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Nevada Unemployment Weekly Claims

If you quit your job, or were fired, or if extra information should be obtained from you and/or employer due to a possible issue, you should file your weekly claim to be called for an interview and to obtain a determination of your eligibility. Continue to file your weekly claim while you are unemployed.

It may take 21 days (or more) to determine the separation issues and make a determination.

If you are ineligible because of the cause for your separation, you must return to work for an employer who pays Unemployment Insurance tax and get your weekly benefit amount in each of the specified number of weeks. If you suit this requirement with subsequent work and are otherwise qualified, you would no longer be disqualified.

  1. How can we get our password reset? Everytime i try to call in it says they are busy and hangs up on me. How can i even file a new claim or get into my account if we are unable to contact anyone to help reset my password. This is totally not the way this should be handled.

  2. Last week I made $12 more than my unemployment allotment. Since working part-time, I have been receiving the difference when I have income to claim.
    If I’m not entitled to any unemployment, will the claim show anywhere on the site? I don’t see it on the Claimant Homepage or Confirmation History.
    Thank you,

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  4. I was given 13 weeks of benefits and my funds have exaughsted was I not supposed to receive 26 weeks?

    • Aronisha,

      Please note its “up to” 26 weeks and the approved weeks depends on multiple factors. Please call the Claims Center for further queries/dispute.

  5. Am I suppose to be getting a paper check or a prepaid card ? Filled my first claim a little over a week ago. Just did my weekly claim yesterday.

  6. Why does it show that there’s all these other companies I’ve worked for from 4/1/17 – 3/31/18. But, I was laid off August 3rd and my unemployment is due to this job release. How can those internal dates be changed to reflect the current quarter? April 1st 2018 thru August 31st 2018?

  7. I was wondering how long does it take for your money to load on your card when it said it was issued the day before,do the banks just take their time getting it to you on your card, even though their is no issues

    • Justin,

      Since its all done electronically, the payment should not take more than 2-3 days to hit the card. Please call the Claims Center for clarification.

    • I suggest you file on the internet for the best outcome. Once submitted, please call the Claims Center by phone to make sure the claim is successful.

  8. I was approved for my edd benefits on the 27ths of feb but havent received my 3 weeks of back pay on my card yet. How long will it take?

    • The first claim after the “waiting week” should not take more than 7-10 business days to credit.

      Please chase the Claims Center for payment by calling them.

  9. I was disqualified for unemploynent benefits. However, I requested a review on my case because I was unfarely treated. It is been almost a month so far and I have not heard from them. What should I do next?

  10. hello i had a link on my homepage to “reactivate my claim”.however i was told that a claim only becomes deactivated if you miss a week to file a initial claim was approved in february and i have not missed a claim since.i filled out the link anyway but i believe i may not have had to since i have always filed my weekly there another reason a claim may be deactivated?

  11. I was laid off three weeks ago and was suppose to restart in two weeks but have not i am already signed in through internet and have a pin number but it wont let me file weekly claim because it is pending. and can talk to representative do to high volume of calls

  12. where do I go to answer questions I need to fill out to take off the hold you have on my new claim so I can get my unemployment money…..?

  13. Hola quisiera saber como puedo entrar en mi caso de reclamo de desempleo para ver q falta para q me lo aprueben

    • If you’re waiting for approval on an existing claim and need to know the status, please call the claims center on the phone numbers provided.

    • If you file online, this information will be available on the portal after you log in. Otherwise, please call the claims center on the phone numbers provided for further information.

  14. I had a hard time receiving any information on my claims . they said there was issues concerning more additional information concerniong FAX questionnaire.

    • Please speak to a representative to ascertain the issue and see what else you need to provide. Call on the numbers prescribed.

  15. I was instructed when initially filing my claim that I should file my Weekly Claim by telephone every Sunday. So, this Sunday I called up and a computer voice instructed me to enter either my social security number or claim I.D.number, which I did. Next the computerized voice instructed me to enter my 4 Digit Claim Number. I have no idea what my 4 digit claim number is. I was never given a 4 digit claim number. Speaking with a human being is impossible. Speaking to the computer is insanity. Who do I speak to get issued this 4 digit claim number?

  16. I have been trying to get my benefits and they make it so hard now I got to open my claim again with all due respect this is bull shit

    • Please follow up with the labor authorities in your state. If there is a dispute, please escalate accordingly.

  17. When I file my weekly claim it said that I had questions that needed to be answered. I set up the on line account at When I tried to access it, said my password was incorrect. No way to correct it, so I called and “Breanna” completed the questionaire with me over the phone.
    Received the same message this week, tried to set up a new account using same user/password, it says it’s already used…why can’t I login???

    • Please call the customer service.They will be the best people to sort the issue as they have access to real time systems.

  18. Do I file this Sunday and when do I receive my check or will it go on the card or in my bank6


    • Please specify the issue(s) you have in drawing unemployment.

      You can file if there is any reduction in the number of hours worked in a week.

