to reset your password. You will receive instructions in your email to reset your password.

If you are locked out of your account, please contact the Office of Employer Ombudsman (OEO) at 855-484-2636 or MiWAM Support at 313 456 2188 to have your account unlocked.
Q. It's been over 10 days and I haven't received an Authorization Code. What do I do now?
Go to the MiWAM Homepage and select the Lost/Never Received Authorization Code Link. Enter your email address and UI employer number (including the three trailing zeroes) And “Request Authorization Letter”
If it has been at least 10 business days, the Request Authorization Letter Confirmation window will appear with a confirmation number.
Q. What is MARVIN?
MARVIN or "Michigan's Automated Response Voice Interactive Network" is an automated computer system that lets people who are collecting unemployment report (or "certify") to UIA by using touch-tone telephones. When you file for unemployment, you will get instructions about how to "talk" with MARVIN.
Q. What are the penalties for collecting unemployment benefits fraudulently?
Your benefit year may be terminated and any remaining rights to benefits canceled. For all determinations, decisions and orders of intentional misrepresentation, the penalty assessed is 1 times the amount obtained for the first offense, 1.5 times the amount obtained the second offense and 4 times the amount obtained for cases involving identity theft. Learn more about Michigan unemployment fraud.
Q. What collection methods are used to recover benefit payments?
The claimants will have the following options to repay the outstanding debts:
  • Voluntary Wage Assignment (allows UI to receive 15% of your gross pay for repayment).
  • Intercept your federal income tax refund through the United States Department of Treasury.
  • Intercept your state income tax refund through the Michigan Department of Treasury.
  • Administrative garnishment without obtaining a court order (25% of your disposable pay).
  • Withhold future unemployment benefits to pay the debt.
  • Take legal action in the courts to collect the debt.

Questions & Answers

  1. I was and still receiving PUA but ever since I reported my income for the year 2019 to 2020 ,they trying to say I messed up somewhere of not reported the right amount of income I made before I filed michigan unemployment…when all this covid and shut down was happening thats all I know but uia put a stop indicator payment since February and I’ve been struggling since then but I’m still certifying on my weeks but nothing is being released all they keep telling me that it in process and I just have to wait for there approval….now that don’t feel right to anyone that has to go through this im disability and only do housekeeping jobs …and I’m homeless cause of that I’m very struggling but I’m praying that they can released my money I don’t or can’t figure anything out that going wrong with this but not everyone including me don’t have the perfect information to report but I did turned in copy of my W2s from taxes of 2020 but there statement was they was not qualified to report my earnings…is there anything that can help me speed up this process…

  2. I was furloughed from work during covid and a month ago was called back. Since then, I am being told that they will need to furlough me again due to lack of work. I will have worked a total of 5 weeks. How will my benefits be determined? Will they look back prior to the first furlough event? I have been with this company for about 10 years now.

  3. I accidentally answered “NO” in the certification for a certain week, thinking that certification was intended for the following week. Now the status says “Certification Waived.” Is there any way I can take it back so I will get paid for that supposedly “waived week”?

    • Did you find a solution to your problem?

      I did the same thing but unfortunately no one is answering my calls or emails..

      Please help

    • I did not waive weeks 6/6/2020. I am not being paid for this week. My claim ID is C5419845-0.
      I have not also been paid for over three months.
      I keep hoping l will get someone’s attention and get my money that is due to me. I am praying that God will touch a kind heart so l can pay my Bill’s and have some money in my pockets. Thanks again, Michele Hughes

      • Michele,

        I can understand your situation.There will be a delay considering the number of applications that are being processed. Please continue chasing the office/check your status online at regular intervals until payments normalize.

    • I did same thing on 2 of my weeks claim…I’m now 4 weeks out of trying to reach them about the error. $1,200.00 missing is robbery

      • I have cerified twice,and still haven’t got paid yet.i sent my paper work last month now,I got stop payment still

        • James,

          Please continue certifying regularly. There may be a delay due to the number of applications.

  4. I was approved and determined eligible to receive unemployment. I certified on time this past Monday, and it was determined both weeks were “ineligible”. Looking back at the submission, all questions were answered correctly. Why would this happen? I can’t reach anyone for help.

