New Jersey Unemployment Phone Number

In this page, we have listed the unemployment phone numbers in New Jersey. You can use them to file an UI claim and certify for weekly unemployment benefits.

Filing for Unemployment Insurance

You need to first call a New Jersey Reemployment Call Center to file your initial or new Unemployment Insurance claim. Here are the phone numbers you can try based on your region – 

Central New Jersey 732-761-2020
North New Jersey 201-601-4100
South New Jersey 856-507-2340
Out-of-state claims 888-795-6672*
New Jersey Relay 7-1-1

*You must make the call from an out of state area code.

The customer service agents will accept your unemployment claim. They are available on weekdays from 8 AM to 3:30 PM. 

Certifying or Claiming for Weekly Unemployment Benefits

After your initial claim, you need to keep calling on Mondays or Tuesdays every two weeks until your reemployment or the end of your benefit period. You need to place a call based on the last digit of your Social Security number – 

  • Call on Monday if your Social Security number ends in an Odd number (i.e.,1,3,5,7, and 9).
  • Call on Tuesday if your Social Security number ends in an Even number (i.e, 2, 4, 6, 8, and 0).

You can call the local phone numbers listed below regarding questions about unemployment or if you need help with applications and claims. If you don’t call on the assigned day, you can place calls on Wednesdays, Thursdays, or on Fridays too. Please note that you cannot claim benefits on Saturdays or Sundays.

Camden  856-614-3801
East Orange 973-680-3518
Elizabeth 908-820-3969
Hackensack 201-996-8021
Jersey City 201-217-4602
Neptune 732-775-5131
New Brunswick 732-937-4525
Newark 973-648-7601
Newton 973-383-4432
Passaic 973-458-6724
Paterson 973-977-4307
Perth Amboy 732-937-4525
Phillipsburg 908-859-5467
Plainfield 908-412-7779
Pleasantville 609-441-7581
Randolph 973-328-6490
Somerville 908-704-3366
Thorofare 856-853-4177
Toms River 732-286-6460
Trenton 609-292-6800
Vineland 856-696-6591

These local phone numbers are provided to reduce long-distance call charges for callers. However, all calls go through to the same line. So you won’t get past others by trying different phone numbers. You’ll instead lose your place and move back to the end of the phone queue.

  1. I think my first comment got deleted but let’s try this again.

    The New Jersey unemployment system is total garbage. Overpaid state workers getting paid to not show up to work and to not answer the phone.

    Stopped by a local office to try and speak to a human since you can’t speak to one over the phone, to find a security guard sitting there protecting an empty office. No paperwork no files no phones no computers. The guard is getting paid by our tax money to watch an empty office while you and I can’t even speak to a human to collect the money we earned.

  2. I am still waiting for unemployment to give me, an claimant ID number and any pay into my claim balance, which is presently zero. Plus what do you find as the best hours to reach an agent, as I was told that I can only call via 732 761 2020?
    I got a note in the post office mail, saying that unemployment noted that I changed my benefit payment that I received years ago to a card, to now wanting it through Direct Deposit. It said that I do not have to call about the change that I have made, if I myself had made that change, which I have.
    NJ Unemployment has filed my claim that I finished filing on August 18, 2021. My last day of work at a job that I had, to make over 30 hours a week, was on Aug 9. I still work 9 hours a week in total for 2 weekly jobs, which I did before Aug 9 and still afterwards now. This morning, via the phone line, I was able to establish a new pin.

    1. Alison,

      We understand your situation. There will be a delay considering the pendency. Please continue following up regularly.

      1. Who is she following up with? Any phone number to call you never speak to a human.
        NJ Democratic bureaucracy at its finest

      2. I’ve been waiting since November 2020
        I have received money once in may but since then haven’t received a dime. I was told to file a new claim in August but then turned out it was wrong that i shouldnt have filed a new claim. Now I’ve been waiting since August for them to switch to my old claim how do i get this fixed ?

        1. LaQuan,

          Please consider the option of visiting an office in the vicinity if safe and feasible.

  3. I have had nothing but problems with this system. It refuses to allow me to claim. Says I have to talk to a person. But if nobody is in the offices how do I claim? If this is the way that the unemployment is going to be working in this state, just give me my money that I put into it and I will save it myself. I have worked all through this pandemic and need “MY MONEY” now. I pay for this. So if you are not going to be there just give me the $17000 plus in my claim and I’ll be done.

    1. James,

      Please note this is a private forum and we do not have access to your claim file. Please contact the Unemployment Office directly.

