New York Unemployment Job Training

Since you are unemployed, you might be thinking that this would be the ideal time to gain some education/ skill enhancement training. While the idea of spending your time productively is worth encouraging, you must keep in mind that attending school full time will be a direct contradiction to one of the eligibility criteria for UI. You must remain available and ready for full-time work if you wish to remain eligible for UI benefits. Hence attending school full time may put a stop on your benefits.

However, attending evening classes should not be a problem. In some cases, the state may feel that you are a person who needs training/ skill enhancement training. In that scenario the authorities will themselves recommend you to attend workshops. If this happens, you are expected to concede whether or not you wish to receive training. Failure to attend prescribed classes may lead to disqualification from UI.

One-Stop Career Centers in New York offers the following services to enhance your chances to land a job. These centers provide services such as:

  • Resume writing
  • Interview skills
  • Career counseling
  • Skill Assessment to find out the type of jobs that match your skill set.
  • Job-hunting workshop

To find out whether you need training or about the rules of attending school while you are on UI, visit your local One-Stop Career Center.


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