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Updated : December 17th, 2020

State: Nevada (NV)
Phone Number:(888) 890-8211. The local numbers are (775) 684-0350 for Northern Nevada and (702) 486-0350 for Southern Nevada.
Major Towns:Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas, Reno, Sunrise Manor, Paradise, Spring Valley, Enterprise, and Sparks
Current Unemploymnet Rate in Nevada

Nevada Unemployment Questions

How is the weekly benefit amount calculate?
If you are monetarily eligible, your WEEKLY BENEFIT AMOUNT will be 1/25, or 4 percent of your highest quarter earnings. This amount cannot be more than the maximum weekly benefit amount, which is set by law each year, beginning July 1.

When Does My Claim Start?
Your claim begins the Sunday of the week you first file an Unemployment Insurance claim. Benefits cannot be paid for weeks prior to the beginning Sunday of your claim.

What are wage requirements?

A person must have worked in employment and have sufficient wages within a base period to qualify for the claim. The work must be in "covered" employment, but is not required to be wholly within one state. The vast majority of employers are "covered" employers, but some employment is exempt from coverage, such as work performed for a church, self-employment and work performed for private employers while in the custody of a state correctional institution.

In Nevada, a person must have earned at least $400 in one quarter of the base period, and have total base period earnings of not less than 1-1/2 times the earnings in the highest quarter, OR must have wages in at least 3 of the 4 base period quarters used to calculate eligibility.

If i accept odd jobs or part time work, will i still be eligible for benefits?
You are considered "UNEMPLOYED" in any calendar week during which you performed no work and earned no wages or worked less than full-time and were paid less than your WEEKLY BENEFIT AMOUNT.
You cannot be paid unemployment benefits for any week:
(1) If you worked full-time during the week; or
(2) If you had earnings during the week equal to or more than your weekly benefit amount; or
(3) If you were self-employed during the week, whether or not you earned any money. The amount of time devoted to selfemployment is considered. Please contact the Telephone Claim Center if you have a question and are self-employed less than full-time; or
(4) If you are on a Leave of Absence.

What if I have quit my job or got fired?
Unemployment Insurance is for the benefit of persons unemployed through NO FAULT OF THEIR OWN. Every person has the right to leave any job for any reason. But if it is determined that you quit without good cause or were discharged for misconduct in connection with the work from your last job, you must be denied benefits. If you worked for your employer for less than 16 weeks, the separation from your next-to-last job will also be considered in determining your eligibility. If you were fired,

What If I Get A Pension OR Retirement?
You must inform the Nevada Telephone Claim Center if you receive any pension or retirement payments such as Private employer plans, Annuity, Keogh, Deferred compensation etc. Your unemployment benefits may be reduced if you receive income from any of the sources listed above.

Questions & Answers

  1. I was fired due to excess absence, but that was because I became homeless and could not work from home and during the time I tried working from home I was suffering from abuse . I got a determination of Denied Benefits w/ relief/ , and in the letter it states I’m not entitled to benefits until I return to work in covered employment and earn a certain amount in 10 weeks. What does that determination mean? And what should I do, should I file an appeal? Please help

    1. Riri,

      You may not be eligible since unemployment insurance is only extended to those who become unemployed due to involuntary reasons.

  2. I am receiving UI from California and decided to move to Nevada for economic reasons. What do I need to do to continue receiving my California benefits that are still available? I filed and I have not received any payments or correspondence and it only shows as pending.

    1. Laverne,

      You should be able to, provided your application meets the eligibility criteria. Make sure to declare the income.

  3. I am receiving unemployment benefits and recently began working an on call job, which by the way I do not like. If I quit the on call job and continue to look for FT employment am I still eligible to draw my unemployment?

    1. Lynn,

      I am not completely sure if you can continue receiving UI benefits. Please call the Unemployment Office for clarification.

    2. Good morning, I live in Nevada, I started with a company as full time 40 hour weeks in Feb of this year, as of 3 weeks ago my hours have been cut how long do i have to work minimal hours such as 2-3 days a week before I can collect unemployment or do I have to get fired or let go?

