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New Jersey Unemployment Phone Number

In this page, we have listed the unemployment phone numbers in New Jersey. You can use them to file an UI claim and certify for weekly unemployment benefits.

Filing for Unemployment Insurance

You need to first call a New Jersey Reemployment Call Center to file your initial or new Unemployment Insurance claim. Here are the phone numbers you can try based on your region – 

Central New Jersey 732-761-2020
North New Jersey 201-601-4100
South New Jersey 856-507-2340
Out-of-state claims 888-795-6672*
New Jersey Relay 7-1-1

*You must make the call from an out of state area code.

The customer service agents will accept your unemployment claim. They are available on weekdays from 8 AM to 3:30 PM. 

Certifying or Claiming for Weekly Unemployment Benefits

After your initial claim, you need to keep calling on Mondays or Tuesdays every two weeks until your reemployment or the end of your benefit period. You need to place a call based on the last digit of your Social Security number – 

  • Call on Monday if your Social Security number ends in an Odd number (i.e.,1,3,5,7, and 9).
  • Call on Tuesday if your Social Security number ends in an Even number (i.e, 2, 4, 6, 8, and 0).

You can call the local phone numbers listed below regarding questions about unemployment or if you need help with applications and claims. If you don’t call on the assigned day, you can place calls on Wednesdays, Thursdays, or on Fridays too. Please note that you cannot claim benefits on Saturdays or Sundays.

Camden  856-614-3801
East Orange 973-680-3518
Elizabeth 908-820-3969
Hackensack 201-996-8021
Jersey City 201-217-4602
Neptune 732-775-5131
New Brunswick 732-937-4525
Newark 973-648-7601
Newton 973-383-4432
Passaic 973-458-6724
Paterson 973-977-4307
Perth Amboy 732-937-4525
Phillipsburg 908-859-5467
Plainfield 908-412-7779
Pleasantville 609-441-7581
Randolph 973-328-6490
Somerville 908-704-3366
Thorofare 856-853-4177
Toms River 732-286-6460
Trenton 609-292-6800
Vineland 856-696-6591

These local phone numbers are provided to reduce long-distance call charges for callers. However, all calls go through to the same line. So you won’t get past others by trying different phone numbers. You’ll instead lose your place and move back to the end of the phone queue.

  1. Hi I’m a Federal Government employee and work on six months and off six months with the Department of Interior. I collected from New Jersey for 9 years now straight and never had the problem that I’m having now. I have been calling to file a claim for two weeks now and the phone line gets cut off due to a high volume of calls it says. I have been calling between 10-15 times each day and always get cut off. And I can only call in to get a claim started because I’m a Federal Employee. And they will only take those claims over the phone. Is there another number for the Federal Government or vets to call in on??

    • Well, they may have high call volumes during peak hours. Please try calling during off-peak hours or consider visiting the nearest Unemployment Office for further details.

  2. I have been calling and calling but always get a busy signal. I need to put in a change of address so that I can get my tax information in 2017. I received benefits until March of this year.

    • Please see if you can visit the nearest Unemployment Office in the vicinity.

      This is a private forum and we do not have any connection with Government Authorities.

  3. i am getting married and moving from nj to Florida where my fiancé lives. I will have to leave my job in nj. Will I qualify for benefits?

    • You will not be eligible since unemployment insurance is only extended to those who become unemployed due to involuntary reasons.

  4. I recieved a noticed stating thatbmy claim was invalid because the date of my claim was wrong. The notice has a hand written statement that says a new claim with the correct claim date is being opened on my behalf. What does this mean and how do i find the new claim to claim weekly benefits?

    • Generally, correspondence is not hand written. I suggest that you contact the Claims Center immediately during the office hours to find out more.

  5. I started receiving NJ unemployment payments in February. Then was told I received an over payment from PA unemployment a few years back so my payments went to PA til paid in full. It’s been paid in full for 3 weeks now and I haven’t received a check from NJ again yet. I’ve tried calling every number possible and I can’t get thru. Any help would be appreciated, itd now going on 3 months of no income and being a single mom I can’t feed my child none the less pay any bills.

    • Sara,

      Since this is a private forum, we do not have access to your claim information. Please consider the option of visiting an Unemployment Office in your vicinity for an update.

  6. This is my first time with unemployment. I have not received any funds and stopped working over a month ago. I can’t speak to anyone live and I require knowing what is going on. Please assist…..

    • Please note this is a private forum and we do not have access to your claim information.

      You may continue trying the phone line during off peak hours or even check online, on the official website.

  7. I tried to file for NJ Unemployment. Was told I need to contact an agent because I answered that I did not work in only NJ the last 18 months. I worked in New York office and Jersey City office but in the last few months I worked in New Jersey more than New York. How do I handle this claim if they are saying to call agent and you cannot get through. On hold for over a hour and then disconnected.

    • Please file from the state where your employment was based. You may want to confirm this with the agent by talking to them.

      Try the phone during off peak hours.

  8. I live in Florida and worked here and NJ. I was able to file with NJ yesterday. Should I file with Florida also or is that something that NJ will handle? My employment in NJ was from 1/15 – 6/15. In Florida it was from 8/15 to 6/16.

