Missouri Unemployment Office Locations

Filing and determination of eligibility for Unemployment Benefits is handled at the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations, Division of Employment Security (DES). As a requirement of receiving Unemployment Benefits, you may be instructed to go to a Missouri Career Center for 4-week reporting.

Missouri Career Centers only handle reemployment and training. Questions dealing specifically with your Unemployment Benefits must be directed to DES staff.

You can file a claim at one of the Regional Call Centers (RCC) listed below:

Call Canters Contact Information
Jefferson City RCC`
  • Local Calling Area 573-751-9040
  • Outside Local Calling Area 800-320-2519
Springfield RCC


  • Local Calling Area 417-895-6851
  • Outside Local Calling Area 800-320-2519
Kansas City RCC


  • Local Calling Area 816-889-3101
  • Outside Local Calling Area 800-320-2519
St. Louis RCC
  • Local Calling Area 314-340-4950
  • Outside Local Calling Area 800-320-2519

29 thoughts on “Missouri Unemployment Office Locations”

  1. Robert Huffman says:

    My wife and I are live in Property managers of a mobile home community.. We started and moved into the managers apartment in March of 2017. Without warning and with no prior notices we were handed termination notices this morning. Because we live on property we were also given a 3 day eviction notice and told we have until 5pm Friday to get all of our personal property off premises and be out. Is this legal?

    1. Sam says:


      Please note this is a forum on Unemployment Insurance benefits. We’re not knowledgeable in your area of concern. Please consult a lawyer or lookup for a suitable forum on the internet to discuss the situation.

  2. gregg tessitore says:

    where is the closest unemployment office to zip 63144

  3. Todd says:

    Do I have to wait one month from the date of my termination to begin collecting unemployment benefits?

    1. Sam says:


      As far as I am aware, there is no waiting period. You can apply right away.

  4. Brenda says:

    My ex-employer is giving me severance pay but instead of lump sum, they are spreading out to 9 bi-weekly payments,
    how will my unemployment work? should I wait to apply or do I have to report these payments?

    1. Sam says:


      Please wait until the severance payout ends. You can apply towards the end of it.

  5. Gerard LaConte says:

    close unemployment office to Chesterfield, MO 63017

  6. Thomas B Gray says:

    My job is being eliminated some time in January and I will be out of work. I will have vacation & severance pay coming. I also receive Social Security.
    Can I apply for unemployment? What do I need to do?

    1. Martin says:

      You can be eligible to apply for UI benefits after the Severance pay period is over. Most of the states do allow provision of both Unemployment Insurance and SS benefits.

  7. Dave says:

    I was promised insurance when hire a month and a half later they transferre me to another llc they own and said they are not offering insurance they do not have enough ppl that they have to offer it. On the llc I was on they offer and offered it to ppl. Can I get unemployment while I look for a job that offers insurance if I quit.

    1. Martin says:

      Well, if you quit voluntarily, you will not be eligible.

      Please check further with the labor authorities in your state.

  8. Beth says:

    I’m looking for a location close to 63125 I’m interesting in finding information on job training services

    1. Martin says:

      Please call the office phone numbers for precise information.

  9. Kathleen Chandler says:

    How do you know if you are on the legitament sight for filing unemployment and not a crooked one?

    1. Adrian says:

      If you’re writing to us from Missouri and looking forward to filing from there,please use the link below to file online.This is the genuine site.

  10. Shakiel holloway says:

    How Do I get a copy of an unemployment Statement?

    1. Adrian says:

      Check online on the labor dept’s website or call them for further info.

  11. Mary Ann Hoeynck says:

    I am looking for unemployment office closest to the zip code 63129

    1. Adrian says:

      Your claim can be easily managed online. You don’t have to necessarily visit an office.

  12. Arieann Cook says:

    I am receiving benefits and I have went to 2 of my job training programs I no longer have tranportation to make it to my next class that is tomorrow . I don’t want to loose my benefits because of this ‘ I need a number for St. Louis Unemployment office where I can talk to a claim specialist not the weekly claims line

    1. Adrian says:

      Please call on 800-320-2519.

  13. Renae Aguilar says:

    I am looking for a physical office closest to zip code 63116. I already have the phone number. thank you

    1. Adrian says:

      Please call up the help center to find out the closest office. Unfortunately,I do not have the list. If you’re looking at filing for UI or follow up on a claim, you may reach them online or by phone.

  14. Patricia Pollihan says:

    I am looking for the Unemployment Office closest to the zip code of 63011.

    1. Adrian says:

      If you’re in Missouri, please see the list of regional claims centers below.You may call the one closest to you.

      Jefferson City………573-751-9040
      Kansas City…………816-889-3101
      St. Louis………………314-340-4950
      Outside Local
      Calling Area…………800-320-2519

  15. Yvonna Mann says:

    I am looking for the Unemployment office closest to the zip code of 63645.

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