      1. That’s nearly impossible, all agents are busy and if you get through they can’t do anything you have to wait for an escalation agent, if there is such a person, it can take up to 8 weeks, I’m on week 9 have not received any payments I filed on June 20

    2. Can I just go to unemployment in Toms River, do to the issues I am having filing my claim? I cant get through to anyone.

      1. Pam,

        You might need an appointment to visit a local office. Please check for availability/appointments on the official website.

      2. The unemployment in toms river is no longer there they have moved and the gaurd in there does not know where they have moved to

    3. Try online. It will always allow you to start over a new claim too, if for any reason, you have change anything. Also be cautious in what you chose as leaving job, so unemployment will not be a hard time, which a friend of mine who works for the Dpt of Labor recommended to me. Laws sometimes recommend to employers to only say so much. In my field, by law, employers are only allowed to give dates of employment and positions held. I have been told, it is the same for many fields in NJ.

  4. Hello,
    I have been approved for the weekly payments for unemployment, and have been trying for several weeks to input my information.I keep receiving the following email that : This e-mail confirms that your claim for weekly Unemployment Insurance benefits, has been received and is not payable at this time.

    If your payment cannot be processed, you will be scheduled for an appointment with a Claims Examiner and notified of your appointment via US Postal Service mail. If we have a valid email address on file, you may be sent a questionnaire via email for faster processing, instead of a Claims Examiner appointment.

    I have not received any further information about an appointment, and have been unable to reach anyone via phone. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

    1. Ajose,

      There might be an indefinite delay considering the pendency. Please wait and continue following up at regular intervals.

  5. Hello – My unemployment benefits recently exhausted. I have been trying to contact an agent over the phone to get more instructions on how to apply for the extension benefits, but I can’t seem to get someone on the phone due to the high call volume and I’ve also tried sending an online form but I have yet to receive any response. If someone can please get back to me as to what to do next to continue receiving benefits under the extension of benefits, I’d really appreciate it.

    1. Eli,

      You can check for availability of extension on the website after you login. If it’s available for you, you can claim it.

  6. I have been receiving benefits since the beginning of June and have received the extra $600 every week except last week and this week. This weeks shows pending deposit tomorrow 7/6. Both weeks only my base weekly benefits were deposited. I know the extra $600 will be ending this month but it’s not due to end until like the 31st ( A week earlier in some cases I heard) but this is way earlier than expected. I was counting on that as I’m sure most people are and was not notified of it ending earlier. I can not find anything about it on the website or FAQs

      1. The Unemployment Office might be inundated with pending requests. Please visit the website to find the answers.

  7. I got checks for three weeks then they just stopped and was not given a reason other than I am getting a credit for the week but I need human intervention to collect but give me no phone number to call and there is no way that they are even taking calls from anyone I have tried to call over 30) times in the last two weeks and I called about 15 minutes before the phone lines open and they already had the message up saying because of volume to call back the next day. I worked in a call center for over ten years and if that message is up before the ques even open it’s because someone put that message up. If that message is up before the ques even open that means nobody is answering any calls. What are we all supposed to do when they won’t even take a call from people this is beyond ridiculous and to be told there is limited support is unacceptable at this point it’s been since March the Governor had 4 months now to get unemployment fixed and he can’t even make sure that there are people answering the phones to help us.

    1. Michael,

      I can understand your situation. Please consider the option of visiting an office (for update) in the vicinity if deemed safe in your locality.

  8. I am owed retroactive pay for the month of april and one week in may. I cannot get in touch with a live operator to help me. My claim date is march 29, 2020.

    1. I have been trying to reach an operator since March. My claim has been pended. Are there going to be more operators available to speak to?

      1. Lori,

        Please try finding answers online since there might be limited phone support due to the shortage of staffing. You can use the “Resources” or “FAQs” section of the Unemployment Office website.

  9. I need to reset my PIN number, but nobody answers the phone, what should I do?
    How can I access to my PIN number?

      1. Need help got lock out of my account. Been trying since April 5,2021 Need to answer question on a e-Adjudication have a dead line 4/26/2021. Or they will close my claim and may have to paid money back. Had been call 4 times. Still waiting on the link that they said that they were going to send… Receiving PUA unemployment!!!!

  10. I applied on 3/15 and have not received anything and have not been able to get into contact with anybody. Every week I filed and was told that my claim is not payable. On 5/16, I finally received an email that my claim is payable. But every week after claiming my claims are back to not being payable

    1. Kimberly,

      Please try finding answers online since there might be limited phone support due to the shortage of staffing. You can use the “Resources” or “FAQs” section of the website. Maybe, it’s a technical issue.

