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Minnesota Unemployment Benefit Questions

How does working affect my benefits?

In the state of Minnesota, you are not eligible for benefits in any week you work 32 or more hours or when your gross earnings for the week are equal to or greater than your weekly benefit amount. If you have a part-time job where you work fewer than 32 hours a week and your earnings are less than your weekly benefit amount, you are entitled to a partial benefit amount. Check if you are eligible for unemployment benefits.

Will I receive unemployment benefits when my hours vary week to week?

If the number of hours that you work varies from week to week, you should request benefits every week. Report the gross earnings and hours you worked each week. The system will automatically determine your eligibility and the amount.

How much will I receive as benefit amount?

The weekly benefit amount is about 50 percent of a person’s average weekly wage up to a state maximum of $717.
A determination of Benefit Account showing your weekly benefit amount and the total amount of benefits available will be mailed to you after you submit an application. The determination does not necessarily mean you are eligible for benefits. A decision regarding your eligibility for benefits will be made and mailed to you at a later date.

  1. I have worked for the same company for the past 4+ years full time. I was an employee for the majority of that time until July 2022 and then have worked as a contract employee for the past 5.5 months. My contract was terminated due to cost cutting. Since the time frame for unemployment determination is the past 18 months, could I still be eligible to get Unemployment Benefits based on the year that I was an employee in that 18 month determination period?

    • Hi, Victoria – in Minnesota, it looks like only your full-time employment wages may be used to calculate your eligibility and benefit amount. If you were paid as an independent contractor and classified as self-employed, those earnings cannot be used in computing your unemployment benefits.

      However – if your employer treated you as an independent contractor, but you believe your working relationship and responsibilities were those of an employee, or are not sure, you can complete the Wage and Employer Correction sheet included with your Determination of Benefit Account. Include a brief description of your job situation with this employer, along with a note regarding the type of work you did and how you were paid. A department auditor may contact you and your former employer before the customer service specialist determines your status.

  2. I started receiving my S S benefits at age 70 and continued working for the same company. The company has ceased operations and now I’m unemployed. How will my S S benefits affect any unemployment benefits I would be eligible for?

    • Hi, Patrick – your Social Security benefits will have no effect on your unemployment benefits. You are allowed to collect both at the same time. Collecting unemployment insurance does not prevent you from receiving Social Security retirement benefits or vice versa.

  3. Applied for UI my application was accepted giving me eligibility I have requested payments for 2 weeks now and it’s telling me that I’m not eligible I’ve tried calling right at 8am each day but the phone line goes to a busy single NEED HELP THANKS

  4. With the new unemployment rules, can those people that work at churches and get laid during this time off get benefits now?

    How about those that lost their jobs before the outbreak, were denied benefits, and are still unemployed during the outbreak? Does this change their status?

    • Jim,

      There is little clarity on this. Please go ahead and visit the Unemployment Office website and also consider applying.

    • Steve,

      If your college commitment hampers the ability to work and earn full-time, you may not be eligible. Please call the Claims Center for specific assistance.

  5. my company is shutting down 12-31-2018. I was out on medical leave oct 2017 thru may 2018. I was paid long term disability fron jan 2018 until my return in May 2018 . I have been with the company for 11 years . since I do not have a full 12 calender month pay to for my base pay calculation. Will the extended base pay criteria apply ?

    • Joan,

      I am not completely sure of how it works in this case. I suggest you call the Unemployment Office to ascertain the determination methodology.

  6. Currently unemployed and collecting unemployment. My parents want to start to hand out the inheritance in monthly increments of $2000.00. This is higher then the monthly unemployment payment times 12 months. Legally they can hand out a certain amount of money each yr. Can I collect this wonderful gift or do I have to turn them down at this time?

  7. I was laid off after 34 years and was on unemployment started collecting in Jan-March. I then started a contract job from 3/20 – 7/20 and that will end on 7/20. However they have a position they have targeted for me to do and that won’t start till mid August. Will I be able to collect unemployment for those 3 or 4 weeks till they rehire me as a contractor?

    • Kay,

      I am not sure if contract workers in your state are eligible since employers’ do not usually pay unemployment taxes for contract workers. Please call the Unemployment Office.

