New Jersey Unemployment Phone Number

General information about unemployment insurance is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When you call in between 8:30 am to 4:30 pm (Monday through Friday, excluding holidays), you have the option of speaking to an agent.

Due to high call volume, the Division of Unemployment Insurance has reduced the days to file or reopen a claim for benefits by the last digit of your Social Security Number (SSN).

Below is the scheduled day to call depending on the last digit of your SSN:

  • Last digit of SSN is 0 – 3 call on Monday
  • Last digit of SSN is 4 – 6 call on Tuesday
  • Last digit of SSN is 7 – 9 call on Wednesday

Note: There are no restrictions on Social Security Numbers on Thursdays or Fridays.

Your claim will be dated the Sunday of the week in which you call to ensure you call during the week you want your claim to begin. Our week runs Sunday to Saturday. Call volume is heaviest on Mondays, so for faster service, call later in the week.

If your residence is serviced by one of the following One-Stop Career Centers, you will file your unemployment claim by calling the Freehold Reemployment Call Center at (732) 761-2020.

Dover New Brunswick Plainfield
Elizabeth Newton Somerville
Fleimington Perth Amboy Toms River
Morristown Phillipsburg Trenton

Teletypewriter (TTY) users may file their unemployment claim by calling (732) 761-2035.

If your residence is serviced by one of the following One-Stop Career Centers, you will file your unemployment claim by calling the Union City Reemployment Call Center at (201) 601-4100.

East Orange Jersey City Passaic
Hackensack Newark Paterson

Teletypewriter (TTY) users may file their unemployment claim by calling (201) 601-4159.

If your residence is serviced by one of the following One-Stop Career Centers, you will file your unemployment claim by calling the Cumberland Reemployment Call Center at (856) 507-2340.

Atlantic City Pleasantville Vineland
Bridgeton Salem Westampton Camden
Thorofare Wildwood Hammonton

Teletypewriter (TTY) users may file their unemployment claim by calling (856) 507-2399.

If you worked in New Jersey and live in another state, you can file your unemployment claim by calling (888) 795-6672 (toll-free).

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  1. What a bunch of bs New Jersey. I can get to speak to anyone.. i wait for call back they hung up. So frustrated .. can’t access ot get help ..


  2. I filed a claim and was told that I have an appointment at 1:40 pm. I sat waiting for the call with my phone in hand and never heard received a phone call. Instead I received was three voice mails that a representative is trying to reach me. How is this possible? Please advise. Thank you.

    1. Cheryl,

      Please note this is a private forum and we do not have access to your claim file. Please call the Claims Center immediately and report the issue.

  3. I just signed up for unemployment benefits today. I received confirmation and a confirmation number but on the final page of confirmation it says “Issues – Misconduct” then says I have an appointment on 9/14/18 at 1pm by phone but does not provide a phone number to call. I have called every number I could find and an automated message said there were too many callers and I would have to call back tomorrow. Any insight into this would be helpful.

      1. Hello
        This is a question that you may not even be allowed to answer.
        Im trying to apply for a job at the Vineland NJ call center . Can you tell me how I go about doing that? My email is [email protected] if you could email me and let me know.
        I would really love to apply at the call cebter

  4. I call in every Sunday to certify for my weekly benefits and I receive my direct deposit two days later, but this week i didn’t receive anything. I checked and the email says my claim is not eligible for benefits and I do not know why. I haven’t had any problems since I started receiving my benefits a few weeks ago. I have been trying to call but I cannot reach anyone. Is there somewhere on the website that will tell me what the problem is with my claim this week, and how I can fix it?

  5. cant get to speak with anyone
    have claim but no pin to move forward.
    In 40+ years of employment never had to do this and its enough hasstle to just not.
    How do i speak with someone

    1. Allan,

      I suggest you visit the department’s website to find answers to your questions online. You will also find additional contact details including phone numbers on the website.

  6. Been calling for the last 2 weeks everyday and asked to call back the bext business day because of a high volume of calls. Need to speak with a representative immediatley.

    1. Krista,

      Please note this is a private forum and we would not be able to connect you to the Unemployment Office. Please try reaching out during non-peak hours and also see if you can find answers to your questions on the department’s official website.

  7. I need help. No please don’t ask me to call them been trying for few days but I’m trying to file a claim online and I get to the part title personal information but it’s asking me what’s my main occupation? Give description but clearly I’m unemployed right now but there is no option for that after I search it . I don’t want to click on anything because then Its false info . I really just need this to prove to them I’m not working as right now I was told to file unemployment for the proof.