    • You must be ideally filing for benefits from the state where you were employed last and it looks like it was Florida.

      Please wait for the further notification from the NJ authorities before filing from FL.

  9. I worked in NJ from 1/15 to 6/15 as a teacher. I resigned to take a job in Florida and started in 8/15. Contract not renewed so June 10, 2016 unemployed. Trying to get thru to the 888-795-6672 number for out of state claims but recording said that I’m not in calling area! Whom should I contact?

    • The best method to file and manage your claims is by using the website. Please file on to avoid waiting.

  10. I received unemployment benefits in 2015 and I would like to
    know how do I go about getting a copy of them for tax purposes

    • You will receive 1099-G as a proof of UI payments. They generally e mail a copy to you as and when they are generated. Please visit the official website to see if you can download one or call the claims center for further directions.

  11. I have been trying to get through the telephone system to file a new claim for 2 weeks. I haven’t work the last 18 months in NJ so I can’t open claim online. I either get so far then cut off with a busy signal or get to a point and they say there are too many calls ahead, Call back later. I’ve called at 8:30 when the open and get this message. Is there a way to get through?

  12. I re-opened an old claim, and ended up having a phone call interview about school, luckily I was around when they called because they hadn’t sent me the paper confirming the interview until after the phone call! At the end of telling the gentlemen my schedule (He was in-deed a very polite gentleman), he mentioned that I had to reopen a new claim. At this point I had already filed 5 weeks, without payment, so I had been waiting a long time (including the holidays) for my benefits already. So I opened a new claim on the 23rd of January. (Today is the 28th) At the end of the claim it had said that AGAIN, I have to wait for a phone-call discussing school, when I literally just faxed over ALL MY SCHOOL INFO on the 19th of January. The best part is that the phone call isn’t until the 8th of February, so I have to wait a whole other month (almost) now to even see another check. Also, the date/time they have given me is a time in which I am unable to answer phone calls! The best part is trying to get in touch with a real life person. It is so impossible. I am VERY stressed and beyond irritated with NJUI. All of the telephone numbers say the same thing (due to the vol of calls, we can not take your call, try again later) Some days, I call up to 20 times, with no luck. Can someone PLEASE help me!

    Thank You!

    • Erin,

      It can be quite frustrating. Well, the only option left for you is to visit the nearest office in your area. Please visit the official website for to check for offices in your locality.

  13. I have claimed benefits for 5 weeks now and still have not received a check. How do I contact them to find out what is going on????

    • You must have received your first check by now.

      Please call the claims center on the phone numbers provided on the page above.

  14. I am in construction and work for a company based out of Deleware, I have done all of my working hrs this year in Cranbury NJ and I live in NJ, Why would my company tell me to file for winter layoff in Deleware? NJ pays double per week as Deleware pays crap.

    • May be your company pays the relevant taxes in Delaware?

      I guess your HR representatives are the best people to answer this question. Please contact them.

  15. I been trying to get though to the call center for 3 weeks… I had a problem claiming benefits.. now its telling me I must open new claim.. I did that two weeks ago.. then it told me I need to speak to a agent been waiting 3 weeks to do that… thank you

  16. I filed for 1st time a “congratulations complete” pop up but also was asked to watch a reorientation video & click a tab when done…problem is the video screen stays blank and does not play no matter what I do..I am trying to find a ph # to speak to a human being to make sure my claim went through. But every link online just is a run around…how do I know that the claim went through?????

  17. I’ve been able to file my weekly claim online and still have a sizeable balance available. This morning when I went to file my customary claim it gave me a message that “not available for benefits at this time” and to refer to a letter that was “mailed to you.” We did not get a letter either in reg. mail or email. Is this a glitch in their system? There is no reason why I shouldn’t be able to file as normal today (with Sunday being the day they suggest is best to receive your direct deposit by Tuesday). Help!

  18. My husband is working at overseas , his company’s headquartered is at NC , the overseas company is one of the branch, November 30th will be the last day, and he will be back at Dec , does he qualified to apply unemployment at nj ?

  19. I have been trying for 2 months now to collect unemployment. I scheduled 3 times for someone to call me back and let me know if I qualify. Again, the guy did not call yesterday. Who can I speak to regarding this. I have bills due that I am unable to pay.l

    • Please follow up until you get an answer.

      We are not a govt. organisation and hence unable to help you with your claim.

      • Mr. Adrian. How can you reply repeatedly to questions posed in July of 2014 when you cannot spell. Don’t you have a spell checker in your computer. After reading your spelling of the word organisation, (organization), I would be surprised if anyone values your replies. I fear the future as its gone to the illiterate, and cell dependant people of the world.

        • Thank you for the feedback. We will be more cautious in the future with regard to spell checks.

          The subject matter lies in the advice and not necessarily the spelling.

  20. I was layed off and had to take a job in Pa. My husband and I have been living apart because of this. Now our house is being foreclosed. Wil he be able to collect unemployement if he has to leave his job and move up here with me?

