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State: New York (NY)
Phone Number:1-888-209-8124 for New York State residents (or 1-877-358-5306 for out of state residents) between 8:00am and 5:00pm, Monday through Friday. This is a toll-free call. If you choose to file your claim by phone, an automated voice will offer you the choice of filing in English, Spanish, Russian, Cantonese, Mandarin, Creole, or "all other languages" (translation services will be provided). Listen to the choices carefully and enter the appropriate number on your telephone's numeric keypad to file a claim. If you have never filed a claim for benefits in New York State, you will be asked to create a Personal Identification Number (PIN). This will be a four-digit number that you must keep confidential. Hearing impaired individuals, who have Telephone Device for the Deaf (TTY/TDD) equipment, may file a claim by calling a relay operator at 1-800-662-1220 and requesting the operator to call 1-888-783-1370. Service at this number will only be provided to callers using TDD equipment.
Major Towns:New York, Rochester, Syracuse, Yonkers, Buffalo, Cheektowaga, Mount Vernon, and Albany
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New York Unemployment Questions

What if I work part-time?

If you work less than four days in a week and earn $405 or less, you may receive partial benefits. Each day or part of a day of work causes your weekly benefit rate to drop by one-quarter. For example, if your weekly benefit rate is $100 and you work three days and earn less than $405, you may receive $25 in benefits. If you work two days, you may receive $50 in benefits. If you work one day, you may receive $75 in benefits.

If you receive partial benefits, it extends the length of time you may collect benefits. If you earn over $405 in any week, no matter how many days you worked, you cannot receive benefits for that week.

If I have a claim with another state, how do I register with NYS?
If you filed a claim in another state, but have moved to New York State, the other state may require you to register with New York State. To register with New York State, contact the Telephone Claim Center. On the phone menu, select the option to file a new claim. After you enter your Social Security number and PIN, the system will tell you that you do not have a current claim on our records. It will tell you to file a new claim. At the end of the recording, the system will transfer you to a person who will process the Initial Interstate Claim for you.

What if I want to help a friend or relative?
We may consider you employed on any day or any part of a day when you perform even minor duties or "favors" for a friend's or relative's business. It does not matter whether you get paid or not. Call the Telephone Claim Center and give all the details before you claim benefits.

When should I file a claim?

File your claim during your first week of total or partial unemployment. If you wait, you may lose benefits. You may not file for a week when you work four or more days or earn more than $405 gross pay between Monday and Sunday. You must wait until the next Monday to file, if you are still unemployed.

To request credit for a period for which you did not file a valid claim, write to:

New York State Department of Labor Central Support Unit P.O. Box 15130 Albany, New York 12212

Your letter should include your:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Social Security number
  • Dates for which you request credit
  • Reason why you did not file a claim at that time

What is the Monetary Determination?

After you file your claim, we will send you a Monetary Determination. This letter shows your base period and the employers and wages used to determine if you have enough employment to establish a claim. Review this form for accuracy. Be sure you agree with the amount of earnings reported. Check the list for all your employers. Do not return this form. Keep it for your personal records. NOTE: The Wage Reporting System does not show wages earned:

  • With the federal government
  • In a branch of military service or
  • For work done outside of New York State

Thus, the initial Monetary Determination may not list them. If the unemployment office fail to list an employer, job or earnings, fill out a Request for Reconsideration. They will use those wages to calculate your correct benefit rate.

How do I request the release of money still in the Chase Direct Payment Card account of a deceased claimant?

If you are the executor or administrator of the claimant's estate, you must contact JP Morgan Chase directly.

Call Chase Customer Service toll-free at: (877) 221-1634

Customer Service will tell you how to submit the request.

If you currently live outside of New York State, but all of your work in the past 18 months was in NY State (including NY City), you must file your claim with New York State. If you worked in 2 or more states in the past 18 months, you must file your claim with one of the states where you worked, regardless of where you reside. You may be able to combine wages from all the states where you worked in the past 18 months, OR use only the wages earned in the filing state. Once you file your claim in a state where you worked, that state will advise you of all your filing options in order to receive the highest benefit amount.

