Nevada Unemployment Office Locations

Updated : June 20th, 2019

Nevada JobConnect Career Centers have user friendly facilities located all across the state that offer personalized attention and a variety of valuable services to businesses and job seekers.

Business Services Offered At Our Career Centers:

Northern Nevada JobConnect – T (775) 284-9660, F (775) 284-9663

Southern Nevada JobConnect – T (702) 486-0129, F (702) 486-7914

Cities Address
RENO Reno Town Mall
4001 South Virginia Street
Reno, NV 89502
P: 775.284.9600
F: 775.284.9663
CARSON CITY 1929 North Carson Street
Carson City, NV 89701
P: 775.684.0400
F: 775.684.0466
ELY 1500 Avenue F, Suite 1
Ely, NV 89301
P: 775.289.1616
F: 775.289.1615
FALLON 121 Industrial Way
Fallon, NV 89406
P: 775.423.5115
F: 775.423.6116
NORTH LAS VEGAS 2827 Las Vegas Boulevard North
Las Vegas, NV 89030
P: 702.486.0200
F: 702.486.0230
WINNEMUCCA 475 West Haskell Street, #1
Winnemucca, NV 89445
P: 775.623.6520
F: 775.623.6523
LAS VEGAS 3405 South Maryland Parkway
Las Vegas, NV 89169
P: 702.486.0100
F: 702.486.0118
ELKO 172 Sixth Street
Elko, NV 89801
P: 775.753.1900
F: 775.753.7212
HENDERSON 119 Water Street
Henderson, NV 89015
P: 702.486.0300
F: 702.486.0328
SPARKS 1675 East Prater Way, Suite 103
Sparks, NV 89434
P: 775.284.9520
F: 775.284.9511

  1. I am a 10 month employee who worked as a teacher. My contract was not renewed for the following school year through no fault of my own. The Work Term ended on May 31st. However, the contracted Agreement Term including health benefits ends on July 31st. The final paycheck for the previous 10 months is deposited on August 5th. On what day can I apply for uninsurance benefits?

    1. Angel,

      Firstly, contract/seasonal workers are not generally eligible. I suggest you call the Unemployment Office to check about your eligibility.

  2. I am going to help a friend file for unemployment who is computer illiterate. She is a seasonal employee at a private school working in the snack shop. Do I file online and does she need any previous paperwork or info besides current wage and employment status? Thanks.

  3. I haven’t been fired and i am still employed. My hours have been dramatically cut. I was told I might be able to get compisated my lost hours til my work picks back up? Is this true and if so what or how should I begin a claim? Thank you….

  4. I have been trying to get through to the claims center for the last 3 days and have had no luck. I’m unable to submit my claim, it states “Your claim must be reviewed by DETR, please contact the Telephone Claims Center to submit your claim”. Will someone contact me or do I need to continue to try calling? Thank you.

    1. Jason,

      Please keep trying the phone without expecting a callback. You can visit the Unemployment Office to find out additional phone numbers.

      1. Thank you Sam. If I go into the office will I be able to file my claim there. I am still having no luck getting through via phone.

  5. I successfully reopened my claim on Dec. 13, 2016. I successfully filed my last 3 claims. Problem my claimant home page shows I received 2 payments. I have direct deposit. No deposits have been received. I received a debit card from B of A. I checked to see if UI stopped direct deposit and sent payments to the new card. The card has zero balance. I have been calling 702-486-0350 and 775-684-0350 for over a month. I cannot speak to a representative to fix this problem. I have now exhausted my savings and need to fix this problem. Please stear me in the right direction so I can contact a person to rectify my bad predictamement por favor. I look forward to hearing from you.

  6. I received a letter stating I was eligible for benefits, received a Bank of America debit card in the mail and activated the card. I was also informed that the money would be posted on Jan 3, 2017. Today is Jan 4, 2017 and when I call the number for the debit card, it says I have a zero balance. My unemployment account on your website shows three deposits totaling $1.512, but my debit card shows zero. How and when does this get reaolved?

    1. The first claim takes anywhere between 7-10 business days to be processed and credited.

      Please call the Claims Center for an update on payment if you’ve exhausted this TAT.

  7. Unemployment Department
    Attention Adjudicator Dan, Extension 47222
    Fax 775-684-0338

    Donald O’Loughlin

    Good morning Dan,

    This is Donald O’Loughlin, I am sorry we could not connect on the telephone last week, I had a bad connection where I was located that day. I respect the fact that you are a very busy and an important employee to the state of Nevada. This morning I was talking with an unemployment representative, who explained to me why my unemployment was on delay. She asked me a few questions that I answered and told me she would e-mail you the information I gave her. She also told me to write to you to resolve the between terms clause we currently have. I thought that I would like teaching as a second career. However, after working only three weeks I found that assistant teaching was not a good fit for me. I am not between terms and have permanently resigned from any future employment with the Washoe County School District. I hope that this will resolve the issue if you have any questions please call me.

    Thank you for your time in this manor

    Don O’Loughlin

    1. Hello Don,

      Please note this is a private forum and not a government website. Please write an email to the adjudicator to communicate the message.

  8. The system won’t let me get into my account. It is holy hell trying to get through. Tech support can’t help. Can I just file in person somewhere?

    1. Please log into to your account if you filed online or call the claims center for further instructions.

  9. I filed for unemployment December 18 when they let me go and still haven’t received a unemployment check and wonder what is taking so long. Bills are coming in and need whatever money I get from u guys. Thanks.

    1. Please note we’re not associated with government authorities.

      Follow up with the claims center on the phone numbers provided.

  10. I filed for unemployment back on Dec 11th, It states that a Deductible income is pending yet!!! I received a two week severence pay from the casino and I stated that on the app. Received a letter about a time and date to get a phone call but I missed the phone call by 3 minutes because I could not find the phone!!! Any ways here we are now in January and I still have not received any checks!!!! I have called and left the lady over 3 messages now about what is goign on and she never ever calls me!!! This is not fair as I am entitled to this benefit since I was legaly laid off for reduction of work staff!!! Wheres the nearest office that I can go to since no one seems to want to answer their phones or return a call!!! Thank you John lee 702 913 0858

    1. I can understand the frustration. Please keep trying the phone numbers, specially during the off peak hours.

      You can also look up for additional contacts on the official website.

  11. I have been trying to apply for employment on line but it will not let me continue..stating my dates do not match beginning nor ending…what do I do…I have printouts

  12. I am trying to file on line but am receiving severance pay and it won’t let me proceed past how many hours I got paid for, I need help figuring that out. Please call me at 702-306-3949. Thank you

  13. I came to Las Vegas from CA because my job moved here,
    now I have to quite because my 87 year old parents need me to take care of them in CA. Will I be able to collect unemployment

    1. You may not be eligible.

      UI benefits are provided to those who are unemployed due to no fault of their own.

  14. I was approved for unemployment on January 24, 2014 but have not yet received any benefits as of today 2/12/2014. Haven’t been able to talk to a representative to see if there is a problem with my claim.

    1. We receive substantial number of queries from Nevada on claims handling.You must have ideally received the payment.Please follow up with the claims center for specific update.

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