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State: Nevada (NV)
Phone Number:(888) 890-8211. The local numbers are (775) 684-0350 for Northern Nevada and (702) 486-0350 for Southern Nevada.
Major Towns:Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas, Reno, Sunrise Manor, Paradise, Spring Valley, Enterprise, and Sparks
Current Unemploymnet Rate in Nevada

Nevada Unemployment Questions

How is the weekly benefit amount calculate?
If you are monetarily eligible, your WEEKLY BENEFIT AMOUNT will be 1/25, or 4 percent of your highest quarter earnings. This amount cannot be more than the maximum weekly benefit amount, which is set by law each year, beginning July 1.

When Does My Claim Start?
Your claim begins the Sunday of the week you first file an Unemployment Insurance claim. Benefits cannot be paid for weeks prior to the beginning Sunday of your claim.

What are wage requirements?

A person must have worked in employment and have sufficient wages within a base period to qualify for the claim. The work must be in "covered" employment, but is not required to be wholly within one state. The vast majority of employers are "covered" employers, but some employment is exempt from coverage, such as work performed for a church, self-employment and work performed for private employers while in the custody of a state correctional institution.

In Nevada, a person must have earned at least $400 in one quarter of the base period, and have total base period earnings of not less than 1-1/2 times the earnings in the highest quarter, OR must have wages in at least 3 of the 4 base period quarters used to calculate eligibility.

If i accept odd jobs or part time work, will i still be eligible for benefits?
You are considered "UNEMPLOYED" in any calendar week during which you performed no work and earned no wages or worked less than full-time and were paid less than your WEEKLY BENEFIT AMOUNT.
You cannot be paid unemployment benefits for any week:
(1) If you worked full-time during the week; or
(2) If you had earnings during the week equal to or more than your weekly benefit amount; or
(3) If you were self-employed during the week, whether or not you earned any money. The amount of time devoted to selfemployment is considered. Please contact the Telephone Claim Center if you have a question and are self-employed less than full-time; or
(4) If you are on a Leave of Absence.

What if I have quit my job or got fired?
Unemployment Insurance is for the benefit of persons unemployed through NO FAULT OF THEIR OWN. Every person has the right to leave any job for any reason. But if it is determined that you quit without good cause or were discharged for misconduct in connection with the work from your last job, you must be denied benefits. If you worked for your employer for less than 16 weeks, the separation from your next-to-last job will also be considered in determining your eligibility. If you were fired,

What If I Get A Pension OR Retirement?
You must inform the Nevada Telephone Claim Center if you receive any pension or retirement payments such as Private employer plans, Annuity, Keogh, Deferred compensation etc. Your unemployment benefits may be reduced if you receive income from any of the sources listed above.

Questions & Answers

  1. I recently was asked to furnish a doctors note before i could be put back on the work schedule after leaving early one day to go to the hospital as I was having chest pains and ended up having to go back to the er three days in a row. The hospital referred me to a regular doctor which i have not seen yet. I am still out of work. Can i apply for unemployment?

    1. You will not be eligible since unemployment insurance is only extended to those who become unemployed due to involuntary reasons.

  2. Our company is being sold, can I apply for unemployment before date of sale so there is no lapse in the unemployment and last day of work?

  3. After three years of working for my employer being a Casino Shift Manager one day a week sometimes more and the other days a table games dealer. I was asked to take a drug test, I agreed to. I also informed them that I had smoked marijuana at home two days prior; i live in NV and it is legal for recreational use as of 1/1/17. After informing my employer of this, they said that ” due to my supervisor position they could not keep me. I loved working for this company and wanting to keep my job asked if I could step down from the supervisor position and the response was no. I was never taken for the drug test, nor given any paperwork to sign. I had my phone interview with unemployment and the status of my case says ” denied relief”. What does this mean and what should I do next? Thanks

    1. Please research more about the prevailing employment laws in your state. You can also look up for resources on the internet.

      If you think you have a strong case, please file an “Appeal” and keep supporting documents handy.

  4. If a person is already receiving unemployment benefits, are the benefits affected if the claimant decides to file a claim with the labor commissioner for several employment violations and unpaid wages that occured during employment

    1. That is correct. It will have an impact. To understand the level of impact, you may check with the Unemployment Office.

