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Illinois Still Caught In Unemployment Crisis

Updated : February 5th, 2021

Illinois has the country’s second highest unemployment rate first being Nevada. At 9.3 percent, it is two percent higher than the national average of 7.5 percent. The US is on its way to economic recovery but some states are still lagging in terms of fixing its unemployment rate.
The number of Illinois workers who have been unemployed for more than six months continue to push records higher, according to a recent study from the Centre for labour Market Studies at Northeastern University.

Apart from Illinois only Nevada has a worser unemployment rate because of its extensive dependence on only one industry, that is gaming, but Illinois has a diverse economy.

The state of Illinois released the unemployment numbers and they show jobless rates fell in nine out of twelve metros as compared to last year. According to Illinois Department of employment services, the largest  decline was evident in the Rockford, Kankakee and Chicago areas, which had been plagued by high unemployment rates.

The unemployment rate identifies those who are out of work and seeking unemployment benefits. A person who exhausts benefits or is ineligible, still will be reflected in the unemployment rate if they are actively trying to find work. Historically, the national unemployment rate is lower than the state rate.

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The state lost a net 17,800 jobs in March, and the losses were widespread, occurring at a range of different types of employers. The trade, transportation and utilities sector lost 9,000 jobs, professional and business services firms shed 5,800 jobs, leisure and hospitality businesses cut a net 4,900 jobs, and positions at construction companies were down 1,300 for the month.The bright spot was educational and health services firms, which added a net 2,900 jobs.

The high share of long-term unemployed in Illinois makes it increasingly difficult to reduce the unemployment rate, said Tom Gimbel, CEO of Chicago-based employment agency LaSalle Network.

“The longer you are unemployed, the more difficult the task of finding a job will be in your specific field,” Mr. Gimbel said. “If you are willing to take a lower-paying job or a different type of job, it has less of an impact.”

The taxes also play a major role in the state’s employment rate. Illinois has the fourth highest corporate income tax in the industrial world which discourages companies from setting up. Positive measures by the state are required to facilitate industries and generate employment opportunities for Illinoisans.

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  1. If I’m laid off and I go back to work for three or four weeks and get laid off again do I have to do the one week waiting period before I can collect again?

  2. I was informed by the automated phone system that my claim for last week 06/12/2021 was not processed due to an outstanding issue on said claim. I have tried for four days to reach a human to assist me in this matter. It’s been impossible! Please help.

    1. Anne,

      Wish we could do something for you. This is a private forum. Please continue following up regularly. You can perhaps write them an email.

  3. I am trying to request payments from aug 2015 up until 2017 I never received a debit card and just assumed that I was denied. So i did not request payment but would like to now

    1. Katrina,

      That period is past and you might not be able to claim retroactively. Please write the office an email if you wish to.

  4. Ive provided documents that were needed and i have not receive any type of response i have went without benefits for 6 weeks could someone please contact me

    1. Sondra,

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  5. To whom it may concern, Please what is wrong with the site to claim weeks? I am at the Career Source and they said it has been acting up for 2 days. I am frustrated so I can imagine how many others are like me. I was laid off 4/16/2021. My UI is showing active but still under review. Is there anything you need from me to get this going? I will give it to you. Please July rent coming up. I am tapped from asking from family to get me thru now. Please please please any answers for me? I am begging right now. I can not be late on rent or they will not renew my lease when it is time. I can not move, to costly. I have been here for 20 years. Please any suggestions. I will pay back July rent if my UI goes thru. No reason why it shouldn’t. Please help. Thanks again, Kay

    1. Kay,

      It must be a tough time for you. This is a private forum and we do not have access to your claim. Please chase the Office directly.

  6. I just filed for my first weeks benefit and am trying to change the payment method. It does not give me the verify who you are questions?

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