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Updated : December 17th, 2020

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State: New Mexico (NM)
Phone Number:1-877-664-6984 (for claimants who are already receiving benefits.) Individuals wishing to file a new claim are advised to do so online which is the preferred method. If you wish to file by phone, call 505.841.4000. Most calls are received on Mondays and Tuesdays, therefore customers may experience call wait time to speak with a Customer Service Representative. Unemployment Insurance Tax Employer Line (505) 841-8576
Major Towns:Albuquerque, Las Cruces, Rio Rancho, Santa Fe, Roswell, Farmington, South Valley, Alamogordo, Clovis, and Hobbs
Current Unemploymnet Rate in New Mexico

New Mexico Unemployment Questions

New Mexico Unemployment Extended Benefits
This program allows unemployed workers who have exhausted regular unemployment insurance benefits to file for an extension of up to (20) twenty weeks of additional benefits, also called Tier I. The first date to file an extended benefit claim is July 7, 2008. If you have filed for the original extension (Tier I), and are in continuous certification, you do not need to re-apply for additional extended benefits. No action is needed on your part except to continue to certify weekly until you return to work, additional monies will be automatically added to your balance.

There are two ways to file for Extended Benefits. The preferred method is through the website at If filing by phone: • Dial 505.841.4000 to apply for Extended Benefits. • Your call will then be transferred to a Customer Service Representative (CSR) who will complete your claim over the telephone • You will be given additional instructions by the CSR if required.

If I was fired or quit my job, can I collect benefits?
Only if it is determined you were not fired for misconduct connected with your work, or if you can prove your reason for quitting was due to an unresolved work-related problem caused by the employer.

How long do I have to work before I am monetarily eligible?
In New Mexico, your claim is based on the first 4 of the last 5 completed quarters. For example, if you received wages from January, 2001 through March 2002, your claim and monetary computation would be based on wages received between January, 2001 and December 2001 (4 quarters). There are also monetary requirements that must be met during this period. You must have the minimum wages required in at least one quarter and $1.00 of wages in another quarter to be monetarily eligible.

If I have a separation issue on my claim, what can I expect?
You and your employer will be asked to describe the circumstances surrounding your separation. Based on the information provided, a claims adjudicator will issue a decision in accordance with the New Mexico UI law. This decision may delay or deny payment. You will receive a written determination within approximately four weeks from your date of initial claim. If you are denied benefits and you do not agree, you may appeal the decision within 15 days from the date of determination.

How long do I have to file an appeal?
You have fifteen calendar days to file your appeal. The time to file an appeal begins on the date at the bottom of the Claims Determination.

How do I file an appeal?
Appeals may be filed by calling the Call Center, at (505) 841-2000 or in writing. A written appeal may be mailed to NMDWS Appeals Bureau, PO Box 1928, Albuquerque, NM 87103; or by facsimile to (505) 841-8633. Filing an appeal on the Internet is not currently available but will be available in the near future.

Who may file an appeal?
Any party adversely affected by the Claims determination, or a decision of the Chief of the Tax Section may appeal that determination or decision.

Questions & Answers

    1. Is there a reason I’ve been on hold for my unemployment benefits for two months. Gonna have to start living on the street.

      1. Jaime,

        I can understand your situation. There will be a delay considering the number of applications that are being processed. Please continue chasing the office/check your status online at regular intervals until payments normalize.

  1. How long does it take to start getting checks on EUC benifits
    It says eligeble its been five weeks can you help

    1. Me and my husband came from Honolulu, Hawaii and we presently staying for good here at Roswell. New Mexico do I qualify for a relocation benefits

  2. I filed for un employment in the middle of April and have not heard anything from you, nor have I received any forms to fill out. Can you please check on my account for me.

