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Montana Unemployment Weekly Claims

IMPORTANT: You are the only one who can file for your Montana benefits. Allowing another person to have access to your PIN and file for you is considered fraud.

There are two way to request payment:
On-line or via telephone using the Interactive Voice Response System (IVR) at 444-9800.

Both systems are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

When you go on-line or call the IVR to request payment of benefits, you will be asked questions for each of the weeks you request payment.
You are strongly encouraged to file online as it allows you to review your answers, earnings, etc. to eliminate possible errors which delay benefits.

Here is a list of possible questions which will be asked when you request a claim –

  • Did you quit or get fired from a job this week?
  • Did you take time off or miss scheduled work for any reason this week?
  • Did you look for work this week?
  • If work had been available, were you physically and mentally able to work this week?
  • Were you available to work this week?
  • Did you attend school or were you in training this week?
  • Where you referred for a job interview by Workforce Services (Job Service) this week?
  • If your answer to question 7 is “Yes”, you will be asked “Did you report for the job interview you were referred to by Workforce Services (Job Service) this week?”
  • Did you refuse any work during this week?
  • Enter the total number of hours you worked this week. Do not include hours of paid time off, which includes vacation time, sick time, compensatory time, and personal time off.
  • Enter total earnings for paid time off this week.
  • Enter total earnings for being “on call” this week.
  • Enter the amount of bonus pay received this week.
  • Enter the amount of commission pay received this week.
  • Will you be paid for a holiday that occurred this week?

Please remember to answer all these questions legitimately to avoid fraud.

Also, remember to file for benefits within 7 days of the last week ending date of your bi-weekly filing period. If you don’t file within this time, you will be ineligible for benefits that week.

    • Misty,

      It perhaps means, the UI benefits (money in the account has been exhausted). Please call the Unemployment Office and speak to a rep. for more.

  1. Says send temporary code to email it did send it on two of my attempts to check on my claim now does not send and cannot get in . Why do I need this code?

  2. I missed filing for 2 weeks, accidentally, while I was able 2 file 4 Covid-19 unemployment benefits. I can’t seem to get back 2 these dates 2 apply for these benefits. Can you help me please?…

    • Don’t think you can, says you have a time limit to file each week and lose the money permanently if fail to file. Just use this as a learning experience and be more careful from now on so you don’t miss any more.

  3. I was wondering how to get paid weekly instead of bi-weekly…I have already opened my claim on a bi-weekly basis

    • Ellen,

      Most of the states pay on a weekly basis. Please call the Claims Center to understand more about the payment frequency in your state.

  4. I was excepted for unemployment and I go to do my weekly claim Sunday night and I punch in my s.s. Number then my birthdate then punch start and that’s all the further it lets me go

    • Lance,

      It may be a temporary glitch in the online systems. Please make sure that all the information entered is correct and if you continue facing the same issues, please call the Claims Center for assistance.

  5. Files online claim on 6-25-2014 but can only get “pending” as a response when I log in with my pin? I have a job interview to report plus job search activity since 6-25-2014?
    Ernest F. Biller

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