New York Unemployment Job Search Requirements

In order to continue obtaining New York unemployment benefits you have to meet continuing job search requirements. Unemployment benefits are meant to be a temporary benefit until you find a new job, so these job search requirements are in place to confirm you are keenly seeking a new job.

New York Job Search Requirements are:

  • You must be actively looking for a job.
  • You must make at least 2 job contacts per week. Job contacts include filling out job applications and sending resumes.
  • You must keep a proof of all of your job search activities, including a record of all job contacts.
  • You must not be disabled. If you are disabled there are different programs available to help you.

You must carry out these job search requirements every week, and provide a weekly certification to let the unemployment office that you are meeting all of the requirements.

  1. If a person files for NYS unemployment benefits and is accepted, what will the NYS Labor Dept do as to future benefits if the person becomes incapacitated for medical reasons for two months?Will the NYS Dept of Labor suspend a person’s file or case , or close it out? Whether the NYS Dept of Labor suspends or closes their file on the person can the incapacitated or disabled person apply for NY Medicaid ?

    • Joseph,

      I suggest you call the Unemployment Office to find specific answers to your questions in your state.

  2. I am getting laid off, there r jobs in my field, do I have to take them if they r a distance away, and if they r a shift I don’t want to work?

    • The logic is that you will be required to apply for a suitable job offer that comes your way.

      Please call the Unemployment Office for further information.

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