  11. I am a real estate agent that filed after 2 of my clients cancelled their purchases due to the pandemic and no clients to assist with home sales. I lost $20,000 in commissions.
    I received a form that says I have to verify my wages to myself????? I am commission based…. through a realty office. I am an independent contractor. I do not pay myself? I can’t call and every time I email I get a generic response. This is a joke. I filed in March. How do I verify wage info to myself when I do not pay myself????

  12. I’ve been trying to get in contact with unemployment for the past month and I keep getting the same message which is that that can’t take my call because there too busy.. in certifying my weekly payment I accidentally pressed a wrong number and the operator said to speak with an agent. Since then that’s all I’ve been trying to do. I have to pay bills to pay and no income!

    1. Luis,

      Please note the Unemployment Office might be limited in staff. Please try finding answers to your questions online (Unemployment Office’s website).

  13. I had a pending claim from last year that should’ve been cancelled due to not being able to claim, I was let go in April due to the virus and applied on April 12th, I’ve received no notification of claim going through but I have a confirmation number, and when I updated my direct deposit I got a letter in the mail and it’s still addressing the claim last year, I can’t check the status of my new claim and when I try to re-file it tells me now I have an existing claim and I can’t contact anybody about this. WHAT IT GOING ON!?

    1. Christian,

      Please wait until someone gets back to you. The Unemployment Office is overloaded with applications.

  14. I applied for unemployment benefits but system did not prompt to create a PIN so don’t have any PIN. I got the confirmation of my claim from city but how do I get my benefits? How to create PIN

  15. I applied for benefits due to the virus on 03/20/2020 and have received NO INFORMATION at all,
    I called all the numbers and visited EVERY web site there is…what is the problem?!?!?!

    1. Gary,

      Please wait. There will be thousands of applications for the office to be processed. Make sure to check the status at regular intervals.

      1. There will an intermittent delay owing to the number of applications. Please be patient and make sure to check the status regularly.

        1. Delay? I filed back in 2020 and filed each week and they keep telling me an adjudicator will contact me. its not fair that they really don’t care about people who filed so long ago and talked to 7 people at the unemployment office and they all lie and say someone will contact me. Sad that they cant just clear up the oldest to the newest.

        2. Elizabeth,

          Please consider the option of visiting an office in the vicinity if safe and feasible (you might be required to book an appointment prior to the website).

  16. I recently tried to claim for my current weekly benefits and was told because I reported wages one week and didnt for the current week, I had to provide more info so my benefits didnt get delayed. Mind you, I didnt work for 2 weeks, I claimed for one day last time I filed because I only worked one day that week. Following that day, I havent worked since. I provided info that my job is seasonal and I gave a date when I’m expected back. Now my money is delayed apparently, do I call or go down to the office?

  17. Tried to certify for the past two weeks. First week’s message states there’s an issue because I claimed wages (part time) for one week and not the following week. Ummm…can’t claim what I didn’t get. I don’t get hours every week. This past week I tried to certify for benefits…it was accepted, but cannot be paid. It has been IMPOSSIBLE to get an agent on the phone due to the same message of, “due to the high volume of calls waiting, we cannot take your call at this time. Please call back on the next business day.” I’ve been hearing that since 12/23/2019. I understand holiday time and all of that, but having not received benefits and going on week three is difficult.

    1. Tanisha,

      I can understand your frustration. Please consider the option of visiting an office in the vicinity (if feasible).

      1. I claimed benefits back in May I believe and was approved. I chose to claim them with taxes taken out.After claiming 3 times and collecting the benefits I received a written letter that I was not approved to be claiming benefits and therefore need to pay the money collected back. I did so and payed back the amount including taxes which I didn’t understand b/c I received my benefit payments with taxes taken out. Yet I never received my money back (the difference between the taxed amount and the untaxed amount. I also never received a receipt of funds that I know was received because it was sent in check form and I know that the money was cashed. Furthermore, I have no idea with whom I can discuss these matters with b/c there is no telephone number listed. I would like my missing money, receipt and an answer. Please provide me with the correct info. And contact number. It’s bad enough that I was told that I could begin collecting weekly benefits and then had to pay back an even bigger amount then I actually received but now I cannot even reach a live person to rectify my situation

    2. I am having the same problem I have been calling for three weeks and the same message is received I have tried filing on line and I am told I cannot continue I find this to be unbelievable

  18. Got hold of unemployment Today filled out everything gave my return phone number was told 3hs at 8;30AM and have been waiting for 6 hrs they leave you hanging on all day and don’t call

    1. they have 498 hrs to contact you , stay by your phone, but you still wont get it resolved cause they lie.