    Thank you
    Norman Riggin

  3. do I need to reapply for benefits after 6 months my statement said I was good for 1 year.MY ACCT only shows a little money left.not sure if they automatic restart or do I need to requalify over again. I just want a good job so I do not have to file,but no luck yet

  4. My unemployment benefits have been on hold for 3 weeks because I am a student and the office has yet to process my schedule to release my benefits again! I have bills to pay! What can I do??

  5. I have a temporary disability – fractured foot in three places that is not healing.
    I am getting short term disability with insurance from work but if they let me go (fire me) will I be eligible for unemployment? If not right away then when would I be?

    I also wanted to ask since I am getting a portion of my pay while on short term disability can I collect unemployment at the same time?

    1. Hi Shannon,

      You should be able and available to work in order to be eligible to receive unemployment benefits. Once you are able to work, you may start collecting unemployment benefits.

  6. I was given notice of my termination last night, but will be allowed to work until June 5. At what point can I file for benefits? Do I have to wait til I am through working, or can I get the process going now so that I can recieve benefits shortly after my job ends?

    1. Hi Valerie,

      You cannot file for benefits until you are unemployed. Since you are allowed to work till June 5th, you can go ahead and keep all the necessary documents ready and file for unemployment the next day. Please note that you will have to serve a waiting week during which you will not receive benefits.

  7. I am soon separating from my job in New Mexico; not fired. I filed for taxes in california this past year. I plan on getting a NM driver’s license to establish my residency. Will I be eligible for unemployment in New Mexico? I plan to continue to reside in New Mexico.

    1. Hi Roberta,
      You can go ahead and reapply or appeal the decision made during which you can provide correct details.

  8. If I am laid off and collecting benefits but can’t find work in New Mexico. Can I look out of state and still receive benefits?

    1. Hi Harry,
      You can look for work out of the state, but you should continue maintaining your work search record. One stop centers in the location you want to land a job will help you with more information.

  9. if you are offered a job for 16 hrs a week and it is less money than you get on unemployment, but you take the job can you still receive benefits

    1. Hi Cindy,
      The job you are taking up might be considered part time as it offers work for 16 hours only. You may be eligible to receive some reduced benefits.

  10. If the employer has interviewed & basicly hired someone to replace an employee, before giving that employee notice and the employee finds out about his/her replacement, could their resignation be considered forced?

    1. Hi Mr.White,
      This resignation might not be considered forced. However, after losing the job, it is advised to apply for unemployment benefits immediately because in this case, the worker is loosing job through no fault of his own.

  11. i work in anthony n.m at gadsen school district. i was told by docotor that i need to stop teaching. i have cancer and taking chemo. when i turn in my papers to quit because of health issues can i draw unemployment benefits. i live in el paso texas

  12. I am working temporary for one more week for spring break. my benefit ends april 6th i need to file extension what do i need to do.

  13. I was laid off by a company based outside NM. But they did pay NM tax that was withheld. What are the rules in this case?

  14. If the sequestration occurs and I am furloughed once a week for 22 weeks, would I be eligible for unemployment for those furlough days?

  15. Why on earth is there no access to new mexico state unemployment laws? Look around, almost every state has their laws posted online. Where is this information?

  16. How long does it take to process a claim in NM? I have filed back in December and I haven’t heard a responds yet. Is there a time limit for the claims to be approved or disapproved? This will be week 7 for me. I am very disapponited in NM unemployment claims department.

  17. I have been waiting on thwe phone for almost three hours why does it take so long to talk to a customer represnitive?

  18. I am a military spouse and just found out about the unemployment benifits due to PCS. My last day of work was October 14th 2011 and I am wondering if I would still be eligible to make a claim to recieve benifits? My work place did not inform me of these benifit.

  19. If you are forced to retire because of age, are you elegible for unemployent benefits in new mexico? And how is the benefit amount reduced (formula) when receiving pension if elegible?

  20. PLEASE HELP ME!!! i am majorly struggling to log on into my account to complete my weekly certification on-line. I have called & called, placed on hold, holding for hours and hours, hung up on twice. I am frustrated. PLEASE have someone call me at (505) 8707632 Please, please.

