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California Unemployment Rate Remains Steady at 12.6 Percent

Updated : August 4th, 2020

Even though there have been reports of the unemployment rate of the Silicon Valley falling in April, the unemployment rate of California does not seem to be affected much. It remains unperturbed at 12.6 percent.

The reason for the fall in unemployment rate in Silicon valley has been due to the sharp fall of the unemployment rates in Santa Clara and San Mateo counties due to the hiring of techies. Santa Clara County recorded its lowest unemployment rate this year. Refer to  California unemployment claims guide to learn more about state unemployment program.

But all this does not seem to affect California’s struggle. It still remains the third highest in the nation, just behind Michigan and Nevada. The worrying factor is that the state’s unemployment rate is well above the unemployment rate of the nation which has been 9.9. percent.

The only positive sign has been the hiring in tech manufacturing sector which could mean the companies have started spending on computer upgrades.

The updates on some job listing sites have shown that the increase in the number of full time job openings posted by the employers. After the recession set in, it was usually part time or contract workers being hired. But it looks like the confidence in the economy is coming back and hence the employers are looking for full time permanent workers.

There is a wide spread belief that the unemployment rate of California might budge only when the private sectors start hiring.

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  1. how to backdate weekly certification for pua in Louisiana to get my retroactive pay. Please if someone knows the answer please reply Thank you

  2. I am on unemployment and I qualify for the extra $300 I recieved the back pay and I recieved the $300 last week but I didnt this week can anyone tell me why?

  3. I know a lady that committed fraud in NC She lives in Goldsboro NC, she is a full time teacher getting paid every month and still receiving unemployment benefits. She also worked at Kay’s jewelry part time. She quit Kay’s jewelry to receive the unemployment benefits for her weekly payment $355+600=955 she dose pay $100 dollars a week for insurance which she gets $855+$3500 dollars every month, that means she gets $7000or$8000 a month and she is still getting $315 dollars + her full time teacher’s pay 315 every week. She slipped through the cracks and she has not been caught. I was told if you are employed full time, you could not get unemployment benefits. Please look into this case: her name is Nicole Renae Brehon works at Goldsboro Highschool in NC

    1. Lenise,

      Please note this is a private forum. If you suspect fraud, please report it immediately to the Unemployment Office. There will be a “Report Fraud” option on the official website.

  4. Hi I applied for unemployment since July I have called several times gotten different answers the last call they pulled my claim due to an error in the system been . I shut down my buisness February 6th Due to Covid19 I have 5 children another 2 weeks no payment of benefits please help.

    1. I can understand your situation. There will be a delay considering the number of applications that are being processed. Please continue chasing the office/check your status online at regular intervals.

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