  5. My determination status on the MIWAM accounts states “pending adjudication – add additional docs?”. What do I need to provide in order to be eligible for benefits?

  6. i am locked out of my account and cannot do anything further. when i enter my social security number it just comes up and says to call the 1866 number. i cannot get through to anyone, so what do i do? if no one is available by phone how do i file?

    • Sam,

      Please try finding answers online since there might be limited phone support due to the shortage of staffing. You can use the “Resources” or “FAQs” section of the website.

  7. I collected the last 2 weeks of Jan 2020 and the first week of march. Went to my miwam account and it says I have 24 weeks left, Im laid off as of monday, Do I need to open a new claim?

  8. I have lived in Michigan for 6 months now and been working. I haven’t changed my driver’s license yet and need to file. I can’t get passed putting that information in. How can I go about it?

    • So under determination tab its says. Pending fact finding for voluntary quit to accept new employment but this was not for my separating employer the employer in question i worked part time n stayed on one day a week for a month after gerting3the new job aka seperating employer.. So my question is will this hold me up or possibly get me denied .. Ill also state that my seperating employer has n open non monetary issue but i found out he has not responded to uia been over 10 days since he got the notice to.. He is not goin to contest nor answer them so idk what will happen… Im really wondering about the other employer will that screw me

  9. I tryed to sign in my account and it says invalid user name or password. I’ve changed the password and had them send me user name and I’m still getting the same thing. Last time i filed for Unemployment was 15 years ago.I tried creating a new account and it said it already has my email address. I’m trying to call and can’t get through what kind i do?

    • Justin,

      Please try finding answers online since there might be limited phone support due to the shortage of staffing. You can use the “Resources” or “FAQs” section of the website.

  10. I created a new account to file my unemployment claim and was able to begin filing but received a message that my MI ID and income information cannot be verified and I need an access code to continue. Since the phones are not available what can I do to obtain an access code?

    • Deeona,

      Please try finding answers online since there might be limited phone support due to the shortage of staffing. You can use the “Resources” or “FAQs” section of the website.

      • Maranda, I am in the same situation and can not find any information. It seems to be if you just file a claim, you will get a day and time to report your earnings over the previous 2 weeks and that is how they determine if you receive any benefits. if you get any more information please share.

  11. I have my Miwam account and I filed back in 2013_14, but once I got into my account all it shows is the last time I filed and there is no where for me to file a new claim. I’m on temporary leave due to the coronavirus. what now? cant get through on the phone

    • Tanya,

      We understand this might be a difficult time for you. We’re anticipating a shortage of staff across unemployment offices due to the massive surge in UI applications considering the pandemic. We advise against calling or visiting the office, as you may not get a response instantly.

      Your state may have activated “Extended Benefits (EB)” authorized by the federal government. We recommend you apply for UI benefits online. For more information, please visit your state’s official Unemployment website.

  12. My MIWAM account is locked out wanting an authenticity code, the sight doesn’t send it to my phone and I haven’t used the email on my account in 5 years so it’s locked out, can’t get a hold of unemployment to busy on phone what should I do. Laid off because of covid-19 and can’t file.

  13. I have been waiting for my pin number to apply for unemployment because of vivid. Cannot get through the phone number given. Will someone contact me or should I keep trying ? I know you are overwhelmed and I thank all of you for your service.

  14. Due to coronavirus, my work as an independent contractor in medical transcription for both of my companies has gone dry. I tried to apply online but my antivirus quarantines the attempt. I have called 80 times so far with the line being busy. Does anyone know if independent contractors in Michigan can apply for UE due to coronavirus?


  16. I am receiving a pension from a local government agency. I have reentered the workforce and worked for 2 1/2 years full time. Am I eligible to file unemployment from that employer or will it be denied due to my pension?

  17. I am an accountant with several clients that have payroll. If a client did not receive a redetermination notice, how do they go about getting one?

  18. In searching for a new job while unemployed, do I have to take a major pay decrease just to satisfy my unemployment? Ex: $30,000 a year pay cut?

