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Nevada Unemployment Phone Number

Updated : June 20th, 2019

Sometimes you just have to speak to a live person to get answers to your queries. In that case, you can call the NV Unemployment Phone Number: Toll Free: (888) 890-8211.

Be all set for long wait times as lots of people try to do the same thing that you are. Be unduring and you will get through to someone who can help you. Though it is frustrating to wait so long, be polite to the person you get connected to and you will get a lot more assistance than if you are rude. The staffers on the other line are doing everything they can to help the persons who are contacting them.

It is advised to call from 8:00 a.m to 5.00 p.m (Monday – Friday). New calls are not accepted after 4.00 pm.

  1. I also tried to contact DETR for 2 weeks and my claim says incomplete because ive been directed to contact DETR. Like we need another option. There are none onlinehi

  2. I too have been locked out of my online account when attempting to file through the website. A message pops up advising me to call the Security Help Desk. Which, I have been trying to do for for four days. Even when calling at 8 am an automated voice message states the que is already full for the day. All the responses I’ve read on here to concerns like mine are advising people to go online…BUT WE CAN’T. WE ARE LOCKED OUT. Can someone please help.

  3. I filed my claim online but it said that I need to call and speak with somebody. I’ve been trying for days and right away at 8am the automated message says the que is full for the day and no further calls can be accepted. What do I do?

    1. Becks,

      Please try finding answers online since there might be limited phone support due to the shortage of staffing.

  4. STOP TELLING PEOPLE TO USE THE WEBSITE!! There are clearly issues that are not being fixed by, “visiting the website” or “logging in to change x, y and z”. Short handed or not, calling the number and getting the message, “we have reached the maximum number of calls for today, please call again tomorrow” at 10am is beyond frustrating.

    When I log into the website, I get an error. It tells me to call the unemployment number and reference number. There is literally no other option. THE WEBSITE gives me a reference number for the issue and NO OTHER OPTIONS except calling the number.

    Is there someone I can email to talk about my error, I’ve been calling for over 2 weeks. As an example, yesterday, (March 25th, 2020) I called 51 times beginning at 8 am. I got through twice, hung up on once and got caught in a phone tree on the other.

  5. i tried to apply and this is the massage that its giving me:

    “Your claim must be reviewed by DETR, please contact the Telephone Claims Center to submit your claim”

    There is no possible way to contact anyone from this “phone center”

    What do i suppose to do

    1. Gergo,

      Please try finding answers online since there might be limited phone support due to the shortage of staffing. You can use the “Resources” or “FAQs” section of the website.

  6. I tried to set my profile. At the end it stated that an error occurred and that I had to call the help desk. There was no option to reset/fix the issue and I can’t create a new account due to existing info.
    When I try to call both login help line or technical help line I can’t through or if I rarely do, then states that the representatives are busy then hangs up. I’ve tried sending an email a week ago with no reply.

  7. How do I reset my password for the online system? The online system doesn’t allow me to, I can’t go into the office (obviously) and I can’t get anyone on the phone?

    1. Kayla,

      Have you tried doing this after logging in? You should be able to find an option. Please search for it thoroughly.

  8. No calls are going through… This the new norm?
    I received stuff in the mail but honestly I do not understand what was sent to me so I need a verbal explaination.

    1. Andre,

      We understand this might be a difficult time for you. We’re anticipating a shortage of staff across unemployment offices due to the massive surge in UI applications considering the pandemic. We advise against calling or visiting the office, as you may not get a response instantly.

      Your state may have activated “Extended Benefits (EB)” authorized by the federal government. We recommend you apply for UI benefits online. For more information, please visit your state’s official Unemployment website.

      1. My friends in WA state they are geting UI plus the 600 long ago. I file UI my error in CA i got a mail in a 10 days as they told me.
        Nevada has no excuse. maybe they have no money to pay the people and give as hard time to give up. I also called the governor office they promise to help me and they lie. We all shound go to the news and complain. Something is very wrong.

