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Updated : December 17th, 2020

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State: New Mexico (NM)
Phone Number:1-877-664-6984 (for claimants who are already receiving benefits.) Individuals wishing to file a new claim are advised to do so online which is the preferred method. If you wish to file by phone, call 505.841.4000. Most calls are received on Mondays and Tuesdays, therefore customers may experience call wait time to speak with a Customer Service Representative. Unemployment Insurance Tax Employer Line (505) 841-8576
Major Towns:Albuquerque, Las Cruces, Rio Rancho, Santa Fe, Roswell, Farmington, South Valley, Alamogordo, Clovis, and Hobbs
Current Unemploymnet Rate in New Mexico

New Mexico Unemployment Questions

New Mexico Unemployment Extended Benefits
This program allows unemployed workers who have exhausted regular unemployment insurance benefits to file for an extension of up to (20) twenty weeks of additional benefits, also called Tier I. The first date to file an extended benefit claim is July 7, 2008. If you have filed for the original extension (Tier I), and are in continuous certification, you do not need to re-apply for additional extended benefits. No action is needed on your part except to continue to certify weekly until you return to work, additional monies will be automatically added to your balance.

There are two ways to file for Extended Benefits. The preferred method is through the website at If filing by phone: • Dial 505.841.4000 to apply for Extended Benefits. • Your call will then be transferred to a Customer Service Representative (CSR) who will complete your claim over the telephone • You will be given additional instructions by the CSR if required.

If I was fired or quit my job, can I collect benefits?
Only if it is determined you were not fired for misconduct connected with your work, or if you can prove your reason for quitting was due to an unresolved work-related problem caused by the employer.

How long do I have to work before I am monetarily eligible?
In New Mexico, your claim is based on the first 4 of the last 5 completed quarters. For example, if you received wages from January, 2001 through March 2002, your claim and monetary computation would be based on wages received between January, 2001 and December 2001 (4 quarters). There are also monetary requirements that must be met during this period. You must have the minimum wages required in at least one quarter and $1.00 of wages in another quarter to be monetarily eligible.

If I have a separation issue on my claim, what can I expect?
You and your employer will be asked to describe the circumstances surrounding your separation. Based on the information provided, a claims adjudicator will issue a decision in accordance with the New Mexico UI law. This decision may delay or deny payment. You will receive a written determination within approximately four weeks from your date of initial claim. If you are denied benefits and you do not agree, you may appeal the decision within 15 days from the date of determination.

How long do I have to file an appeal?
You have fifteen calendar days to file your appeal. The time to file an appeal begins on the date at the bottom of the Claims Determination.

How do I file an appeal?
Appeals may be filed by calling the Call Center, at (505) 841-2000 or in writing. A written appeal may be mailed to NMDWS Appeals Bureau, PO Box 1928, Albuquerque, NM 87103; or by facsimile to (505) 841-8633. Filing an appeal on the Internet is not currently available but will be available in the near future.

Who may file an appeal?
Any party adversely affected by the Claims determination, or a decision of the Chief of the Tax Section may appeal that determination or decision.

Questions & Answers

  1. My fiance was using my computer to do his weekly certification, but because our computer autofills login details, he accidentally signed in as me and certified *his* hours under my name. Am I able to reverse this? I am only working five or less hours a week right now and he works full time, so it’s a pretty big difference and I don’t want this to impact me in the future.

  2. Why has my weekly benefits suddenly been put on hold? I have received no letter, email, text, or a correspondence explaining what’s the hold up! I can’t even get through to them on the phone to get an explanation!

  3. I applied for benifits and my wba says 169 and my balance says 6,591 and my payment options says debit card did i get approved

  4. If my hours are cut by 25% or 50% and go below the threshold to qualify for company-paid health insurance, I would consider that would establish clear-cut “good cause” for quitting since any reasonable person would have a compelling reason to quit and try to find a job with pay and benefits similar to what they were accustomed to. However all the answers here seem to indicate that the employer has the whip hand and anything but a formal layoff notice puts the worker in a legal gray area where they may or may not get benefits. My employer has expert legal help to keep from paying unemployment insurance. Do I have any hope of making a “good cause” claim or do I have to wait until the employer formally lays me off? In the meantime, can I file for partial unemployment benefits to help cover the lost hours and lost health insurance? Thanks.