  5. There is an “illness and disability” provision in NV unemployment –“A claimant will not be considered ineligible during a period of illness or disability that occurs during an uninterrupted period of unemployment with respect to which benefits are claimed. ..continuous state of filing … offered work that would have been suitable prior to the beginning of the illness and disability the provisions of the law no longer apply.”
    I need an explanation in English. I filed for unemployment, but the shoulder problem I had is now getting worse and requiring more medical attention. It affects the use of my right arm/hand. So am I still eligible for benefits???

  6. I was forced & bullied to resign, I was told that if I didn’t, I wouldn’t receive all of my benefits, I was there for 17yrs. Even the union rep said & advised me to do the same thing. They accused me of stealing a item that I took home by mistake, & brought it back, the Manager contacted Corporate, told me not to mention a word to nobody, not even union, as a result, they forced me to retire in Lieu of firing me, can I still get unemployment for a ” Constricted Discharge”

    1. If the separation from the job is treated as voluntary, you will not be eligible. However, from your post, it looks like a hostile work environment.

      Please contact the Unemployment Office for clarification.

  7. Hi I’m fulltime for 4 years and I transfer to other position within same company. I become steady extra and I didn’t get 40 hours a week. Can I still apply for partial unemployment?

    1. That is correct. You can be eligible to apply for partial UI benefits for an involuntary reduction in the hours worked.

      Please consider applying.

  8. I have been working full time for a school for 3 years. I had to take a test to renew my license and did not pass. I am unable to continue my position because of this. Would I qualify for benefits?

    1. You will not be eligible since unemployment insurance is only extended to those who become unemployed due to involuntary reasons.

  9. I live in Nv. I also work in the union and was laid off 12/03/16. I filed my claim and recieved my payment. On 12/12/16 my yearly claim expired. Still unemployed I was directed to open my new claim and when i did it said i was double dipping. I then was directed to answer 2 questions and when i did within 2 days then claim showed opened and asked me the normal questions when u file ur weekly claim. I did not recieve payment for my weekly payment on the new claim. There is no explanation or any notes in the attention box.. Can someone tell me why i didnt recieve my payment?

    1. You may not have received the claim payment since the quota expired. There is no extension in benefits.

      Please call the Unemployment Office for further clarification.

  10. Hi, my job ends in Mid Dec 2016, I work remotely in Reno NV, where do I file unemployment in CA or Reno Nv? My deductions got updated for Reno in Oct 2016. Pls help.

    1. Please file from the state where the deductions were made.

      I suggest that you speak to the employer to check where the UI taxes were paid.

  11. Yesterday i have interview for my unemployment. After interview they didn’t say anything if I get i prove. How im gonna know and how long it gonna takes to get approve for unemployment?

    1. Well, they will take a few days after the interview to determine the eligibility as per the timelines. The details will be communicated by mail and also through other channels.

      If you do not hear in about 5-7 business days, please call the Claims Center for an update.

  12. What can you do if you can’t be available for the phone interview. Is it possible to move to another day? Or what happens if I miss the phone interview.

    1. If you miss the interview, they will provide a contact number or leave a message with further instructions to reschedule the interview for another day.

      Alternatively, you can also call the Claims Center for further information.

  13. HI I was wondering I read to report earning earned during the weekly pay period . What about if my comssion was earned in july before I lost my job but not paid till ths week . And my commisions were in error and were from before my layoff

    1. You may call the Claims Center on the phone numbers provided during office hours to inquire further about reporting the commission earned.

  14. I’m cutrently working road construction.the contract/job will end oct 15 2016..six weeks from now..when is the soonest I can file to get the ball rolling.I allready know my lay off date so why not get all paperwork in order and start the claim.

    1. Contracted workers are generally not eligible to receive Unemployment Compensation.

      Please check with your employer if they pay relevant taxes into the system and apply accordingly. If eligible, you can apply as soon as the job ends.

  15. I was terminated for insubordination by the secretary of the company. She is claiming I was insubordinate because I left a meeting before it was over. This did not happen and the meeting in question is voluntary to begin with. Can a person get unemployment in this circumstance?