  9. I have been trying to get a hold of someone for two days because i forgot my password to do this all online and i can’t get into the que. is there anyway i can speak to someone.

      1. I filed my new claimed eat this morning and they were supposed to call me back before the end of business day, they never call ? what now?

        1. We are sorry to hear about your difficulties. There is a huge shortage of staff across all unemployment offices due to a massive surge in UI applications. Calling or visiting the office, may not get you a response. We recommend you to apply for UI benefits online. For more information, please visit your state’s official website.

        2. I have been trying to file my unemployment since last week Thursday and I couldn’t access my login it says I should call the help desk which I have been trying to get hold of them but phone lines are always busy. It’s honestly aggravating and frustrating.

        1. I’ve made an error on my application I got a confirmation number but I would like to fix it I’ve been calling for days cannot get through also I was laid off because of the Coronavirus are we supposed to be on lockdown or out looking for a job.

        2. Lynda,

          Please wait for a response. There will be thousands of applications for the office to be processed. Make sure to check the status at regular intervals.

    1. Tilda,
      I too am having the same problem. I tried using the forgot password button but it says there is a problem with the state of my account. Tried calling as well and can’t get in the que. very frustrating!

      1. Kim,

        We understand this might be a difficult time for you. We’re anticipating a shortage of staff across unemployment offices due to the massive surge in UI applications considering the pandemic. We advise against calling or visiting the office, as you may not get a response instantly.

        Your state may have activated “Extended Benefits (EB)” authorized by the federal government. We recommend you apply for UI benefits online. For more information, please visit your state’s official Unemployment website.

    2. Go to your home page and on the left side they have all you need to correct and press the one you need and go.

  10. what will happen if I apply too son? I was laid off today and filed a claim online not realizing at the time it was for March 8. My layoff date is the 14th. How do I fix this? It is already proving not to be easy.

    1. Mike,

      Please call the Unemployment Office right away to have this corrected. You can speak to a representative for assistance.

      1. What if they never pick up the phone?? There is no email and both the local and toll free calls are never picked up. This is incredibly frustrating.

        1. Mike,

          The office may have limited/no staffing considering the COVID-19 situation. Please visit the Unemployment Office’s website for details.

    2. I made an error on my unemployment claim, and have been calling non stop with 2 different phones to change my error every morning at 8am. automated message says to use call back feature but when I try to speak to someone, it says all representatives are not available, please call back later and automatically hangs up. This is very frustrating.

      1. We are sorry to hear about your difficulties. There is a huge shortage of staff across all unemployment offices due to a massive surge in UI applications. We advise against calling or visiting the office, as you may not get a response. We recommend you to apply for UI benefits online. For more information, please visit your state’s official website.

  11. I travel a lot for union work. I’ve filed for unemployment in multiple states. The phone center in Nevada is the worst one by far. More employees are definitely needed. Having to call a hundred times a day. Day after day and still not get through is ridiculous.

  12. I filed a “reclaim” as of last week because I got laid off due to end of season (01/05/2020) and I still yet have not had any updates on my status should I call the office to make sure? Do they mail me any letters?

  13. My employer fired me will i was in hospital. stating it was job abandonment. The same day i was admitted i had a friend contact my boss, to tell them i was in the hospital and may be there for a couple days .My friend continued to contact my boss. on my 7th day in the hospital i found out i was fired. Had a phone interview 10/02/2019 how long before i have a decision .

    1. Sam,

      The Unemployment Office may be in the process of getting the claim verified with your employer. If you don’t hear back regularly, please chase the office proactively. You can also file an “Appeal” if a decision is made against you.

      1. Do you know what they consider severance pay in Nevada? I had my claim approved to receive benefits but still pending resolution on deductible income (because I was offered severance package). Also I agree with the comments, it has been taking a long time to get through as the 775-684-0350 says all agents are busy and to try your call again later. Why can’t we speak to a live person? Please help

    2. How can I get an extension on my unemployment? I call everyday and can’t get through and I’m locked out of my log in online.