Receiving separation-related payments, such as severance pay or vacation pay: Generally, a claimant is eligible for unemployment insurance benefits while receiving separation-related payments. However, an individual will not be eligible for benefits if he or she continues to receive the full salary and exactly the same benefits that he or she received while working, with the understanding that the salary and benefits will stop if he or she becomes employed elsewhere. The employer’s payment of unused vacation accruals normally does not affect an individual’s eligibility for benefits.

Questions & Answers

  1. I am working in RI and my last work day is 11/2/2018. Been with the company for over 18 years. I moved to RI because of work and I now want to move back to NY because I don’t have any employment. My question is, am I going to be allowed to apply for unemployment in NY even though I have been working in RI

    1. Dan,

      Ideally, you should be applying from the state where your previous employment was based. Please call the Unemployment Office in RI for clarification.

  2. My employer was taken over by a larger corporation. I am a remote employer living in WI and the new company has said that in order to keep my job, I would have to move back to NYC. If I don’t I will be released from my position. I am told that I may get a severance and bonus. Would I be able to draw NY unemployment even though I am in another state? What are the rules regarding my severance and bonus, will it disqualify me?

    1. Alex,

      You can file for UI benefits from the state where your employment was based. Please wait until the severance payout ends. You can apply towards the end of it.

  3. I have been employed by the same medical doctors office for eleven years. We got a new COO within the last year and she has been reducing my benefits to the point last week she said effective July 16th I will now be making $7.50 per hour less than what my hourly wage is now. This is less than what they hired me at eleven years ago. I am not accepting this and have told them that. They tell me I will not be able to get unemployment because I quit. They even put it in writing it had nothing to do with my job performance. I don’t see how I would be denied benefits for a pay wage I would not have accepted eleven years ago.

  4. Trying to get back to work after an injury. I was told I need a work release from my Dr. I have been told they don’t write a release. Can I get my application for unemployment processed?

    1. You will not be eligible to receive unemployment since the injury/surgery puts you off work for some time. If the injury was work related, please explore workers compensation scheme.

  5. I work for the United States Postal Service and am out on a disability. The USPS does not have disability insurance. Can I claim un-employment insurance.

    1. The benefits under the Unemployment Insurance program is only extended to those who lose their job due to involuntary reasons.

  6. I have been out of work for just over 2 years now due to an on the job injury. The company I worked for put me on a temporary layoff till my injury is better and unemployment rep said once workers comp is done I would qualify don’t matter the time. Talked to a rep last week and now it has to go through Albany before there is a decision!!! Why is this? Does anyone have a real answer?

    1. It can be for multiple reasons. The best person to advise you in this matter is the authority themselves.

      Please call the phone numbers provided for details.

  7. I received your response to my question dealing with getting a 1099 for my unemployment.
    I originally opened my unemployment account over the phone since I do not have a computer at home.
    You supplied me with the link where I can obtain my 1099, however when I go to that link it will not allow me to open it up or do anything with is, it just turns the space a light blue, can you give me any other advice on how to obtain my 1099.
    Back in January I attempted to contact a person at the unemployment and I was unable to connect with anyone. Time is getting short on filing taxes.


    1. Some of the unemployment agencies also send 1099 by mail to the claimants.

      Please speak to the Claims Center and ask for alternate ways to get this document.

  8. I was on unemployment for 1 or 2 weeks in 2016 both having holiday’s so my unemployment benefits were reduced and I have not received a 1099 was I supposed to get one or was the amount I received negligible so they did not send one out?

  9. I was terminated last week in a downsizing. The Company will give me severance pay equivalent to several weeks of regular pay. Should I file now and then start reporting if I still don’t have another job when the severance pay runs out or should I wait to file until the severance pay is gone.

    1. Please wait until the severance payout ends. You can apply for UI benefits towards the end of it if you haven’t found a job.

  10. I have been working a temp job for 7 plus years and the possibility of being hired on as a permanent employee is not going to happen. If I quit because of this, am I able to collect unemployment until I find a suitable job?

    1. Temporary jobs are generally not eligible since employers do not pay Unemployment Taxes to the government. Plus, if you quit voluntarily, you will not qualify.

      Please call the Unemployment Office in your state for further details.

  11. I have applied 5 months ago for unemployment in NY and it is still in pending status. I tried calling but I get cut off from a recorded message saying I am in pending status. In the meantime, I have filed weekly. I would like to get answers on my pending status. Who should I go to?

