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Minnesota Unemployment Phone Numbers

In Minnesota, the two ways to apply for unemployment insurance benefits are –

  • Online
  • By phone using the Applicant Self-Service System.

To apply online visit here. Applying online or webclaim is the easiest way with fast response.
Hours of operation: 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday, except on holidays.

By phone choose English, Spanish, Hmong, Somali:

  • Twin Cities area: 651-296-3644
  • Greater Minnesota: 1-877-898-9090
  • TTY (for the hearing impaired): 1-866-814-1252

Hours of operation: Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., except on holidays.
You can reach a customer service representative by calling the automated phone system:

How do I appeal?
You will be given a chance to appeal in case you were denied unemployment benefits or termed ineligible.
Appeals must be filed electronically, by mail, or fax within the timeframe specified on the determination or correspondence to be appealed. Instructions for filing an appeal are printed on all applicant and employer determinations.

  • Information Line (no appeals accepted here): 651-296-3745
  • TTY-Teletypewriter for the deaf and hard of hearing: 1-866-814-1252

  1. I might need to apply for unemployment next month however I have been working part time with a delivery service and wondered if that would affect my payment and how. Would I just need to let you know how many hours I worked and what I made in salary and would you subtract that from what would receive?

    Thank you,

    • Katrina,

      To be eligible to claim UI benefits, you’re required to have stipulated earnings and hours. Please use the calculator available on this website to ascertain eligibility.

  2. Should I answer yes or no when asked if I am actively looking for work? I was out of work due to a positive Covid test. It is a rule at my work that we stay out 14 days after a positive test. There is a question on the online form for unemployment benefits request that asks “have you been actively seeking employment”. I answered no because I will be going back to work after the 14 day quarantine. Now I am under review and have not received my benefits. I try to call but am put on hold for super long periods of time which I cannot wait as I need to go to work. If I answer yes to “have you been seeking employment” then the site asks all sorts of questions about when, who and what employment I have been actively seeking.

  3. cant get ahold of any representative.. phone line just ring to busy tone and hangs up.. been trying for 2 days. how am i suppose to get ahold of the unemployment office. Phone #651-296-3644 busy just busy for 2 days straight,, called 651-296-6141 automated line that states high call volume, call cant be completed and hangs up. so how am i suppose to contact them???

    • Jennifer,

      We understand this might be a difficult time for you. We’re anticipating a shortage of staff across unemployment offices due to the massive surge in UI applications considering the pandemic. We advise against calling or visiting the office, as you may not get a response instantly.

      Your state may have activated “Extended Benefits (EB)” authorized by the federal government. We recommend you apply for UI benefits online. For more information, please visit your state’s official Unemployment website.

  4. I have emailed a few times, with no acknowledgement. I have been trying to speak to a real person, all lines are automated?? All my payments are being held as I can’t come to appt. times listed, and also want to change location. : ad a conversation with a man named Jeff, who by the way was extremely, extremely rude and very condescending on an earlier date. I wanted to just reschedule my appointment date, and also change the location to the Brooklyn Park location. I figured that would not be a problem, as in the letter I received it mentions that the meeting is mandatory but may be rescheduled. This Jeff, ( I apologize he would not give last name ), just flew off the handle for no reason. Asking where I would be, what I would be doing, can’t I change it, etc.! Which actually is none of his business. He ended up hanging up on me. Now I still need to reschedule for some reason in order to request payment, but the site will not let me change the location. I will reschedule when I am able to at the Brooklyn Park location. I mentioned ” for some reason” because I truly don’t know why I’ve been selected for this meeting again. I was laid off due to company being sold and restructuring. Unfortunately the same thing happened years ago as well. I did go to one of these meetings, and truly appreciate what they are trying to do. I believe to give people pointers on interviews, resumes, etc. although isn’t needed at this time. I would rather free up the time to someone that is truly in need. Not everyone is made to do this, ( the other few that were laid off with me have never received this type of request, so if that could be explained as well, it would be appreciated.) Sorry this message is kind of long, apparently email is not available? Thanks for your time! Cynthia Cress

    • Cynthia,

      I can understand your situation. Please consider visiting an office (if feasible) in the vicinity for a quicker resolution.

      Best Wishes!

    • Jeffrey,

      Please note this is a private forum and we do not have access to your claim details. Please visit the website to find additional phone numbers.

  5. I am retired from my career job. I took a full time job and have now been told after several years we are all being laid off, because the company is loosing money and another company will be hired to provide the service. Can I get unemployment benefits if I am getting retiree benefits from my career job?

    • Glenn,

      If you’re able and available for work, please go ahead and speak to the Unemployment Office regarding claiming monetary benefits. You may be required to meet other eligibility criteria as well.

  6. Is someone entitle to unemployment insurance in the state of MN if they are unable to work construction job due to cold weather. (not a long term situation ~ but unable to work a day or two here and there due to cold weather) There fore this person would be filing for a day or two vs long term)

    The employee has not been laid off, quit or fired.

    • If you are able to work and are available to work, yes.
      You do qualify for unemployment benefits, but you do need to apply to be eligible.
      Are you looking for full time work now? Have you looked at North Central Utility in N. Mankato, Mn?

  7. I ran out of unemployment a couple of weeks ago. I still have not been able to find a new job. From what I understand you are unable to extend benefits. Are there any other options that might be available?


    • Andrew,

      I suggest you call the Unemployment Office in your state to know about the availability of state provided extension and to explore other options.

  8. I have an opportunity to work on contract work for 3 weeks. I’m waiting for my UI claim to be processed. If I take this work, will that mess up my claim?

  9. I keep trying to get my benefits . filling out all issues multiple times. please help

    jim 612-423-5404

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