  19. Do i have to be off for more than three consecutive days in order to receive unemployment benefits during a plant shutdown

  20. I reported a misuse of the company computer (the supervisor of site said someone was watching pornography). After I notified my supervisor( I initially informed them before the supervisor at the site) and all employees with access were called in to fill out adherence paperwork, I was the only employee not rescheduled. I was relocated with less hours and less pay. I cannot do my job if I am reassigned for reporting criminal activity. More, I am afraid that if a more serious allegations surfaces, I could find myself in legal trouble.

    • Vincent,

      When you’re not at fault, please do not worry. Make sure to keep supporting documents handy in case you’re laid off due to no fault of your own. Make sure to apply for Unemployment Insurance in case you’re asked to leave and feel free to write back to us here.

  21. I have 14 weeks left of benefits and was set to start a new temp position last week when my parents were in a bad auto accident. My mom was in a coma. I called to delay my start date and the temp agency just cancelled the assignment. They were also my parting employer when I applied for benefits. I just certified and it says my benefit amount is zero. Do you think the staffing place reported me as having refused work? I’ve had no notifications. Thanks.

  22. I will be transitioning from the Military and there will be a few month long gap before I am able to begin working again at a Federal Job. Can I draw unemployment during the in between time?

    • David,

      You should be as long as the exit was due to involuntary reasons. Please call the Unemployment Office for more.

  23. I recently filed for unemployment on week January 13th online and didn’t realize I had to go to Michigan works until following week by then due to Michigan weather office nearest me was shut down for two days and our county put on Emergency severe weather. My truck wouldn’t start cause it was so cold so Friday February 1st I drove to the next open agency which was 2 days late for registration will this did qualify me I got paper that says it does what should I do please help TIA

    • Christie,

      I don’t think this should disqualify you from filing a claim. Please let the authorities know about your situation and they should oblige.

  24. I made a claim over two weeks ago and it says I need to register at michigan works which I did a few days ago. Was wondering how long its going to take for my claim to verify that I have registered at michigan works.

    • Brad,

      Please wait for 7-10 business days at least. If you don’t hear within this timeline, make sure to chase regularly until you have a concrete update.

  25. I have been carrying 3 jobs for years, 1 full time job, which carries my benefits, and 2 part time jobs that do not offer benefits.. I was recently terminated from the FT job that carried my benefits. Can I claim unemployment even though I still have the other jobs?

  26. i worked full time in Michigan for 37 straight years was laid off dec of 2017 how long am i able to collect unemployment benefits the person i talked at unemployment office said 20 weeks i understood it to be 52 one full year?

    • Gregg,

      A claimant can collect up to 26 weeks of regular benefits. the length of benefits is determined during the processing phase.

  27. I worked for a factory from October 2014 to November 2016. I quit because they were scheduling me to work for 7 days a week for 7 to 8 months straight out of a year. In August of 2016, I returned to college to get my bachelor’s degree full time. I am also still enrolled in college full time. I have been out of work since November 2016 despite my attempts to find at least a part time job to help me while I’m in school, but I’ve been turned down at all the places I have applied to. Am I eligible to receive unemployment because I am in college to finish my computer science degree and my efforts to find a job have been unsuccessful for over a year?

    • Kit,

      From the details provided, it’s highly unlikely that you will qualify. Please call the Unemployment Office.

  28. My employer has decided to move my current office-based job to Arkansas and they are closing the office in one week. My employer has said my job will now require me to drive each day to various locations in SouthEastern Michigan. I will not be able to maintain this position. I’m very upset – I’ve worked hard for the company and now I don’t know what to do.
    Can I reject the new role they have offered me and still receive unemployment benefits?
    Or do I have to take this job and try to make it work, until they end up firing me for failing to perform well?
    I was only given 3 days notice on this change – and I’m frantic.

    • Linda,

      Generally, if you quit under such circumstances, it can be considered voluntary. However, there are exceptions. Before resigning, please speak to the Unemployment Office in your state to inquire about your eligibility.

  29. The employee quit work for another job. And got fired from new job within a month. Now has filed employment through our company. Can he be eligible through our company?

