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Missouri Unemployment Benefit Questions

How much will I be paid in Missouri?

Your weekly benefit amount (WBA) is 4 percent of the average of your two highest quarters in the base period (highest quarter and second highest quarter, quarter/2 x 0.04 = WBA). Missouri’s maximum WBA is $320.

Your maximum benefit amount (MBA) is the most you can receive in your benefit year. It is 20 times your WBA or one-third of your total base period wages, whichever is less. When calculating, your quarterly earnings are limited to 26 times your WBA.

Can I work part-time and receive benefits?

Yes, you may receive some UI benefits for a week if you work less than full time. You must continue to look for and be able to work full time. You must report your gross wages (wages before deductions) earned each week and not just take home pay.

The benefits paid when working less than full time will be reduced: Take your weekly wages, subtract $20 or 20 percent of your weekly benefit amount (WBA), whichever is greater. That amount is your deduction, which will be subtracted from your WBA and rounded down to an even dollar amount.

Would an individual be eligible to receive unemployment benefits if they relocated and left their job because their military spouse was called to serve elsewhere?

No, the law only applies to relocations with the spouse to a new residence.

Can I Keep my Unemployment If I Move From Tennessee to Florida?

If you worked in Tennessee and then move to any other state, you could potentially still receive unemployment benefits for the amount of time that you are eligible. Where you currently reside does not matter when it comes to receiving unemployment benefits. The important thing is that you are eligible for benefits from the Tennessee unemployment insurance system. You also have to make sure that you continue looking for work while you are in Florida.

  1. I have been filing for about seven weeks. Each week says pending issue/denied. How long does it take for the pending issue to get resolved?

  2. I am having trouble with my unemployment, I worked on may 24-may 29 but for some reason the online wants me to do three jobs searches for that week. even though I have worked. What can I do, because I call the unemployment office and you cant get through.

  3. FT job will be eliminated making 2000 a month. I have a part time job making 800 a month. Would I be eligible to apply? How does that work.

  4. I lost my job to the company closing on February 10 2017. I had 298 hrs. of vacation accrued. I just filed for unemployment on June 25 2017. Please understand I have never filed for unemployment in my life time! I now understand that I could have been collecting unemployment after my 298 hrs. of vacation expired. Can I back file for the payments of April, May and June of 2017?

    • If you’ve already filed for UI benefits, please call the Claims Center on the phone numbers provided to get precise answers to all your questions.

  5. I left a job due to a bad situation and applied for unemployment. I have been denied. is there a length of time that this denial will be lifted.

    • Please try and understand the reason for denial. Your question is self-answerable on the basis of why the application was rejected.

  6. i quit wal-mart april 4th, i’m now working part time until season picks up. some guy from unemploment said i couldnt draw any unemployment until i pay 1,800 dollars back, could someone please explain this to me

  7. I was approved for benefits and recieved mt card a week ago and claimed 2 weeks and i havent recieved any funds at all and i cant talk to anyone at all

    • Well, we do not have access to your claim information since this is a private forum.

      Please try the phone lines during off-peak hours or explore the option of visiting an Unemployment Office in the vicinity.

  8. I was approved for unemployment on a seasonal job. I work about 6 months out of the year and I have a call back date. A question on my payment request form asked for job contacts I had made and I put 0. Is that correct?

    • Please note this is a private forum and hence we do not have access to claim information.

      You may call the Claims Center for an update on status.

  9. I currently draw Social Security and work part-time. My part-time position has been with a North Carolina company but I have worked in the Kansas City, Missouri area. The company’s contract will be ending due to non-renewal after the end of September. My part-time position will be eliminated. Will I be eligible for Missouri Unemployment?

    • To be eligible for Unemployment Insurance, you should have worked a stipulated number of hours during the base period. The SS drawn can also have an impact when you apply.

      Please call the Unemployment Office in your state for further details.

  10. So as of the 6-21-2016 My boss after three years of working at mid-k beauty supply my boss decides to let me go he stated that he did not think I would be a good fit for the changes that were coming up for new management mind you I just go a raise that prior week I asked him how would he know that if it has not happened yet he stated he just don’t think it would work… So that friday I went to the career office (fec) spent two hours there to set up to where I can find a job. so now that its Sunday in I have to report jobs I only had one job search and I went into the store and asked if they were how would I explain that to the unemployment line to make sure I get my earnings.. Not sure what to do and I don’t want to get anything wrong that would mess up my claim

    • You can call the Claims Center on the phone numbers provided for further information with regard to job searches.

  11. After 10 years with my current company, my position was eliminated. I will receive 10 weeks of severance (doled out every 2 weeks). Do I have to wait until the end of the severance to start collecting unemployment? Would it matter if I got a lump sum at the end?