      1. Ayanna,

        The E.U.C(Emergency Unemployment Compensation) remains expired. There is no extension available. Please inquire further with the labor authorities in your state by calling them.

  14. This has got to be the worst system EVER. I have attempted to submit my application online, but received a message stating to call and talk to a representative. I have been calling for days starting at 8 a.m., and keep getting the recording that all representatives are busy and please try again later. There is no option to leave a call back number or stay on hold. The call just disconnects. The one time I have been able to leave a call back number, I did NOT receive a call back. Eventually, I get the recording that the queue is full for the day. This program is severely broken and needs to be addressed and fixed. There is no reason that callers should be hung up on.

    1. Same here! On hold today three hours and they hanged up and I can’t call back! It said I can’t file unless I call in but they hanged up on me! What the heck can I do?

      1. Been trying for over a week all day and only get the message that all reps are busy and to call back. How does a person get thru? Even emailed with no reply back.

        1. Robert,

          Have you tried checking the status online? If you have, please consider the option of visiting the nearest office.

    2. Ditto. Called every day for two weeks. Got through once, prompted to leave my phone # for a return call, they called me back after 5pm, I answered to a recording that said call back during regular hours!!! Got through again today. This time, I’ve been on hold for FOUR hours. Read another post that made it to three hours and then got disconnected! If I get disconnected, guess the next option is to go in person! This is very broken and irresponsible!

      1. Sam, Do you work for unemployment or are you just an automated response? I ask because it’s clear that the website claims option is telling most to call. It’s also clear that calling isn’t an option due to many problems to get through and then after many weeks of repeated attempts, the system disconnects! And the option to go in person isn’t always feasible, at least it isn’t for me due being out of the state! If you’re not automated, can you please tell me, why a claim rep isn’t assigned to CALL ME BACK if they need to review the information I submitted online in an attempt to file a claim? Instead…simply not accepted. Also, I tried to also file via phone. Again, call back or wait on hold (4 hours and counting) to complete the claim. Last time I filed (15 years ago), I was given an appointment when and if additional information was needed.

        1. Rob,

          I understand your situation. I am not an automated response. This is a public forum and we do not have any connection with the Unemployment authorities. We try to answer some of the concerns to the best of our ability.

  15. I accidently clicked that i was fired for harassment instead of change in personnel, is there a way i can fix it or call the office and explain?

    1. Lisa,

      Please call the Claims Center immediately and report the error before the file is processed by the department.

        1. Lisa,

          That is correct. If you’re not able to contact the office, please visit the official website for alternate phone numbers.

  16. I tried to put my union information into the union search. It says if it is not listed to Fax the name and phone number of your union to the Telephone Claims Center for verification of the Hiring Hall Status of your Union.

    Doesn’t give a fax number. And it is the same union I have been reporting to on my previous claim forms.

  17. I have been calling into unemployment for weeks! It gives me the same message of due to high call volume “we will not be able to assist you” please call back. I’ve furthered this by emailing the office about my claim but never received a response. I am contacting legal aid to see if they can assist me. It’s very frustrating!

  18. I’ve been calling Nevada unemployment # for days starting at 8am it is always the same thing recording says they are busy try later and hangs up. My unemployment stopped somehow by mistake and now I am not receiving it. Difficult situation as there is absolutely no way to contact these people. Nightmare!!!!
    Thanks Nevada

    1. Jan,

      I can understand the ordeal. Why don’t you try logging onto the department’s website to see if you can find any help?

  19. I have contact unemployment for two days thru this week…non stop…and I have no luck speaking with any one…please someone can help me find a way…this is too frustrating

  20. I was displaced in my job and am collecting severance until my last paycheck on December 28th. Do I have to wait until after my last paycheck to file for unemployment benefits? I have not found a job yet.

    1. Lori,

      Please file immediately after receiving the last severance check. You may call the Unemployment Office in your state to clarify.

