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Montana Unemployment Extension

EUC is a federal extension that provides extra weeks of unemployment benefits after you have run out of regular unemployment benefits. This program is scheduled to last through 2013. Please note that eligibility for EUC is determined by the federal government.

Eligibility for EUC

  • Exhausted all state benefits
  • Not drawing unemployment compensation in Canada
  • You run out of regular benefits no later than December 21, 2013

Current EUC Tiers for Montana

Tier 1 – Upto 14 weeks
Tier 2 – Upto 14 weeks when the unemployment rate is greater than 6%

Please note that, currently Tier 2 benefits are unavailable in Montana.

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  1. Hi, Freda – for how many weeks have you received benefits? In Montana, the typical maximum is 28 weeks, though during periods of high unemployment, you may be able to qualify for additional weeks.

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