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Michigan Unemployment Job Search Requirements

Michigan wants that you engage in an active work search for each week you are claiming unemployment benefits. You must contact a minimum of two employers per week, and report the details and results of each work search effort online or on form. Complete and submit this form on a monthly basis via mail, fax, online or an in-person visit to a Michigan Works Agency (MWA) location.

State Law further provides that your work search effort is subject to random audit. To maintain benefit eligibility, you are advised to maintain records reflecting your attempts to secure employment, e.g., copies of mailed documents, emails, and other online confirmation.

The following information must be completed on the Work Search form in order to continue to receive benefit payments.

  1. Week Ending Date
  2. Date of Contact
  3. Name of Employer
  4. Employer Address/Online Location
  5. Name and Title of Person Contacted
  6. Method of Contact
  7. Type of Work Applied
  8. Results

You must submit your completed work search online by logging into your CWAM account, which can be located on the UIA home page at or by mailing or faxing your completed work search to:


14333 Woodrow Wilson

Detroit, MI 48238-2812

Fax Number: 1-517-636-0427

If you have any questions about this form or work search requirements, call 1-866-500-0017 (TTY customers use 1-866-366-0004) between 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM (Eastern Time) Monday through Friday.

  1. If one week I submit an application and the next week someone calls for phone interview, can I record that as a contact for work search, or do I need to attempt to contact a different employer to meet the contact criteria?

  2. I have the same question as Steve (12/5/17) – I was offered a job and ceased contacting other potential employers while moving forward with pre-employment activities; physical, background check/fingerprinting, etc., and was denied the week. I protested and was again denied. I want to appeal the determination. It feels inappropriate to fill out applications for roles that I would not be willing to accept only to be able to fill out the contacts form. How do I approach the appeal?

    • Amy,

      There is a thin line between being eligible and otherwise. If you were asked to leave because of findings against you during the background checks, you might not be eligible.

  3. I received and accepted a job offer two weeks ago. The past two weeks I have been processing paper work, drug screening and waiting for a start date so I have not been contacting other employers. When I submitted by claim on line yesterday, I answered that I have not been actively seeking work the past two weeks and was provided a message I would be receiving email asking for clarification. Is the paper work and drug screening activity considered part of the work search?

    • Steve,

      I am not sure of an answer to your question. Please call the Claims Center and speak with a representative for further instructions.

  4. I report my job searches on line in for the state of Michigan. Am I still required to submit a job search form to the local MWA office?

    • Julie,

      Submitting forms through a single channel should be sufficient. Please call the Claims Center for clarification.

  5. Quit my job of 15 years due to a break down in communications in the office. I was the asst to the president of company. As he tried to cut back on his work load his son became Vice President. The office manager / human resources person continually told other employees about my private business including the tragic death of my son 3 years ago. On more than one occasion I went to my boss (the president) and expressed my concern at what was happening and how it made me feel. He took no action and the communication between has suffered. I felt I had no other choice but to find new employment. After less than 2 weeks at this new job I realized I was in over my head and decided to leave. I have not even received a paycheck from the new company. Would I be able to collect unemployment from the first job that I was at for 15 years.

    • Charmaine,

      You can be eligible to claim UI benefits for quitting due to hostile work environment. Please consider applying and make sure to keep supporting documents handy in case of a dispute from your employer.

  6. Worked for State of Mi for 19 years,terminated for falsifying an entry in log book unintentionally and without malice,am I eligible for unemployment?

    • You can if you’re able to prove your innocence if there is a dispute raised by your employer.

      Please consider applying for it.

  7. If I was in an auto accident that caused my company not to be able to insure me and laid me off as a result, am I eligable?

  8. I have been trying to Fax my work search summaries to FAX # 1-517-636-0427 with no success. Please advise if I can FAX it to another FAX #. or if there is another alternative. I am worried because I will be calling MARVIN on Wednesday morning.

    Thank you
    Rene Montilla

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