  21. I received a voicemail from the unemployment office saying that they couldn’t reach me due me being unavailable but I was my phone just didn’t ring for his number. He said I have to now fax any follow up information to him. This was not my fault as I was ready and waiting for the call. How can I call them back.

  22. Do I need to meet /speak with my adjudicator appointment before I apply for unemployment insurance? I can’t find this specific information in any of your material that is published.

    1. Mona,

      If you’re applying for the first time, you needn’t speak to the authorities as long as you don’t have a query to be addressed.

  23. I have filed for an extension on my unemployment because it has been exhausted. I have done so 4 weeks ago, and I have not received a letter or a call to say if I am eligible for an extension. I called my the person who initially took my claim, and left 2 messages and still no word.Is there another number to call and request an update on my extension. I have never filed for an extension before. I keep calling the unemployment number on Monday and Tuesday after 8 am and before 4 pm and it claims that all representatives are busy. This has been going on for almost 6 weeks now, even before I filed my extension.

    1. this has been happening to me too,, its is ridiculous. i cannot get through either at 8am !! says all reps are busy, call again later… i will be calling abc contact 13 to get there help.. this has been going on for weeks..

      1. I suggest you file for and maintain your claim online. This is quite convenient and recommended way to claim weekly payments.

  24. I have been filing my weekly claim every week, on my homepage it shows I am ineligible, does that mean I am not qualified for unemployment benefits. I have not receive a telephone interview yet. Do I still keep filing my weekly claim.

  25. My position is being phased out. If they offer me a position doing some thing different then what I was doing, and I decline, can I be denied unemployment?

    1. That is correct. If you refuse to accept, it may be considered voluntary, making you ineligible.

      Please call the Unemployment Office for a detailed discussion.

  26. I am awaiting knee surgery and I am unable to go to work. My employer has a short term disability program but it only pays 60% of my wages. Am I eligible for partial unemployment benefits during this time period? It was not an on the job work injury and the amount I am receiving is lower then the weekly amount I received during a recent unemployment claim 2 years ago.

  27. I filed for unemployment 5 days ago. I tried to get online to file my job search but it says I am already in the system but I do not remember my old login or PW. I have been looking for a phone number so I can do it over the phone but the only number I can find is the office #. All is closed on Sundays. What can I do? I do not want to loose anything because of a weekend closer. Please Help.

    1. Dianna,

      I am afraid, you have to wait until the phone systems are working again to speak to a representative. Also, you should be able to find an option on the internet that talks about “Forgot Password” or something similar.

  28. Hello, I will be moving in July to follow my husband for a new job in Las Vegas and will have to quit my job in California and will be unemployed in Nevada hoping for a short period of time. Does anyone know if i am eligible to receive unemployment insurance in Nevada? What state do I contact to ask?

    1. You will not be eligible since unemployment insurance is only extended to those who become unemployed due to involuntary reasons.

  29. How can I talk with a representative about a new file in Nevada. I’m working in a casino as on call and it’s been slow no calls at all for more than 3 weeks can I apply for unemployment?

  30. I have been at the same company for 20yrs we have a reduction of hours to less than 25 a week am I eligible to apply for partial unemployment until the hours pick up again

  31. Wages in Florida for April-June 2015, also July-Sept 15, wages in Nevada April-June 2016,also July 2016. Laid off can I or who do I file a claim with. No wages from Oct 2015-March 2015

  32. I received a request to fax my pay stubs from the time I started working but the fax number I was given will not on throuh. Also the number of the phone no. from which I received the call will not go through either. What am I suppose to do now.

    1. Well, please visit the official website and look for alternate phone numbers.

      You may also consider the option of visiting an office in your vicinity.

  33. I was supposed to get a phone call from the unemployment office for my interview and I never got it!!! I tried calling the above numbers. And they are all busy, and or the line is packed. Why wouldn’t they do what they said and what am I to do? And does this mean I’m going to be denied?

    1. Please try the numbers during off peak hours to get hold of a person. It does not mean you will be denied.

  34. I received my unemployment debit card,
    And the middle initial is wrong.
    Can I use it? This is a replacement card also. Does it need to be replaced again?
    The state is Nevada.