    1. If the reason to fire you was lame, you can still claim UI benefits. Please consider applying and keep supporting documents handy if your employer disputes when you apply.

  16. Hi, would I be eligible to get unemployment benefits if my car broke down. Public transportation does not run to my employer and I live 30 minutes away from work? I have been having frequent car issues lately and do not have to funds to fix the issues of my car. I have 3 children and just need to get by until I find another job.

  17. Why must I wait what is now 12 weeks to get a determination for a contested claim by my employer? I was told “3 weeks” by the mediator, when the correct verbiage would be “21 business days”.
    This is a very unreasonable process and places me and my family in a very unnecessary, difficult and psychologically damaging state. You have no idea how destructive this process is. It needs tremendous improvement! I have yet to receive a determination after now entering my 13th week of filing for benefits? Please advise??

    1. Well, I can understand your frustration. Please note this is a private forum.

      The best you can do is to chase them at frequent intervals to ensure timely resolution.

  18. I am still working but my hours were cut from 40/week to 35/week. Can I get unemployment for those missing 5 hours per week. It doesn’t sound like much but the 5 hours of pay used to go to buying groceries.

    1. If my hours were cut (company forced reduction) from 40/wk to 35/wk, is there a maximum I can be receiving in my normal weekly check, in order to qualify to claim the 5hrs per week?

      1. It depends on various determinants.

        Please consider filing for partial unemployment benefits for the lost hours.

  19. I quit my job due to medical reasons and applied for unemployment. I checked my determination history and it says I was denied with relief. what does this mean?

    1. Not really sure what “relief” means.

      Please call the claims center on the phone numbers provided for precise information.

  20. What does this mean? You are entitled to benefits from 02/28/2016, if otherwise eligible. I live in NV. and I looked online to see what decision was made and it does not show misconduct on my part and I have filed my weekly claims for 2 weeks now and still have not seen any money. How am I suppose to go out and find a job when I don’t even have money for gas?

  21. I was laid off and received severance and unpaid vacation pay, I have already filed and was advised that I would not be eligible until sometime in Jan 2016 based on this. My question relates to : I did take a Job in the mean time which is commission based but did receive a guarantee and worked about 50 hrs- i determined that I would more than likely not be able to meet my commission quota after my guarantee and elected to quit. Am I still able to receive unemployment benefits based on my past lay off ? Even with this short-term employment.

    1. Yes, you can be eligible after the severance pay period is over. Please do declare the income from commission based job when you apply in Jan 2016.

  22. Question, I live in Nevada and finally returned to work in 10/14 and laid off 4/15. I’m in a Union and have my name on the out of work list, so not sure when I’ll be returning. Do I qualify for any?

    1. Please inquire further with the labor dept in your state to check on your eligibility.

      You can call them on the phone numbers provided.

  23. I have been with my present job here in Las Vegas for 10 years. The hours have been cut for all employees due to lack of business. I do receive SSI. Do I still qualify for unemployment benefits?. Thanks, Donald

    1. You can be eligible to claim for the reduced hours. However, SSI will have a bearing when you file.

      Please call the claims center/customer service of the labor dept. in your state for further information and apply accordingly.

  24. I am being asked to sign a mutual separation from the company I am working for since April 13, 2015. My job was fine until a new boss came to the company on May 11th, 2015. She apparently didn’t like me from day one. She proceeded to humiliate me, and verbally abused me and told me that I am incapable of performing to her expectations even though I treated her respectfully, she gave me projects and was always critiquing me. I had mentioned this to HR. I have done all of my projects on time and am current with all of my work duties. I had mentioned this to HR and they recommended I speak with her and ask what I was doing wrong. She verbally humiliated me (a total character assassination)and told me my evaluation would be horrible. My work prior to her arrival was excellent. I never ever received a verbal, written or any performance evaluation per our company manual and never received my 90 day review. Never one time was I sat down about my performance. I have done this kind of work for 8 years and have never been fired for my work or treated like this. I am now 6 weeks past my 90 day probation and review (per company manual)… When I asked my direct boss she told me the unreasonable boss was the future of the company and she will pay me 30 days out and that I can take any time off and look for work during my work time and she will gladly write me a reference letter. I told her I did not want to leave the company and I would like to apply for any open positions and there is nothing available. Can I still collect unemployment even though this is no fault of my own? I have sent out resume’s for a similar (paying) job but there is not much out there that fits my position.