    • Purina,

      As far as I am aware, he may not be eligible from your company. Please call the Unemployment Office in your state for clarification.

  30. hi can you get benefits for bring a teacher aid. no payment during the summer months. not sure if job is there come the new school year. last pay ck is the last day of school.

    • Kris,

      Seasonal employment does not generally qualify. Please call the Unemployment Office to inquire further.

  31. I worked in upstate Michigan from February, 2015 through August, 2016. My company placed me in California from then through January, 2017. I was placed on leave without pay on February 3, 2017. I have not been laid off. Work will probably not start until late fall 2017. Am I eligible for Michigan Unemployment?

    • If you’re under a contract or seasonal employment, you may not qualify.

      Please call the Unemployment Office for clarification.

  32. My unemployment benefits from a previous job expired in May(required to use an older employer and not the most recent one.) The benefit year renews in July would I be able to reapply for unemployment using the most recent job?

    • If you have benefit weeks left in your account, you should be able to claim the rest.

      Please call the Claims Center to find out more.

  33. I recently quit my job and have text proof that if I stayed longer than I wanted to, they would not contest my unemployment. I left the company due to a hostile work environment. Owners were sleeping with employees, one was combative toward me, hard drugs were being used while in the office with prostitutes and much more!The company was splitting up and I was told I would be fired once I was used to train the new owner the front office anyway. I applied for unemployment & they contested anyway. I sent them multiple screen shots of text messages showing the admission of drug use and also the agreement that was made. One boss, is not “insinuating” that I should feel lucky as he is not pressing charges for me forging his name on checks. However, I ONLY did so with instruction from him himself & EVERY TIME I told him I was not comfortable doing so, but in fear of losing my only source of income to pay the mortgage, I did as he asked. Does he have grounds to stand on? & What are my chances of receiving unemployment benefits now that they were contested? I was told that I will receive an answer from UIA as to whether I have been approved, denied or if they are sending the “Documented info to upper management for further investigation.”

    • I am sorry to hear about the ordeal. From what you’ve written, you should be eligible. If they deny initially, make a stronger case and file and appeal. Make sure to produce all possible documentary evidence including a timeline of events to support your stance.

  34. I just filed for my first two weeks of unemployment earlier this week and have not received my payment – how do I check on that?

    • You can either check online, on the department’s website by logging in or by calling the Claims Center on the phone numbers provided.

  35. Last month my employer called me. Stated someone with my previous name and social security number has submitted a claim for unemplyment benefits. I called and left a LONG message at the fraud hotline. The hotline states that they don’t have to acknowledge anything. So who knows if they are doing anything with my fraud claim. I also called the main number. They new instantly something was incorrect. The address I gave them was wrong. That stopped any talking to me. You would think that this would send warning flags to the system. I also field a police report. My employer called and spoke to a person that took information and requested that I also call the fraud hotline. My employer also returned the paperwork stating that this was fraud and that I was employed. A month has now passed. My employer (yes I still working) received another claim from the same person using my name and SS#. Employer called again. Stated again this was fraud. The state has no recollection of any phone calls or paperwork. They have been paying this person!! What else can a person do to stop this??

    • I can understand your frustration. Please see if you can visit the nearest Unemployment Office for a real time update.

  36. I suffered an on the job injury in Dec. of 2014 and was collecting Comp until I returned in March of 2015. Effective 4/1/16 my position as a Shipping Auditor was combined into a full shipping associate. The company did not “due away with the duties” of the Auditor position, however, it was no longer considered a separate job listing rather instead was merged into the full shipping position meaning anyone and everyone in that department would be required to cross train and work all areas. Because of my injury, I can not lift the additional weight or twist turn and bend at the rate the new position would require. (a doctor confirmed this diagnosis) As a result I was sent home where I collected 18 weeks of short term disability. At the end of the 18 weeks, I was “let go”. It’s my understanding it is listed as a termination on their records and they have stated they will fight any unemployment claims just as they have fought all requests for additional comp claims. I did secure a temporary contract in an office job within the first week of being let go, but that contract is set to expire in the next 2 weeks. I have no issues in my file, the only justification they have for ending my employment is that they did away with my position (even though they claim it’s still there). Based on the estimation calculator even though I have worked the last 5 months in the Temp position, it will be the factory I was let go from that unemployment will look at. Do you think this is going to create an issue with my unemployment claim?

