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Nevada Unemployment Job Training

The Workforce Investment System is based on the “One-Stop” concept where complete information and access to a wide array of job training, education, and employment services is obtainable for customers at a single neighborhood location. In Nevada, that system is referred to as Nevada JobConnect. Clients are able to obtain services at 11 locations around the state. At Nevada JobConnect Offices, clients are able to

  • Receive a preliminary assessment of their skill levels, aptitudes, abilities, and support service needs
  • Receive Vocational Rehabilitation services
  • Obtain information on a full range of employment-related services, counting information about local education and training service providers
  • Receive help filing claims for unemployment insurance and evaluating eligibility for job training and education programs or student financial aid
  • Receive job search and placement assistance, and receive career counseling
  • Have access to up-to-date labor market information which identifies job vacancies, skills necessary for in-demand jobs, and provides information about local, regional and national employment trends

Through the Nevada JobConnect employers have a single point of contact to give information about current and future skills needed by their workers and to list job openings. They will benefit from a single system for finding job-ready skilled workers who meet their needs.

  1. What is the URL link where I can file my weekly claim. I have already been approved. Also if I decide to go into a Vocational program with the Salvation Army can I still file. How do I answer the guestions in a case like that?

    • I think this is the link you need:
      The Salvation Army might be able to provide information in that regard – if they can’t I would assume this program is not one approved – as yet. Be careful. Check the website and call the local unemployment office to get better answers.

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