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New Jersey Unemployment Job Training

If your job skills need revising, you can apply for counseling and a grant to pay for tuition. There are two training grant programs available for workers who are jobless.

  • Workforce Investment Act (WLA)
  • New Jersey Workforce Development Partnership (WDP)

These programs offer grants to help pay part of all of the cost of the training program. The training has to be in New Jersey. Counselors can assist you find job-related training demand occupations.

In order to apply for a training grant and for Additional Benefits during Training (ABT), you must meet with a career counselor before joining training.

Questions & Answers

  1. Kim Norris says:

    I will be applying for unemployment in two days. I would love to get some training in technology-related areas – using the web for social media, basic html, using mobile devices, etc. Basically everything. I am an older worker and feel I should be more conversant in this stuff than I am. Thanks so much.

    • Martin says:

      Well, that is a great idea to enhance skills.

      You can take up a course in Digital Marketing and/or Social Media Management. Please call the Labor authorities in your state to check on availability of sponsored courses or you can also check with private institutes which offer the same.

  2. Y londono says:

    I’m currently attending school training (21hrs week and receiving abt benefits). I was out once for a week (14hrs that week) twice the following week (only 7hours the second week). My question is I did
    I’d not fulfill the 20+ hours a week needed to file for my benefits. Since I can’t file for benefits for the next two weeks, will they freeze my benefits because I haven’t filed for two weeks? If so what do I need to do if this occurs ? Or can I file my benefits and state somewhere I only completed 14hrs one week and 7hours the following week? I would really appreciate a response . Thanks

    • Adrian says:

      There can be consequences if you don’t file for a certain period and do not inform them.

      Please call the customer service of the labor dept immediately and let them know the reason for doing so.

  3. Mark Cerrone says:

    If I wanted to attend a CDL driving school, do you help with the cost of the class?

  4. Andrew Fitzgerald says:

    I have a Question on how to get grant and to go back to school programs thank you for you time

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