    1. You can call the claims center and have it corrected if you want the right name. Otherwise, please continue using it.

  35. I was laid off due to my not being extended. I want to apply for unemployment but unsure if I qualify as I also receive a pension from the military. Do I qualify????

  36. I moved from Buffalo , NY , to Las Vegas , Nevada . I was working at a company for 7 yrs. I had to quit the job and relocated to Nevada will I be able to collect unemployment for the time I worked in Buffalo NY , here in Nevada .

  37. I was supposed to get a phone interview but havent recived it. called the number left a message on the extention still nothing. what should i do

    1. Please follow up.Use a suitable number from the list below.

      Northern Nevada: Tel (775) 684-0350 Fax (775) 684-0338
      Southern Nevada: Tel (702) 486-0350 Fax (702) 486-7987
      Rural Areas and Out of State Callers: (888) 890-8211 Toll Free

    1. I believe once the form is submitted, you will not be able to make changes as it will be locked for further processing.

      Please log onto your account to see if you can make changes or ring the claims center right away and let them know.

  38. I had a scheduled interview on 3-18. I never received a call. I have called the number and extension provided and have left 8 messages and haven’t received any phone calls back. I have tried to call all the phone numbers on any mail I have gotten to try to speak to a human and get no where. I am starting to lose my patience. I have tried calling the 888 number listed above but it is busy everytime I try. Can somebody please tell me how I can speak to a REAL person in regards to this matter. Thank you.

    1. There are a couple of numbers I could find for you.

      Northern Nevada: Tel (775) 684-0350
      Southern Nevada: Tel (702) 486-0350
      Rural Areas and Out of State Callers: (888) 890-8211 Toll Free

      Please try the above.


  40. I have been collecting my unemployment benefits for a couple months now, using the online system. All of a sudden, it says I am not authorized to use the system because the information I entered is incorrect. How does this happen? I haven’t changed anything in my personal information, yet it won’t allow me to file.

  41. I have done all my required statements plus had doctor statements faxed still no update. Iam told to go to web suite to complete a questionare but, I can not find the suite, Please help me

  42. I unfortunately missed the telephone interview call for Nevada unemployment insurance that was scheduled for today (the whole day there was no window) and I cannot call back (the number busy-outs). How can I get through to reschedule it.

  43. I called in my hours last week. I only made $52, but someone entered it as $520. That lowered my benefits. I called in repeatedly until I got through. The young lady I talked to said she would correct the system, and I would get the remainder of my benefits on Friday. It’s Sunday now, and no sign of my benefits. What can I do?

  44. I have filed 2 claims since Nevada implemented the new computer upgrade. I was unable to log on the system with my user ID and password that I created. It keeps telling me my information is wrong. It is not wrong. I finally got through on the telephone and filed for the week the system was down and the week after that. I have since tried to call your office and find out why my log in will not work, and why I have yet to receive my unemployment benefits. Over 600 busy signals later, I have still not gotten through. My social is 534-78-8968 and my birthdate is 07-21-1963. I would like to have this matter cleared up as soon as possible. I have been reduced to less than 30 hours a week and have since lost my car due to lack of income. Please help me resolve this issue. Thank you.

    Thomas Spicer

  45. I was wanting to know when we get my money deposited onto my debit card? as of yet, nothing has been deposited, I do qualify, I know about the reduction, I still get a little bit, and its not here yet.thank you

  46. I’m on a leave of absence for 6 weeks due to a heart attack. I will not receive a pay check during that time and I have bills to pay. Please let me know if I can collect unemployment during that time. I live in the state of Nevada and appreciate you taking the time to respond.

    1. Are you able to work light duty at your company or anywhere? You would have to call the local unemployment office – they will get more details from you and be better able to advise you what is available.

  47. I worked with a company since 1-8-2013, I was laid off this job on 7/23/2013. Previously to that I was not employed, will I be able to file for unemployment benefits

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