  8. Question on benefits eligibility. I have claimed benefits earlier this year but have been working since for a construction company. The company is going to be shutting down for a week and they don’t offer vacation or PTO accrual so that isn’t an option to be used during this time off. So it will be a week without pay at not fault of my own since I would work if they would allow me to. They will resume a regular work schedule after this week off. Would I be eligible to apply for benefits for the week they are shut down?

    • Cathy,

      I am not sure if you qualify for scheduled off from work. Please call the Unemployment Office in your state to ascertain eligibility.

    • Shannon,

      You may not be able to claim retrospectively. Please use the “Benefits Calculator” available on this website to ascertain eligibility.

  9. can i collect unemployment if i quit because they took a week of vacation hours away in which i have earned, i have worked for 25 years in which i am entitled to 6 weeks vacation in which they are taking 1 week away now.

    • You may not be eligible since unemployment insurance is only extended to those who become unemployed due to involuntary reasons.

      Please contact the Unemployment Office for clarification.

  10. I fractured my wrist on 9/1/17 and my employer told me I can’t return to work until I have zero restrictions. I am a PCA through a Home Health Company. I will be out for 3 months maybe more. Do I qualify for Unemployment benefits? Thank you!

  11. If my son works for a company less than one near at full-time status is he eligible for unemployment?

    • Dana,

      Part time jobs do not generally qualify. Please ask your son to inquire with the Unemployment Office.

  12. I was injured on the job my employer has given my position to another driver. I am now a relief driver/ warehouse , the warehouse job pays less so I refused to do that job as I was hired as a full time driver. now that I am not full time am I eligible for benefits for the days I don’t work.

  13. I was recently laid off but will receive a severance of several months pay. I have offers to sell for other companies on a 100% commission basis. how does income(or lack of income) during the severance period affect my ability to get benefits once my severance period is used up?

    • It should be declared at the time of applying for UI benefits once the Severance Pay period is over.

      To know the exact nature of impact in the future, please speak to the Unemployment Office in your state by calling them.

  14. I lost my job May 18, 2016 but today is July 8. I didn’t think I could file because I was fired but I have not found employment since and I am now 2 months behind in my mortgage so I am scared. Will they back date if I am deemed eligible?

    • You can still be eligible to apply.

      Please use the Benefits Calculator available on this site to determine benefits.

  15. I drive a school bus. When the school year ends I will no longer be needed. Am I eligible for benefits in this case?

    • Seasonal employment such as being employed in educational institutions does not qualify due to obvious nature of work.

      Please check further with the unemployment office in your state.

  16. I work for a small company that I own 10% of the stock. If the company goes out of business can I still get unemployment benefits?

    • You can be eligible as long as your employer is paying the relevant taxes.

      Please confirm with your employer.

  17. My previous account balance from last year ran out today but my assumed account date is 12/06/15, I made 50000 this summer do I still have to wait till previous account date ends to open a new claim?

  18. I lost my job after 18 years on May , 2015 they gave me a severance package that ended at the end of July 2015. I accepted a new job on July 6, 2015 but I feel I can not continue this new employment for the following reasons:
    1. Driving 2 hrs per day vs 1 hr per day at my pervious job
    2. Working 6 days per week vs 5 days per week at my previous job
    3. putting in 10 hrs more per week earning 50,000 per year vs 72,500
    4. Insurance premiums $1600 month for family coverage vs $1490/mo COBRA
    My question is I feel I need to spend my time looking for a higher paying position or a job closer to home will I be eligibal for Unemployment if I quit this job?

  19. I recently left my job for a “better” position. Now, 2 weeks into the job I find I have made a mistake. I am negotiatiing to get my old position back. If I am unsuccessful, am I eligible for UEI?????

    • UI benefits are extended to those who are unemployed involuntarily. Please be extra cautious before you leave the new job.Try to negotiate better terms with your manager.

  20. My daughter has worked for a Minnesota employer for the past 1 year. She had a seizure at work 3 months ago and cannot go back to work until she is seizure free
    for 3 months. 1 week ago today (12/5/13), she had another seizure. Can she collect employment to support herself for the past 3 months and the future? I would appreciate any information & knowledge you could provide for us. Thank you for your assistance.

  21. My employer has sent me a release form, offering severance pay through year end, in return for my waiving rights to unemployment benefits. Is this legal for him to do?

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