Kansas unemployment rate falls to 6.3 percent in April

Kansas businesses, mainly construction, added 16,000 jobs in April. Out of eleven industries, eight of them have shown growth and that has been very encouraging for all the investors. The construction sector added 6,100 jobs after a long gap. Professional and business services added 4,200 jobs, with most of them coming from administrative and support services.

As per the report from the  Kansas Department of labor, the Kansas unemployment rate reduced to 6.3 percent in April from 6.9 percent in March.

Edward DeSoignie, executive director of the Heavy Constructors Association of Greater Kansas City, said he expected the increase in jobs was seasonally related.

“We are seeing the weather improve and folks are putting workers back on projects,” DeSoignie told Kansas Liberty. “Hopefully we will continue to see some gradual increases as the economy improves, but it’s a little too early to declare that the recession is over.”

It has been observed that while the public sectors gain jobs, the private sectors have not seen any progress so far.

In April, there were 18,779 Kansans who filed for unemployment, a decline from the 20,981 claims filed in March. In April 2009, there were 30,097 initial claims filed for unemployment.

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  1. I have worked in AZ since March 2016. However, I moved lived and worked for my employer in CA since 08/02/1982. Can I apply for Cali unemployment benefits?

    1. Robert,

      You should be applying from the state where your employment was based. Employers generally remit unemployment taxes to the state where the employee is based.

  2. I have been trying for over a month to file and I still do not seem to be able to do it, but I finally got to the correct place, I think.

  3. Cumberland NJ Unemployment Center kept me on hold for 2 hours; I finally had someone answer my call, after providing my information and question regarding the status of my NJ Unemployment Claim the representative disconnected my call.

  4. Excellent list of things to help execute better. Even taking 3 or 4 of these that one does not currently utilize could help immensely.

    1. How did you calculate the total weekly Illinois benefit of $1495? Also, why isn’t Washington and Minnesota listed in your top 5 states with the highest paid unemployment insurance compensation?

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