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Minnesota Unemployment Job Training

Reemployment assistance training programs are available for those who need training to be reemployed. The programs are intended to help workers who are unemployed due to:

  • Outdated skills
  • An occupation in decline
  • Competition from foreign imports
  • An inability to work in their usual occupation

A dislocated worker counselor or a reemployment assistance representative at a WorkForce Center may recommend a training program to you, or you may already know the training you need to become reemployed.

A reemployment assistance representative will consider a number of factors when determining if a training program is the best approach for you to obtain suitable employment in the least amount of time. Factors that will be considered include:

  • Your current skills, physical capabilities, work experience, level of education and past training
  • Your prospects for obtaining suitable employment given your current skills compared to your employability following the training
  • Description of the training program (academic/vocational nature of the training, curriculum, length, etc.)
  • Current labor market conditions
  • Work opportunities projected to be available at the time the training will be completed

You may be required to attend a Reemployment Session at your local WorkForce Center. WorkForce Centers help job seekers find employment, help businesses find workers and help anyone at any stage explore and plan careers

There are nearly 50 WorkForce Centers statewide. Each offers a knowledgeable staff to guide you and provides essential tools to make your job search a success. Best of all, most services are free of charge.

Looking for work is your full-time job while you are receiving unemployment benefits. Finding your next job may be a challenge. How people look for work and the labor market are always changing. Reemployment assistance is available to make certain that you have the tools you need to get back to work quickly.

If you are scheduled to attend a Reemployment Session:

  • Attendance is mandatory
  • Failure to attend will result in denial of benefits
  • You will be notified in a letter mailed to you, through messages in your online account and when accessing your account on the phone
  • You will also receive a message on your account requiring you to complete a Job Search Self-assessment and a Work Search Plan

WorkForce Center staff will help you:

  • Assess your job seeking needs
  • Prepare a reemployment plan

Resources and workshops are available at no cost and include help with:

  • Resume writing
  • Interviewing
  • Other job seeking activities

Check the work center site to know how you can get some help in getting back to work.

  1. If I quit my job of over 5 years for personal reasons can I immediately enter UE job training while also receiving UE benefits in the meantime?

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