  20. I filed in the first week of January and was told I had 26 weeks of benefits. Now I filed on 3 22 14 and was told my benefits were done. Iwork construction and should

    • Strange! Please speak to the claims center on one of the numbers below to find out what happened.

      Northern Nevada: Tel (775) 684-0350 Fax (775) 684-0338
      Southern Nevada: Tel (702) 486-0350 Fax (702) 486-7987
      Rural Areas and Out of State Callers: (888) 890-8211 Toll Free

    • In Nevada they pay 40% of what you made in your highest quarter to determine what you get, unless you have earned 150% of that in the year. Then they pay 4% a week for 10 weeks. Ex: you earned 8,000 in highest quarter. $3200 in claim, paid out at $320 per week. What is bad is if you collect for 8 weeks, get a job for several months, then start again. Only can collect for 2 weeks.

  21. Question-If there is an extension for 5 months. If I am supposed to receive $300 per week but have a part-time job that pays $200 per week. They take 3/4 off my benefits ($150). Does that mean that I can collect for 10 months?
    Thank you

    • Receiving benefits for part time employment does not contribute to increase in duration of benefit weeks.

  22. So far ,I have talked too Emily and Beth. I just keep getting transferred too oblivion.We taxpayers pay into this system for security of unemployment.I am trying to open a legitimate claim for these benefits.I am a union Electrician and need HELP at this time!signed VERY DISSATISFIED!

    • Eric,

      I can understand the frustration.Please note that we are not a govt. funded organisation and do not have access to claims systems.Please follow up with the state labor department and when you do,insist on speaking to a supervisor.

  23. I’ve been filing every week. I was terminated Dec. 30. I can’t pay rent or by groceries this month. I need help.

    • Please elaborate more on the question.If you have filed and have not received a check or monies into your bank, please follow up with the claims service line.

  24. The weekly recording says I have a message regarding my weekly benefit. It states payment will be withheld. I go on as stated, but can’t figure out where to go from there.

  25. I’ve been trying to logon to check for messages and file my claim. It won’t accept a user name or password no matter how I change it. What do I need to do to get this accomplished?

    • Please use the number below for technical assistance for online claims.

      (775) 684-0427 (8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific Time)

  26. I have been trying to start a claim for benefits. I filed a claim thorugh GetHuman, received a claim ID # and then was transferred to a claim rep and there was a busy signal and then disconnected. I have been trying to talk to someone to find out what to do and for a week and have gotten nowhere. This is not right. How do I finish my claim for benefits filing so I can start receiving weekly benefits. Please help me.

  27. I’ve applied for unemployment on 12/19/13 per online as my employer instructed to do so. I’ve received a booklet per mail the other day but it states need to claim weekly during waiting period. What do you mean and how and what I need to do?

  28. I am very concerned…..I have tried all day to login to my account and make my weekly clain. However the system does not recognize my username or password.

    Last week I talked to Janet at (702) 486-0350 ext. 9803.

    Please help me.
    My phome number is (702) 285-2959

  29. I filed October 21st for unemployment. Cause of a seperation issue, which I was expecting. I had to have an adjudication interview which was done November 5th. It’s now been almost 60 days since the initial filing and I havent received a decison(i check online everyday and check mail religiously). I called the adjucator personally last week, left a message inquiring and he didn’t return my call. Called the call center 2 weeks ago and they said he may possibly be backed up but couldnt say for sure and my file had no comments. Has anyone else had this problem? All over the handbook it says 21 days is the decision time frame typically, and my case seems pretty open and shut. Is it possible im filing my claims incorrectly? (Call every Sunday, answer questions)

  30. I filed during the summer and the website was down 2 weeks after filing. I was not approved cause on time expired. I am claiming again now and the same things are happening. I cant call cause its always busy and I cant get in online cause it keeps saying my password is invalid and i know its not cause i always use the same one. Now what do I do?

  31. Nv unemployment says i can’t use the quick claim to file my weekly claim but that’s how I’ve been doning it.. why can’t i use the quick claim….

  32. I was fired on Oct.10 2013, and went to job connect to file online for unemployment. How do I get started…with weekly claims.

  33. My assignment at is over and I need to reopen my claim.
    The site I used to go to is not there anymore and can’t get through on the phone. What do I do?

  34. could I be able to give my bank acct number so all deposit goes into my bank acct. if so who do I call to set this up?
    I haven’t been able to call and put last weeks claim and I can’t use online it keeps telling me am not autorized to do my claim online

  35. Nevada Unemployment Weekly Claims…This is the heading on your website, but a response to an email says you are not the unemployment office. ??? Isn’t that a bit misleading?

  36. I am trying to file my weekly claim… I have not been able to get through all week… Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • This is not the unemployment office. Are you able to file a claim online? Check the Nevada Unemployment website for additional contact information.

      • Thank you Kathy… The unemployment office is updating their site. I am unable to make my claim online at this point. Also, the phone lines have been busy for over a week.

  37. Does this serve as my weekly claim? I am confused. I did apply at UHC and Prog Hospital this week.

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