    • It may have a bearing when you file for Unemployment Compensation.

      Please call the Unemployment Office for further details.

  37. I lost my job because I was incarcerated. I worked the job as a temporary worker till I got hired in a permanent position. I filed for unemployment now that I’ve done that their saying adjudication pending I’ve been waiting since August 15 I’ve already got determination letter in the mail for my benefits so how long do I have to wait for adjudication process and does this mean I get approved or denied?

  38. I’m Trumon smith I’m trying to apply for unemployment I got fried from my job Yes it was my fault but I was the best worker there and I felt like I’m owed

    • I can understand your situation.

      Unfortunately, you will not be eligible since unemployment insurance is only extended to those who become unemployed due to involuntary reasons.

  39. I was placed on administrative leave from my position for 3 months, and not paid, for mental health issues. I have returned to work, with extensive financial impact. Can I claim unemployment benefits for that time off work?

    • I made an error I input 19,000 instead of 190.00 for earnings reported on the
      bi- weekly certification
      of course that amount exceeds my awarded amount
      I didn’t receive a payment for that week:/
      What can I do ?
      Will it result in me receiving my payment ?

      • Brittany,

        Please check the payment status online and if there are any discrepancies, please call the Unemployment Office.

    • Voluntary reasons are generally not considered. Please call the Unemployment Office in your state for further details.

  40. I recently had a miscarriage at work, was forced to wait there for hours until someone came to relieve me to go to the hospital. The medication my doctor has me on has affected my performance slightly as my body adjusts to it. As a result, my boss has suspended me. I am not sure how long I am suspended for, but I am a salary worker, and my recent paycheck is not for my salary. She claims I am still employed with the company, but she took my keys to the store (that I am the store manager of) told me to stop taking my medication and “get it together” Am I eligible for any help?

    • You can be eligible to draw Unemployment Benefits if you quit due to hostile working conditions.

      Please speak to the Unemployment Office in your state before making a decision in this regard.

  41. I moved back to Michigan from AZ I received unemployment from AZ and it is my last week I worked in MI for over 30 years can I collect unemployment for MI the last day I worked in MI was October 1 of 2007 1

    • To be eligible, you’re required to have active employment in the last 4-5 calendar quarters.

      Please use the Benefits Calculator available on this site to check.

  42. I had 2 emergency spine surgeries Dec. 2015 I work for Home Depot FT been there 13 yrs. same position I DO NOT have any Disability benefits due to them denying me 3 yrs. ago due to me just having a hysterectomy. I filed application with State of Michigan Unemployment for some help (Reduced # of hours) one of my customers told me that I would be eligible. I have provided all the information they have asked of me and they say I am ineligible due to “Lack of evidence showing I am able to work FT” I don’t get it, I wouldn’t need help if I could work FT but because of my medical condition (comfort level) standing, sitting, no lifting, limited mobility, etc… My job entails a lot of lifting, standing on concrete, can not really sit to do any job there for more then 5 minutes. I am very sore and hurting a lot after 2-3 hrs of work and it takes me 1 day just to recover from that. UIA online system is horrible I have sent them numerous messages trying to figure out what exactly is wrong with my claim and I don’t even get a direct answer back NO HELP! Resolution center is 2 1/2 hrs drive and in my condition an hour in the car is all I can handle. Help me please.

    • Well, the rule is quite simple. UI benefits are only available to those who are able and available to work.

      If you’re present health conditions are related to the job, you can consider applying for benefits under the Workers Comp scheme.

  43. I was denied benefits based on not making enough money. I had a job which I put my 2 week notice in and was fired that day. I was able to get unemployment for a 2 week time span up until my 2 week notice would have kicked in. I started my new job which I was then fired from. Because I didn’t make enough money for s certain time span I was denied. To have I have a case to fight the denied?

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