    1. William,

      I suggest you go ahead and file for partial UI benefits for the lost hours and call the Claims Center to discuss your situation before making a decision to quit voluntarily.

    1. Michael,

      If you continue seeking employment, you can be eligible. Please call the Unemployment Office for clarification.

  5. I used up my benefits but still have no job but I haven’t used all my benefit from couple years ago, do I still qualify for that benefit?

  6. After 18 years as contractor I was laid off,;my position was not picked up in new contract. I was told I will be receiving severence pay ( previously told I was exempt) I have not been notified of the amount. Will severence pay, PTO pay and 401k withdrawal affect my unemployment. ?

    1. If I receive severence pay for 10 weeks biweekly payments, will I be able to file for unemployment after I run out of severence pay?

  7. After working 17 years in the Oil & Gas field, I was laid off my job. I collected 26 weeks of unemployment benefits and was told there are no extension benefits since 2013. Is this accurate?

    1. That is correct. The federal extension program (EUC) remains expired since 2013.

      You may want to call the Unemployment Office in your state for information on state aided extension.

  8. I have to quit my job due to my husband moving on military orders and the company I work for does not have a store in the state we are moving. Do I qualify for unemployment and what state do I file in

    1. You can be eligible as a Military spouse.

      Please check on the mechanics with the Unemployment Office in the new state.

  9. I work at a commission only job and have not worked for three weeks now, can I receive unemployment insurance in the meantime while im waiting to get a call to do some work for my employer.

    1. Not sure if people not on permanent rolls qualify for unemployment insurance.

      Please call the claims center for further information.

    1. Please call the customer service first. You can only file and receive benefits for one full cycle.

      It is not revolving.

  10. My husband has recently relocated from NM to Oregon for his job. I’am currently still in NM working at my 8yr old job until kids are out of school. I’am relocating to Oregon in May and quitting my job to be with my husband. Can I qualify for unemployment benefits until I can find a job in Oregon?

    1. You should be as long as the application meets all criteria prescribed by the labor department.

      The application is usually from the state where one was last employed.

  11. All I want to do is file for unemployment. Every thing I click
    on this web site takes me to everywhere but that. Why does this
    web site have to be so un-user friendly?

  12. I am 70 years old and working full time. I have also been drawing Social Security the last two years. If I get laid off in 2014, can I
    draw unemployement benefits and S.S. payments at the same time?

  13. I have been with a large corporation for 24 years and of those years 7 of them in my current group. I have always had good annual performance reviews with the most recent being 2012 with a rating of ‘3’ Meeting all expectations and Exceeding some. All of a sudden in 2013 I was given a Informal Warning and told I did not meet expectations at my title level. I am now on Formal Warning as it is evident my group has a plan and hidden agenda to terminate me on 12/2.

    I am no longer eligible for my my annual raise and bonus. I can either wait for them to terminate me on Dec 2nd or quit so that I will not have the ‘termination’ on my history record.

    If a company is forcing an female employee out due to age (I am 57) and I am now eligible 2013 for retirement with this company, and they do not want to give me an additional week of PTO in 2014 as it will be my 25th yr with the company-should I quit and if so can I get unemployment.

  14. I work for a contractor for the DOI. I’m off work now due to the shut down. Can I apply for unemployment until the government comes back up?

  15. Hi. I lost my job last week because “it just wasn’t working out”. The company wants me to sign a Separation Agreement and give me two weeks severance. If I sign the agreement, can I still get Unemployment Insurance? Does my employer have to pay part of my unemployment insurance?

    1. Employers in general are required to pay unemployment insurance, 3 states also require employees to pay (don’t think New Mexico is one). Apply at the website for unemployment in New Mexico or call the unemployment office to iniate a claim. Read whatever you sign carefully – however receiving severance does not prevent you from receiving unemployment.

  16. Where do I go to file an appeal online? I go to the workforce website but don’t see where. The dash board is of no assistance either.

