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New Jersey Unemployment Weekly Claims

In order to keep receiving an unemployment check every week you must file a weekly claim or continued claim or weekly certification.

The purpose of filing a weekly certification is to tell the unemployment agency that you:

  • Are presently looking for a job
  • Did not do any work this week
  • Did not make any money this week
  • Did not find another job
  • Still want to receive an unemployment check or payment this week

Therefore, it is very important to file your weekly certification every week to keep obtaining your unemployment check.

If you delay in filing your weekly claim, you may not get your unemployment check on time.

Questions & Answers

  1. Meredith C says:

    I worked in NYC but live in NJ. My company was based out of NY and had offices in other states. Do I file for unemployment in NY or NJ? I was laid off many months ago and have had a severance, but it’s almost over and I have not been able to find full time work, so want to collect UI until I land a good job.
    What happens if I pick up some temp work one week and make money, which is a possibility.. but it’s inconsistent. Does that disrupt the unemployment? (Do I not file for UI that week, and then pick it back up the next week? And, does that extend your 24 total weeks of UI weeks another week, or is that week of UI forfeited because you earned money otherwise? Thanks for your help!

    • Sam says:

      Please apply from the state where your employment was based. For precise answers to all your questions, please call the Unemployment Office.

  2. steven costello says:

    I am filing for NJ unemployment and receive social security. Will my unemployment be reduced due to social security.

  3. Bill Neville says:

    I just completed the online application for filing for unemployment here in NJ. What website do I access every week to confirm that I’m still not working and ensure that I get my weekly unemployment check? And, today May 4th 2017 is my first day of unemployment. What day each week do I log in to claim my weekly benefit?

  4. LINDA DAVIS says:


  5. chris contey says:

    I have been collecting since Feb. 2014 My employer laid me off. I went back to work 2 months ago and he was slow again,so I reopened my claim.This time my employer tried fighting it claiming I was fired. I had a claims examiner call me with my ex-employer on the phone as well. He claimed I missed work without an excuse. That was a lie. I went to the hospital and gave him the papers. Anyway,Claim adjuster asked if I can get another copy which I did immediately and faxed it to him. My question is. My status said pending up until today? Today it no longer says pending. It says nothing at all where it says claim status? So does this mean that they found in my favor?

  6. Janet Golden says:

    I filed for unemployment on March 7th, when can I expect my debit card? When do I need to claim for my next week of unemployment?

    • Adrian says:

      Typically,first time claim will take upto 10 days for processing.If you do not hear within the turnaround time, please call the labor dept in your state for update.

      You can file online/by phone subsequently.

  7. robin koffler says:

    How can I get my copy of a 1099G for tax return filing>

  8. Ronald Rothman says:

    Need help switching to direct deposit

  9. Joan abdelfattah says:

    I did not receive the date to start claiming my benefits yet I did get my money today and I don’t know when to start calling in

  10. Leon Gerson says:

    I do not get my unemployment check on time>

  11. Carol Richardson-Lovett says:

    I had to wait 13 weeks to get my nj funds released from innerstate.
    I am again being held up. When I filed today 8/5/2013 it said 559.00 was available and that it will be pending. If all after the 559.00 has been used, how does Pa know that I am ready to refile with them?
    When do I refile with them?

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