  8. I either did not receive by postal mail or misplaced my 2017 1099G.

    I followed the instructions here to create a new account. When I login and click Print 1099G, I’m taken to a page titled 1099-G Income Tax Statement Available Online. NOWHERE on this page does it have a link to my 1099G.

    I’ve called and was told to go online and send an email. I went back online but can find no email address.

    I called again and was told go online and email. I explained that there is no place I could find to send an email. I was told the Dept. does not have email address to give out over the phone and that I musty go online to find it.

    I’ve since called numerous times over the past month and can never get through.

    Can anyone please help me get my 1099G?

  9. To Tara,

    Regarding the license request. Just leave the info blank. Do not fill in anything leave it on None. It will let you file. I had the same problem because I live out of State so my License doesn’t match the NJ License number type. I was able to file for UI by just leaving it on NONE.

  10. I have tried to open a new claim online. I can not get any further than the “General Information” page because because the website keeps telling me to format my driver license number correctly. It IS formatted correctly. I can get no further. I cannot reach anyone on the phone. I called first thing this morning and was placed in a callback queue. I was called back, I explained my issue and the agent told me to hold on for a moment. She shuffled papers for two minutes and then hung up on me. Now when I call, I get the high volume, call back tomorrow message. I would file via the phone line but it asks for a PIN number which I don’t have! This is absurd!

  11. Haven’t received my W-2 for 2017 income tax season. I think last year that I downloaded it on the website but can’t find it this year. Any help would be Great !

  12. I have been filing, and claiming hours. Last week, I did not have hours to claim as I did not work. Got an email telling me that I had to re-open my claim as I had a week with hours, followed by a week with no hours claimed, and to fill out the reopen claim and answer yes to question 1, and follow the rest of the instructions. I did this. I received no email confirmation, and more importantly, did not get my money this week. Any idea why this would happen ?

  13. I filed for my claim and I was supposed to get a debit card for non direct deposit and never received my card and can claim my benefits this week but I am owed a months worth of payment how do I get them

  14. I filed for unemployment 2 weeks ago and have heard nothing. I don’t know what the next steps are and what the standard sla is for a response? I have tried calling over the last week every day, but the phone messages states to call back the next day due to high volume of calls. The answer for my question is not on the web site. how do you reach a live agent?

    1. Pam,

      Please consider the option of visiting an office in the vicinity if possible. We’ve been hearing about quite a few issues about contacting Unemployment Office in your state.

  15. I applied online and never received a call or anything in the mail regarding my progress. I submitted my information 3 weeks ago. Also when I call it hangs up on my multiple times a day.

  16. I have the Bank of America card and want to switch to it. What do I do they are currently depositing into my checking account

  17. Been trying to open up a new claim for weeks now and lines are always too busy and says to call back next day. Ive been calling everyday and can not get in contact with anyone.

  18. i filed online this week and im wondering when im going to get a call….i can see from other people that it takes several weeks?? i have bills that need to get paid…i pay into this bc i should be able to use it without such a hassle. im also planning to go to school full time next month and would like to know if there is any financial assistance for tech programs.

    1. Sara,

      You may not receive a call personally but automated notifications such as text messages and email. If you don’t hear from them, please chase at regular intervals by phone.

  19. Trying to claim since Dec. 17th. I called and answered all the questions, got a letter and a call date. My status is pendent? I continue to claim weekly online and by phone, and it say’s speak to a representative please hold. Then it say’s all lines are busy call back tomorrow,! only to get the same message, call back tomorrow. I was on hold for a total of 9 hours in 2 days, only to have it hang up on me after holding for hours! If I can’t get through, how do I speak to someone? I haven’t received anything in the mail since Dec. 30th! The page online say’s I am able to collect, the amount weekly and total amount I’m allowed,yet, no payment has been made to me.

    1. Michael,

      I can understand your situation. Please consider the option of visiting an office in the vicinity for further discussion.

  20. I filed for unemployment but never got my interview call but i did receive my card in the mail. I keep calling to get updates but i can not get anybody on the phone. When i call to claim it says i have to speak with an agent but what agent.

  21. My claim status states the following:
    “Your claim has been pended. Please call a Claims Agent at 732-761-2020, 201-601-4100, or 856-507-2340. If you reside out of state, please contact a Claims Agent at 888-795-6672. Claims Agents should be contacted during our normal business hours from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.”

    I have been trying to speak to an agent for a few weeks now. Every time I call this message keeps repeating “High volume of calls…please call back later.” I am stuck and don’t know how to reach someone over the phone.

    Please help.

  22. I want to do my claim online but have been having trouble with new system. It is saying the passwords I am typing in don’t match no matter how many times I try. I have a capitol, number, symbol and 8 characters long. I have typed it in very slowly exactly the same and it still says they don’t match. driving me crazy. I have successfully filed my claim on the phone but would like to access my account on the computer.