  19. I claimed the $200 I made writing freelance, which doesn’t even amount to half of my weekly benefit claim and yet it has been two weeks without a decision. I’m confused as to why someone like myself would be discouraged from finding part time work- because quite frankly, this is exactly what the State is doing. They are also essentially inspiring people like myself to refrain from claiming earnings, no matter how small, because in showing proof that you are *actually* trying to find a job instead of sitting around with your hand out, you’re being punished for doing so. Counter-intuitive, New Jersey.

    I don’t know how I’m going to survive if my unemployment benefits are no longer available to me simply because I made $200 one week as a freelance writer, and had the audacity to admit it.

  20. I started collecting benefits in September. I was finally paid a week’s vacation for this week (Nov 3 – Nov 9) so I won’t be claiming benefits next week. How do I tell the NJ Unemployment this next week? Do I say I want to claim benefits and then tell them on the page which asks if you receive vacation, pension etc? If I tell them I don’t want to claim them for this week there is no way to tell them why.

    Can’t call til Thursday and understand from these comments that is not always easy.(Nov 3 – Nov 9)

    1. Tom,

      Weekly payment is made only when you claim it. If you don’t file a claim, you won’t be paid. Please call Claims Center for help.

    2. My job is closed for 2 weeks and I filed a claim for the one week I wasn’t working. I received a message saying “not payable at this time” what could be a reason for this? I just opened my claim 10 day’s ago.

        1. Nat,

          Please try finding answers online since there might be limited phone support due to the shortage of staffing. You can use the “Resources” or “FAQs” section of the website.

  21. It seems everyone is having the identical problem. Call and than they just hang up because no one is available. This is not fair to anyone. We all need help and it is difficult to live without money. I have an appointment on August 29th at 1:00. I finally found a job and started work on August 14th. So in turn I cannot make an appointment on the 29th. There is still three weeks I have not received any payment. In that time period I had to do training and testing for a total of 9.25 hrs. Why should I get penalized for finding a job. No one wants to be unemployed if they can help it. I have called everyday and since I am now working I cannot come to unemployment to straigthen out this situation. PLEASE HELP.

  22. My husband retire and we are moving to another state can I collect unemployment do to my husband moving us ?

    1. Judith,

      Please call the Unemployment Office in your new state of residence. You might be eligible as a “Trailing Spouse”.

    2. Judith are you leaving the job to relocate with your husband? If so it is considered voluntarily leaving and ineligible for benefits.

  23. I have been trying for over a week to file a claim, I get to the end wher I would be able to speak to someone, I get no one available to help and automatically get hung up on. I have done the website, I have called called every number there is. Cannot speak to anyone. Also did a help text which someone was to get back to me in 2-3 business days, which was last Thursday. I tried it all again this morning ad the same thing. What are people to do without an income. I worked in Jersey for 40 years, I just moved to South Carolina.

    1. Have never collected and I cannot get a live person either. I have been trying since June 2019 and here it is August 2019. Paid in for over 40 years to the system and can’t seem to use the system when I need it.

    2. yup… got hung up on twice so far! the # I call is 201-601-4100 or 732-761-2020. Do the Call Back. They did call back pretty much right on time but then 20 min into the call we just get disconnected. very frustrating! Good luck!

  24. This forum is no help , there is no information that is not on the NJ state website. What is the purpose of this forum?

    1. Tamas,

      The purpose of this forum is to bring together unemployed workers as a community. We have hundreds of visitors every day who visit this website and many have their questions answered here.

  25. I have an employee who filed for unemployment, been a month now, and she is with no salary because of a mistake in the date, and every phone number she tried to reach says busy and no one ever replies. How are these people suppose to get served? Do we expect people to be able to be self sufficient for months till they get a reply?


    1. Lilas,

      Please note this is a private forum and we do not have access to the claims system. Please ask your ex-worker to chase the office at regular intervals or even check the claim status on the department’s website.

  26. I submitted my application for UI benefit almost 2 weeks now and haven’t heard anything from the office yet. Called this number (888) 795-6672 (since I worked in NJ, but living in other state) numerous times, but no luck to reach anyone. When I applied, it asked for NJ ID (Driver license) which I don’t have and I left that field blank. Now, when I try to query thru my account (which I created when I submitted my application) – first thing it asks for ID number which I don’t have and that’s where I’m completely stuck and in dark now. Please advise

    1. Abdullah,

      I can understand your situation. Why don’t you check the claim status on the department’s website? You might also find details of additional ways to contact them.