  21. How can I get an agent to help me I need to know what I’m doing wrong I have a fixed income and need my unemployment to survive right now. I been trying to talk to someone but all I get is recordings. I even e-mailed the Governor and I bet I’ll hear from him before I hear from you. home # 973-989-8008

    • I can understand your frustration. Please note that we are not a govt. organisation and do not have access to your filing.

  22. I am a substitute teacher and since school is closed during the summer I will not have a job can I file for unemployment?

  23. If my final day of employment is on Friday, can I file online at the end of that day, or must I wait until the weekend?

    • You should have no issues applying on Friday. Please check for any specific timelines in your state.

    • I don’t think they would be valid.

      You must have en cashed them back then.Please call the labor dept in your state and check further information.

  24. After following a New Jersey UI Supervisor’s instructions on what I had to do first within my state, post my file on NJ WIC screen, I was to call back and that any agent would then assist me in opening my claim. Supervisor Steve told me I was eligible in NJ and even told me what my total benefit amount. Problem is I’ve been trying for 3 days straight and unable to get through to any agent. I’ve been out of work since last November when I was laid off from the Bayway Refinery. I’m desperate and need someone at NJUI to help because per Supervisor Steve’s instructions I now no longer have a claim with PA UI and no one to help with filing in NJ PI and no benefits paid. No income since November 10th 2013. How can I get someone or even Supervisor Steve at NJ UI to help me?

    • Follow up is the only way out.It is sometimes difficult to get thru to the telephone service.This site receives a large number of complaints regarding this.

  25. Not enjoying your perpetual loop now for a week! I have worked since I was 13 yrs old, this is the 3rd time I have needed to claim, the second time while working at Caesars for over 20yrs. I should NOT have to go through this! I have paid my taxes and unemployment all my working life! It is not this difficult taking out my taxes! REALLY PISSED! I have tried going on line too, same thing, only because since I am not a habitual user of the unemployment I do not remember my password, and every password I have used in the past won’t be excepted.

  26. I been trying unsuccesfully to reach someone regarding my befefits. I have send 3 faxes and 3 e-mails to the addresses i was told to send into but have not had a response in over 4 weeks. My employer made a mistake on a form which made me inelidgable. My employer has since corrected but i cant get a response. Phone wait time is over 3 hours i saty on hold and get disconnected. Please help

  27. Dear Sir or Madam, There is a man named Joseph Wellmann who is trying to file a claim he only worked 10hrs and he quit he is going to lie on his application and says he worked full time Please beware of him He is applying through the Flemington NJ location

    • Trish,

      Please note that we are not a government institution nor do we have access to claims information.Kindly contact the customer service of the labor department in NJ.

  28. I’m trying to file my last unemployment claim – I’m employed as of last Friday. I need to enter this information in the system. However, I’m locked out of my online claim form and have been trying to reach an agent all morning. The first time, I was disconnected after a long wait. At 2nd try, I’ve been waiting for an agent for more than 2 hours. Please advise.

  29. wanted to know if your Pleasantville office is open on Saturdays for personal help. Was informed I have to come in person, prior to receiving any benefit checks.

  30. I live and work in NJ but have a PA driver license. I am unable to file online because of ID issues. All the call center seem busy or unavailable is the any other way to file my claim?

  31. I worked for a company as a consultant for the past 5 years. I am a NJ resident. The first 2 1/2 years (9/08 to 3/11), I worked on a project located in NJ. The second 2 1/2 years (3/11 to 10/13) the project site was in DE. I was laid off (effective 11/1/13)and received 5 weeks severance pay. Can I receive NJ unemployment benefits or must I receive benefits from DE? Note, the maximum benefits in DE are only $330/wk. If I must apply in DE, will NJ supplement me the difference between what I receive from DE and what I would have been eligible for in NJ?

  32. Going out for surgery in Nov and planed to go out on temp disability and then return to work. Found out I will be laid off Dec 29 but will be out at least 3 months after surgery. If I go out on
    Medical disability while I am still employed can I then go on disability when I am cleared to go back to work?

  33. I am having surgery this month and was informed I will be laid off Dec 29
    I had planed on going out on temp disability and then going back to work. Should I still go out on temp disability and when realeased to work go on unemployment?

  34. I applied for Unemployment a few days ago, how do I know if I will be receiving benefits- haven’t heard anything yet- thank you

  35. I worked in Pa from 11/10 to 05/13 with yale electric uc taken out of my check and I was transferred to their Cherry Hill location on 05/13 and had New Jersey UC taken out of my check. Where do I file for UC?


  36. I will be laid off Oct 30, I believe. I am 62. I am also pension eligible. If I received severance lump sum pkg., am I eligible for unemployment compensation? If I receive an annuity for pension, am I eligible for unemployment? Or if I choose a lump sum payout for my pension, am I eligible for unemployment?

    • You are able to apply for unemployment. Give them the final decision on your pension – lump sum one time payout or whatever.

  37. I am resident at Burlington county, can I apply unemployment benifit to camden couny office ? at any time my last digit of my social security # is 9

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