      1. Shea,

        If there is a reduction in full-time hours, you can claim partial UI benefits until hours are restored. Please consider applying.

  4. Where on the internet is there “current” information on trailing spouses? I’m moving from California to Nevada because of my husband’s job, and I want to collect unemployment.

    1. Lorina,

      If you’re resigning from your employment voluntarily to join your husband, you’ll not qualify for UI benefits. Only trailing military spouses are allowed to claim. Please call the Unemployment Office for clarification.

    2. I am not military and I moved from California to Nevada in 2018 and received trailing spouse unemployment. California does not require you to be military. If your husband has a job transfer to Nevada you should be able to collect

  5. My last year of work was 2013. Can I still apply for benefits? I was not able to log into the site to fill out application. Is there any online help via CHAT or otherwise?

    1. Deanna,

      I am not sure if you’re eligible. To qualify, the claimant is required to have active employment and earnings in the last 4-5 calendar quarters. You can call the Claims Center for clarification (phone numbers are available on the official website).

  6. I am having a speaker problem and cannot speak clearly and are confused speaking. I am trying to get on disability. Can I still get unemployment and if not can you tell me what to do until I can get disability? I am still trying to get my diagnoses from my Neurologist.

    1. Robert,

      I suggest you call the Unemployment Office for clarity. UI benefits are only extended to claimants who’re able and available for work.

  7. If I quit a job due to becoming a co-owner of a business then filed for unemployment after a year while still co-owner, am I eligible for unemployment?

    1. Sharron,

      I am not sure about your eligibility under such circumstances. Please consult the Unemployment Office by calling them.

    1. Sheila,

      If you were laid off due to involuntary reasons and looking for employment, you can be eligible. Please declare your pension at the time of applying.

  8. I suffered a mild stroke at the very end of February, 2018. I have been at home, going to various specialists and rehabilitation. I believe my last job was so stressful, it may have been a big factor in having a stroke. Now I feel well enough to return to work, but not at that employer’s office, it is too stressful. Am I eligible to receive unemployment?

    1. Margaret,

      Unfortunately, personal reasons such as health issues are generally not considered. Please call the Unemployment Office.

  9. Im seeking my w2’s frpm a company based out of Pahrump NV, nothing yet… another worker also from salem Oregon says that the last 8 years he has claimed uniployment from NV… I don’t want to claim…. I just want to know if ANY funds have been posted under my SSN within your State and im getting nothing by phone…. wont post company here or my ssn will wait for reply to do so….. I cant actualy file eletronicly…ONLY have dates, but no check stubs as I was paid roughly 18,000 in 5 months in cash but the stubs had deductions…. PLEASE SOME ANSWER TO ME FOR HELP

    1. Good morning I already stablish my claim but is been like 2 weeks and I haven’t received my unemployment card

  10. You will have to file online which Nevada because she works the year in Las Vegas. You can do this online and let him know that you moved out of state looking for work require you still do stop search

  11. I worked in Las Vegas, NV in 2017. I lost my job on 12/23/2017. I moved back to California to live with family in January 2018. Do I file unemployment in Nevada or California?

  12. I am no longer getting unemployment checks, I started new job on November 20th, 2017. I am writing to you to let you know I am working now. If there is anything else I need to do, please call me. I am employed by Home Helpers as a Caregiver. I work part time 30 hours a week at 11.00 per hour. Thank you Charlene

    1. Charlene,

      Congratulations on your new job! Please note this is a private forum and we are not in contact with the authorities. You can stop making weekly claims and that should take care of it. Please call the Claims Center for clarification.

  13. I left a good job for a new job, with promises I would be doing the same thing in this new job as my old job. The only difference was I was going from a part time job to a full time job. They pretty much deceived me on what the job responsibilities were in this new job. I quit that job today, am I entitled to unemployment benefits since the job was not as they described?

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