  23. I have been trying to contact an agent everyday and its always says high call volume call the next business day. I have filed for a claim and I have not received anything yet but was approved. I went online to check my claim and there is no messages. How can I get in touch with an agent please help. This is scary when you can’t reach anyone and you need some assistance.

    1. Anna,

      There seems to be a problem for claimants in reaching out to the Claims Center in NJ. Please try finding answers on the department’s website for the time being.

  24. Opened a new claim on 1/5/2018. Waited for instructions in mail for claiming. Nothing ! Tried filing my weekly benefits both on the phone and online to no avail. Online said I needed to file a new claim. Which I did online on 1/5/2018. Have a confirmation number.
    When I tried to file my weekly benefits by phone it saidI had to call to speak to someone. Status of my claim is pended. It’s now 1/16/2018 as I write this it’s 11:10 am and I been on hold for 3 hrs! The status on my new desktop says coming soon? I don’t know what to believe!

    1. Victor,

      I can understand your situation. Please make sure to chase the Claims Center by phone until you have a concrete update. If needed, ask for a supervisor.

      1. I have not been able to get anyone to every answer the phone. I have 856-507-2340. Ever. I get the message to call the next day or just a hang up. My claim has some issues and I need to speak to a person. Is there a place I can drive and wait in line all day? I sent an email and file a re-open/assertion of my claim.

  25. Is anyone alive in these offices ? I have been trying to call for the past 3 days and keep getting the same message ” due to the high volume of calls , my call can not be answered please call back tomorrow ” No matter what time I call it is the same thing and I’m getting very annoyed. I can not even log into my account because it saing my log in is wrong and IT”S NOT!! What is going on ? I have an issue with my account and I can not get a LIVE person on the phone at all..

  26. I have been receiving unemployment benefits and was told online as of the new year I must file a new claim to continue getting benefits. I’ve been calling since last week, all day everyday (8am-4:30pm) and the recording says due to high call volume there are no agents available to take my call and to call back the following day. I’m now not going to get my check Wed as I usually would and obviously I’m depending on this income right now. I don’t know what to do at this point, it’s going to devastate me if I miss this week’s check…PLEASE HELP!!!

    1. David,

      Why don’t you file a new claim online instead of the phone? Is there anything stopping you from doing that? Please let us know.

  27. I opened my claim on the 3rd of December and got my call on the 22nd… since then I’ve claimed my weeks but it still says pending…who can I contact

    1. Quincy,

      Please call the Claims Center at the phone numbers provided. You may also check the website for an update on your claim.

  28. New Jersey – Applied online on Dec. 27th. Received a confirmation number. Haven’t heard anything and nobody answers any of the phones. What now?

    1. Ken,

      I hope you’ve received a response by now. If not, please chase the Unemployment Office by calling the Claims Center on check the status online.

  29. I applied for unemployment for the week of December 22 through January 1 haven’t heard from anyone just wondering if they receive my application for unemployment for that week thank you. Please let me know

    1. Diana,

      There might be a delay due to the holiday season. If you still haven’t received the payment, please call the Claims Center.

  30. My unemployment benefits are to end on 3/31/2018. I have a consulting/Temp job and my office is going remain close for a week 25th to 29th Dec 2017. My question is can I claim unemployment for that week. ………..Thanbks

    1. Shafiuddin,

      I am not sure if you can claim on the basis of the temporary job. Please call the Unemployment Office for clarification.

    2. Hi, is there a delay in payments over the Christmas holiday? I usually receive my payments wends afternoon, I am unable to get anyone on the phone.

      1. There might be a delay due to the holiday season. I hope you’ve received the payment by now. If “No”, please call the Claims Center at the phone numbers provided.

    1. Aprosh,

      Please note this is a private forum. You should be able to find forms and applications on the official website. Alternatively, please call the Claims Center at the phone numbers provided.

  31. Have been claiming weekly benefits online. Tried to claim most recent weekly benefit online and got a message saying claim can’t be processed and I must call the office. I have tried to get through by phone early morning, midday, late afternoon. “High volume of calls…please call back later.” Impossible to reach an agent. What’s going on? Please help.

      1. I have the same issue, tried to claim most recent weekly benefit online but got a message saying that claim is pending and cannot be payable. I tried calling the Reemployment Call Center but calls couldn’t get through due to high volume of calls. What`s going on? I don`t seem to have any pending appointments or appeals that I know of.

        1. I can understand your frustration. We’re a private forum and do not have access to your claim file. Please consider the option of visiting an Unemployment Office in the vicinity.

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