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Montana Unemployment Application

Unemployment Insurance is a state-federal program that provides temporary cash benefits to eligible workers who are currently unemployed through no fault of their own. Each state administers a separate unemployment insurance program, but all states have to follow the guidelines established by federal law. These benefits are in place only to aid unemployed individuals to survive until they find a new job.

Information Required –

Please keep the following information ready before you move on to the application process:

Personal Information:

  • Your Social Security Number
  • Your current mailing address
  • Your telephone number and/or email address
  • Complete name, address and phone number of all employers you have worked for since 01-01-2012
  • If you wish to have your benefits deposited directly to your bank account, you will need your account number and bank routing number for the account you want your benefits deposited in.

Specific Information:
If you are an ex-military member:
A copy of your DD214, Member 4 will need to be mailed to our office.
Note: You may file an unemployment claim after your discharge date shown on your DD214, Member 4.

If you were a Federal employee:
Your SF8 or SF50 may assist you in filing your claim.

If you obtain work through a union:
The name and local number of your union hall

If you are not a U.S. Citizen:
Alien registration card number and expiration date

How To Apply?

You can apply for Montana unemployment insurance benefits –
Phone –
Unemployment Insurance Claims Processing Center:
(406) 444-2545 Helena or (406) 247-1000 Billings
Hours are 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.
Wednesday hours are from 10:00 am to 4:30 pm.

Fax: (406) 444-2699

More on Montana Unemployment –
Want to know how much you will receive as benefit amount? Calculate your benefits.

Not sure if you qualify for unemployment benefits? Why not have a look at the eligibility requirements for unemployment in the state of Montana.

  1. Upon reading your list of things I must provide I realized that I don’t remember every job I had since 1/1/2012. Is there a way I can look that up on some site or another. I know that every job I had took out taxes so there should be some record of that. I would think you would know. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    • Jennifer,

      I don’t think there is a single authority or a portal which keeps a record of employment of individuals. Perhaps, you can brainstorm and refer to some employment paperwork to draw a connection.

  2. I completed a bachelor’s degree and a very expensive medical internship. I have applied for jobs nationwide and in state. I am signed up with job service along with nationwide recruiters. I have a whole stack of not selected for interview rejection letters. I previously had a good career of over 20 years experience before leaving my career and returning to college to get trained in a different field. Do I qualify for any unemployment?

  3. I was hired one month ago and got temporarily laid off. my employer says that we wont for acouple of days then work for a couple of days. do I qualify for unemployment?

    • Not sure if you will qualify for a temporary job.

      Please check with your employer if they pay relevant taxes into the system that pays unemployment.

  4. If I am “let go” due to health issues (lung disease), for not being able to work on days I can’t breath, can I receive unemployment. I am financially strapped and have filed for disability but am waiting on an answer. My doctors have written letter about my health and ability to work. Thank you very much. Teresa Lenart

    • Unfortunately, personal reasons such as health are not considered. You may not be eligible to receive Unemployment Compensation.

  5. My place of employment no longer offers part time as of this Saturday. I am in school and have two toddlers so both my husband and I working full time is not possible. Will I be eligible for unemployment?

    • Please check further with the Unemployment Office in your state.

      You should be able to apply for partial unemployment benefits.

  6. I am currently employed as a school bus driver as a member of the teamsters union. School is out in June and I will be out of work. I do receive my military retirement check but need additional income. My employment will resume in August. Am I eligible for unemployment during the summer and does my retirement check impact my benefit? Thanks.

    • Seasonal employment does not qualify due to its obvious nature of job.

      Please call the claims center/customer service of the labor dept. in your state for further information.

  7. I manage a corporate owned chain store. The decision was made from above to close my store. At first I was not offered the opportunity to transfer to another store, but now they have extended that offer. The problem is that in order to work at this new location I will have an additional 55+ miles one way to travel to get to it and I do not know if it is financially feasible. If I decline their offer, does that void my eligibility for unemployment benefits when my store closes and I am no longer employed at that location?

    • Depends. It may be considered as voluntary resignation.

      Please inquire further with the labor authorities in your state.

  8. I have had my hours cut in half temporarily at my place of employment of 12 years, due to lack of work. Not sure how long this will be the case, may only be 5 weeks could be longer, I was 40 hours per week now I am 20-22, should I fill out application to apply for partial unemployment?

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