  21. I was laid off last January and received benefits for 26 weeks and then was cut off. Was I eligible for an extension and additional weeks? I am still unemployed actively looking. Is there any benefits left for me?

  22. I have been trying to get a hold of the unemployment office and cannot get trhough since yesterday can you please call me

  23. I worked in 3 states from July of 2011 to November 2012. In New Mexico until Oct of 2011, from Oct 2011 to June 2012 in Lousiana, June 2012 to November 17, 2012 in Mississippi at which time I was layed off. Which state should I apply for benefits?

  24. If I quit my job for a valid reason – such as taking care of my 11 year old with leukemia can I qualify for unemployment benefits?

  25. We are moving to a new state because of my job. Will my husband qualify for unemployment if he quits his job to come with me?

    1. Yes, your husband is qualified to collect unemployment if he meets the criteria to qualify for unemployment from a previous job while living in another state. However, unless you quit your job for for good cause, quitting a job is not a qualifying factor when applying for unemployment.

      You must be approved in New Mexico and the benefits will continue to be paid from there. It may differ from state to state so you should check your state’s department of economical services, unemployment compensation.

      According to US Dept. of Labor, you must be unemployed through no fault of your own and that is decided by particular State laws. Based on that state law, to quit to move somewhere else is not “through no fault of your own”. Some states do allow unemployment benefits if you quit for non-job related reasons (i.e. spouse relocation, military, domestic violence issues, etc.)

    1. Most states think you to be partially unemployed if your hours are cut. You will not receive the full amount of unemployment you would be entitled to if you were not working at all, but may collect a benefits similar to what part-time workers collect while on unemployment.

  26. I just got layed off from my position with a local church that does not pay unemployment benefits. Can i collect unemployment from previous employment as i have paid in all of my adult life until december 2008.
    thank you

  27. I manage the HR department at Sun Healthcare here in New Mexico. Have received questions that if a job is eliminated and the individual receives a severance can they apply for unemployment benefits immediately and begin receiving them? Thanks in advance for your assistance.

    1. Only in the condition that you have accepted a huge sum can you draw unemployment at the same time as severance pay. in case you old company is paying you a salary, you won’t be able to draw unemployment until the day after the very last day for which you are being paid.

  28. I’m in the state apprentaship program. I have not received a raise as per the agreement i signed going into the program with the IEC. I haven’t recieved any on the job training as per the agreement entered. My boss will not pay me anymore money, even though my skillset exceeds that of Liscensed journey men. I am declaring myself exempt from the program until the agreement signed by me is upheld. If i quit due this breech of contract, will I qualify for benefits? If i get fired for not being in the program, that they require, yet don’t follow the protocal of that program would i qualify for benefits?

  29. If i got laid off from a company & filed for benefits, then recieved payments for month and half & got rehired from the same company after that month & half.. worked 5 weeks and got laid off again, am i still eligible for Unemployment?

  30. I was fired from ny job after 14 years. I draw social security and a federal retirement. Am I eligible to draw unemployment benefits?

  31. It has been impossible to file a claim, the message is always, all our line or repsentatives are busy, please call or try another time! I need to file a new claim for unemployment benefits now!.

  32. It’s my understanding that I can get an unemployment extension if the unemployment rate is 6% or higher in my state (New Mexico). Is this true? Do I have to wait until my 26 weeks is exhausted before I file? Or do I have to wait until the State contact’s me?

  33. If you were put out of your work because of you mistake then it is considered as firing out from the company, that means if you are fired from a company then you might not be eligible for the unemployment benefit.

  34. If I lost my job because the company said I was making too many mistakes. Am I still elgible for unemployment benifits.

  35. If your husband is taking a new position and you give your notice to move your family can you get unemployment benefits

    1. You would be able to continue to collect unemployment even when you go back to school. If you start earning part-time or full-time during this period, your benefits amount will be reduced proportionately.

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