  27. We are looking for a collaboration and our CEO will be in New York for next two weeks please guide if a meeting can be arranged with your team

  28. Is there someone I can physical go to get my issues resolved? Because calling is not working ? Some sort of unemployment office anywhere ?

  29. Hello. I need my account unpended so I can collect my benefits. However, it is impossible to reach someone by phone as everytime I call it always says there is no one to talk to, even at 8:30AM when it opens. Is there a way anyone can help?

    1. This is the worst state in the country to get in touch with any state agency. Especially unemployment. They do not answer the phones
      They should be ashamed of themselves but I’m sure they aren’t. Way to go new jersey.

  30. I have been unable to speak with an agent and address specific questions I have regarding my claim and yes I have already tried the website. Why is it so impossible to speak to a real person!?!

    1. Jacqueline,

      I can understand the ordeal. Please consider the option of visiting an office in the vicinity (if feasible) or visit the official website for more phone numbers.

      1. Yo estoy haciendo mis reclamó y todavía es la hora que no he recibido ni un centavo de los beneficios que me tocan por desempleo y siempre llamo y nunca me contesta nadie y llamo por las mañanas y por las tardes y nada

        1. Angel,

          Please visit the Unemployment Office to check the payment status. You can also find additional phone numbers there. Alternatively, you can also consider the option of visiting an office in the vicinity.

  31. I’ve been trying to call the call center at the hours they are open for the last 3 days but it keeps saying they are closed whats going on with that.

    1. I don’t know what’s going on. I have claimed on-line for months now and today it says “My claim cannot be processed”, and to call the call center Mon-Fri. I tried to claim by phone but the Freehold office doesn’t even give me the option.
      This is ridiculous.

        1. I dont understand why I cannot get through. This is sad. I already had a claim open and now that school is out I need my money. Can someone please help me?

        2. Nikole,

          This is a public forum and there’s only little we can do to help you. Please consider the option of visiting an office in the vicinity if feasible.

  32. If you select the option for direct deposit it goes smoother – very quick and reliable. I too have had issues getting through to the call center – called many many times for many days. I’m sure it’s to defer people to the website – but the website provided a message for me to call.

      1. Jacqueline,

        A Claims representative should be able to guide you further. Please call the Unemployment Office for directions.

  33. I also a having trouble receiving my benefit money. It is going on the 6th week. I have no card and they are saying my card has recieved approx $3000. When I call the # to speak to someone it tells me they are too busy and to call back tomorrow. I have done this several times. I do not know what to do now.

    1. Robin,

      I can understand the ordeal. Perhaps, you can try visiting the website of the Unemployment Office (logging in) and check the status. Also, to receive weekly payment, you’re required to make a claim within the stipulated time.

  34. I had a monetary call scheduled for yesterday. I waited the allotted two hours after my appointment and I received no call. I have been calling the reemployment center for the past two days with no luck, only an automatic message saying lines are busy and to call the next business day. How can I get in contact with someone to figure out why no one ever called me?

    1. Nadine,

      Please visit the website to find out additional contact details. If possible, also consider the option of visiting an office in the vicinity.

      1. Why does it take so long to have benefits sent in? I filed over the phone (which takes longer and no one tells you) and I’ve been waiting 3 weeks for benefits. What am I doing wrong? I’ve been to the office and spoke to reps over the phone. It should not take this long especially when I have direct deposit.

        1. James,

          I can understand your frustration. All I can ask you to do is contact the Claims Center at regular intervals until weekly payments normalize. You can even escalate (ask for supervisor) the next time you call.

    1. Hubert,

      Please call the claims center for assistance. Before you do so, ensure you’ve tried registering/retrieving the login credentials through the official website.

  35. I eligible for an Unemployment since 1/13/19 ;Have been claiming weekly benefits online, but still have no money and can not contact with any of 3 phone numbers in NJ. What can I do ?

    1. This is strange! If you have an approved claim, you should be able to file without any hassles. Please see if you find any related info in “My Account”.

    2. That happened to me, it took almost 6 weeks before I got a “payable claim” and my money was available but only to find out I had to wait on my bank card from bank of America. The lady that I was able to speak to at unemployment (after several calls and being on hold over 30 minutes)was extremely rude and told me that I needed to speak to the bank about my card. So be patient if your claiming your weekly benefits and its telling you they are payable than you should expect your monies in like 4-6 weeks from opening your claim

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