    1. I can understand your plight. You can qualify, provided you have substantial proof to support your stand in case of a dispute.

      Please consider applying and keep all relevant paperwork handy.

    1. Please check with the HR dept in your organization. For private companies, compensation is provided for reduced hours.

    1. You will be eligible for unemployment insurance if you quit due to no fault of your own provided you meet all other basic eligibility requirements.

  25. I am currently under FMLA due to my disease.
    It is becoming very difficult for me to keep this job, since I am sick quite frequently.
    Is it possible for me to receive unemployment if I quit because of my life long illness,which when I have a flare, makes it almost impossible to do my job.?
    This has caused me to call in or leave work early quite often.

    1. Do your best to preserve a good employment relationship. It may seem like a lot to ask, but is it possible the employer can accomodate your condition by giving you different responsibilities? Consider disability. But definitely call the unemployment office for advice.

  26. Are monthly payments from a self-funded (non-employer) annuity considered retirement benefits by Nevada? I read an article stating they were not considered so by the federal government.

  27. I worked for the past 4 years in Macau, China and lost job through no fault if my own. Can I collect unemployment benefits now that I am home in Nevada? Thank you.

  28. Hi,
    I emailed last week. I was laid off and end of employment would be sept 27. i will be given severance and retention. I plan to take a one month vacation overseas in my home country. It was already planned even before we were laid off. it woudl be on the third week of october. there will be two weeks between my end of employment and the start of my one month vacation. first question, when exactly should i apply for unemployment? second question, can i take a vacation for a month while applying for unemployment or while receiving unemployment claim? third question, if i have further question, can i go to the office here in las vegas in person. I hope you will email me with the answers so i can plan ahead of time. i really want to know if i can take a vacation or if i do take, do you cut my unemployment claims ? please let me know. thank you

    1. You may file for unemployment and receive pay for 2 weeks before heading to the holiday during which you will have to make necessary work searches. You have an option to put your claims on hold and when you are back you can resume your weekly claims. But it is highly suggested that you go down to the nearest unemployment office as your case is complicated and let a claims specialist help you sort it out.
      Note that you have to mention the severance pay while filing claims.

      1. as per your reply re my last question pls see below
        where is the nearest unemployment office that i can go to. is it ok to go in person ?
        also with severance package that i have, will this affect my unemployment claims? i heard you have to wait months before your weekly claim will be given due to severance pay or will we get our weekly claims as soon as we applied and were approved?

        thank you

        please let me know.

        :?Baggie says:
        August 2, 2013 at 8:16 am
        You may file for unemployment and receive pay for 2 weeks before heading to the holiday during which you will have to make necessary work searches. You have an option to put your claims on hold and when you are back you can resume your weekly claims. But it is highly suggested that you go down to the nearest unemployment office as your case is complicated and let a claims specialist help you sort it out.
        Note that you have to mention the severance pay while filing claims.

  29. I receive retired military pay. I am being laid off after working for a private company for the last five and a half years. Can I file for unemployment while I look for new employment?

  30. I got laid off June 28, 2013 I have received payment for 2 weeks. When I checked today there was an HD where I usually see PD indicating a problem. I lost a phone call with rep and she stated they had to open a new claim since the employer didn’t pay into unemployment. Does this mean I won’t receive any benefits until this is rectified?

  31. I need a unemployment closed claim verification for the assistance application Im applying for. I received a letter months ago that states I am no longer receiving my benefits and I CANT FIND IT! Where do I go to find ANYTHING that states I am no longer receiving unemployment benefits. It shouldn’t be this hard!!!! :-( please help! My family eating or not eating depends on this.

  32. I am under fmla due to illness. I have been having a flare which disabled me from working. If I quit due to my flare up, would I be able to receive benefits?

  33. I will be laid off on July 5th. When can I begin filing for unemployment benefits? Do I need to wait until after 7/5?

    1. Hi Jane,

      You can go ahead and file your initial claim immediately after getting laid off. You can start your weekly claims right after this. You will have to serve a waiting period of one week during which you will be asked to file your weekly claims but no pay. During this week, all your documents will be verified and your former employer will be consulted as well.

