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New Mexico Unemployment Benefit Questions

How much will I receive as benefits if I qualify for unemployment compensation in New Mexico?

Your Unemployment Insurance weekly benefit amount is based on wages you earned in the first four of the last five completed calendar quarters. This is a ‘Regular’ base period. You must have earned the minimum wages required in at least one quarter, and at least $1.00 of wages in another quarter of the base period to be monetarily eligible.
For 2012, the minimum weekly benefit paid in New Mexico is $74.00 and the maximum is $397.00. Benefits are payable up to twenty-six weeks, depending on your employment history. Additional benefits may be available through federal extensions or tiers during periods of high unemployment.

Can I work while receiving benefits? How will it affect my benefits?

Yes. You can work while collecting benefits but only part-time. You can earn up to 20% of your weekly benefit amount before these earnings are deducted from our benefits. You must report all earnings on your weekly certification. Other types of income – such as holiday, vacation, and pension might also be deducted from your weekly benefit amount. Please note that you must report if you start working full-time.

How can I receive dependency allowance?

You may be eligible for a “Dependants Allowance” of $25.00 for each verified dependant under the age of 18, up to two dependants. You will be asked to provide dependants details when filing your claim.

Is unemployment compensation pay subject to taxes?

Unemployment benefits are subject to federal income taxes and must be reported on your returns. If you choose, federal income taxes will be withheld from your check.


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Questions & Answers

  1. Penny Anast says:

    I was laid off and am 65. I’m not looking for another job. Can I apply for and get unemployment without having to pretend I’m looking for a job?

    • Sam says:


      I can understand your situation. Unfortunately, UI benefits are only extended to those who’re able and available for work.

  2. elsa says:

    I was full time then my hours were drastically reduced, i filed for unemployment to supplement my income and my emploer wrote me up saying me filing for unemployment is fraud because im still employed and now he has cut my hours to one hour a week

    • Sam says:

      I am sorry to hear about the ordeal. Ideally, you should be able to claim partial UI benefits for the hours reduced.

      Please speak to the Unemployment Office to get instructions for further action.

  3. Shanan says:

    I am in New Mexico and was recently fired. I am going to school part time as I was working full time. A friend said that she was able to.stay on unemployment and go to school. Is this possible?

    • Sam says:

      It depends if you’re doing a course approved by the government.

      Please call the Unemployment Office to find out more and apply accordingly.

  4. Francisco Jasso says:

    My unemployment its not deposited onto my direct deposit accout nor my state ddebit card, my then my unemployment page does say it was paid as of yesterday. What should I do? this has never happened before.

  5. Thea says:

    Can I receive benefits from NM if I reside in Japan due to my husbands military transfer?

  6. Lori says:

    If I am collecting unemployment and work par-time as a realtor and have an upcoming house closing how do I report that?

  7. Will says:

    I work for Sprint until 2/5 Sprint gave us a severance package paid out like a regular pay check. Can I still get unemployment?

  8. ray says:

    how do i contact unemployment office on holidays

    • Martin says:

      If you want to contact them by phone, you can only do so during working days.

      Information can also be found on the official website.

  9. martha s. rey says:

    I applied for unemployment benefits back in March 2014, and was denied but filed for an appeal, but had lost contact, I can be reached at 505-258-0923 or by gmail

  10. kathy armijo says:

    If I quit my employment for a job closer to home, then got fired from most recent employment, can I draw unemployment benefits and whose employer account will pay the benefits?

    • Adrian says:

      UI is provided those who become unemployed involuntarily. Whose account is used is something best answered by the labor dept in your state.

  11. jose a garcia says:


  12. Lydia Ward says:

    What is the formula for deciding the amount of the unemployment benefit allotted

  13. Tom Spero says:

    My claim is approved. I collect a few weeks then get a seasonal job that does not pay unemployment taxes to the state. Job ends, when I re-open the previous approved claim, do I have to wait another week before eligible for payment or can I certify and immediately pick where I left off?

  14. gary curtis says:

    I’ve been diaapproved for benfits while working part time, on this page it says I can receive benfits while working part time and can earn up to 20% of my earnings. Also I pulled up the statues of law they cited and nothing there says I can’t receive benfits while working part time, what gives?

  15. heather says:

    Hello i was wondering if a status of active and a waiting week has been documented on the website ..does this mean i have been approved

  16. heather says:

    Hello, i was just wondering if status sais active and it sais im in a waiting week does this mean i got my unemployment

  17. john gigliello says:

    How do I know if my unemployment claim has been approved or dis approved ?

  18. ira marshall says:

    I look on line and ir says i was determined eligable on line says active but two more lines beneath day inactive ir makes. No sence to Me. I received two. Payments and now 8 weeks lateral i have. Nothing

  19. ira marshall says:

    I havethe exact. Same problem as Fernando im in week 8 now. I lose. My car monday for lack of payment and my one yearold daughter needs more then u can imagine i dont. Undertand what is. Goin on here.i am. Losing all i have worked so Hardware for

  20. Francisco says:

    Why have i gotten approved and get paid then that same week my payments getput onhold twice filing the exact claim and now they cant make a decision on the claim i already got approved for before its been over 8 weeks and have had many of the supervisors work on it for the last three weeks and they have sent my prior employer a letter twice and they have not responded so still i am here three weeks later and the supervisors cant give me a straight my claim i firstfiled was july 7,2013 and i am now in oct 9,2013 do they really work on claims cuz this the first time injuly took 3 weeks now im going on over 8 weeks

    • kathy says:

      While they are required to allow a specific amount of time for a response to inquiries, if there is no response they then make a determination based on the information available. Other than that, the only thing I can speculate is the volume of claims being handled slowing them down. Do you have any idea what caused them to contact the employer again at this time? I would recommend continuing to follow up. Can you check your claim status online? You may see a change in your status there faster than calling. If it changes to active watch for payments.

      • Francisco says:

        thankyou for respondin kathy and yeah i know the reason for the second letter isbecuase they never documented the first one sent August 27 i told and gave the fourth supervisor all the information the id number and the date the letter went out and she blew me off and said she has to do it herself and i docall everyday i have beenon the phone with them everyday since August and now its getting fustrating cause everytime i call they tell me something diff like i haveto fill out a form thats the reason for my claim so i fillit out that day contact them and speak to someone else and they say that the for wasnt nessasary its really frustrating becuase im about tolose my car and my kids thier house so i justwish they would get thier heads out and fix it since august they had a specialist teams and pushed up as high as it can go and still yet not even close to fixing it

  21. Vicki says:

    Can a person receive unemployment if they quit voluntarily due to harassment and/or employer not reconciling work problems that caused undue stress in the job?

  22. Crystal says:

    How long does an employer have to approve or deny a claim. This is already the fifth week and status of fact finding states completed however determination is still blank?

    • kathy says:

      An employer does not approve or deny a claim – the unemployment office does. The employer has a specific time frame to respond. If no response is received by that time the unemployment examiner will make a decision based on information available (yours).

  23. RHONDA says:


    • kathy says:

      Some states will allow payments, some states have amnesty programs – check out your state’s website and call them, send a letter of hardship (with name, social security #, phone number on every page).

  24. Harry Montanye says:

    If I can’t find wook here w Mexico can I look in other states and still collect benifits?in Ne

    • Baggie says:

      Hi Harry,

      If you are currently drawing benefits in Mexico and not finding a job, You can search for work elsewhere. But, be sure to record your work search efforts without fail.

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