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Nevada Unemployment Job Search Requirements

  • You must keep a record of all your work searches. Your work search will be verified. You will be asked to produce your record from time to time
  • During an eligibility Review Interview, you will be asked what you did to try to find a job. Failure to offer your work search records when requested may outcome in denial of benefits
  • Nevada Job Search Requirements are:
  • You must be enthusiastically be looking for a job
  • You must make at least 2 job contacts per week. Job contacts include filling out job applications and sending resumes
  • You must keep a record of all of your job search activities, including a record of all job contacts
  • You must not be disabled. If you are disabled there are different programs obtainable to assist you and your unemployment counselor or local unemployment office can direct you to those resources. (These resources include Social Security Disability)

  1. Hi – Is there a portal to submit your weekly work searches online so that NV Unemployment associates can see that I have been searching for work? I have read the book, online, questions asked, etc…..

    Thank you!

    • Steve,

      You should be eligible. Please make sure to keep supporting documents handy in case of a dispute.

  2. I have accepted a job, but it doesn’t start for a few weeks. Am I still eligible for UI assuming I continue to make job contacts, or how does that work?

    • I’ve worked a part time job for about 10 years by choice. I was recently laid off and need to use unemployment for the first time. I prefer to search for a pet time job to replace my previous part time job. Will I lose my benefits if I am not seeking fill time employment?

      • Cadence,

        Your desire to work part-time will certainly have a monetary impact on the benefits. Please call the Claims Center for more.

    • Unfortunately, personal reasons are not considered for losing job.

      You will not qualify to receive unemployment compensation.

    • Generally, you must have worked at least for an year before claiming UI benefits from any state in the US.

      If you think you meet this basic criteria,please consider applying.

  3. Can I appy for unemployment if I left ND to be here with my daughter since I was living with family in ND also?

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