  34. I work for Pride Transport out of salt lake city 5499 west 2499 south
    Jon drove over the road 40 states [starting date may 29 2012
    date fired June 7th 2013]

  35. My daughter was approved by her previous employer for unemployment and then they rescinded her approval. Can an employer do that?

    1. Hi Diana,

      Your daughter can go ahead and place a claim for unemployment benefits. The employer has the authority to appeal a claim. Then the court takes a decision.

  36. It was my understanding from hearsay, SS, pension, and retirement benefits were exempt from withholding from unemployment insurance. So when I started getting a small monthly pension in Feb of this year and failed to tell the unemployment office with a phone call, a problem with getting my benefits occurred. There was no subject of pensions on their weekly questioner therefor I assumed pensions were not an element of the formula. When the allowance ran out and I had to file for another tear, the question of pension popped up and it was at that time I checked the box that I was now getting a pension. Well, this put on the brakes to my claim fast and as a result, have a hold on my benefits until everything gets ironed out. I suggest to everyone who hasn’t read the manual to do so in order to prevent delays like the one I am going through. I was set up with an agent via a phone interview about this. The agent informed me that all the info about pensions and other things of this sort not on the weekly filing questioner could be found in the Nevada unemployment handbook and also within a link on the on line site. I am just glad this was caught before too long. It is kind of confusing and some “gray” areas on the weekly questioner are possibly to some, a bit misleading. So, it’s really a good idea to read the booklet because things change all the time especially with the ups and downs with the general economy and unemployment rules and regulations in general.

    1. Hi again!

      You are right. Unemployment recipients need to pay extra attention to what is in the handbook. It is very much important to declare any sort of earnings received while collecting unemployment benefits. Be it pension, SS, severance or part time earnings. Hiding your earnings may be considered unemployment fraud. So beware.

  37. I was recently let go from a job where I worked for one month shy of 17 years. In December I turned 66 yearws of age and started receiving my social security benefits in January 2013. I have been given a severance package. I worked these 17 years in Nevada but will be moving with my adult daughter and her family back to California in a couple of months. When my severance package expires, will I be eligible to receive unemployment from my job in Nevada?

    1. Hi Carol,

      There a possibility of you receiving benefits. Your severance pay will have to be declared in while filing for unemployment. Please note that you will be asked to search for job while collecting unemployment benefits.

    1. Hi Joe,

      Yes, there is a possibility where your weekly benefit amount is reduced based on the pension amount you receive. This is state specific and many criteria are set up to determine whether to deduct the amount or not. If any deduction is to be made, then there are requirements to determine that amount. You might want to check with the unemployment office to know the rules set up in Nevada.

  38. A doctor that I worked for closed his practice after 8 years. He joined another group as did I, if I leave this group what is the likelihood of me getting unemployment benefits from my prior employer

  39. If I got laid off from a job that i worked in nevada for a three weeks (training) than got deployed out of the country for 4 months, all the meanwhile i did not Move officially to nevada my home is in california of which i come back home to after the deployment and i pay income taxes in California, where would i file my claim NV or California

  40. I have been on hold for over three hrs on the number provided for Las Vegas, Nevada. I had a telephone interview with Jolie from your office on 1-16-2013. She stated that I would have to go to to reopen existing claim. I am trying to do so. When I put in my information it is already there. I have exhausted my severance pay and this week I am seeking employment. Can you advise if I just have to go online on Sunday and answer the questions that are required to get my weekly benefit and nothing further is required. Thank you

  41. i was self employed for 0ver 25 years. after my heart attack in 2010 i became unfit to work in the field that i was qualifired. i am pennyless and am unemployed and have a 12 year old child. am about to loose my rental accomodation. can i claim unemployed

  42. What state would a person apply for benefits in if employed previously and most significantly in the more recent past in Nevada and lived prior and now again lives in California?

  43. I recently left my job in Nevada to move to Nebraska for a better opportunity. I gave proper notice and my last day of work was November second. I will not start my new job until December fifth. I didn’t apply for unemployment because I thought it was only for people who have been laid off. Is it possible that I could qualify and if so can it go back to the time I became unemployed?

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