Missouri Unemployment Weekly Claims

After you have filed a new claim, or renewed an existing claim, you will need to file a weekly certification for each week and, if required, you also must search for work.

A claim week begins on Sunday and ends on Saturday. You must wait until the week is over before you make the weekly certification for benefits. Beginning on the Sunday after you file your initial or renewed claim, you should file your first weekly certification. Continue to file each week until you return back to work. You must file your weekly certification within 14 days from the end of the week (Saturday) you are claiming.

Internet: Visit www.moclaim.mo.gov. Make sure you complete the form and receive a confirmation page, or you will have to start again.

Telephone: Call the number for your area RCC. Your call will be answered by the automated (IVR) system. Choose the option of filing a claim, and answer the recorded questions, using 1 for “Yes” and 9 for “No”.

Regional Claims Centers:

  • Jefferson City – 573-751-9040
  • Kansas City – 816-889-3101
  • St. Louis – 314-340-4950
  • Springfield – 417-895-6851
  • Outside Local Calling Area – 800-320-2519
  • Fax Number – 573-751-9730 (This is the central fax number, so make sure to mark the item to the attention of the person to whom you are sending it.)

If you answer a question wrongly, you will be given an opportunity to correct your answer. If you hang up before you hear that your claim has been accepted, you will have to call again and start over.

Whether using the Internet or telephone to file, you may only claim the weeks presented to you, which will not exceed the three prior weeks. If you have any problems or questions, call your area RCC. Once you have completed the weekly filing, you must contact your area RCC to change or correct an answer.

  1. Trying to file weekly claim. Automated service will not let me finish. Gives me the phone number to call. Is there some reason why I can’t finish?

    • It may a temporary technical glitch or you may not be filing during the stipulated hours.

      Please file over the internet or speak to a representative from the Claims Center.

    • You can either call on the phone numbers provided during the designated hours or file online, over the internet.

      The contact details are available on this page.

  2. So, I was laid off on Dec 8th (thursday) and filed on 9th. So I realized I had the ability to put in a weekly claim on sunday, and since I wasn’t totally sure I should do it, I was going to. But my question is.. I had a job I turned down on the 8th after doing a phone interview (not offered the job, it was phone interview 1 of at least 2). Since it was in last week, should I say I did turn down a job and put the info in or is it not relevant since it occured prior to filing my claim?

    Also, two of the questions if I go further and DO put that I turned a job down ask for the job start date and offer date of that job, as if I knew either, it was just a simple phone interview. I am confused! Heh.

    • Please say it was not relevant.

      I am not sure of the series of questions pressed during the telephone call. You may want to call the Claims Center and speak to a representative in this regard.

  3. What does it mean when it states “payment pending due to 10 days AIC”? The phones are constantly busy and I cant reach anyone to find out what the issue is.

    • Well, I am not sure what “AIC” stands for.

      Please keep trying the phone lines, especially during the off-peak hours for a precise update.

  4. hi my name is jesse i was unemployed and i am looking for a job i have family i need to feed and a house i need to pay for please help me find a job. if possible thank you .

    • Jesse,

      Firstly, please consider applying for Unemployment Insurance in your state if you lost the previous job due to no fault of your own.

  5. I’m having trouble filing my weekly claim as there appears to be a problem with the automated system.
    What next?
    Please have someone with authority to file my weekly claim over the phone to give me a call….

    • Please note this is a private forum and hence we do not have access to your claim. You can try filing over the phone or call the authorities if the online issue persists.

  6. do I need to attend any workshops or how do I find out what types of training are available?

  7. I have filed all necessary paperwork and weekly claims but have yet to receive any benefits. I’ve spent 2 hrs waiting on the phone waiting to talk to someone real. Please let me know what else I need to do so I can get some help. Please!

    • Well, this is a private forum and hence do not have access to your claim information.

      Please try the phone during off peak hours or check online, on the official website.

  8. Was told I could get online to file my job claims. Can’t get to the rt site n can’t find where I need to file in the state of missouri

  9. how do I file my weekly job contacts. I tried using the provided link and found myself spinning in circles. It took me nowhere. I tried calling the provided phone number and only got a digital recording that did not answer my question and while I was told to hold to speak to a live person, it disconnected all four times I tried.

  10. I have been filing claims for over 6 weeks I have had a phone interview with a lady from your office my account is set up but still no benefits are being paid to me. I have tryed and tryed to call and still can not get threw to talk to anyone. I need to know yes or no

  11. I had an unemployment claim and I was claiming every week even though I was not getting paid because I owe $81.25 for an overpayment. I tried to pay the amount I owe to start back receiving benefits and was told I am not an insured worker is this correct?

    • If you are self employed or work for an employer who does not pay into unemployment (church, school) it may be true. Call the local office and ask why you are uninsured.

  12. I live in Il and filed the 15th of July electronically. I was not given any information as to how many job applications a week I am required to submit. My number is XXXXXXXXXXXX7137. Would you please notify at your earliest. I have applied a few places this week but was told that the first week it was not necessary. Please advise.
    Ron Blair

    • Hi Ronald,

      Usually, you will be asked to make 3-4 job contacts each week. You were informed of the number of job contacts you must make each week when you filed your claim. You need to start your weekly claims right after filing your initial claim and this is needed for the waiting week as well during which you will not receive any pay.

  13. If I missed filing a week for unemployment and was denied for that week, is there a way to get those weeks’ benefits? I have been filing via my phone as that is the only Internet I have and did not realize I had t filed for that week and when I did, I filed 15 days past. Is the appeals process my option and will I keep future weeks benefits? I’ve been looking through the site but am still not certain.
    Thank you.

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