Apply For Benefits-Missouri

Apply for Unemployment Benefits via call

CALL: 573-751-9040 if you belong to Jefferson City RCC (Regional Claims Center). Outside Local Calling Area #: 800-320-2519. Kansas City RCC can be reached at 816-889-3101 or 800-320-2519. Springfield RCC can be reached at 417-895-6851 or 800-320-2519. St. Louis RCC can be reached at 314-340-4950 or 800-320-2519.
Note:Monday and Tuesday are our busiest days. You may experience an extended wait. For faster service, call later in the week. Waiting until later in the week to file your initial claim for benefits will have NO effect on the beginning, or effective, date of your claim.

  1. Cumberland NJ Unemployment Center kept me on hold for 2 hours; I finally had someone answer my call, after providing my information and question regarding the status of my NJ Unemployment Claim the representative disconnected my call.

  2. Excellent list of things to help execute better. Even taking 3 or 4 of these that one does not currently utilize could help immensely.

    1. How did you calculate the total weekly Illinois benefit of $1495? Also, why isn’t Washington and Minnesota listed in your top 5 states with the highest paid unemployment insurance compensation?