    1. Well, it looks like your claim is stuck in the bottleneck. Please visit the nearest Unemployment Office for quick resolution.

      Also, make sure that your contact details including Postal Address are up to date so that correspondence is not missed/delayed.

  12. I opened an unemployment claim last year (2015) and am only get laid off a couple of times a year. I opened my claim over the telephone because I do no have a computer at home and did not want to use the company computer for that.
    I am going to laid off again Memorial day week.
    I read that we can have direct deposit rather than the credit card.
    So the question is, is it too late to have my unemployment check direct deposited if so how would I go about it over the phone.

    Thank You

    1. You will be required to revisit the existing claim to ascertain the balance and other information.

      Please call the claims center of the Unemployment Office in your state for further details.

  13. I have been working as a contractor in North Carolina and commuting back and forth to NY where I have my permanent address. My contract will be done soon and I will need to apply for unemployment. Which state do I apply in? New York or North Carolina?

    1. Please check with your employer if they remit the relevant taxes on your behalf.Contract workers are generally not eligible.

      If you qualify, please consider applying from the state where your employment was based.

  14. I have been employed for 6 years as a supervisor & recently have a new manager that is always hollering at me , belittling me & trying to make me quit my job . today he said due to me not getting things done fast enough , I am no longer the supervisor & cut my pay by $5.00 hr . do I qualify for unemployment ?

    1. You can be eligible if you quit due to hostile work environment.

      Ensure you have supporting documents handy if your employer disputes.

  15. i hear that if i am terminated when i am NOT punched in, that i automatically qualify for unemployment benefits in NY state.
    i was wondering if anybody can confirm this or call bullshit on it for me please, thanks

  16. if my hours are cut from 40 hours per week
    To 20 hours per week, am I able to get unemployment for those 20 hrs?

    1. I may accept a job that will only give me 15 to 20 hrs. a week
      at a rate of pay less than what I was getting before unemployment. can I still get unemployment insurance to make up the difference?

      1. If the contract says that you will be only working for the designated hours, you may not be eligible.

        Please call the Unemployment Office in your state for further details.

    1. You can file and receive benefits if moved to a different state.

      Please consider filing from the state where you were last employed.

    1. Hi Mary,

      There is no reduction of your unemployment benefits because you collect Social Security. You must be available for and looking for work with no restrictions when you receive Social Security, just as all other claimants.

  17. i was out of work since 1/13/2011 due to an injury that is being questioned whether or not it was a previouse aggravation of my workers comp. injury or an off the job new injury.I was in limbo without any financial aid and unable to return to work so i put in for disability retirement and was awarded it with my retirement date 7/21/2012. my question is would i be eligable for claiming the time that i have received no pay .

  18. I left my job in ny and relocated to fl. I have been actively working for the past 8 months and about to lose my position. When filing an ui claim, do I file in fl or ny???

  19. How do I find out if a claim was filed? I never get a live person and everytime I press 0 I get a dial tone and I am trying to find out if my claim for March 25th 2013 thru March 31st 2013 went thru how do I find this out? It has been saying pending for over a week and i need to know if it went thru and if not how do I claim for that week?

  20. I took my unemployement 6 month and than i went out of united states for two years now i want to claim for unemployment again plz send me information obout it

  21. I did not receive a phone number when I filed for my claim. I did receive the confirmation letter. Can you give me the phone number or website where I go to file my claim each week?

  22. Good Morning, I received unemployment for a few weeks in 2012, how can i get the 1099 form on line or will it be mailed to me?

    1. 12/29/13 stop getting check but sign up every week from 1/14 to date.congress did not sign the bill .whats happen?

  23. I left my job Sept. 21. 2012 to relocate to Florida. I left Fl in 2007 and a $12.00 job to relocate to NY and took an $8.00 job. I came back to Fl hoping to resume former job or a simular one. No positions available. I have filed and claimed my benefits weekly since Sept. but to no avail. I have not received any benefits yet and I am seeking information as to when and if I will.

  24. I resigned from my position to relocate to another state. I was suppose to arrive in Michigan on the 18th and be available for work the 20th of August. However, I could not leave until a week later and the job I was expecting was no longer available. I am actively seeking employment; I have applied for medical coverage and food stamps.

    Do qualify for for unemployment? If so, where do I apply NY or MI?

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