    • You can only apply after expiry of the severance pay period.

      Please speak to the Unemployment Office in your state for further instructions in this regard.

  12. I lost my job beginning of January 2016, I just received a letter today stating that I have exhausted my benefits. I called the Springfield office and I was told that Missouri only has 12 weeks for unemployment, but it states here there are 20 weeks of unemployment which I haven’t hit yet. I have been looking for jobs everyday and nothing. I had to reduce my work hours due to being in college from 2010 to 2015 and started working full time again June 2015 only to lose my job due to the company cutting back. I have a college degree and over 30 years of work history and this is the first time I have ever been unemployed. I have bills to pay or I will lose my house, car, and be homeless. I have a young child and a disabled husband, are my only chances of receiving any kind of income is filing for welfare? I feel I am being discriminated against because of my age since the people who interview me are old enough to be my child and I’m being forced to take a position that barely pays minimum wage. If I never went to college to get a degree I would still have a full time position with a former employer, but that is not an option now. Any suggestions? Before I have to go to the doctor for antidepression medication.

    • I can understand your situation.

      Well, the only thing I would suggest you would be to rev up job searches and find a high paying job to support the family.

  13. I was working full time until I turned 62. I started drawing ssi but mo. said I can still work. so I have been working part-time since. I’m a professional driver and I will soon be terminated because of medical reasons. can I get part-time unemployment?

  14. If I was fired from a job,and the employer is disputing my claim to receive unemployment benefits..what should I
    do? What is my next step?

    • Please speak to the claims center and present facts and supporting documents.

      If they deny on the basis of employers’ feedback, please ask for an adjudicator.

  15. after 17 years of working for this company i was terminated ,they siad it was misconduct over a mistake on a funeral notice. im almost 53 i have found a job but its only part time and 1/2 of what i was i qualifiy for any benifits under the over 50 age law.

    • You can qualify for UI benefits if wrongfully terminated from the job. If you think the firing was not justified, please apply for UI benefits until you find a job.

  16. I was working full time, my employer dropped me to part time and I am disputing it. So how do i do the claims when they only work me a few hours a week sometimes and other weeks they don’t give me any time?

  17. I have 20 wks. of unemployment benefits and have been looking for work ever sience Aug. of 2015 and nothing yet. Is there any way to get extended benifits when my 20 wks. expire?

    • The E.U.C(Emergency Unemployment Compensation) remains expired. There is no extension available. Please inquire further with the labor authorities in your state by calling them.

  18. The company I work for requires us to work 50+ hours a week and has had this OT requirement on us for many weeks. I physically and emotional can not do it any longer. Can I quit the job and apply for UE benefits?

    • Depends. Generally, voluntary reasons like quitting is not considered. However, hostile situations are taken into account.

      Please call the customer service wing of the labor dept in your state and apply accordingly.

  19. I was on my 90 days probation period, but missed work due to being in the hospital and i was fired. Can i still collect UE?

  20. I left my position this morning due to the general manager throwing papers across the room and screaming at me. I went onto the internet to look for a phone number for Social Security as I need to make an appointment with them. I was on there maybe one minute. He came out and said anything interesting on Social Security. I said I needed to look something up and I was on there maybe one minute. I was very pleasant and in a kidding voice I said to him “don’t get mad, I was only on there maybe on minute.” He went back into his office and picked up a stack of papers and through them hard against the wall or his desk and came screaming out “You want to see me mad now I am really mad!” I burst into tears and left. This is not the first time he has done this and always in front of other employees. This company has no written policies on use of internet and all other employees occasionally look up things they may need. He has never yelled at anyone else in my presence. Can I apply for unemployment based on hostile work environment?

  21. Sir,
    I was terminated from my job due to my position was eliminated as of Jan ’12 in Columbus Ohio. I had a non compete paid salary hrough Aug ’12.I collected unemployment from Aug’12 through Feb’13.I have since moved to Missouri,still seeking employment. My question is ,Can I collect unempolyment? I’m 62 years old and have no salary coming in. Please let me know if I can apply here in Missouri for benefits.
    Thanking you,
    Dale Spalding

  22. I have been informed that my company has no where to put me on the september schedule. i have been a full time employee for them over 6 years. they said i could have a prn position. this position included no medical,life insurance, or paid time off benefits that i am currently receiving. this position,prn, means that they will use my service when necessary and there is no guaranteed hours. now what do i do? is this considered being fired or layed off? they have not said either scenario.

    • Call the unemployment office and initiate a claim. If the employer did not say this change was due to anything you did or did not do, it would appear it is a lay off due to lack of work.

  23. my benefit amount went from 320.00 to 256.00 , was not contacted and wonder why there was a pay cut.. I live in Missouri

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