  17. I use to work 35 hours for two weeks a now I work 17 hours ever two weeks an I have a family of five just wondering if I can claim

    1. I have limited knowledge of appeals in New Mexico but found their website quite helpful in general. However, you may find status information by looking at the webpage where you log into your account.

  18. my son was making at least 20 to 30 hrs a week they reduced his hrs to only 4 hrs a week and when I say 4 hrs that’s all they schedule him, you can’t make a living on that can he get unemployment?

    1. Since the number of working hours are significantly cut, he might be eligible for unemployment benefits provided he qualifies for other requirements set by the state of New Mexico.

  19. I work for a company based out of Michigan but my job is a manager in New Mexico. I have been on FMLA for almost 6 months and was told I could be terminated within the next week if I could not return . I am on short term dissability at the moment. I had another surgery July 15th and won’t be able to return to work by next week. Will i be able to file for unemployment if they terminate my employment once my dissability runs out? How long do I have to file and which state do I file in?

  20. i ve been working at my job for a lil over two years and on july 3,2013 we had a really bad rain/hail storm, and my job was shut down due to repairs being made . . my boss said we can apply for unemployment till the repairs are fixed. i applied for unemployment like 10 days ago and recd a message via email that i need to finish the app but when i try it jumps back to not being addressed as to retry again. whats up with that

  21. My question is when and how will I know if approved to recieved benefits ? I apply the unemployment last July 22 but I haven’t heard or recieved anything yet.thank you looking forward for your respond.

    1. It takes about a week to process your claim and in the meanwhile you will be required to file your weekly claims. You will receive a determination letter which contains details like your weekly benefit amount and till when you can claim etc. if you have qualified.

  22. I am checking the staus on my unemployment claims. I have not heard anything since I applied. Its now going into two months now. Dj

  23. I recently quit JC Penneys, (giving my two weeks notice), because I became uncofortable with the attitude of both a co-worker and the stoe manaer. I have been a hair stylist with them for two years. The co-worker and me do not speak and recently he became almost violent with a customer. When the manager asked why he said he was tired of my sexual haressment. HR is investigating his claims. I wrote a statement and included names and phone
    numbers as. eyewitnesses for every account he said I touched him physically. The manager explained he was NOT going to call anyone I replyed that is my only evidence. He was going to send it to HR & they may find it sexual harassement. I called made a statement to them they inturn contacted me that it no longer had anything to with the manager since he seemed bias. After that both the co-worker and the manager made me feel very uncomfortable and chose to go else where. Unfortunately there are no customers & have not made any money. My last check comes next week & will be approx. 136.00. I don’t know how I will pay my other bills.iowe my brother 180.00 to fix my pump since I had no running water for 2 weeks.

  24. I had a massive depressive episode two months ago and was unable to continue working for my employer of two years, so I left voluntarily. I’m now well enough to work again. Do I qualify for unemployment?

    1. Hi Crystal,

      You will have to serve a waiting week during which you will have to file a weekly claim but will not receive any pay. It might take a couple of weeks for you to receive the determination letter from the unemployment office.

  25. i received regular unemployment benefits in the state of washington but i am about exsaust my benefits ther if i still cant find a job can ifile for an extension in another state

  26. I work as a merchandiser for Coca Cola and will be resigning so I can care for my elderly parents who reside 3 hours from Albuquerque. My father, age 89, has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, leaving my 83 year old mother to care for him. I plan to move to Logan, NM to care for my father. I have worked for Coca Cola for approximately 1 year. Will I be eligible for unemployment compensation?

  27. I was employed in the state of New Mexico, however I live in Texas. With whom do I file unemployment? Texas or New Mexico?

    1. Hi Laura,

      You should be able to file unemployment benefits in New Mexico as you were last employed in that state.

  28. I have been injured in a car accident and fractured my nect 1 month ago. Operation is schedule in 1 month and 1 month to recover. Can I receive unemployment? Or can I get temporary disability assistance?

    1. Hi Evelyn,

      If you are unable to or unavailable to work, then you cannot receive unemployment benefits. Please check if you are eligible to receive temporary disability benefits.

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